Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

January 7th 1904
Died Mrs Bingman burial in Iowa.
Four fires were started in differnt parts of town, the first alarm was Atty.
McCartneys barn, next was Blacks cafe, then two more were started, but put
out before much harm was done
Died Nov. 21, 1903 Mr Mylenbusch Okarche
Jan 14, 1904
Born Jan. 8, 1904 Mr. & Mrs B. J. Morseman, a girl
Jan 21, 1904
Ned Gould Married
Born Jan. 7, 1904 Mr & Mrs Joseph Yost, a boy
Jam 28, 1904
Tuesday morning the thermoneter redgistred 2 & 1/2 degrees below zero.
Maybe this is why there is so little news.
Married J. K. Wright to Miss Sadie Schevendener
Died Mrs Patrick McCormich Hennessey
Fire in Omega burned three stores, Mr Woodworths store entirely burned.
Mr Aborn and Mr L. D. Smith saved a few goods.
J. V. Hodge met with a accident by driving in to a fence.
Feburary 4, 1904
Married M. Forest E. VonSkyke to Miss Edna Wambold.
Born Jam 28, 1904 Mr & Mrs Frank Fuqua a son.
Died Blanch Wage
Pat Flynn has a badly crippled hand. His gun was the cause of the injury.
Feb. 11, 1904
Died Feb. 6. 1904 W. J. Bonnett
Wheat was 71 cents at Cashion Friday.
Died. Feb. 3, 1904 Mrs Lambley
The day was warm and the grond hog saw his shadow.
News is scarce and hard to get.
Born Feb. 10, 1904 Mr & Mr Grant a boy
Born Feb. 13, 1904 Mr & Mrs Gillian a girl.
Died Feb. 4, 1904 Mrs Delphine Mary Lambley Kingfisher Cemetery
Valentines day has come and gone, and many of our young people have not yet
found a mate. Come, come girls its Leap Year.
Died Harry Gilbert
Feb. 18, 1904
Dr Doorleys livery stable burns. Five head of horses and vehicles and
horness, grain and feed. His house near the stable also burned with all its
contents. This is said to be the 8th livery barn he has lost to fire. The
hotel building just south of the barn was also gutted.
Feb. 18, 1904
Kiel. The boys were out on a wolf chase and caught one.
Feb. 25, 1904 Every one is thankful for the snow last Saturday
Married Mr J. D. Brookshire to Miss Gay Goddard.
Grant Humphry suffers a loss in a fire.
Mar. 3, 1904
Body found in Kingfisher creek. Unknown and thought he came to his death at
hands of an assassin.
Mar. 10, 1904
Died Mrs. Alice Hart.
Mar. 17, 1904
Fill your incubator with Barred Rock eggs at $2..50 per Hundred.
Born Rev. & Mrs Boyley a girl
Married E. B. Brown to Miss Lulu Diterline
Died Wm. Treaveslboug Paupers grave Kingfisher.
Died W. H. Rose Lacey Cemetery
Mar. 24, 1904
Born Mar. 4, 1904 Mr. & Mrs Moulden a boy
Born Mar. 7, 1904 Mr & Mrs W. A. Snow a girl
Married Fred Alley to Miss Carrie Rickey
The little shower Tuesday morning settled the dust for a few moments.
Mar. 31, 904
Old Opra house burns.
One of Mr Lindseys cows fell off the creek bank Sunday and broke her neck.
Married John W. Hall to Miss Zoah V. Powell
Married Eli L. Admire to Miss Nina Baldwin.
April 7, 1904
Died Mrs Emma Thorpe
Born Apr. 1, 1904 Mr & Mrs Pierce a girl
April 14, 1904
One consolation as the weather is so dry people haven't so much to do and
can go to picnics and ball games.
Died J. W. Hawkins
Died Mr & Mrs T. J. Wisner's three yr. old son
If you have any one visiting you let the Free Press know.
Marriage license was issued to J. A. Coopage 22 and Sarah Meek 18.
Apr. 21, 1904
Born Mr & Mrs A. Stimmel a girl
Died Apr. 18, 1904 J. J. Flickinger Hennessey
Born Mr. & Mrs Albert Smith a girl
Married Amil D. Burt 27 to Miss Flora Robinson 21, Kingfisher co.
Married Mr. Roby Huffman to Miss Lydia Kratzer
Died Apr. 20, 1904 Edward Clyde Davis Kingfisher
Died B. Q. Norris Kingfisher
Died Daughter of Mr & Mrs Neal Kendrick
May 17, 1904
Died J. L. Woods Kingfisher Cemetery
Cashion school is out and us little girls have nothing to do but take the
measles and we are catching them just as fast as we can.
Died Child of B. F. Smiths Cashion
Died Mrs H. J. Jorden Kingfisher
license to wed
F. G Stumpage to Miss Margaret Wittagde
Alonzo Spradling 25 to Miss Mary M. Greene 18
Ernest W. Peck to Miss Salvia A. Dean Kingfisher co
A license was applied for Pearl L. Lawyer 24 to Daisy Duncan 13. but it
was not issued until they brought a written consent form from Daisy's
parents. for her to wed.
Married May 1, 1904 Henry Hays to Miss Dee K. Paradis
May 12 1904
Married Mr Aurhur Duncan to Miss Emma Meiers
May 19, 1904
Born Mr & Mrs F. F. Marth a girl
Died Grandma Baker
Died Miss Peterson
Died May 11, 1904 Joppa Melvira Lemonda Linch Near Okarche
May 26, 1904 License to wed
F. H. Taggart 31 to Miss Laura Hilbest 31
M. A Reid 23 to Anna Vansey 19
George Ogden 27 to Arabella Babcock 20.
Emil Muller to Miss Emma Stroup
William Wilson to Miss Florence Woods
June 2, 1904
Married Charles Gurn to Mrs Mae Newkirk
in same item it is also spelled Charles Gwin.
June 9, 1904
Born May 30, 1904 Mr. & Mrs Prior Smith a boy
Died Tommie Ruchman Mathewson Cemetery
Married May 23, 1904 Mr Lutes to Miss May Wiley
Died John O. McGee Hennessey Cemtery
Died June 16, 1904 8 mo old child of Geo. Overstreet
Married June 5, 1904 Melvin L. Thompson to Miss Nellie G Humphrey
Licenses to wed
Wm. D. Hoyt to Miss Lois Wilson
June of 1904
Born Mr & Mrs O. L. McIntyre a girl
Mr Dow Hoyt married Miss Wilson.
Died. Chester Harmon, 8 yr. old son of B. F. fell into an elavator pit and
was smothered to death at Okarche.
June 23 missing files.
June 30, 1904
Died Mr John Haymaker.
Married M. Nathon Beecham to Mrs Anna J. Barett Married in El Reno.
Married P. D. Sheeham of Lockridge to Miss Katheryne Coshman of Cashion.
Married at Guthrie
Mr. W. I. Hodges returned from Chanute Kansas bringing a bride with him.
Mr F. M. Keller shot a rattlesnake the other night, which was five feet four
inches long and weighed five and a half pounds. It was causing a great
commotion among the chickens and had eaten six turkey eggs from under a
setting hen. Okarche Times.
Married Marquis L. Bryson to Miss Bertha Perkins.
Married June 25, 1904 John L. Cogan to Miss Anna Marie Stucher.
Died B. F. Yandall Twin Churches Cemetery. 8 mile N. E. of Kingfisher.
Married C. A. Bleistein to Miss Marie J. Brown
Died Mary Staddler. Barker Cemetery
As we go to press the Cimarron Bridge is unsafe, # 13 hesitated a long while
before comeing over and is probaly the last train that will go over, as the
river is still rising. The approaches to the wagon bridge are gone.
July 7, 1904
Died Willie Snyder
Born Mr & Mrs W. N. Kerr a girl
Died July 3, 1904 Nellie Overman Banner Cemetery
Died July 2, 1904 Child of Mr & Mrs Z. Mullen Dover
Died June 30, 1904 Grandmother Robinson brrried Enid
Died Harold Simms Kingfisher
Born Mr. & Mrs Fuxa a son.
Born Mr. & Mrs Link Steratte a girl
Died Twins of Mr & Mrs Jin Murphy Hennessey single coffin.
Died C. M. Dowdy burried in Ohio
Born June 29, 1904 Mr & Mrs McDonald a son
July 14, 1904
Married Prof. H. G. Titt to Miss Elizabeth Warren Kingfisher
Born July 11, 1904 Mr & Mrs Ross Way a girl
July 1904 Marriage Licenses to Marry
Archie B. Marley to Mary B. VanFleet both of Kingfisher co.
Herbert G. Titt to Elizabeth Warren Kingfisher co
Wesley L. Wilson to Lula Robbs both of Dover
Miles H. McGehee to Sophie Meiners. both of Indian Territory .
Okarche has a epidemic of Typhoid fever
Born Mr. & Mrs Dorr a boy
Mr & Mrs P. M. Dunkleberger home destroyed by fire
Turkey creek is on a high.
Born July 8, 1904 Mr. & Mrs Francis Redington a girl
105 in the shade Monday.
Died July 6, 1904 Willie J. Snyder Kingfisher Cemetery
John Webster, living 5 miles N. W. of Dover has a cow with triplets.
July 21, 1904
Died Mrs Lacey Bird Creek Cemetery
Died July 24, 1904 Fredricka Christine Grishow Luthern Cemetery Okarche
Died Miss Charlotte Blair Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Jared B. White Mr White was one of the largest land owners in Okla.
He had several sections here pluss he owned Five or Six thousand acers in
Born July 21, 1904 Mr & Mrs Tom Fianagan a girl
Licenses to Wed
Wm. VanHorn to Goldie Shear Kingfisher Co.
Daniel W. snook to Myrtle E. Holms Kingfisher Co.
Peter Lotes to Lizzie Alig. Kingfisher Co
Born July 14, 1904 Mr & Mrs J. P. Gore a son
Augest 4, 1904
Two more fires, Pappe's saloon and Frank's shortorder house and three empty
Born Mr & Mrs C. M. Oaks a girl
Born Mr. & Mrs Andrew Ulmark a son
Augest 11, 1904
Died Mr. Perry Kasibeer Hennessey Cemetery
Cupid is getting busy, Licenese since Aug. 1st.
Wm. W. A. Holt 36 to Mary E. Summmers 32
John E. Burrns 73 to Martha J. Greer 60
Joseph Castonguay 42 to Elizabeth Wildman 35
John Harper {col} 22 to Ethel Redmond {col} 22
Paul Nightengale 23 to Fannie Malioy 21
Aloin Smith 21, to Addie Noltie 18
Floyd Dolinger 22 to Margaret Stringer 19
Archie M. Fas: 20 to Grace Mitchell 19
Stephen Souther 21 to Janie Burt 21
A. J. McDowell 21 to Jessie Conwell 18

It will seem that Cupid gets in his work on the old and the young,be it hot
or cold, good times or hard times. Great is the lad with the bow and arrow.
Born Augest 2, 1904 Mr. & Mrs John Ketch a boy
Died Ruth Pederson
Died Mr. Felter's baby
Augest 18, 1904
Died Perry Wilson
Born Aug. 9, 1904 Mr. & Mrs Brucey Ramey a girl
Aug. 25, 1904
Married Mr Paul Nightengale to Miss Fannie Malloy Kiel
Born Mr & Mrs T. C. Lindley a girl
Born Mr & Mrs Ernest Kelly a girl
Died Charlie Hamilton Died of Lockjaw from a splinter in his foot.
burried in Kansas
Married Rolla J. Brown to Miss May McKinsley Kingfisher co
Mrs Hunter has been buying young chickens. Yesterday she bought a dozen
"fresh eggs" and put them in the ware room. An hour or so later she was
surprised to see eight little healthy chickens among the eggs she had
recently bought.
Sept. 1, 1904
Born Mr & Mrs C. H. Halliday a girl
Married Mr Pete Lodis to Miss Lizzie Alig.
Died Mrs Wm. Duncan
Sept. 8, 1904
Born this after noon to Mr & Mrs A. A. Ewing a girl. Mother and babe are
doing well, Amos in bad shape, but may recover.
Married Aug. 24, 1904 Mr Henry McGee to Mary J. clark
Married Mr Isaac Edwin Lemon to Miss Mary Elizabeth White Kingfisher co
Born Sept. 14, 1904 Mr & Mrs Will Carroll a boy
Died Guy Moon Kiel
Okeene had another large fire Wed. 31st.
The high waters in the southern part of the territory have had the effect of
tying up all the mail form the south of the South Canadian river, ever
railroad bridge over that river in the territory having gone out.
Married Sept. 25, 1904 Dr. J. P. Williams to Miss Mollie Walton.
Sept. 22, 1904
Married Sept. 14, 1904 Haorace G. Smith to Stacy M. White Cashion
Born Sept. 10, 1904 Mr. & Mrs Robert Murphy a boy
Married John Thomas to Miss Goldia Morris
Died Sept. 9, 1904 Ruth Harrel
Died Sept. 10, 1904 Mrs Hanna C. Whipple Hennessey
Sept. 29, 1904 While exercising one of the horses at the Fair Grounds
Jockey Frank Cox was thrown and killed.
Died Wm. Rivers
Died Sept. 23, 1904 Abraham Phillips N. W. of Kingfisher
Died Sept. 24, 1904 J. H. Cabtrce Kingfisher Cemetery
Oct. 6, 1904
Died W. A. Morris Otter twp.

October 1904
Married Richard H. Hunter to Miss Louise Eischen
Married Rrthur Cline to Miss Stella Lambey
Born Oct. 5, 1904 Mr. & Mrs Jacob Eisler a girl.
Born Oct. 10, 1904 Mr & Mrs Kroenr a son.
Oct 27, 1904
Nov. 3, Died Oct. 24, 1904 Mrs Mary Davis Kingfisher.
Died Oct. 2, 1904 Mr Stone Cashion Cemetery
Died Medicine Bear West of Kingfisher
Nov. 10, 1904 Died Frank Johnson Run down by a train.
Marriages for October 1904
Dennis M. Lewis 25, to Mabel E. Reid 20
George W. Reddick 20 to Anna Brown 18
Richard H. Hunter 22 to Louise Eischan 22
Elmer Hartley 24 to Etta Mark 19
Cash Carroll 22 to Carrie A. Spence 20
Harry Lane 23 to Flora Felt 20
Joseph Edwards 17 to Goldie Armstrong 12
Clemie T. Smith 26 to Lettie Terrell 19
Gus Smith 31 to Bettie Crumley 20
Claude B Allen 18 to Opal Gordon 18
Benjamine F. Clark 19 to Delphia O. Johnston18
Robert C. Adams 22 to Rose Longwith 22
Virgil F. Shepherd 24 to Maude Ella Shannon 20.
Samuel H. Brown 25 to Marie Johnson 25
Charles Boettler 24 to Effie Snider 25
Charles E Carey 28 to Icelina Nelson 19
John A Stanfill 24 to Pretta M. Kendall 17
A monkey that is said to have escaped from a show at Kingfisher was shot
near Reeding.
Nov 17, 1904 The Free Press changes hands. C. F. Ensor is retireing and
G. D. Moss will assume control.
The body of Mr Huntley who died and was burried on a farm several years
ago, was removed to the Oak Vale Cemetery by the G. A. R. on the 12th of
Nov. 1904
Died Nov. 9, 1904 Grandpa Barnum Oak Vale Cemetery
Died L. A. Walton Kingfisher,
Married John W. Bunch to Miss Lottie Barnett both of Kingfisher.
Died Nov 4, 1904 Mrs J. M. Lee Kingfisher
Nov 24, 1904
Licenses to wed
Christian Ostuer to Katherin Helmer
The Times has been sold to Mr Mullenox of Mo.
December 1, 1904
Died Nov. 23, 1904 Z. T. Anderson Altona
Licenses to wed
Thomas J. Springer to Miss Elsie Gilbrath Reeding
Earl Gulker to Miss Maude Callison
there were more listed but the paper was not printed clear to the bottom.
Born Mr & Mrs J. K. Wright a son
Dec. 8, 1904
Mrs O. M. Preston of Hennessey was judged insane and taken to Norman.
Married John E. Ogden and Miss Gertie Townsend Hennessey
H. T. Davis to Miss Ethel Rising Kingfisher
Died R. J. Moss Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs R. B. Ford a girl RFD 1
Married A. W. Brown to Miss Dena Kenoyer Kingfisher
The county arrorney was notified that a shipment of quail was enroute from
Okeene to St. Louis. Shipped by a man named Paris N. Rupert. The game
warden was notified and went to the depot and met the train and seized the
shipment, which consisted of thirty five egg cases filled with quail. each
case contained thirteen to fourteen dozen quail. with a value of not less
than $1,200. on the St. Louis market. The quail were placed in cold storage
and after the case is settled will probaly be cistributed to the poor of the
The children in Miss Henson's room were treated to a surprise last week.
Part of the plastering fell; no one was hurt.
Born Dec. 5, 1904 Mr & Mrs Grant Humphery a son
Marriage Alfred Hiyman to Miss Elizabeth Ratliff
{also listed as Albert } Hennessey
A new school house if being erected in the Reeding school dist.
Dec. 15, 1904
Died David Livering Omega
Licenses to wed.
Conrad Hoffer to Miss Mable Bernhardt
A. W. Brown to Miss Dena Kenoyer Kingfisher
Dec. 22, 1904
Died Guy Leddy of Hennessey takes his own life.
Married Dow Wilson to Miss Viola Dixon
Born Dec. 21, 1904 Mr. & Mrs R. Morgan a girl
Died Dec. 17, 1904 Mr & Mrs G. W. Gorman's five mo. old daughter
Married E. R Shaw to Miss Jane Mitchell
Died Mr John Martin Kingfisher
Married Edd Smith to Miss Bertha Howe RFD 1
Dec. 29, 1904
Mr Harry Tanner to Miss Grace Snyder S. W of Kingfisher
Mr John Van Scyoc to Miss Florence Ried Hennessey
Philip Atbee to Miss Myrtle Kinder Kingfisher Co,
Goerge Bannister to Miss Katherine Lapman
Canadian Co
John Grouch to Miss Joanna Mills Hennessey


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