Mountain View Church Cemetery, LeFlore County, Oklahoma
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Mountain View Church Cemetery
aka Glendale Cemetery

LeFlore County, Oklahoma
Location: Section 7, Township 5N, Range 25E
Directions: located south of Wister Lake in the Glendale Community

Printed Source: Poteau Valley Genealogical Society. LeFlore County, Oklahoma, Genealogical Records, Cemeteries, Vol. 1, 1979.

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Photo contributed by Greg Moore, October 2003.

SURNAME            GIVEN BIRTH            DEATH           SOURCE COMMENTS
ALLISON Herman Earl 11-13-1928 05-12-2002 obit  
ANDREWS Wayne 00-00-0000 11-03-2002 obit  
Bailey, William Otto Jr.
BALENTINE Rotha F. 06-24-1915 05-14-2002 obit  
BRESHEARS Hiram J. 05-31-1883 09-05-1991 Juanita  
BRESHEARS John C. 00-00-1928 00-00-1980 Juanita  
BRESHEARS Marzie Chronister     01-03-1901 02-03-1991 Juanita  
BROKING Rosy Statham 02-17-1910 07-11-2002 obit  
CAUDELL Coot 03-10-1879 07-23-1960 Juanita  
CAUDELL Artie Goforth 10-11-1882 09-27-1967 Juanita  
CHRONISTER Benjimen S. 09-01-1876 09-15-1954 Juanita  
CHRONISTER Dennis Doyle 06-11-1936 03-15-1991 Juanita  
CHRONISTER Nicholas Raymond 02-02-1905 04-26-1996 Juanita  
CHRONISTER Darlene 00-00-1925 00-00-1925 Juanita  
CHRONISTER Maude Frye 00-00-1902 00-00-1975 Juanita  
CHRONISTER Vera Sanders 05-21-1916 06-30-1946 Juanita  
Coffey, James E. & Carolyn (Truitt)
Deaton, Ira Leon 12/20/1936 11/25/1975    
Deaton, Jana Lynn 08/12/1960 09/19/1960    
DOLPH Cordella 05-29-1893 11-24-1915 Juanita  
Elder, Joseph
Elder, Violet "Eva Jo"
Fowler, Sr., Lathaniel          
GIBSON Carrell "Gip" 06-08-1919 07-21-1995    
GOFORTH Amanda E. "Lizzie" 08-08-1878 06-04-1952 Juanita  
GOFORTH Carl L. 00-00-1908 00-00-1965 Juanita  
GOFORTH Dovie A. 00-00-1902 00-00-1975 Juanita  
GOFORTH Harry P. 00-00-1913 00-00-1978 Juanita  
GUILBEAUX Ellen Pierce 12-11-1949 12-30-1984 Juanita  
HALL John Anthony   11-15-2002 obit  
HARRIS Mary A.     MailList concrete stone; no dates
HEAVENER Dora 00-00-1902 00-00-1994 Juanita  
HEAVENER Wilma 05-05-1922 03-14-1996 Juanita  
HUNTER Jewel Bea 09-28-1914 12-09-1965 source  
Johnson Nellie Dean 03-24-1929 02-11-2008    
JONES   07-15-1888 01-24-1976   mother
JONES Chester M. 07-23-1912 05-17-1945   son
JONES Ethel Cordia 10-28-1918 01-14-1996   w/o Ike Jones
JONES Isaac W. 08-12-1910 09-16-1960   husband
JONES Mamie V. 12-10-1908 03-20-1923   daughter
LORD McCagel Lafayette 05-12-1874 10-19-1953 Virgle b Baxter Co., AR
LORD Neetie Althea Roberts 04-02-1895 10-30-1978 Virgle b Baxter Co., AR
MASSEY KENNETH DAVID 04-12-1953 02-09-2001 CHRISTY  
OVERHOLT Nancy Jewell (Vaughn) 00-00-0000 04-05-1947 obit   
Peerson, John C. 'Jay'
PETRYSZAK Eugene Irvin 04-06-1959 10-22-2002 source  
PIERCE Bill G. 07-31-1927 04-28-2000 source  
PIERCE Cecelia M. 09-25-1913 06-16-2007 source  
PIERCE Ellen E. 02-05-1886 10-06-1978 Juanita  
Pierce, Irene Elsas
Pierce, Juanita Mae

Pierce, Ellen Elizabeth
Pierce, Enoch Lee
Pierce, William Jackson
Pierce, Paul William
PIERCE Lee 11-14-1915 02-16-1993 Juanita  
PIERCE Margaret G. 10-02-1934 01-19-1998    
PIERCE Paul D. 06-16-1913 09-24-1998 source  
PIERCE Paul William "Pete" 11-27-1945 01-16-1989 Juanita  
PIERCE William Jackson 02-02-1905 04-26-1996 Juanita  
ROBERTS Dovie Crownover 01-29-1897 08-09-1963 Virgle b Baxter Co., AR
ROBERTS John 03-27-1873 03-25-1947 Virgle b Baxter Co., AR; s/o William Henry Roberts
ROBERTS Martha Caroline Earls 08-28-1874 03-08-1961 Virgle Baxter Co., AR; w/o John Roberts, d/o Andrew Jackson Earls and Sarah Ann Megee
ROBERTS Roy L. 01-11-1897 06-28-1979 Virgle b Baxter Co., AR; h/o Dovie Crownover
SANDERS Lester Asa 08-25-1905 06-28-1988 Juanita  
SANDERS Martha Ellen Junell 06-11-1888 07-09-1963 Juanita  
SCOTT Velma Elizabeth Breshears 02-02-1905 04-26-1996 Juanita  
SHADWICK Johnny Lee 11-12-1940 03-31-1959    
SHADWICK Martha 03-15-1917 01-02-1986    stone w/ Melvin
SHADWICK Mary 06-15-1928 03-29-1994   w/o Earnest Shadwick
SHADWICK Melvin 03-30-1917 09-14-1986   stone w/ Martha; married 04-17-1937
Stacy, Dennis
TAYLOR Beatrice Heavener 00-00-1935 00-00-1994 Juanita  
Vaughn, George Alfred
Vaughn, James Wynne
Vaughn, Rev John Calhoun
Vaugh, Henry Andrew
VAUGHN Nancy Ann (Treadwell)  00-00-0000 04-05-1947 obit   
VAUGHN Rhoda Francis (Kindrick) 00-00-0000 00-00-0000 obit  
Vaughn, Samuel James
Vaughn, Shirley Ann
VEERKAMP Janie Lou 02-23-1945 03-20-1988   Kenneth
Vise, Audrey
Vise, Haskell Lee
Vise, Dessie Elizabeth
Vise, Hester Rdona
Vise, Roy Gene
Vise, William Otto
Vise, Vernis
WILBANKS Edward Charles   11-07-2000 obit  
Williams, Gerry
WOODRAL Henry Clay  06-25-1861 12-04-1930 Juanita  
WOODRAL Nancy Faye Essman 04-12-1856 01-13-1942 Juanita  
WYATT Amanda A. 02-27-1852 11-30-1895 Gary w-o John

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