Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

(January to June)
January 5, 1905
Married Robert Drain to Miss Sadie Taylor
Born Dec. 26, 1904 Mr&Mrs J. J. Beabout a girl
R F D. 1
Married Harry Coleman to Miss Kate Watts Kingfisher.
January 12, missing files
Died Jan. 14, 1905 Joseph Sherwood Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Geo. H. Hubbard Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Jan. 16, 1905 Henry Richman Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Died inf daughter of Mr & Mrs P. Troe Bird Creek Cemetery
Died Mrs George M. Last Alpha
Marriage licenses Jan. 14. 1905 J. C. Felder to Miss Annie Liberton
Married Robert Cuell to Miss Sadie Gilbert
Married Peter Inpess to Miss Grace Hensley
Nearly everyone in the neighborhood has manufactured them selves a sled
and are making good use of them
January 26, 1905
Guthrie Ok. Fred Hannum ordered his trunk checked from Yale to St. Louis,
Mo. The station masters hunting dog made a stand on the trunk which was
opened and found to be stuffed with quail.
The Free Press has changed hands again this time being purchased by Hon. J.
V. Admire and Hon. E. D. Brownlee.
Feburary 2, 1905 Born Mr and Mrs Storm a son
Married Will Copeland to MIss Jennie Kettleman.
Married George Biby to Miss Dedie Siceloff.
Died eleven mo. old child of Mr & Mrs J. R. Richardson
Kingfisher Cemetery
Married Earl Rarden to Miss Ruby Wilson
Fire destroyed the livery stable of James Ball on main street Saturday.
Horses and contents were saved.
Feb. 9, 1905
Died Fred Bernton Kingfisher Cemetery
Married Joe Harris to Beulah Stinenson colored
Kingfisher city now has a payroll of over $400.00.
Kiel Ever thing is froze up, and dont even mention the roads.
Young folks have been out sleight riding.
Feb. 16, 1905
Died Mr S. P. Richardson Hennessey
Died Feb. 8, 1905 B. F. Lilly Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Feb. 9, 1905 Mrs H. A. Lyle Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Feb. 9, 1905 Mr & Mrs Prater a son
Married David Pennick to Miss Frances White Skeleton T W P.
Married M. B. Anderson to Miss Rose Watters Kingfisher co
We are now having a Northern Blizzard, the live stock is suffering from the
Okeene Adam Fishers little granddaughter shot and killed his small
grandson last Thursday afternoon.
Feb. 23, 1905
Died Feb. 14, 1905 Mrs Angenett Meeald Emmons Cemetery N. W. of Okeene
Born Feb. 17, 1905 Mr & Mrs Springe a girl
Married Frank Fuxie to Miss Fannie Reist Hennessey colored
Another snow.
Born Mr & Mrs John Flick a son Twilight area
Died George Washington Kingfisher Cemetery
Mrried William Walton to Miss Gertrude Ray
Married Horace Wilson to Miss Ullela Warren Hennessey
Married William Black to Miss May Branahon
Died B. F. Montgomery suicide Kingfisher Cemetery

This is just a note, this paper has changed hands several times in the last
year and has several more changes to make. Guess some of the contacts from
the county has left them. any way news is few and far between.
More of 1905 Free Press of March 2, 1905
The bridge across the Cimarron was partly carried away by the high waterand
floating ice. Some of our citizens got badly wet and chilled recovering
floating peices of the wreck. A multitude of fishes were thrown upon the
banks along the river.
Died Theodore Berntsen S. W. of Kingfisher.
Marriage licenses
Walter Johnson and Miss Bessie Pickett
William Tinder and Miss Annie Wickham
H. G. Dahlun and Miss Mattie Gruling
Charles McCullum and Miss Magie Wren
Married James H. Crist to Miss Jennie Kinder Kiel
Mar. 9, 1905
Died Mar. 5, 1905 inf son of Mr & Mrs Phillip Dearbeck Kingfisher
Died 7 yr. old son of Mr & Mrs A. C. Aborn Kingfisher Cemetery
Little Elmer Abron died at her home in Omaga Friday night.
Died at the home of his grandmother, little Elmor Aborn son of A. C. Aborn
Kingfisher Cemetery
{this was in the different pages of the paper}
Married Edwin Holmes to Miss Martha Clements
Born to Mr & Mrs Fred Frank a girl
Born to Mr. & Mrs F. Miller a boy Huntsville
Died Mr. F. A. Bedwell
Married Ed H. Grape to Miss Julia Markley Kingfisher
Died Miss Bidwell's father.
March 16, 1905
The remains of Dr. L. L. Miles who died at Hennessey were interred in the
Hennessey Cemetery
March 23, 1905
Died March 18, 1905 Mrs Maud Brower Kingfisher Cemetery
Married Thos. B. Grimes to Miss Maude E. Rankin
Henry Kordis was home from Edmond last Sunday.
Wm. Tender was married Omega
Died Mr Burnstine Okarche Catholic Cemetery
Mar 30, 1905 no news
April 6, 1905
Born to Mr & Mrs Frank Vogan a boy
April 20, 1905
Died Mrs Fred Tro Kingfisher Cemetery
Married Willie E. White to Miss Emma F. Griffen near Reeding
Apr. 27, 1905
Died Hugh Jones Apr. 23, 1905 Kingfisher
Eli Admire resigned his position with the Free Press Monday.
Rain, Rain, Rain. seems we are having a plenty this spring.
May 4, 1905
Married Charles Sherwood to Miss Mattie Moore Kiel
May 11, 1905
Last Night while the clouds looked so bad here the town of Snyder Okla. was
torn to atoms, and Elk City seriously dammaged. reports are about 450 to
500 killed.
With this issue of the Free Press J. V. Admire again becomes the sole owner
of the Free Press.
R. Pappe received a telegram last Friday froj Emery Lowry stating that his
wife's mother, brother and sister were killed in the storm at Snyder. The
Mother, Mrs Engles is a sister of Mrs Pappe.
Born Mr & Mrs H. R. Fish a boy
May 18, 1905
May 25, 1905
Married Henry Jensen to Miss Lena Stillman
While playing with a revolver, little Vernon, the 6 yr. old son of Orville
Procter met with wha twill probaly prove fatal. Dr James of Omega is
attending him.
Died Mary Kerr
June 1, 1905
Married B. H. Starry to Miss Ella Way
Married Ernest Major to Miss Laura J. Tennis
Born Mr. & Mrs Miles Judge a girl
Born A dear little daughter has come to brighten the hearts and homes of
Mr & Mrs John Baker
"Fridays child is loving and giving."
Wanted. correspondents from the county by the Free Press.
Married Boyd Bane to Miss Edith Wilson
Born Mr. & Mrs W. S. Badger a boy
Died Vern Kinder age 6 yrs drowned.


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