Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

Sept. and Oct. 1907 
Sept. 5, 1907
Wanted a suitable home for a 7 yr old girl. Steve Eads, Superintendent of
Greenwood Home.
Lee Voegelein to Miss Ethel Ingram
Sept. 12. 1907
Marriage Licenses
Hans Henersisten 29, to Miss Lizzie Gillers 34. both of Okarche
James A. Crain 20 Enid to Miss Beatrice Rankin 18 Hennessey
Tives W. Johnson 28, to Miss Emma t. Shrusbrak 24, Marshall OK
Dallas A. Anderson 28 Kingfisher to Miss Edna Cundiff 19, Dover
George Meyer 24 to Miss Nellis Dagget 19 both Canadian County
Two frame buildings on Main St. burned, W. U. Cochrane owned one and the
other was owned by George Boland the fire was believed to be incendiary.
Lee Leedy who is well known in this county shot and killed his wife.
Jealousy over attentions paid his wife by S. D. Fry.
Born Mr. and Mrs. H. Burdick a girl Sept. 3, 1907
Born Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cole a son Sept. 5, 1907
September 19, 1907
Died Mrs. David Belt, September 15, 1907 Kingfisher
Mr. Henry Kordis will try his hand at teaching in the New country this year.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wsimer's team became frightened and ran away. Mr.. and
Mrs. and wagon seat were thrown out in a heap. She escaped with scratches and
bruises and he received a broken collar bone.
Sept. 26, 1907
Died Sept. 22, 1907 Mrs. Gertrude Ray Walton
remains were brought to Kingfisher for burial.
Logan and Snow quitting business, selling out.
Died Mrs. Nat King, Greenwood Cemetery (colored)
Kingfisher Star and Free Press
Born Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Smith a boy
Unclaimed letter to Mrs. Mary E. Smith
Marriage Licenses
Samuel Robinson 53 and Alice Cato 39 colored both kingfisher County
George Richer 53 to Mrs. Bettie ricker 32 both of Logan County
Frank Williams 26 to May Roberts 27 colored both of Kingfisher county
John L. Snider 31, to Miss Della Paris 23 Hennessey
George H. Molln 23 to Miss Mable May Prickett 19 Cashion
Born Mr. & Mrs. Asberry Kieth a son.
October 3, 1907
Why not a public library?
Died J. C. barrett of dover engineer of rock Island Pump house which blew up
and severely burned him.
Oct. 10, 1907
married Oct. 6, Harry P. Anderson to Ruby Fay Flohr Kingfisher
Clinton, OK Engine and 32 cars on the Frisco go into the Washita river.
fireman Claude Blue of Enid killed
Marriage Licenses
Walter Worthan to Miss Effie Shelton Dover
Born Mr. & Mrs. John Andrews a daughter Oct. 8, 1907
married W. L. Roe and Mrs. Agnes Griffis of Cashion
The Altona School commenced Monday. Mr. H. Kordis is the teacher
Oct. 17, 1907
marriage licenses
Orlie K. Duggan 25, to Miss Rosa Karpe 20, both of Kingfisher
Otis Scarborough 23 to Miss Hattie Burton both Kingfisher County
Minnie Lowry, the fast trotter owned by John Lowry won a $500.00 purse at
the state fair.
Died Oct. 9, 1907 Gertie Taylor Wilson buried at Pleasant Valley
Kingfisher music store owned by W. M. Gilbert closed voluntary bankruptcy
Oct. 24, 1907
Married Mr. John Gelder to Miss Nell Lindlay
Married Edward Klinnert to Miss Rosa Grabow
October 31, 1907
teacher's exam. W. A. Kordis, W. Tavner Fisher, Edna Kordis could this be
Edith or Ella??
Governor of Kansas will issue a pardon to Emmitt Dalton
Marriage Licenses
P. B. Owens 24 to Callie Bancom 21 Dover colored
Clarence C. Harper to Miss Ona Whitechurch Kingfisher
October 31, 1907
Died Oct. 23 Ruth Louise Stewart Kingfisher Cemetery Diptheria
Died Gladys Ferguson Diptheria


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