Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

Earl Ingram, aged 18 was accidently shot threw the thigh with a 22 target
rifle while shooting at a mark with some other boys.
Married Dec. 25, 1902 Mr. L. H. Crosswhite to Miss Maggie Banks.
Born to Mr & Mrs Meyers, a daughter
Born Dec. 24, 1902 Mr & Mrs Will Copeland a girl
Died Dec. 18, 1902 Miss Bettie Trunnell of Dover.
Jan. 8th Paper
Born Mr & Mrs B. F. Rainey, a daughter. Hennessey
Married Jan. 1, 1903 Mr Jake Beutelspacher to Miss Mamie Lyons
Marreid Jan. 1, 1903 Mr John E. Rader to Miss Katherine N. Stratton.
Married Jan. 1, 1903 Mr Henry Blair to Miss Dora Blessing.
Married Jan. 1903 Mr. James Brazil to Mrs Addie Turner of Cashion
Henry Cordis {Kordis} made a flying trip through Nagle Sunday.
The pie supper at Clear Creek netted $13.00, the organ is now clear.
Born Jan. 1, 1903 Mr. And Mrs Richard Hume, a daughter.
Married Dec. 24, 1902 Mr. R P. Every to Mrs Baldwin
Married Dec. 25, 1902 Mr Charles Dauber to Miss Leta Braden.
Mr Nagle was badly hurt by a horse falling on him
Jan. 15, 1903
Married Jan. 14, 1903 Mr G. A. Nelson to Miss Bessie Robberts.
Married Mr Edgar Vale to Bessie Chambelin of Kingfisher Jan. 14, 1903
Married Oliver Hermon of Enid to Lula Bond of Kingfisher.
Married Jan. 8, 1903 Mr D. Tervelyn Vankirk to Miss Mattie Finley
Jan 15, 1903
Died Mrs John B Tilley
Died Jan. 1, 1903 Mrs Katherine Woods
Married Mr Jesse Chamness to Miss Laura Chochran
Died Jan. 22, 1903 Isaac Brown, Union Army, co. I
13 Michigan Inf. Harmony cemetery
Died R. W Halstead
Died Jan. 13, 1903 Mrs D. M. Pierce Excelsior twp
Died Mrs H. H. Brower Alpha Cemetery
Jan. 22, 1903
Killed while blasting rock, Mr. Juluis Brume.
E. L. Hite is building a large granary with a basement to be used as a
Died 7 yr old Lena Pratt, diphtheria Excelsior Cemetery
Born to Mr and Mrs Sam Long, a daughter
Died Mrs Pierce's mother burried Bird Creek Cemetery
Jan. 29, 1903
Died Jan 28, 1903 Leonard Doty co. H. 145 Pa. Vol.
Died 10 mo old child of Mr. & Mrs James Steel Sheridan Cemetery
Married Mr W. C. Mitchell to Miss Pearl Redden
Contract has been reached with F. E. Bailey to burry the isane of this
county for the year of 1903 for $13.00 each.
Died Edan Bennett Harmony Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs L. M. Cornwell, a daughter
Married Mr. Anton Nulick, 39 yrs to Lucy Rubey 15 yrs.
C.G. Woodworth, of Omega, had over 40 varities and over 200 fowls at the
territorial poultry show at Okla. City and took 25 first prizes.
Marriages Jan 1903
Katie E. Maul & Joel Chiles both of Kingfisher.
Hoy L. Wright of Kingfisher & Belle Smith Logan Co.
Geo. Reiswig, of Kingfisher, & Emma Weber Blaine Co
Anton Hulick & Lucy Kubey both of Kingfisher
Davis Wills of Kansas City & Lula Buckman of Kingfisher
Henry Geis & Barbara Weizart both of Kingfisher
Edgar Crawford, of Comanche Co. & Mary Bennett Winfield Kansas
Henry F. Schoeder & Lydia Maas both of Kingfisher
Eldridge Louis & Johnnie Williams Kingfisher
Died Feb. 4, 1903 Mrs B. H. Storry Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs G. W. Faulkner a son
Died Leonard Gibson
Died Feb. 5, 1903 Mrs H . H. Brower {Carrie Pettit}
Died Jan. 31, 1903 Floyd Brower Alpha Cemetery
a Chivararie crowd which gathered at E. Vails reported a lively time
Feb. 12, 1903
Died Mrs T. F. Cumming burial in Ind.
Married Wm. Kite to Mrs Larraby
Born Mr & Mrs Glazier a son
Born Mr & Mrs Ed Hockaday a girl
Marriage licenses Feb. 1903 paper
John W. Lehenbauer & Miss Ella Korigan Kingfisher
Authur M. Eaton & Orpha Ellen Brown Kingfisher
Burcey Lee Ramey & Bessie Moore Kingfisher
Charles L. Walters & May Bennarts Kingfisher
William E Paul & Etta Boyd Kay Co.
Willis F. Smith of Garfield co. & Lydia A McMeekam Kingfisher Co
John Gobr & Bertha Wasso, Kingfisher Co.
George Pease, whose arrest on a charge of running away with another mans
wife, was given bond. the wife Mrs Carter and children were located at
Peases's mothers .
Feb. 19, 1903 paper
Died Feb. 4, 1903 baby of Will & Gertie Snow
Feb. 26, 1903 Marriage Licenses
Roy Schaffer Kingfisher Co & Mary Jocobsin Blain Co
Crist Reichenbach & Mary Yost
Edward A Reco & Ella Martin Garfield Co
James B. McKee & Mrs Mary Pierce Kingfisher co
Averill C. E. Gipson & Maude Donaldson Kingfisher Co
Born Feb. 1903 Mr. & Mrs Marshal Payne a girl Kiel
Died Henry Harris
Willis Smith spent several days with his sister, Mrs Linsey. He was
accompainied by his newly made wife.
Born Mr and Mrs Gus Lenhenbawer a son
A great many cattle perished in this vicinity during and after the recent

March & April 1903
Born Mr & Mrs H. O. Tener a boy. Cashion.
Born Mr. & Mrs C. P. Payton a son. Dover.
Born Mr. & Mrs John Warren a son. Kiel
Died A. C. Thorne Hennessey.
Born Mr. & Mrs Frank Ratcliff a daughter Hennessey
Died 11 yr. old daughter of Mr. & Mrs Henry Doizer
Died. Feb. 19, 1903 Mrs Myrtle Johnson Kiel
Died Herbert Humpherys
Married James B McKee to Mrs Mary Pierce
Died. Miss Agness Stoker burried Blackwell, Ok.
Born Mr. & Mrs A. C. Bay a daughter
Died March 2, 1903 Glen Lange Woodward burried in Kansas
Died Child of Mr & Mrs Johnson
Married Mr. W. E. Paul to Miss Etta Boyd
Born Feb. 25, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Oscar Estery a son
Death March 1903 John Hogan Cashion
Marriages listed in Feb. 1903
Geo C. Miller to Mae Burgess Kingfisher Co.
Stephen H. Frans Kiowa Co. to Manna Lea Barrackson Kingfisher Co
Newton D. Rogers Comanche Co to Flossie M. Brown Kingfisher Co
Edward N. Emdee to Flora B. Smith Kingfisher Co.
William S. Rogers Kingfisher Co to Fay Campbell Tex.
Kirk W. Hill to Rosa H. Prince Kingfisher Co.
William U. Livingston to Cora N. Houx Kingfisher Co
Died Feb. 27, 1903 Mrs Mary Taylor Hope Cemetery
Married John Gohr to Miss Bertha Wasswo Cashion
Married Mr Roy Shaffet to Miss Mary Jackson
Died March 3, 1903 Mrs E. C. Strong
Married March 1, 1903 M. F. J. Bolend to Miss Mary Richey
Died March 19, 1903 inf son of Mr & Mrs Otto Broidle
Died Henry Birch 17 yr old, Killed by train it Hennessey.
Died Enoch Wiley, Old soldier suicides.
Died Daniel Powell Hennessey
Marriages March 1903
James S. Snow of Kingfisher to Georgia Lee Huff, Logan county
Charles W. Davis of Woodward Co. to Sarah Elizabeth Burkhardt of
Kingfisher Co
Edgar Kress to Lina Piland, both of Day Co
Earl Alva Learned to Bessie Thomas both of Kingfisher Co
John Wm. Swartwood & Mrs Lavada Barnette both of Kingfisher Co
Bull Bear, of Kingfisher Co & Little Woman of Blaine Co
Born Mr & Mrs Neil Casey a daughter Cashion
Born Mr. & Mrs Clifton Curless a son Cashion
born Mr. & Mrs A. L. Snow a daughter
Same old story boys playing with a gun. Killed John Roberts aged 12 a
colored boy, shot by a 8 yr old boy.
Born Mar. 12, 1903 Mr. & Mrs T. Frank a daughter
Married March 8, Mr Frank Furgua to Miss Mamie Barrackman
Born March 20, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Roland Streit a daughter
Free Press of April 2 1903 to May 1903
Died Iassc Hogan Cashion
Born Mr & Mrs Will Davis a son Cashion
Died Gus H Bollenbach Bird Creek Cemetery
Married March 15, 1903 Walter Davis to Miss Lizzie Burkhart

Born Mr & Mrs Fred W. Bort a daughter
Married T. J. Flannagan to Cola Niles
Married Apr. 2, 1903 Dr. Robert E. Carlyle to Stella Eva Anderson
Born Mr. & Mrs Henry Long a daughter
Born Mr & Mrs J. H. Royer a son Okarche
Died March 25, 1903 Stella Payne Venable Cemetery
Born Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Bonar twins boy & girl
Died Jan. 19, 1903 Mathew J. Hobson
Married April 1903
R. B. Stephenson to Maude M. Boettler Kingfisher co
Spencer e. Copple to Ettie Inez Meek Hennessey
John H Brower to Maude H Frans Kingfisher co.
Married Apr. 5, 1903 Earl A. Learned to Miss Bessie Thomas Hennessey
The 8 yr old son of Mr & Mrs Welsh shot his baby sister. The children were
alone in the house and the boy was playing with the gun and accidently shot
the little girl.
Married James H. Vincent to Minnie Dawson Kingfisher co
Married John e Hanson to Mrs C. E. Coons Kingfisher co
Clyde g. Deitner to Louise F. Blackman Kingfisher co
How the wind blows. Real Estate is changeing hands without any so of the
Died Apr 3, 1903 Mrs Nancy O Harding Hennessey
Born Mr. & Mrs W. F. Dimmich a daughter Kiel

Items from the April 23, 1903 to the June 1903 Kingfisher Free Press
Died the 7 yr. old son of Andy Puchett, Drowned in Uncle Johns Creek
Married Mr Hubert Morton to Miss Anna Pearcy Kingfisher.
Born Mr. & Mrs Scott Gilchrist, a daughter
Died Apr. 9, 1903 Inf. daughter of R. P. Streit
Rigdon Cemetery
Died Mrs Nancy Sidwell Hennessey
Married James A. Burns to Miss Bettie Etherton They are of Kingfisher
but were married in Calif.
Born Apr. 9, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Alonzo Pope a son
Married Theodore Harmon to Miss Grace Wasson Cashion
Married Earl Bailey 20 yr. to Miss Frances Hoskins 17 yr. they had
eloped and were brought back, and the parents of Frances gave permission for
them to wed.
Married Apr. 22, 1903 Mr Elmer J. Solomon to Miss Minnie Mae Davis
Died Apr. 27, 1903 J. M. Hunt
Died Mrs Rev. H. Chitwood Cashion
Born Mr. & Mrs J. W. Preston a son
Apr. 30
Mr Emory Lowery has completed a fine new residence on 6th street.
John Rohn was appointed to collect dog tax and kill the surplus curs.
Born. Apr. 24, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Lew Pope a girl
Marriage Licenses
Sherman Chance to Blanche Tice Hennessey
May 7th
Married Rev. Dwight S. Bayley to Miss Anna Bell Bort Kingfisher
Died Lindsey Howard Colo.
Married William Jacoba to Miss Martha Markes Hennessey
Died Earl Lane Of Colo. died in Kingfisher
Married F. Reese of Ill. to Miss Elizabeth Estell Moore of Keil
Died May 4, 1903 Mrs Isham Burnette Sheridan Cemetery
A wedding was to have occurred here last Thurs Eve. but the groom failed to
get papa's consent Cashion
Died Mrs J. W. Hughes
May 14,
Marriage Licenses
Lathe Kinder to Minnie Wearmouth Kingfisher co.
Oscar Martin to Daisy Roberts Kingfisher Co
Harvey T Royal of Woods Co. to Ethel P. Printy Kingfisher Co
Lawrnce Fiethers to Clara M. Cale Kingfisher Co
This marriage took place May 7, 1903 and in the Cashion news it spells
the last name of the groom as Neiters
Born May 3, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Joe Grimes a son
May 21,
Married Mr. Guy P. Condit to Miss Louise Morsman Kingfisher
Married Harry Short Tooth 41 to Mrs Twin Woman 30
Died May 7, 1903 Oscar P. Roberts Cashion
Died May 15, 1903 G. W. Petifo
Marriage License
George W. Sparks to Frances O. Bender Hennessey
Albert N. Grune St. Jo. to Nora E. Cochron
Fred F. Vist Kansas City to Bettie Burchett Cashion
Died Youngest son of Mrs Alva Juilen Sears Long Cemetery later moved
to Banner Cemetery
Mr Elmer Solomon and Rev. Parker were attacked by a stray dog.
Died Mrs Ella Leihes took Carbolic Acid, Lacy
Born Mr & Mrs Britt a son Reeding
Died Mr N. Thomas Kingfisher Cemetery
Married Frank Dow to Hattie Sears Nesbitt
Married George Wehrenburg to Lydia Mansing Kingfisher Co
Fred Kordis was in Kingfisher Saturday
A man known here as Dr. Robert Carlyle was jailed for bigamy. He had
married Miss Stella Andeson her and he had several other wives.
Born Mr. & Mrs Glenn McKee a son Kiel
Born Mr. & Mrs John Phillips a son Dover
Married D. A. Northup Dover to Miss Lula Wilson

Items from the June 4m 1903 to Aug. 1, 1903
Died May 31, 1903. Mrs Catherine C. Wood Kingfisher,
Marriage licenses
Adolph Vilhauer to Rachel Lorenz Kinfisher Co.
Robert M. Robertson to Viola Price Canadian Co.
Allen Richardson to Ellen D. Gorham Blaine Co
Albert W. Westlake to Elva E. Rainey Kingfisher Co.
Frank Ramey to Tona McFadden Kingfisher Co.
June 11, 1903
Died June 5, 1903 Mrs P. S. Ditterline Kingfisher
Married Hon. J. M. McConnell to Miss Olive M. Brewer
Married Clyde Smith to Miss Etta Detrich
Died Henry J. McConnahan
Married Milo Clinton Bort to Miss May Adelia Parker
June 18, 1903
Marriage Licenses
Theodore Karpe to Clara L. Griffith Kingfisher Co
Charles A. Fowler to Susie G. Lamb Kingfisher Co
George W. Woods to Clara Emma Gramlich Kingfisher Co
Henry Kixhons to Lizzie Rusch Blaine Co
The new addition to the Cashion cemetery was surveyed last week.
June 21, 1903
Mt Zion Church Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Dessa
Hutton to Pearl Burnett and for Susie Marshall to Earl Brunett
July 4, 1903
Born Mr & Mrs W. Allen a daughter. Dover
Died S. S. Ross former resident died in Covington, Ky. June 14. 1903
June 25.1903
Died J. K. Smith suicide Kingfisher Co
Died June 19, 1903 Charles Freemon Kingfisher Cemetery
Remember there are no charges for any thing at the 4th of July celebration
in Kingfisher.
The Lehnbaur brothers took their threashing machine engine to Kingfisher for
repairs Thursday.
Lester Gunsalullis and Mis Gay Goddard visited Mr & Mrs Malone of Chickasha
last week
Died June 19,1903 Charles Forman
July 2, 1903
Died Adam Yocum N. E. of Okarche
Died July 1, 1903 Edwin Gee Kingfisher
Marriage licenses
Milo C. Bort to Mary A. Parker Kingfisher
Merton Harrell of Hennessey to Edith Kneesa Kingfisher
Henry Butcher, Petis Texas to Lida M. Eades Kingfisher
Frans F. Masth to Bertha E Kremke Kingfisher
George W. Miller to May B. Sherman Kingfisher Co
Wm. M. Reddick to May Wendland Kingfisher
Edgar F. Barney to Lucy L Peck Kingfisher
Anthony Yarbrough to Florence B. Dickerson Kingfisher
Born June 18, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Wm. Rogers a boy Dover
Died child of Mr & Mrs Brewer Dover
Irwin Alyer, farmer resident of Kingfisher Co. shot and killed his wife and
then fatally wounded his self. The woman he killed was second wife they
had been married but 6 weeks.
July 9, 1903
Died June 30, 1903 Mrs Phebe Graves
Died 3 yr old boy of Mr & Mrs J. W. McGowen
burried in Mo.
July 16, 1903
Died Miss Alice Johnson Dover
Died Joe Schonlau suicide near Okarche
Will Koodis {Kordis} Teaching certificate
Born July 12, 1903 Mr & Mrs C. W. Lackey a boy
If you have a news item call up 55 oe 171
Born July 12, 1903 Mr. & Mrs C. D. Calhoon a girl
Marriage Licenses
John A. Ramey to Anna May McCulley Logan Co
Robert O. Murphy to Mary Elsie Davis Kingfisher Co
Joshua G. Birden to Mary J. Wilson Kingfisher Co
Mike Gerber to Lizzie Sueper Kingfisher Co
July 23, 1903 Rome July 21, 1903 Pope Leo dies
Missing files July 30

Items from the August 1903 Kingfisher Times and Free Press
Charles Gul met with a serious accident while helping Mr Schultz take the
cylinder out of his machine, a spring which holds the feeder was knocked
loose, flying out hitting Charley a glancing blow on the side of the head.
It bruised his face and broke his nose in two places. Had it hit him square
in the face it would probaly have killed him as it was found several yards
from where they worked.
Fifty kegs of powder let loose. They were loaded on a car at the depot
with oil and gasoline.
The car was bing loaded with a mixed consignment of freight. in it was
fifty kegs of powder, a tank of gasoline, when a barrel of oil was rolled
in. As the barrel of oil rolled into the car, the leaking oil ignited.
they did not know what caused the spark that set it off.
Frank Alexander a railway employee who was helping load the car, J. K.
Allen the drayman, were badly burned. As was Peter Puchet who later died
Married Lloyd Wells of Altona, to Miss Nora Victoria Ghering of near
Salem Church.
Died Inf daughter of Mr & Mrs Will Lewllyn burried Long Cemetery
Paper of Aug. 20, 1903
Died Aug. 12, 1903 Inf son of Mr. & Mrs Charles Espolt
Marriage Licenses
J. W. Puchet to Bessie Skaler Kingfisher, Co
Walter Triplet to Trezie Throne Kingfisher, Co
John W. Eakins to Annie Reddington Kingfisher, Co
C. M. Oaks to Sallie Williams Kingfisher, Co
Eugene S Fostero Garfield Co to Nora Ella Springmeyer Kingfisher, Co
Aug. 6, 1903
Some body did some rustling biz. in B. P. Smiths and Gus Ahrens chicken coop
lately. They found the hearts, hides and feathers in one place and the
chickens all cut up in another place.
Died the inf child of William and Rhoda Llewelly Banner Cemetery
Aug. 13, 1903 Hennessey robber killed by U. S. Marshalls. They lived long
enough to confess that the one wounded was Bill Martin and the dead one was
his brother Sam, one escaped and his name was Simmons, they were from the
Cresent area.
Born Mr. & Mrs H. D. Pullin a son. Cashion
Born Mr. & Mrs James Murphy a son Hennessey
Born Mr. & Mrs L. L. Allen a daughter Dover
Born Mr. & Mrs J. H. Bash a son Hennessey
Died Mrs A. G. Boles. of Lacy
Died. Ed Staes falls into the cylinder of Threshing Machine and is killed.
Born July 22, 1903 Mr & Mrs Paul Stolzhise a son Alpha.
Died Thelma Holmes Near Cato.
Married Dr. Iles to Harriet Russell Okla. City Ok
Marriage Licenses of Aug. 1903
James Folby to Ella Banks Kingfisher, Co
John M. G. Kromer to Edna Homier Kingfisher, Co
Jesse Hammer to Wilda Davis Kingfisher, Co
Benjamine F. List of Calif. to Daisy Francis Way of Kingfisher, Co
Robert E. Crask to Laura B. Crask Kingfisher, Co.
Davis A. Brewer to Estella B. West. Hennessey
Arthur Reigel of Kingfisher to Gisa Simpson of Mo.
Lloyd Wells to Nora Ghering Kingfisher, Co.
A shooting at Kiel leaves one dead, another wounded.
Billy and Ulys Callison, were fighting with Erv. McDowell and a shot was
fired and it wounded Billy and hit Ulys and later it killed him. Not the
first time that the Callison boys had trouble.
Died John W. McIntire Cashion Cemetery
Married Jacob. E Campbell 53 Noble Co. to Mrs Anna B. Porter 30
Kingfisher, Co.
Married Authur Reigel of Kingfisher, Co to Miss Grace Sinkin of Lynn,
Married George Hamilton of Kingfisher, Co to Miss Blache Richmond of
Died 11 Mo old baby of Mrs Dora Mitchell burried at Twin Churches
Marrige Liceses
Samuel Kanaday to Dora Mertz Kingfisher, Co
Elmer L. Colley Canadian Co to Minnie M. McDonaldson Kingfisher, Co
Peter Pollard to Laura Edwards Kingfisher, co
William A Blessing to Maud McDonald Kingfisher, co

Died John Meyer
Aug. 22, 1903 Catholics lay corner stone for new church.
Died Aug. 27, 1903 Charles E. Schell
The first automobile delivered to Hennessey Monday to Hank Zuber the shoe
A mad dog was killed at Cashion, It had bitten several other dogs and they
were also killed.
Died Aug. 25, 1903 Col. Edward L. Dean Kingfisher.
Born Mr. And Mrs J. B. White a boy.

September 3, 1903
Married John Bonker to Blanch Robinson
Died Mrs Samuel Kell Catholic Cemetery S. E. of Hennessey
Mr Mauck of Dover passed the embalming exam.
Married Mr John Duffy to Jennie W.McDermond Dover
Aug. 23, 1903 Death near Cashion Mannoh Hanson Pawnee Cemetery 12
miles n. e. Cashion
Born Mr. & Mrs J. L. Carr a boy Kingfisher.
Licenses to Wed
Jacob E. Campbell Noble co. to Anna B. Porter Kingfisher
William A. Blessing to Maude McDonald Kingfisher
Peter Pollars to Laura Edwards Kingfisher Co colored
Elmer C. Colley to Minnie M. Donaldson Kingfisher Co.
George L. Rymer Kansas to Bertha Ownes Kansas
September 10, 1903
Cards announceing the comeing marriage of Dr. Paul Christman to Miss
Estelle Marshall at noon Sept. 15. 1903
A man by the name of J. M. Davis, killed himself at Hennessey by taking
overdose of Morphine Hennessey cemetery
Hearing a noise about his chicken house V. Z. Miles stepped outside to learn
the trouble. He was shot in the arm by unknown person. His arm had to be
Married W. H. George to Mirs Anna Terrel Okarche
Married Mr Paul Madelburg to Miss Pearl Campbell
Born Aug. 30, 1903 Mr And Mrs Frank Henderson a girl Okarche
Sept. 17, 1903
Marriage Harry McCabe to Miss Nora Wells
Catholic parsonage Okarche
Born Mr & Mrs Jesse Sims a boy
Sept. 6, 1903 Married Daniel H. Brown to Miss Bessie Hoedlicka. {could
be Hardlickia ?}
Married Sept. 6, 1903 Thoms Battershell to Miss Nora Bell Anderson
If a man will not work, put him where he cannot steal.
Married Sept. 5, 1903 Mr B. C. Meek to Miss Lillian D. Whipple
Born Sept. 6, 1903 Mr & Mrs Fred Meyers a boy Cashion
Died Sept. 9, 1903 Mrs H. E. Durgan Alpha
Married Sept. 10, 1903 Ervin Songerbone to Miss Naomi Williams
Married Sept. 6, 1903 Clyde Lawhead to Miss Bertha Smith Nesbit
Teacher at Dist. 86. Will Kordis
Born Sept. 1, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Henry Tschopp twin girls Dover
Licenses to Wed.
Daniel H. Brown to Bessie Heardliska Kingfisher Co
Charles Stewart to Mattie Pearl Kingfisher Co
Jonas D. Eickhoff, of Garfied Co to Emma B. Madgeburg Kingfisher Co
Paul Christman of Mich. to Estelle Marshall of Hennessey
James E. Longerbone to Naomi E. Williams Kingfisher Co
Henry B Schmidt to Berthat Tautfest Kingfisher Co
Monroe Woods to Sallie Clay Kingfisher Co
Daniel Stieger and Hulda Turner Kingfisher Co
Ora A Bishop to May Tella Coshow Kingfisher Co
Walter D. Frans to Alice B. Brower Kingfisher co
Frank Jones to Olive Lewis Kingfisher co.
Married Elva B. Ackster to Miss Nellie Cottrill
Sept. 24, 1903
Fire destroys C. L. Wagoners Implement stock and building.
Married John F. Noah to Miss Pearl F. Chamberlain
Married Sheriff J. Pres Love to M. Walker
Died Sept. 12, 1903 18 mo old daughter of Mr & Mrs John Betz Parvin
Married Ora Bishop to Miss Tella Cashow
An Okla policeman shot and killed a girl who was walking in her sleep, he
thought she was a burglar. Any police man who does not know a girl in her
night clothes form a robber, should not be employed as a policeman.
Died Aug. 28, 1903 Mrs Dochia Campbell
Died Mrs Ida Prouty Kelley
Licenses to wed
Wm. dincan to Lillie M. -------- Kingfisher co
Charles T. Weltz of Blaine Co to Mary Smith Kingfisher Co
Christian Ortner of Blaine Co to Mary Birckman Kingfisher co
J. P. Love to Grace Walker Kingfisher co
Harry W Sloan woods Co Bertha McDowell Kingfisher co
James Reeves New Mexico to Mary E. Buckles Kingfisher co
Pearl McKerney Kingfisher co to Zora Nunnemaker Kay co
Amos A Ewing to Mary E Kelley Kingfisher co
Born Mr & Mrs Frank Perdue a boy Huntsville
Married Sept. 16, 1903 Daniel D. Sitiger to Miss Hulda Ann Turner
Died Florence B. Sulzer 11 mo old daughter of Mr & Mrs Sulzer. she got
in the fly poision. Kingfisher cemetery.
The remains of Emory Kibbey were burried at Hennessey.
Born Sept. 24, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Miles W Judge a girl

Items from the Kingfisher Free Press of October 1903
Married Amos Ewing to Miss Mary E. Kelley
Born Dr. & Mrs Share a girl.
Tomorrow night Dr Fish will deliver a lecture on "Narcotics".
Married Sept. 22, 1903 John F. Noah to Miss Pearl Chamberlain.
Born Mr. & Mrs Ed Ridgley a girl Dover
Married Walter Frans to Miss Alice Brewer
October 8, 1903
Licenses to Wed
Frank Gill to Lorinda Pederson Kingfisher Co
Charles Cummings to Vida Sedwell Hennessey
Lester R. Brown to Irene Cothran Kingfisher Co
David A. F. Crow to Ester B. Patterson Kingfisher Co
Joseph F. Oyer to Anna L Marawetz Kingfisher Co
Henry Burke Kiowa Co to Lula B. Hughes Kingfisher Co
Francis Carr to Loeta Dunlap Kingfisher Co
Died Charles Ballard Mathewson Cemetery
Born Oct. 8, 1903 Mr & Mrs H. Mayfield a son Okarche
The remains of A. F. Wulf arriaved from Texas for burial in the Hennessey
The remains of Emory McKebby are here for burial in the Kingfisher or
Hennessey Cemetery
Married Oct. 11, 1903 Ned I. Spaulding to Mable Preston
Born Sept. 27, 1903 Mr. & Mrs G. B Wiley a boy Cashion
Born Sept. 29, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Hill a son
Last Tuesday Leona and Tiny Ghering were going out to play and Leona had her
kitten over her are. They had gone but a few steps when a rattlesnake
struck the kitten. The kitten saved Leona from being bitten.
Charles Birkofer, who moved to Lawton, shot and killed his self while
crawling threw a fence.
Born Oct. 1, 1903 Mr & Mrs W. A. Cater a son
Born. Mr. & Mrs Charles Hill a boy
Kingfisher Co had 18 inmates in insane sanitarium at cost of $789.00
Died. Carrie Pratsmon 4 mo old daughter of Maggie and S. W.
Died the 3 mo. old child of Mr & Mrs John Hawks
Skeleton twp
October 15, 1903
Married Rev. French E. Oliver to Miss Williams
Licenses to Wed
Gilbert G. Smith Grant Co to Thula May Strong Kingfisher Co
Frank Homier to Mary Grabow Kingfisher Co
Died Wm. Albright Menonite Cemetery
Died Eli Denny Red Rock Cemetery
Died Oct. 16, 1903 H. M. Dresher Hennessey
Died J. C. Wilkinson Kingfisher Co
Died Oct. 22, 1903 Inf child of Mr & Mrs F. A. Moore Kingfisher Cemetery
Licenses to Wed
Leonard E. Fisher to Ida L. Frabill
Jocob A Voth to Hanna Winter
Theo W. Crawford to Opal Fender
George P. Abernathy to Verda Bell Evans
Ernest Kennett to Martha Fox
Died Miss Lola Mowrer remains sent to Neb.
Frank Dow and Clyde Lowhead arrested on grave charges.
Robert E. Carlile guilty. Married Mane E. Edwards in Little Rock Ark. Jan.
24, 1903 and married Stella Anderson Apr. 3 Kingfisher Co.
Born Mr. & Mrs Fred Deibel a girl Huntsville
Born Mr & Mrs E. Klein a girl
November 5, 1903
Died Oct 31, 1903 Mrs Adah Doty Kingfisher
J. E. Walcher, the man who shot John F. Stone in 1900 has appealed for a new
trial. He was imprisoned for life.
George Bensons son was severly burned when he backed into a hot stove,
while getting his Saturday night bath.
Died H. P. Baker
Born Oct. 28, 1903 Mr & Mrs Horace Sommers a boy
Married Beau Elmer Johnson to Liza Jorden
Born Mr. & Mrs A. H. Squires a girl Hennessey
Born Mr. & Mrs James Walta a boy Hennessey
Married George Abernathy to Miss Verda Evans
Married George L. Bowman to Clarisse Potter
Born Nov. 12, 1903 Mr & Mrs F. Weber a boy, Kiel
Married Nov4, 1903 James E. Prower to Miss Alice Spoelstra
Married Nov 11, 1903 Samuel E. Chapman to Miss Florence Burson
Nov 19, 1903
The two small children of Mrs Jim McKee burned to death. They were left
alone while she went to nieghbor. One was 2 the other 4. Kiel
John Linley shot the end of his toe off while trying to unload his shot gun
Born Mr & Mrs Charles Welsh a boy Cashion
Born Mr. & Mrs H. Wright a girl
Died Nov 7, 1903 George Petry
Married Thoms Henry Cumming to Ethel Miller Botts
Married Henry Baoderson to Miss Jennie Hansen
Married Nov. 11, 1903 Will Garickman to Miss Bertha Reneis
Married James Wycoff to Ada Brieden
Fred Deibeis had another accident this last week, He had just gotten able
to be up from a bad fall he had taken several weeks ago. He was standing at
the head of his team when they frightened and knocked him down and run over
him His limb was again hurt. Luckily he fell to the side, the team was
hitched to the drill and had that ran over him it would probaly have killed
November 26,
Died November 7, George Petry Okarche
2 cases of diphteria are reported in the George Norris family Cashion
Married Thomas Henry Cummings to Miss Ethel Miller Butts
Married Nov. 11, 1903 Will Barichman to Miss Burules Reneis
Married R. J. Angleman to Henritta Wold
Born Mr & Mrs Wiedly a boy Okarche
Married Nov. 19, 1903 Jack Frans to Miss Hattie Barickman
Married Nov 25, 1903 Ernest Kelley to Miss Mae Gilbert
December 3, 1903
Married Nov. 26, 1903 Herman Zobish to Miss Anna Wahling Kiel
Died Nov. 21, 1903 Daniel Mylenbusch Okarche
Married Nov 20, 1903 Fred Banning to Miss Lulu Brodie Nesbit
Died Mrs Leslie Kingfisher Cemetery
December 10, 1903
Married Dec 2, 1903 Matt Wildenson to Miss Della Crecelfus Alpha
Born Dec, 2, 1903 Mr. & Mrs A. Brower a son Alpha
Born Mr & Mrs John Grabon a daughter Alpha
Born Dec. 2. 1903 Mr & Mrs Albert Strich a son
It is reported that Col Prouty is lying at the point of death as we go to
Died Katie Stocks Omega
Dec. 17, 1903
Died Col Prouty
Born Mr & Mrs Ed Reap twin boys Hennessey
Born Mr. & Mrs Jim Murshy twins girl and boy
Born Dec. 6, 1903 Mr & Mrs Lyman Hickman a son
Turkey Creek School is going to have a tree the 25th and do things.
Born Dec. 9, 1903 Mr & Mrs J. G. Longwith a son
December 24, 1903
Married George Smith to Miss Hettie Rivers
Died William Allen colored Kingfisher
Married Dec. 15, 1903 N. St Clair to Miss Myrtle Corrine
Died Mrs Martha Moore colored Morris Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs John Loving a girl
Born Mr & Mrs Jacob Carney a boy
Marriages for December 1903
Mort Wilkerson to Della M. Crebellas
Frank Shipp to Ora Cothran
Thomas S Moore to Mrs Josie Murphy
O Beardalee to Nettie J. Beadle
Robert S. Reeves to Pearl T. Shultz
Nick St Clair to Myrtle E Corrine Kingfisher Co
Ernest L. Welch to Emma Longnecker
J. W. Owens to Mrs Laura King
Sherman Shatzer to Alta E. Wilson
Thomas Jarvill to Fannie Hill
Wm. Freie to Anna Jochin
E. Crosson to Rozellia Hawkins
E Cooper to Maggie B. Siddens
George Smith to Hattie Rivers
Henry Newkirk to Rosella Wells
Robert McNeil to Minnie Keller
Charles Rivers to Mrs Rena Morgan
Married Jan. 6, 1904 J. O. Ramsey to Lycia Markt.
Born Mr. & Mrs George Cater a daughter
Fire destroyed a barn and some harness for Dr Doorley, on his homestead two
and one half mile west of town Monday night this is the 7 fire the Dr. has
had within the past twelve years.
The primary teacher bought herself a new buggy whip, wonder if the children
will take the hint
Mr Pecks little girl was kicked in the head by one of his horses.
Born Dec. 21, 1903 Mr. & Mrs Enos James a daughter
Born Dec. 12, Mr. & Mrs Crtle a daughter


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