Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

The paper has been sold several times and
they have lost the reporters that did bring in the news.
So lots was not reported at this time
Kingfisher Daily Star January 1, 1906
Hair cuts 25 cents Shave 10 cents
Jan 4, Roadmaster Bocher, Killed by a train
Jan6, Jackson, Sol burried by the county. He was shot by Joe Little
Jan. 9, Red Nose about 48 yrs died
Jan. 1, 1906 Perry Givens Married Cora Bates
Jan. 3, 1906 Fred Hickman 22 M. Lara Mathews 17 colored
Jan. 3, 1906 Celestine Cobbell 22 M. Gertrude Cash 18. colored
Jan. 5, 1906 Eggs 17 cents a dozen
[this is on down on another issue of the paper}
Roadmaster Booher was struck by a train and killed instantly in Enid.
Jan. 5, 1906 Charles W. Willis 19 M. Emma Kemp 19
Jan. 5, 1906 Sol Jackson the negro that was shot by Joe Little on Xmas Day was burried Friday.
Jan. 8, 1906 Music store burrned.
Jan. 9, 2906 Bud Withner 23, M. Lena Staddler 21.
Jan. 10, 1906 Don S. Washburn 20 M. Maye
Snyder 18 Hennessey
Byrne, Thomas Pneumonia died at Kiel
Jan. 20, 1906 Ezra Show M. Alma Miller
Jan. 22, 1906 George Alig 22 M. Katie Ottice 20
Jan. 22, 1906 James H. Caylor 22 M. Ruby E. Street 18
Jan. 22, 1906 William Riley 20 M. Bertha Perry 18 colored
Born Jan. 23, 1906 Mr & Mrs R. H. Chlauber a boy
Jan. 30, 1906 Joe Emerich 3 yr. s/o Mr & Mrs Chas. diphtheria
Jan. 31, 1906 Luther Tinder 20 M. Bessie Voore 37
Jan. 31, 1906 Cornelluis Churches 29 M. Maggie Bozorth 24

Kingfisher Daily Star 1906
February 1, 1906
Married W. M. Nelson 62 to Hattie McCarty 57
Died inf. of Tom Wells Kingfisher cemetery {Colored}
Feb. 2, 1906 Born Jan 31, 1906 inf. of Mr. & Mrs Will Walton
lived but a few hours Jan. 31, 1906
Feb. 1, 1906
Married Luther Tinder to Bessie Moore {was listed as Voore before}
Married Thomas O. Haws 26 to Irene Rogers 20
Married Thomas Jorden 22 to Nettie Storhs 18 {colored}
Feb. 6, 1906
Married Joseph C. Allbright 38 to Lena Bowles 18
Born Feb. 1906 Mr. & Mrs Thomas Householder a baby girl
Married Robert Turner 23 to Gracie Davis 17
Married Lee Hamontree to Alice Whittenmore
Eggs 12 cents a dozen
Died Ada Emdee 4 yr. Mr & Mrs B. F. Emdee
pneumonia fever
Married Frank Loflin 21 to Stilla Robest 20
Married Robert Ketchell 27, to Lillie Morten 22
Married Charles Wherenberg 26, to Emelia Fraser 20
Died. Samuel Croxton
Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Feb. 8, 1906 Mr. & Mrs Will Frans a baby girl
Married Ralph Morrell 21 to Ora Johns 19
Born Mr. & Mrs M. L. Webb a baby girl Feb 14, 1906
Died Fox Tail Black Hawk Feb. 1906
Married John Moore 43 to Mollie Webb 28 {Colored}
Died Feb. 15, 1906 Frances Barney {or cis}
Died Feb. 1906 Mrs Ben Clark Kingfisher cemetery
blood poisoning
Died Mrs Horace Hammontree May 3, 1843---Feb. 21, 1906
Died Feb. 1906 Amanda Blackburn burried in Lourenceville, Ill
Died Feb. 21, 1906 Anderson Holder Kingfisher cemetery
Married Joshph L. Barnard 22 to May L. Polsley 19
Eggs 9 cents
Married Feb. 1906 Wiley W Wattenborger 28, & Lydia Lawrence 22

Kingfisher Daily Star
March 1906
will start this off with a question. What was SPELTZE SEED??
this was adv for 50 cents a bushel in 1906
March 2, 1906
Died Mrs Amanda Bevens Duggan
Jan. 24, 1844---Mar. 1, 1906 Kingfisher cemetery
Died March 1906 Irwin Kester s/o Mr. & Mrs E. M. Hale
8 mo old
Married Johnnie H. Mitchell 23, to Anna Brown 21

March 4, 1906, Mr Fred Kordis of Reading is now
the landlord of the S.W. quarter of 29-17-8 6 miles from Kiel
Married Walter R Loch 21, to Anna Snook 18
Born Mr & Mrs Edna Brien a baby girl March 6, 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs Henry Elder a baby boy March 6 1906
Married John Butler 22 to Lottie Young 18 colored
Married George Clevenger 62 to Mrs Mary L. Jones 60
Married John Richmond 36 to Gertie Allison 18 March 8, 1906 colored
Married Rudolph Chlouber 24 to Rosie Stiner 18
March 10, 1906 Died John McCormick Hennessey
March 12, 1906 Married George Haskins 23 to Loa Emrick 19
Died Mrs Lively Okarche, Ok
Died S. A. Tunnison suicide Bird Creek cemetery
March 13, 1906
Married Dwight Doty 43 to Margared Graham 29
March 12, 1906 Died Taylor Simpson colored
March 20, 1906 Died James Hartley Greenwood Cemetery
March 1906 Died Mr. & Mrs Frank Peyton's 6 mo child
Kingfisher cemetery
March 20, 1906
Married James A. Taylor 39 to Bertha Conett 20
March 21, 1906 Born Mr. & Mrs LeBar a boy
Married S. M. White 28, to Lizzie Griffeth 19
Mar. 22, 1906 Died High Black Wold {Cheyene}
Married Edjah Thomas 26 to Zoda Alston 23 colored
Mar. 26, 1906 Married Drew Koen 19 to Martha Bode 17.
A. B. Studehill fell on the ice and his injuries have proven fatel.
Married Allen Malloy 22 to Mattie Alstorn 19 colored
March 28, 1906 Died Mariah Mitchell
Born Mr. & Mrs Klos Rover a girl

Kingfisher Daily Star
April 1906
April 2, 1906
Died Mrs Elizabeth E. Steford
Died Robert Gould 24 yrs
Died Miss Emma Walters
Married E. K. Felt 27 to Lena Cromwell 22
April 5, 1906
Died Scottie Creighton
Contract let for building the county poor farm house. to be known as
The Greenwood Home
Married Fred Payne 29 to Etta Ream 18
Married Clyde Combs 20 to Maude Grimes 18
April 11, 1906
Born to Mr & Mrs Clarence Leitner a girl
Died Frank Petticord Killed when his team ran away
Married Wm. J. Duggan 22 to Pearl Puls 19
April 12, 1906
Married Ferdinand Vogt Jr. 22 to Anna Smola 16
Eggs now 11 cents
April 14, 1906
Married Ernest Henderson 21 to Hattie Fredrick 18
Married E. A. Davis to Mattie E. Stewart Chamberlin
Born Mr. & Mrs Frank Homier a girl
April 18, 1906
Married Harley Bladwin 20 to Rene Koch 18
Married James O. Ware to Vangie S. Anderson
April 17, 1906
died Adam Lucas born 66 yrs ago in Bell Turbit, Ireland
The San Francisco earth quake followed by fire, city badly destroyed.
April 20, 1906
Married Austin Harmon 23 to Bessie Harmon
April 21, 1906
Married Archie Winchester 22 to Janie Redmond 23 colored
Died Tressie Pauline Hubbard d/o Mr & Mrs A. M. Hinton cemetery
April 23, 1906
Married Joseph Robinson 44 to Mrs C. Davis 46
April 24, 1906
Exgovener Seay among the missing in the San Frncisco quake.
Rent a sewing machine for 50 cents a week.
April 26, 1906
Mr Seay notifies relation he is safe. will return to Kingfisher.
Married Henry Reves 23 to Lucy McKinnie 19
Born Mr & Mrs Claude Lightner a girl
Married Edgar J. Wallace 28 to Natalsis Rahbein 21
Married J. W. Newsome 25 to Laura J. Clark 18
April 30 1906
Ex Governor Seay Arrives

Kingfisher Daily Star
April 1906
Died C. Thomsen Kingfisher cemetery
May 3, 1906
Married Spencer F. Alexander 54 to Anna Buckley 34
Married Fred G. Tropsnell 21 to Lulu M. Jacobson 14 { should be 19}
Married E. Conner 21 to Edith Kloch 19
When visiting on a Sundy they "Sundayed"
May 7, 1906
Married Lennie Burtwell 23 to Bertha C. Troyer 22
Died Mrs Sarah J. Noah Bird creek
May 9, 1906
Born Mr & Mrs Hal Mead a boy
Married James C. Davis 27 to Bessie Vaughn 24
May 10, 1906
Married Chs M. Boyer 21 to Mable B. Shryer 20
April 21, 1906
Died inf. s/o Mr & Mrs Henry Elder Whooping cough
May 11, 1906
Married Charley E. Kelley 21 to May E. Dodson 18
May 14, 1906 Born Mr & Mrs Wyant a son
Married Effie M. Roberts 21, to Clara Sweetman 25
May 17, 1906
Married George Bonnett to Eva Swan
Married Jesse Sampson to Mary P Clark
May 18, 1906 Born Mr & Mrs M. B. Bone a boy
May 19, 1906
Did a train ticket for men cost more than one for a lady??
Married Nicholson E. Eischen 26 to Anna Heimen 22
Married Wyatt Bailey 22 to Ida Wilson 19 colored
May 22, 1906
Died Mr & Mrs W. S. Bader 1 yr old son pneumonia fever Omega
Born Mr & Mrs John Hart a girl
May 22, 1906Married Joseph Lawhead to Helen Bedwell
Died Mrs Gene Clark suicide Hennessey
May 28, 1906
Married S. H. McCormick 60 to Mrs Dora Kenedy 20
May 31, 1906
Married Wesley L. Wilson 24 to Millie Gracey 24 colored
Married Harley Burdick 27, to Hattie Ketchell 23
Married Janes Poe 19 to Lena Taylor 17

The Kingfisher Star Daily news paper of June 1906
In answer to the question of where to get marriage records.
The court house burned, I believe early in the
1900 year. and all records were lost.
The court house would have the record later than that.
If you know the date pretty close
I am sure some one could look it up M. L.
June 1, 1906
Fritz Kordis and Lemuel Shull attend Farmers Union Meeting today.
June 2 Married Harley Burdick to Hettie Ketchell will be at high noon today.
June 4, 1906 Married Aurhur White to Jennie Hill
Married C. F. Warren 26 to Frances F. Falconer 26
Married Edward C. Tro 25 to Dora Dedeker 20
Married Charles Evans 40 to Ullale Warren 20
June 8 Married C. F. Row to Minnie alburn
Married John Davis 32 to Gracie M. Turner 22
Married Benediet Sholder Balde 22 to May Alfrey 20
eggs have reached a new low June 11, eggs 7 cents a dozen.
June11, 1906 Married Charles A. Kegereis to Adelaide Shor
Married Charley H. Paris 27, to Ruby E Blodgett 17
June 14, 1906 Died Mrs Marie Soudek's small son 4 mo. old
summer complaint
June 1906 Died Miss Stella Pratt eating cove oysters
June 14, 1906 the new State of Oklahoma was born on Flag Day.
June 18, 1906 Married D. L. Chapman to Mrs Mollie Downing
June 19, 1906 The Report that Grace Clark had taken her life in St. Louis is false, she has
left her husband and 3 small girls but is alive.
June 20, 1906 Married Ed. Kidney 20 to Pearl Brown Cormick 19
June 21, 1906 Married W. L. Moore to Anna Maude Grey
June 25, 1906
Died Oscar Hollingsworth died in the Guthrie Hospital
June 25, 1906
Married J. N. Startzman 25 to Grace E. Hutton 24
June 27, 1906 Married H. C. Hill to Laura Kelley
Married Rev. J. H. Nichols to Mrs Elizabeth Zeis
June 26, 1906 Born Mr and Mrs S. C. Peck a son
June 28 1906 Married Harve Barrackman to Aura Newland
Married Earl Barringer 18 to Florence Tinder 17
Married Jacob Wagner 22 to Mary Mier 22
July 1906 Married J. F. Winslow 20 to Maude Casebeer 17
July 5, 1906 Married John C. Druggan 30 to Mary DeGrow 21
July 6, 1906 Died Patrick Fahey Kingfisher Cemetery
he was born March 17, 1841 in Ireland Died July 6, 1906

Hello List,
I had thought that there was a Kingfisher Times and when I started reading again I could nof find it. but yesterday when I needed a new roll there it was. so will go back and read it also for 1906 and later print what is extra on it as I did one mounth and found some that was not listed on the Star. My aim is to record any deaths that are not listed in the cemeteries. and where they died and are burried. This will be in a book at the library safe room.
Mary Lou

This will be items listed in the Kingfisher Times which was a weekly paper January 1906
January 1906 Born Mr. & Mrs Chas Enslow a girl
January 1906 Married Press W. Wible to Pearl Bixler
January 1906 Died Fred Wood Kingfisher Cemetery
January 1906 Died Mr Andrews Zion Cemetery
January 18, 1906 Died Eliza Smith
January 25, 1906 Married Fred Morton Dora Howe
January 1906 Died Isacc Lewis Hart Oct. 20, 1834---Died January 1906
m. Mary Jane Thomas
January 1906
Born Mr & Mrs Charles Sherwood a girl
Born Mr & Mrs Renner a boy
Born Mr. & Mrs O. S. Smith a boy and a girl
Born Mr. & Mrs L. Bond a boy

Kingfisher Daily Star
July 1906
July 1906
Death Bertha Haines d/o Mr & Mrs S. D. 16 yrs. Zion City Cemetery
{was there a town named Zion in the eastern part of county?}
The horses were spooked and she was thrown out of the buggy and landed on her
head which broke her neck.
July 1906
Death Mrs Kiziah Brower Jan. 10, 1820---July 9, 1906
Alpha Cemetery
July 1906
Married Aloy G. Forbes 21 to Flore Parham 17
July 10, 1906
Married Leonard Wilson 23 to Mamie Osborn 19
July 1906
Deaths. Leslie Drake and Douglass Brown and two horses were killed instantly
by lighting on the farm of Albert Fuxa. They had been working Thrashing and were in the lofr
of the barn out of the rain when lighting hit.
July 16, 1906
Died Grace Henderson services at Plesant Valley burial in Pleasant Valley also
July 1906
Died Eula Kolb Sept. 18, 1851---July 16, 1906 Greenwood Cemetery
July 17, 1906
Married J. C. Horn 33 to Minnie Nimon 23
Married F. H. Munger 21 to Nellie M. Turner 17
July 1906
Death one of the twins of Mr & Mrs Orlando Smith
5 Mo. old Omega Cemetery
July 19, 1906
Died Edith Kiser she was granddaughter of Jack Winn
she was 13 burried in Woods County
July 1906
Married Percy Koble 30 to Mrs Emma Red Hair 48
July 20, 1906
Married George M. Ellis 22 to Rosie Thompson 20
July 21, 1906
Died Charles H. Ward s/o Mr & Mrs Al.
died as the result of poisoning burried Clear Creek
July 25, 1906
Died One of the twins of O. S. Smith the other died a week ago.
they were a boyand a girl Omaga Cemetery
July 1906
Married Franklin Reeves 20 to Minnie Redell 24
Married Chester A. Ward 22 to Helen a. Linch 20
July 30 1906
Married Sims Ely 22, Lizzie McKinley 19

Kingfisher Daily Star 1906
Augest 1, 1906
Married Charles Combs 22 to Alice M. Sharp 18
Married George T. Wadsworth 24 to Lillie Walter 21
Death Earl Ingram s/o Mr & Mrs Job 22 yrs old
Kingfisher Cemetery
Mad dog shot by J. R. Chamberlin
Augest 3, 1906
Death Frank Loughlin burried Okla. City
A. A Hibner, the minister from Hennessey
who eloped with another mans wife,
 was arrested in N. Y. and brought back to Kingfisher.
Augest 6, 1906
Married Andy W. Taggart 19 to Mattie B. Snyder 18
Deid W. H. Johnson
Augest 8, 1906
Born Mr & Mrs Will Livingston a girl
Died John Grabo Sr. burried at Gretna Neb.
Augest 10, 1906
Married Ed. Walta 23 to Tena Creney 17
Augest 11, 1906
Died J. W. Worl May 21, 1847---Aug. 10, 1906
m. Mrs Lizzie Abold Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Mr. & Mrs James Zimmerman a girl
Married Bert L. Holstine 21 to Stella Fish 22
Married Charlie D. Wallace 21 to Katie Bainer 18
Married Daniel Davis 24 to Ada Foster 25 colored
Married Geo. Wadsworth to Lillie Walters
Augest 15, 1906
Lark Bunton about 45 judged insane
Augest 16, 1906
Died Joseph Schafer 23 typhoid fever
burried Bailey Iowa
Married Newton R. Hick 23 to Cora Anderson 20
Augest 18, 1906
Judge Hale shoots Mr Peck, neighbors, Mr Peck will recover.
Augest 20, 1906
Died Robert Dumas 35 colored
Augest 21, 1906
Judge John R. Hale arrigned on charge of shooting
with intent to kill George Peck. Gave bond of $1,000.00.
Augest 22, 1906
H. L. Kordis a buisiness visitor today in from Reeding
Married Lloyd L. Smith 21, to Miss Bertha Smith 22
Augest 23, 1906
Died the mo. old baby of Mr & Mrs William Page
burial at Union Hall
Augest 24. 1906
Died Ed Hachett burial in Winfield Kansas
Aug. 27, 1906 Fire at Cashion burned a block of buildings
Died Mrs H. I. White, at camp meeting she was from Okeene Texas
Broomcorn workers needed $2.00 a day
Augest 29, 1906
Born Mr & Mrs S. H. Cain a boy
Born Mr & Mrs D. Schooley a girl
Augest 30, 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs M. A. March a girl
Augest 31, 1906
Married R. T. Strunk to Bessie Pratt

Kingfisher Times
February & March 1906
Died Mrs Howman {Healy} April 21, 1852---Feburary 1, 1906
burried in Amity, Mo.
Died Joe Emerich s/o Mr & Mrs Charles diptheria
Kingfisher Cemetery
Feb. 1, 1906 Mr. J. G. Petree of near Okarche is among todays visitors
.{could this be Pattee?}
Born Mr & Mrs J. G. Condit a boy Feb. 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs Everett Seabold a girl Feb. 1906
Feb. 8. 1906
Marriages these two were listed in the Star, note spelling.
Thomas Jorden to Nettie Starks
Thomas O Shaw to Irene Rogers
Died Samuel Croxton 1836---1906 Kingfisher Cemetery
Died James Monroe Wells 1837---Feb. 11, 1906
Okarche Cemetery
Died Mrs Fannie Sturgeon {w/o George}
Feb. 22, 1906
Fire at Hennessey burned Joe Carsons butcher shop, Mr Carson's place,
John Drapers barber shop and Connors Saloon. The stock at Cashion
Bros was badly damaged
Died Mrs Amanda E. Blaclburn 1830---1906 burial in Ill.
The entire business portion of Hitchcock was destroyed by fire. Only
a livery barn and Blacksmith shop left standing
Born Feb. 14. 1906 Mr. & Mrs Ed Emdee a girl.
Born Feb. 1906 Mr. & Mrs Charles Smith a birl
March 1, 1906
Died Helen Weinberger d/o Mr & Mrs Harry
Married Butler Dixon to Amma Gilbert
Married Joseph L. Barnard to May Poulsley
March 8, 1906
Married Emeson Benamine Thorne to Mary A. Aldrich.
Mr J. G. Petree in town last of this week
Born Mr. & Mrs Edna Brim a girl {note spelling of last name}
Mrs Blankenship is visiting her daughter Mrs Lewis Bonner
Died Inf son of Mr. & Mrs E. Hale Mar 2, 1906
Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs George Swane a girl
Mr Curry's barn burned, $100.00 worth of corn and millet also a
calf was lost. Children set barn on fire while parents were in town.
March 15, 1906
Mrs Lively died she was burned todeath trying to start the
fire with oil.
Born Mr & Mra Henry Long a son
Born Mr. & Mrs Charles Lovette a son
March 22 1906
Died Grandpa Hartley burried Bird Creek
Born Mr. & Mrs Otto Bredel a girl
Born Mr. & Mrs H. O. Bradley a boy
Born Prof. & Mrs LeBar a boy
Died Carl Peyton s/o Rev. & Mrs Frank
March 29, 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs Jeff Mayfield a girl
Died Mrs Catherine Walker Mar. 25, 1906
Banner Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs Frank Miller a girl
Born Mr. & Mrs J. B. Smith a girl

The Kingfisher Times a weekly paper
April and May of 1906
April 5, 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs Pearl McKinney a girl
April 12, 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs John Redington a girl
April 17, 1906 Adam Lucas Apr. 17, 1906
Married Ernest Henderson to Hattie Frederick
E. M. Lawrence was adjudged insane and taken to Norman.
Born Mr. & Mrs Frank Stucki a girl
May 3, 1906
Born Mr & Mrs August Sillman a girl 12 child
Married Henry Reeves to Blossom McKinney
Died inf chld of Mr & Mrs Elder Beulah Cemetery
May 10, 1906
Married Ned Conor to Edith Klock
Married Fred G. Tropwell to Lula Jacobson
Born Rev. & Mrs M. D. Coats a boy
Born Mr. & Mrs August Meier a boy
Born Mr. & Mrs A. Altizer a boy
Born Capt. & Mrs Wygont a boy
Died Mrs Jackson Kingfisher Cemetery
Married J. R. Spencer to Bess Forney
May 24, 1906
Married George Paul Bonnett to Eva M. Swan
Born Mr & Mrs Henry Tschopp a girl
May 31, 1906
Born Mr. & Mrs Joe Phalen a boy
Born Mr. & Mrs Fred Beal a girl
Born Mr. & Mrs Robert Callison a girl
Born Mr & Mrs P. G. Markel a girl
Married Mat Gassen to Mathildia Sigl


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