Kingfisher Free Press 50th Anniversary Edition, April 1939

Kingfisher Free Press
50th Anniversary Edition
April, 1939

Following families have brief stories in this edition.

~ contributed by Herman Weiland ~

"If you need these articles,
I can probably make arrangements to copy and mail to you."

Page 1: Fossett, Eaton, James, Creech
Page 2: Speice
Page 3: Dent, Bonnette, Erwin
Page 4: Ellis, Ingraham
Page 6: Shackelford
Page 10: Wickmiller
Page 14: George Coleman, Carter
Page 16: Meier, Theimen, Post
Page 22: Brownlee
Page 26: Hockaday, Logan
Page 28: Lewis
Page 30: Duggan, Blakely, Lowry
Page 32: Park School
Page 33: Conley
Page 34: Riley, Weimer, Ingram, Coons
Page 36: Klingman
Page 38: Red Fork Ranch
Page 40: C. W. Fisk, Homier, Nunemaker, Rothe, Eads
Page 42: Burman
Page 46: Howell, Triplett
Page 48: W.R. Kelley
Page 50: Augustus Fritz, Bilger, Jager
Page 51: McGinnis, C. D. Baker, D. M. Johnson, Flegel
Page 58: Bracken, Sears
Page 63: Barrackman, Rasp
Page 64: Pemberton, G. Moore
Page 72: Paul Sykes
Page 74: Dr. Waddell
Page 84: J. W. Sain, Fossett, Chisholm
Page 92: Preece, Steel
Page 94: Meachum, Al Jennings
Page 106: Billie Thorn
Page 110: Roseboom
Page 112: Sheriff Kelley


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