Persons Buried in Hennessey Cemetery

Hennessey Cemetery Rolls

The Dunlavy Funeral Home
Records of Persons Buried in the
Hennessey, Kingfisher Co. OK. Cemetery

Extracted by Lois Goodpasture Burdick

Brewer, Jerald D. b. March 27, 1923 in OK d. Aug. 6, 1924 1y 4m 9d buried in Hennessey Cemetery parents I.N. Brewer OK and Mellie Rounds, KS Charge to Father 13th and Birch Enid, OK

Barr, William E. farmer b. Oct. 30, 1862 IL d. April 15, 1925 62y 5m 15 d. 701 E. Chestnut, Enid, OK buried Hennessey Cemetery.Parents Samuel Barr of Scotland and Naomi Springer IN Charge A. S Barr, Wichita, KS.

Carter, Olive May housewife b, Sept. in Il d. Dec. 8, 1926 43y. Enid
General Hospital buried Hennessey, OK Parents Arthur Lee, England and Cloe Basley, IL Charge F. L Carter, RR3 Dover

Gwynn, Mary b. July 14, 1852 Iowa, d. Mar. 22, 1924 71y 8m 9d, Enid General Hospital buried Hennessey Cemetery, parents William Clark of ME and Liza Ann Fowler charge husband, Jessie Gwynn

Hemingway, Charles - colored, married , janitor, died Jan. 18, 1924 65y , buried Hennessey Cemetery, Colored M.E. Church chg. Hariett Hemingway, 432 E. Wabash, Enid.

Holm, Augusta M. - w wd. ret. b. Mar. 24, 1851, in Sweden, d. Oct.26, 1926 75y 7m 2d , Enid Gen. Hospital, bur Hennessey, OK chg. George F. Holm, Hennessey, R.M. Holm admin. RR4

Johnston, Robert, - w. m, farmer b. Jan. 24, 1846 Eng. D. Mar. 5, 1924, 78y 1m 10d Enid Gen. Hospital bur Hennessey, OK fa- William Johnston Eng. Chg. J.P. Johnston, Hennessey, Phoebe Johnston

Lamb, Anna Elizabeth- w =96 m, ret. .b. Nov. 9, 1848 OH d Mar. 30, 1926 77y 4m 21d. res. 406 E Walnut, Enid, Ok bur. Hennessey , OK father Tragen Munsell , OH chg. Berton Lamb, 401 N. Independence, Enid,OK

Lamb, Cornelus - w - wd. Ret. b. April 17, 1839 in IL d .Dec. 5, 1926 87y 7m 18d bur. Hennessey OK father, N. Lamb chg. A. B. Lamb

Lynch, Augusta w, b Aug. 3, 1862, IL d. April 6, 1928 65y, 8m, 3d, res. 1422 W. Cherokee, Enid, Ok bur. Hennessey Cemetery. Parent, Andrew Copl chg. A.G. Lynch

Marshall, John - w. m farmer b. April 26, 1872 Scotland d. Jan. 23, 1924, 51y 9m 27d, res. Marshall, Ok buried Hennessey, Ok pars. William Marshall (Scot) and Barbey Short ( Scot) chg. M/Tessie Marshall, Hennessey, OK

Mitchell, Hazel Marie, w s (bkkpr) b. Aug. 2, 1902 d Jan. 12, 1926, 32y 5m, 10 d. bur. Hennessey, OK pars. M. A.. Mitchell, MO, and Della J. Paul. IL chg.. J. A. Mitchell, Hennessey

Molar, Francis V. w house wife b. March 1, 1875 VA d Aug. 2, 1926 51y 4m 1d buried Hennessey, OK pars. Nicklas Speaks, and Mary Powell. chg. Allie Troyer , Hennessey, Ok

McGann, Eugene Bradford w. school boy b. Feb. 9, 1915 OK d Mar. 28, 1926 9y 11m 27d bur Hennessey, Ok pars. Frank H. McGann OK-Maud C. Long PA chg. Frank H. McGann, Hennessey, OK

Nivison, Nina May w. b. Mar. 27, 1916 d Aug. 16, 1925 9y 4m 19d bur Hennessey, Ok pars. Edd Nivison KS and Edna Parron , Ok chg. Edd Nivison, Hennessey, Ok

Nolan, Mary L. w. wd. hwf. b. Feb. 7, 1867 in IA d. Jan. 12, 1927, 59y Enid hospital, res. Hennessey, OK. Bur. Hennessey Cemetery, ser Christian Church. Par. Willaim Madgeburg. Germany, and Pauline Towfert, Ger. Charge to M/J.L. Eichoff.

O'Hern, Dale, w, s, farmer, b. May2, 1902 d. July 22, 1924, 22y, 1m, 21d. Enid Hospital, meningitis following injury, bur Hennessey Cemetery. Parents, P.S. O'Hern, IL and Jane Dunkin ,KS charge. Roy O'Hern.

Ralstin, Glen Alvin-w. School boy, b. Dec. 12, 1917 Ok, d. Feb.1, 1928, 10y, 1m, 19d, res. 1017 W. Pine, Enid, OK diphtheria, buried Hennessey Cemetery. Parents R.M. Ralstin MO and Frankie Richardson KS charge to R.M. Ralstin, Enid.

Robinson, Clifton w. school boy, b Nov. 30, 1923 d. Jan. 5, 1929, 6y 1m, 6 d. Enid General Hospital buried Hennessey Cemetery. Parents C. E. Robinson K and Allie Sherperd,KS . Charge to C.E. Robinson, Sinclair lease-Garber/Covington, Mrs. Addie Robinson, Hennessey, OK

Robinson, William Russell w m farmer, b. Mar. 24, 1860 MO d. Jan.2, 1926 65y, 10, 8d. died Enid General Hospital resident of Hennessey, OK buried Hennesey Cemetery. Parents, Joseph Robinson and Mary Kendrick, NH charg=
e to C.E. Robinson, Covington, OK

Smith, Verda May w, m, hwf. Aug. 15, 1879 IN d. April 11, 1928, 48y 7m, 26 d. res 1125 East Elm, Enid, Ok buried Hennessey, OK Nazarene Church, parents, W. Perry Chappell In Leah Britton In chg. G.C. Smith.

Swank, Bernice K. w. hwf, B. July 15, 1873, VA d. Feb. 7, 1926, 52y 7m 22d. Died Enid General Hospital. Buried Hennessey Cemetery. Parents, P.T. Grose VA and Louise Reamells, VA Charge to M.C. Swank, 201 E. Walnut, Enid, OK

Tarrant, Archie w, m, farmer, b. Feb. 2, 1886 KS, d. Sept. 17, 1923, 37y, 9m, 15d. Resident 308 Eash Ohio, Enid, OK . Buried Hennessey Cemetery. Father A. Tarrant charge Thomas?

Warner, Peter, w, m, ret. b. Nov. 25, 1844 MO d. Jan. 30m, 1931, 86y, 2m, 4d, res. Ringwood, OK. Buried Hennessey, Ok. Charge to Mrs. Fate Morris, R.4, Enid.

Zerger, Abbie/Allie? - w. hwf b. July 30, 1858 , IL , d. Jan. 20, 1924, 56y, 6m, 21d. Res. 801 E. Randolph. Enid, OK. Buried Hennessey Cemetery. Parents P.M. Gilbert and Emaline Wood, VT charge G.J. Zerger, Hennessey, OK.

submitted by Christy Hollenbeck

I have some information to add to Hennessey Cemetery on the website.

Old Section Block 342, Lot 4 -- Clifford Hollenbeck

Block 39, Lot 2 -- Ashley and Elizabeth Hollenbeck


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