Patrons' Reference Directory of Kingfisher County, OK (1906 Atlas)

Patrons' Reference Directory
of Kingfisher County, OK
(1906 Atlas)

Our appreciation to Barbara Clayton for collecting and compiling
this information from Kingfisher County records.

Explanation: The date following a name indicates the length of time the party has been a resident of the county. The abbreviations are as follows: S. for Section; T. for Township; P.O. for Post-office address. When no Section Number or Township is given, it will be understood that the party resides within the limits of the village or city named and in such cases, the post-office address is the same as the place of residence, unless otherwise stated.

ABERNATHEY, G.P.; farmer; S.19 T.Excelsior;
P.O. Dover; 1900

ACTON, E.L.; farmer; S.35 T.Skeleton; P.O. Marshall; 1903

ADAMS, J.A.; retired farmer; S.23 T. Columbia; P.O. Crescent; 1893

ALEXANDER, C.; farmer; S.22 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1892

ALLEY, W.S.; farmer; S.11 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

ALSTON, J.; farmer; S.32 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1903

ALTIZER, Joseph; farmer; T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

ANDERSON, A.; farmer; S.33 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

ANDERSON, W.T.; farmer & general agent; S.1 T.Cimarron; P.O. Dover; 1889

ANDREWS, O.D.; farmer; S.35 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1901

ANNIS, D.; farmer; S.18 T.Forest; P.O. Okeene

APPLEGATE, John T.; farmer & carpenter; S.3 T.Cimarron; P.O. Dover; 1899

AXLEY, I.H.; farmer; S.27 T. Columbia; P.O. Columbia; 1889

BALINGER, S.; farmer; S.4 T.Lacey; 1889

BALL, M.A.; saloon & livery; S.15 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

Bank of Dover by M.A. MITCHELL; cashier, general banking; Dover

BANKER brothers (H.H. BANKER & J.A. BANKER); hardware & implements;

BANKS, George; farmer; S.3 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

BANNING, C.W.; farmer; S.29 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1900

BARACKMAN, C.J.; farmer; S.12 T.Omega; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

BARBER, Alfred; S.11 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1893

BARKER, H.W.; farmer; S.7 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1896

BARNHILL, A.; farmer & storekeeper; S.9 T.Cimarron; P.O. Kingfisher;

BARRINGER, W.C.; farmer; S.30 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1892

BARTMAN, T.; farmer; S.25 T.Lynn; P.O. Okarche; 1900

BASHORE, Frank; farm loans; Kingfisher

BEAMAN, J.W.; farmer; S.20 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1889

BECKMAN, William; farmer; S.9 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1889

BERKENBILE, J.H.; farmer; S.14 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1905

BERNTSEN and OBERLE; meat market; Cashion; 1900

BESHEARS, J.L.; farmer; S.20 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1900

BESS, D.; farmer; S.23 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

BEST, J.A.; farmer; S.29 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1891

BILGER, Felix; farmer; S.35 T.Banner; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

BIRDEN, John; farmer; S.18 T.Columbia; P.O. Hennessey; 1893

BLACKBURN, W.R.; register of deeds; Kingfisher

BLEHM, Henry; farmer; S15 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1898

BLODGETT, George E.; farmer; S.27 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1905

BOND, S.S.; farmer; S.9 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

BONNETT and PEMBERTON (Geo. P. Bonnett & E.A. Pemberton); abstracts;

BOWMAN, John; farmer; S.9 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

BOYNTON, F.L.; lawyer; Kingfisher

BRANT, W.H.; farmer; S.34 T.Columbia; P.O. Crescent City; 1897

BRANDT, H.; farmer; S.23 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1905

BREDEL, Otto; farmer; S.17 T.Park; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

BRINCKMEYER, G.D.; farmer; S.14 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1901

BRITTON, J.M.; farm & dairy; S.16 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher; 1901

BROWNLEE, E.D.; manager "Free Press"; Kingfisher

BUGG, William; farmer; S.7 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

BURNETT, William; farmer; S.15 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche

BURROWS, A.V.; farmer; S.6 T.Skeleton; P.O. Marshall; 1889

BURNS, C.S.; farmer; S.33 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1905

BURT, S.A.; farmer; S.23 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

BURWELL, A.C.; loans and real estate; Kingfisher

BUXTON, Edwin; farmer; S.29 T.Forest; P.O. Okeene

CABBLE, O.; farmer; S.3 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

CARPENTER, P.S.; farm & stock; S.28 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

CARTER, J.F.; farmer; S.5 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1896

"Cashion Advance" D.G. WOODWORTH; editor; Cashion; 1889

CAVETT, J.M.; farmer; S.35 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1892

CAYLOR, James A.; farmer; S.6 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1891

Citizens' State Bank, J.W. WORL; president; Kingfisher; 1889

CLEAVER, N.B.; farmer; S.20 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

CLOWER, M.; farmer; S.34 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

COCKRILL, J.B.; county clerk; Kingisher

COLE, S.D.; farmer; S.18 T.Columbia; P.O. Dover; 1898

COLE, B.F.; farmer; S.22 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1889

COLLIER, S.H.; farmer; S.26 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

COLLINS, J.; abstracter; Kingfisher

CONWELL, John; farmer; S.1 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

CRABB, J.T.; farmer; S.36 T.Forest; P.O. Ames

CRANE, Logan; farmer; S.2 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1890

CRASK, R.E.; farmer; S.3 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey; 1903

CROSS, J.C.; ice dealer; Kingfisher; 1889

CRUMBLEY, W.; farmer; S.9 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

CUMMINGS, C.L.; farmer; S.22 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1899

DANNE, Joseph; farm and stock; S.32 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Kingfisher; 1890

DEMING Investment Company; real estate, loans; Oswego, Kansas

DEPEW, George; S.1 T.Reserve; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

DIXON, G.T.; farmer; S.34 T.Lynn; P.O. Okarche; 1899

DOW, G.W.; farmer; S.21 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

DROKE, J.M.; farmer; S.4 T.River; P.O. Okeene; 1892

DUVALL, Henry; farmer; S.21 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

EARL, J.J.; farmer; S.5 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey; 1905

EHLER, Fred; merchandise; Hennessey; 1889

EISCHEN Brothers; saloon and implements; Okarche; 1895

ELLIS, W.C.; farmer; S.30 T.Columbia; P.O. Dover; 1899

ELLSWORTH, A.G.; farmer; S.20 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1891

EMERY, T.F.; farmer; S.19 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1898

ENGEKING, D.; farmer; S.10 T.Cooper; P.O. Dover; 1894

ENGLAND, C.; real estate and farm loans; Cashion; 1889

EVANS, A.H.; farmer; T.Reserve; P.O. Kingfisher; 1898

EWARDS, J.F.; farmer; S.19 T.Park; P.O. Okarche; 1892

Farmers' National Bank; E.E. HULL, president; Richard PAPPE, vice
president; H.W. SIPE, cashier; Kingfisher

Farmers and Merchants Bank; J.W. SMITH, president; banking; Hennessey;

FELT, J.A.; postmaster; Hennessey; 1893

First National Bank; E.B. COCKRELL, cashier; banking; Hennessey; 1899

First National Bank of Cashion; E.L. WELCH, cashier; banking; Cashion

FISHER, J.L.; farmer; S.33 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1892

FISHER, C.H.; farmer; S.29 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

FISHER, Peter; farmer; S.31 T.Columbia; P.O. Dover; 1898

FLEMMING, William; farmer; S.1 T.Logan; P.O. Cresent City; 1889

FLICKINGER, M.M.; merchant; Kingfisher; 1889

FORTE, S.M.; farmer; S.33 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1889

FOSSETT, W.D.; United States Marshal; Kingfisher; 1889

FOX, W.H.; farmer; S.24 T.Skeleton; P.O. Marshall; 1889

FREIE, William; farmer; S.20 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1900

FRISBIE, W.W.; farmer; S.20 T.Lynn; P.O. Okarche; 1889

FROST, W.H.; farmer and stock; S.5 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1890

FRYMIRE, James; livery; Cashion; 1891

FULLER, J.W.; farmer; S.24 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1890

GARBOW, J.; farmer; S.2 T.Omega; P.O. Kingfisher; 1894

GAYER, D.S.; farmer; S.8 T.Columbia; P.O. Lovell; 1892

GEE, F.T.; real estate and insurance; Kingfisher

GERBER, M.J.; farmer; S.18 T.Park; P.O. Okarche; 1904

GHERING, William; farmer; S.14 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

GILBREATH, D.M.; farmer and stockraiser; S.20 T.Downs; P.O. Cashion;

GLEESNER, T.E.; farmer; S.3 T.Omega; P.O. Kiel; 1905

GORDON, J.R.; farmer; S.24 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1899

GORDON, W.J.; farmer; S.15 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1902

GRABILL, R.E.; farmer; S.31 T.Hennessey; P.O. Hennessey; 1900

GRACEY, S.P.; farmer and stock; S.12 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1893

GRAF, A.; farmer; S.6 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1892

GRAHAM, John M.; probate judge; Kingfisher

GRAVES, W.A.; farmer; S.26 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

GRAY, D.M.; farmer; S.14 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

GREER, G.L.; farmer; S.14 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

GRITZ, H.W.; farmer; S.4 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

GROSECLOSE, A.W.; manager, El Reno Mill and Elevator Co.; Okarche; 1889

HALSEY, A.M.; farmer; S.10 T.Cooper; P.O. Dover; 1893

HAMIL, A.V.; farmer; S.3 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

HAMIL, James M.; farm and stockraising; S.10 T.Hennessey; P.O.
Hennessey; 1889

HAUSER, M.; farmer; S.31 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1904

HANSEN, Peter L.; farmer; S.29 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1900

HARE, A.L.; farmer; S.28 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1900

HARPER, A.N.; farmer; S.5 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1898

HART, G.H.; tailor; Kingfisher; 1901

HARTLEY, J.T.; farmer; S.8 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

HARVEY, R.; farmer; S.35 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

HASKETT, Mrs. Annett B.; editor, Press-Democrat; Hennessey; 1889

HAUGHEY, A.E.; farmer, proprietor of Angora Goat Farm and breeder of
fancy live stock; S.27 T.Columbia; P.O. Columbia; 1889

HAWKINS, Charles; farmer; S.18 T.Lynn; P.O. Kingfisher

HENDERSON, John; farmer; S.34 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

HENLEY, Frank; farmer; S.14 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1903

HENTHORN, J.W.; farmer; S.7 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey

HEWITT, J.; farmer; S.9 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1902

HICKMAN, Louis; farmer; S.4 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

HICKMAN, Lyman T.; farmer; S.28 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1892

HILL, C.M.; farmer; S.5 T.Park; P.O. Kingfisher; 1903

HILL, H.T.; farmer; S.25 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1889

HILL, John T.; farmer; S.8 T.Forrest; P.O. Ames

HOBBS, Lyman; real estate and loans; Hennessey; 1889

HOLDER, J.F.; farmer; S.20 T.Altona; P.O. Omega

HOLOUN, J.; farmer; S.2 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

HUDSON, S.; farmer; S.7 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1900

HUFFMAN, J.W.; farmer; S.3 T.Coronado; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

HUGHES, S.F.; farmer; S.24 T.Forrest; P.O. Lacey

HULING, A.C.; farmer; S.22 T.Columbia; P.O. Columbia; 1893

HUMBERG, John; farmer; S.29 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1892

HUNT, M.J.; postmaster; P.O. DOVER; 1890

INGLE, James M.; farmer; S.23 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1899

JACKSON, Andrew; farm and stock; S.6 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1890

JAUCH, John; farmer; S.15 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1889

JINDAR, J; farmer; S.19 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

JOHNSON, A.; farmer; S.4 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

JOHNSON, A.C.; farmer and stockraiser; S.27 T.Skeleton; P.O. Hennessey;

JOHNSON, J.H.; farmer; S.25 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1892

JOHNSON, J.H.; farmer; S.10 T.Forrest; P.O. Ames

JONES, B.A.; farmer; S.24 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1889

JONES, George B.; farmer; S.23 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1904

JONES, F.H.; farmer; S.19 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

JONES, H.L.; farmer; S.9 T.Park; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

JONES, J.N.; farmer; S.18 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1903

JONES, M.V.; farmer; S.6 T.Reserve; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

JORDAN, Green; farmer; S.24 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

KANE, M.J.; lawyer; Kingfisher; 1890

KARIKER, Joseph; farmer; S.35 T.Columbia; P.O. Crescent; 1893

KATTENBERGER, Jacob; farmer; S.23 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1892

KELLER, J.S.; farmer; S.7 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1900

KENDRICK, G.A.; farmer; S.1 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1904

KIESNER, F.A.; farmer; S.34 T.Lynn; P.O. Okarche; 1889

KING, M.; farmer; S.4 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

KING, T.H.; farmer; S.23 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

KINNAR, Thomas; farmer; S.8 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1890

KIRSCH, F.; farmer; S.9 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

KNESSE, William; farmer; S.16 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1900

KOEN, M.; farmer; S.9 T.Cooper; P.O. Kiel; 1877

KOTTER, John; farmer; S.31 T.Cooper; Kingfisher; 1900

KROLL, August; farmer; S.18 T.Lynn; P.O. Okarche; 1889

KRAMER, Henry; farmer; S.19 T.Coronado; P.O. Kiel; 1900

KRUSE, John; farmer; S.11 T.Cooper; P.O. Dover; 1900

KUDLAC, August; farmer; S.16 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

KUELZER, Charles; farmer; S.11 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

KUNNEMAN, Henry; farmer; S.35 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1900

LAING, George H.; clerk, district court; Kingfisher

LANG, F.M.; livery; Kiel; 1900

LEE, Joseph; farmer; S.31 T.Forrest; P.O. Okeene

LEE, Joseph; farmer; S.10 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey; 1900

LEHENBAUER, H.E.; farmer; S.1 T.Altona; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

LEHENBAUER, J.W.; farmer; S.11 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

LEITCH, J.C.; general agent and nursery; S.2 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover;

LEWELLIN, W.S.; farmer; S.17 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1897

LEWIS, Morgan; farmer; S.4 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1893

LIETZKE, Mrs. A.; farm and stock; S.7 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher;

LIVINGSTON, Alexander; farmer; S.5 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1900

LIVINGSTON, W.U.; farmer; S.13 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1889

LONG, Frank; farmer; S.23 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1893

LONG, Henry E.; farmer and stock; S.9 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1889

LONG, S.L.; farmer; S.36 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

LONGENDYKE, G.; wholesale beer; Kingfisher; 1890

LONGNECKER, John; undertaker, prop. hotel, and dealer in implements;
Cashion; 1900

LORENZ, J.J.; farmer; S.28 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1902

LORENZ, P.J.; farmer; S.6 T.Otter; P.O. Hitchcock; 1892

LOURY, L.D.; real estate and insurance; Kingfisher

LOVE, J.P.; sheriff; Kingfisher

LOWE, Robert; farmer; S.33 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1897

LYNN, J.T.; farmer; S.28 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

MCCLELLAN, A.; farmer; S.1 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1889

MCCLUELAN, Andrew; farmer; S.2 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

MCCLUNG, P.D.; farmer; S.18 T.Forrest; P.O. Okeene

MCCLURE, J.W.; farmer; S.36 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel and Kingfisher; 1899

MCINTIRE, Oscar L.; farm and stockraiser; S.1 T.Downs; P.O. Cashion;

MCINTIRE, T.; farmer; S.21 T.Coronado; P.O. Dover; 1889

MCKINLEY, Emily; postmistress; Kingfisher; 1893

MCNAUGHT, George W.; real estate; Kingfisher

MAASS, Herman; proprietor of City Garden Farm; S.22 T.Kingfisher; P.O.
Kingfisher; 1901

MACY, A.; farmer; S.1 TCoronado; P.O. Hennessey; 1900

MADISON, Charles; farmer; S.17 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1890

MAKEPEACE, C.M.; musician; S.29 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

MALY, J.; farmer; S.32 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1892

MENSING, William; farmer; S.19 T.Coronado; P.O. Kiel; 1900

MESEL, John; farmer; S.24 T.Park; P.O. Okarche; 1892

MILLER, C.H.; editor, Hennessey Clipper; Henessey; 1889

MILLER, Isaac F.; merchant, farmer, stockraiser; S.23 T.Excelsior; P.O.
Crescent; 1898

MITCHELL, R.; farmer; S.26 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1895

MOERY, E.; farmer; S.12 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey; 1898

MOORE, George E.; County superintendent of schools; Kingfisher

MOORE, John; farmer; S.8 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1889

MOORE, L.M.; farmer; S.2 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1906

MOORE, W.L.; lawyer; S.24 T.Hennessey; P.O. Hennessey; 1902

MOSLEY, R.P.; farmer; S.5 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1901

MUELLER, Rev. William H.; clergyman; S.9 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Hennessey;

MULLINAX, Ira D.; editor, Kingfisher Times; Kingfisher

MURPHEY, R.O.; farmer; S.18 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

MURPHY, T.J.; farmer; S.17 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

MYRTLE, M.; farmer; S.18 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

NAGLE, P.S.; lawyer; S.15 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher; 1895

NAIL, A.B.; farmer; S.36 T.Columbia; P.O. Crescent; 1894

NELSON, J.; farmer; S.14 T.Skeleton; P.O. Marshall; 1893

NEWER, George; cashier, First National Bank; Kingfisher

NICHOLSON, J.P.; machinist; Kingfisher; 1889

NIXON, A.S.; farmer; S.7 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1889

NOAH, John F.; farmer; S.12 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

NOFFSINGER, W.W.; lawyer; Kingfisher; 1889

NORRIS, W.H.; farmer; S.12 T.Forest; P.O. Ames

NORRIS, C.H.; farmer; S.32 T.Logan; P.O. Cashion; 1889

O'BRIEN, D.; farmer; S.10 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1889

OGLE, E.H.; farmer; S.10 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

ORTNER, Abraham; farmer and stockraiser; S.30 T.River; P.O. Hitchcock;

OSBORNE, Joseph; farmer; S.15 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey

OWENS, Henry; farmer; S33 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1889

OWENS, Jerry; farmer; S.23 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1898

PACULA, J.F.; farmer; S.5 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1893

PARKER, Rev. J.H.; minister and president of board of trustees,
Kingfisher College; S.14 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

PATTERSON, Joseph; farmer and truck gardening; S.24 T.Hennessey; P.O.
Hennessey; 1889

PATTERSON, S.; farmer; S.9 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1889

PAYNE, A.A.; farmer; S.24 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1893

PERCELL, Henry; farmer; S.13 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

PETERSON, M.; farmer; S.7 T.Forest; P.O. Okeene

PETRE, John G.; farmer; S.23 T.Park; P.O. Okarche

People's National Bank; J.M. SPEICE; cashier; Kingfisher

PERKINS, William; farmer; S.32T.Columbia; P.O. Columbia; 1898

PFEIFFER, Fred; farmer; S.15 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1898

PHALEN, J.; farmer; S.31 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1900

PHILLIPS, J.J.; farmer and breeder of thoroughbred stock; S.13
T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1894

PIERCE, D.M.; farmer; S.28 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1891

POPE, Henry; farmer; S.5 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

PURCELL, W.D.; farmer; S.10 T.Columbia; P.O. Lovell; 1900

PURCELL, E.F.; editor, Dover News; Dover; 1900

RAGLAND, R.; farmer; S.25 T.Grant; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

RAPP, Joseph; farmer; S.30 T.Skeleton; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

REAM, J.A.; farmer; S.16 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey;1889

REAM, James H.; farmer; S.22 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1902

REAVES, Samuel; farm and stockraiser; S.31 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1889

REDMAN, J.; farmer; S.32 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1889

REHBEIN, F.W.; farmer; S.35 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1901

RENNER, P.; farmer; S.8 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1900

RIFFEL, G.; farmer; S.36 T.Logan; P.O. Cashion; 1898

RIMES, F.H.; farmer; S.4 T.Sherman;P.O. Hennessey; 1891

ROBERTSON, William; farmer; S.9 T.Lynn; P.O. Reeding; 1903

ROBINSON, F.; farmer; S.22 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

ROE, Richard; farmer; S.33 T.Lynn; P.O. Okarche; 1884

ROEDER, George; farmer; S.25 T.Park; P.O. Okarche; 1900

ROGERS, W.H.; farmer; S.5 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

ROGERS, Joseph; farm and stockraiser; S.25 T.Kingfisher; P.O.
Kingfisher; 1890

ROGERS, John; farmer; S.6 T.Columbia; P.O. Lovell; 1898

ROHWER, George; farmer; S.27 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

ROSE, S.G.; farmer; S.17 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1889

ROYER, J.H.; editor, The Times; Okarche; 1890

RUDE, William; farmer and stockraiser; S.4 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1890

RUSSELL, A.D.; farmer; S.14 T.Excelsior; P.O. Dover; 1889

SHAEFER, Peter; farmer; S.28 T.Park; P.O. Okarche; 1892

SCHEIRMAN, P.S.; farmer; S.32 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1898

SCHMIDT, Jacob; farmer; S.30 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1895

SCHMIDT, H.P.; farmer; S.6 T.Otter; P.O. Hitchcock; 1892

SCHMIDT, F.W.; farmer; S.1 T.Reserve; P.O. Kingfisher; 1901

SCHOWALTER, A.H. & Co.; lumber; Kingfisher

SCOTT, E.W.; farmer; S.15 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1889

SCHULZE, John; farmer; S.36 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

SHANNON, R.B.; livery; Kingfisher; 1889

SHERMAN, N.H.; farmer; S.32 T.Forrest; P.O. Okeene

SHIMANEK, Frank; farmer; S.9 T.Sherman; P.O. Hennessey; 1891

SHREVE, W.H.; farmer; S.13 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1890

SIMON, H.; farmer; S.24 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

SINCLAIR, James; farmer; S.31 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1893

SLESSMAN, A.; farmer; S.22 T.Lovell; P.O. Lovell; 1898

SLIEF, A.J.; farmer, stockraiser and breeder of short horn cattle and
Poland China hogs; S.8 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1889

SMITH, Henry; farm and stockraiser; S.12 T.Harrison; P.O. Kingfisher;

SMITH, H.; farmer; S.28 T.Logan; P.O. Kingfisher; 1889

SMITH, John; farmer; S.18 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1892

SMITH, C.; farmer; S.1 T.Omega; P.O. Kingfisher; 1901

SMITH, Charles; farmer and stockraiser; S.12 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover;

SMITH, T.W.; farmer; S24 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

SMITH, G.E.; farmer; S.11 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1898

SPINDELL, George; farmer; S.21 T.Banner; P.O. Dover; 1900

SETFORD, C.R.; livery and live stock trader; Kingfisher; 1889

STALNAKER, A.E.; County surveyor; Kingfisher; 1889

STANGL, Andrew; farmer; S.24 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1892

STEBER, Rev. Z.; clergyman; Okarche; 1892

STEEL, Charles; farmer; S.27 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

STEELE, Fortune; farmer; S.8 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

STEIL, John; farmer; S.19 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1892

STERRETT, L.H.; farmer; S.21 T.Center; P.O. Dover; 1889

STORM, Claus; farm and stock; S.7 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1890

STEHENS, J.N.; farmer; S.36 T.Excelsior; P.O. Crescent; 1903

STEPHENSON, H.F.; real estate and loans; Kingfisher

STURGEON, George W.; farmer and stockraiser and breeder of Hereford
cattle and Poland China hogs; S.11 T.Forrest; P.O. Ames

STURGEON, H.V.; stockraiser; S.3 T.Forrest; P.O. Ames

SUDAN, L.; farmer; S.24 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

TASSO, Mrs. Mary; farm and stockraiser; S.19 T.Kingfisher; P.O.
Kingfisher; 1889

TAYLOR, A.L.; farmer; S.23 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1893

TAYLOR, William; farmer and stockraiser and proprietor of Rock Quarry;
S.9 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1889

TAYLOR, W.L.; real estate loans and insurance; Dover; 1889

TERRELL, George; farmer; S.33 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

TITT, E.B.; teacher; S.14 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher; 1902

TITTERINGTON, W.R.; farmer and stockraiser; S.15 T.Hennessey; P.O.
Hennessey; 1889

THOMPSON, A.J.; dealer in farm implements, carriages, wagons, coal,
grain and broom corn; agent for the Deering Harvesting Machinery,
Reference: First Bank of Okarche; Okarche; 1892

TRAYNOR, J.; farmer; S.11 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey

TUCKER, A.; farmer; S.20 T.Union; P.O. Dover 1898

UMBERGER, D.; farmer; S.30 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

UNVERZAGT, C.; farmer; S.33 T.Banner; P.O. Kingfisher; 1903

UTTERBACK, Harvey; county treasurer; Kingfisher

VAN WEY, Mary J.; farmer; S.7 T.Lacey; P.O. Lacey; 1901

VANDERAA, Rev. Fred.; clergyman; Kingfisher; 1900

VENNUM, Rev. H.B.; clergyman; S.1 T.Cimmaron; P.O. Dover; 1889

VIERLING, John; farmer; S.33 T.Park; P.O. Okarche; 1901

VIERLING, Simon; farmer; S.24 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1900

VILHAUER, J.P.; farmer; S.22 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1896

VOGT, William; farm and stockraiser; S.24 T.Kingfisher; P.O. Kingfisher;

VOTH, A.J.; farmer; S.32 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1902

VOSS, Charles; farmer; S.2 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey;1892

WACHSMAN, A.J.; farmer; S.30 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1900

WADSWORTH, W.; farmer; S.9 T.Omega; P.O. Omega 1889

WAHLING, John; farmer and stockraiser; S.1 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

WALKER, A.T.; farmer; S.13 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

WALTER, J.J.; farmer; S.1 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1889

WALTON, B.; farmer; S.11 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1890

WARREN, John N.; farmer; S.30 T.Otter; P.O. Keil

WASHINGTON, George T.; farmer; S.29 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1898

WASSON, Joseph; retired farmer; S.1 T.Downs; P.O. Cashion; 1889

WATERS, Charles; farmer; S.4 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1892

WATSON, B.F.; farmer; S.26 T.Coronado; P.O. Dover; 1889

WEBB, M.L.; Kingfisher Daily Star; Kingfisher

WEBER, F.; farmer; S.6 T.Omega; P.O. Omega; 1892

WEIGAND, C.; farmer; S.17 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1898

WELLS, C.F.; livery; Hennessey; 1889

WELLS, P.L.; farmer; S.32 T.Excelsior; P.O. Kingfisher; 1898

WENZIER, Robert; farmer; S.4 T.Skeleton; P.O. Marshall; 1889

WERNER, S.W.; hotel and livery; Dover; 1901

WHITE, Mrs. Mary C.; farm stockraiser and dairy; S.13 T.( ); P.O.
Kingfisher; 1900

WILEY, L.; farmer; S.23 T.Forest; P.O. Lacey

WILLIAMS, F.T.; farmer; S.36 T.Center; P.O. Hennessey; 1903

WILSON, C.M.; farmer; S.6 T.Union; P.O. Hennessey; 1900

WILSON, Frank; farmer; S.31 T.Cooper; P.O. Kingfisher; 1892

WILSON, John; farmer; S.13 T.Lacey; P.O. Hennessey; 1889

WINCHESTER, A.; farmer; S.21 T.Union; P.O. Dover; 1902

WINTERS, M.; farmer; S.34 T.Logan; P.O. Cashion; 1900

WRIGHT, J.W.; farmer; S.24 T.Excelsior; P.O. Crescent; 1900

WRIGHT, John M.; farmer and general trader; S.4 T.Cimarron; P.O. Dover;

YORKE, F.W.; farmer; S.27 T.River; P.O. Kiel; 1892

YOST, J.; farmer; S.8 T.Altona; P.O. Okarche; 1894

YOUNG, F.B.; farmer; S.18 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1898

ZALABAK, Anton; farm and stockraiser; S.23 T.Kingfisher; P.O.
Kingfisher; 1890

ZOBISCH, H.V.; farmer; S.11 T.Otter; P.O. Kiel; 1900


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