Edward's Store Cemetery
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 Updated: 25 Feb 2009
Edward's Store Cemetery
LeFlore County, Oklahoma
Location:  located at the historical site of Edwards Store, a stop on  the Butterfield Overland Mail Route

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Submitted by 
Sue Hearon, 2002-03
Sue & Earl's Web


aaedwards-cem1.jpg (57999 bytes)  aaedwards-cem2.jpg (54311 bytes)
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aaedwards-stagestop.jpg (134022 bytes)
Edward's Stage Stop
Edward's Store
aaedwards-breeze.jpg (57177 bytes)
Edward's Store Breezeway
aasign-edward.jpg (53613 bytes)
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  aaedwards-fireplace.jpg (98737 bytes)
Edwards's Store Fireplace
bullard-ruth.jpg (70178 bytes)
Bullard, Ruth L.
carver-joanne.jpg (72358 bytes)
Carver, Jo Anne
cole-thelma.jpg (79373 bytes)
Cole, Thelma McCann
delapp-polly.jpg (81801 bytes)
DeLapp, Polly
gray-roy.jpg (66675 bytes)
Gray, Roy Jeffery
guyton-roy.jpg (74401 bytes)
Guyton, Roy O.
Edward's Store
edwards-children.jpg (70471 bytes)
possibly Edwards children who died young

hardaway.jpg (69474 bytes)
Edward's Store
hardaway-ag.jpg (78335 bytes)
Hardaway, A. G. "Sprott"
hardaway-edgar-1911.jpg (79430 bytes)
Hardaway, Edgar Baby 1911
hardaway-edgar-1917.jpg (82001 bytes)
Hardaway, Edgar Baby 1917
  hardaway-joe-bonnie.jpg (57695 bytes)
Hardaway, J. C. "Joe" &
Hardaway, Bonnie Laverne
mccann-cornelius.jpg (82040 bytes)
McCann, Cornelius
mccann-cornelius-jr.jpg (70484 bytes)
McCann, Cornelius Jr.
mccann-joseph-gladys.jpg (68881 bytes)
McCann, Joseph "J. C." &
McCann, Gladys
mccann-willie.jpg (71092 bytes)
McCann, Willie B.
Edward's Store
thornburg-john-leta.jpg (67791 bytes)
Thornburg, John D. "Jay" &
Thornburg, Leta Vermell