Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

Free Press of 1902
{note the weather in Feb. to person looking for a obit in Feb. This would
have required riding over 60 miles, and crossing the Cimarron. I know a
person who went 20 miles in that kind of weather and it killed the horse. }
Died Jan 1902 Mr W. A. Wilson
Died Dec. 27, 1901 Mrs Nannie Dalton Clute
A. J. Morgan cashier of the Santa Fe. Station at Alve, shot himself and died
without a struggle.
Died New Years morning when land lord Reynolds of the Central Hotel went to
call Wm. Forsythe, he found a corpse. It appears that he had taken a large
dose of morphine.
Dec. 29, 1901 Mr. Perry Fauher married Miss Anna McKinley
Dec. 29, 1901 Mr Robert Moore married Miss Hattie Hawk.
Jan. 1902 Mr Robert A. Lyle married Miss Nellie Heitley
Jan. 15, 1902 Mr J. B. Cecil married Miss Elizabeth Henry
June 23, 1902
Payne County is establishing a "Poor-farm" in Oklahoma.
The Kingfisher Daily Times gave up the ghost the other day.
The remains of Roy V. Cashion, late of Troop D. 1st. Vol. Cav. will arrive
in Hennessey, from Cuba January 27, 1902. Body to be re-interred in the
Hennessey cemetery.
Died child of H. C. Gibson Omega
Jan. 29, 1902 Mr. C. T. Ensor married MIss Fran Shumate
Feb. 6, 1902
The Guthrie fire-department is proud of it fine new team, which was bought
near Kingfisher.
A two day storm with Zero weather was follow by heavy rains. The mercury
stood at 6 below, coldest in six years.
Jan. 24, 1902 Mrs Emma E. Laughton Clear Creek
A splended picture of Kingfisher's new court house apperaed in the St. Louis
Died George Stewart
Died Don Ryan Kingfisher
Mr J. A. Snowden married Miss Ella Floss
Feb. 13, 1902 A dispatch from McAlister says there has been a heavy loss of
cattle from the severe weather.
A customer i a Guthrie Dept. store dropped his revolver, which discharged
sending a bullet threw M. B. Arkey, a clerk, killing him instantly.
Feb. 20, 1902
Joe Grimes married mIss Celia Eiklor
Blane and Grant counties each reported two feet of snow on the ground on
Feb. 20. 1902
Wesley Palmer, a farmers son, of near El Reno, lost his life by receiving
the charge of his shotgun in his chest.
Feb. 12, 1902 Wm. M. Rakes married Miss JessieMcCall
Mar. 6, 1902 Died Athur Bannister, fell under train
The county treasurers office was robbed at noon of $235.00.
A scaffold broke at the water works and Mr Chester Curtis fell to his
Died Charles W. Francis.

March 27, 1902
Fire at Dover I. T., destroyed five buldings, beginning with the Post
Office, in which all the mail was destroyed. There was only a bucket
bregade to make a fight against the fire.
Died March 26, 1902 Mrs George Hubbard.
April 3, 1902 A. E. Lamar, the Holliness Preacher, who killed Calvin
Wilkle at a Sunday evening service , has been placed in Jail to await the
action of the Grand Jury.
A family named Wells, a woman and her two son's and a granddaughter, were
going north to Klingman Kansas, they stopped at a vacant house, and they
lit a fire in a old stove that was out in the yard. An explosion occured
that fatally injured Mrs Wells and badly wounded the Grand daughter.
Workmen are putting a bridge over Kingfisher Creek at the North West corner
of the City.
Mar. 30, 1902 Mr Emory M. Lowery to Miss Pearl Engle
Death of former resident Mrs Emma Wood, wife of Benjamine wood Apr.
Apr. 10, 1902 Free Press
Edward Robinson married Miss Effie M. Bailey
James B. Payne married Miss Sarah Anderson
A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs Wm. D. McKinley, a few hours later, at the
home of the mothers father, J. W Preston in this city a daughter was born
to Mr. & Mrs Chester Smith
On Monday last Theo. Bartholic's stable east of depot was set on fire by
some boys smoking. 2 valuable dray horses , a fine set of horness were
burnned. one horse kicked several boards off and eacaped. The animal's
hair was nearly all burned off and the flesh was badly scorched in several
places. The other amimal could not be gotten out.
Died Apr. 12, 1902 Miss Minnie L. Quirk nee Seward.
Apr. 17, 1902
The court house is being wired for elec. by the El Reno LIght Co. the
contract price is $374.00
John F. Phillips married Miss Lizzie M. Stucher
Apr. 13, 1902 Mr Preston L. Butler to Miss susie Grimes.
John H. Chipley married Anna M. Dotson
Ota A Thompson married NOra Clifford
Arthur L. Fisher married Massie Ehlick
Archie Shannon married Bessie Thorne
Ed Robinson married Effie M. Bailey
James B. Payne married Sarah A Anderson
Preston L. Butler married Susie Grimes
John F. Phillips married Lizzie M. Stucker
Jay Conley has died of Hydrophia. About 2 mo. ago he was bitten by a stray
Mrs H. E. Jackson was severly scalded by the explosion of a tin bucket with
the lid on it., in which she was cooking potatoes
Apr. 1902 Alonzo Washington
Apr. 21, 1902 Mr John Forry married Mrs Ellen Targent.
May 1, 1902
Died Docia H. Marsh
Elsie G. Rasp married Mommie Wickham
Jacob D. McClissich married Davis M. Foley
Harrison L. Serviss married Laura Carpenter
Fred Ream married Alta Glover
John Forry married Ella Larelent
Died Millie Brewin Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Mrs Gill of Kiel
Died M. W. Taylor Hennessey

This is what was in the paper, Lots of deaths were not recorded any place
except with the family. They may be in the Reformer but to date I have not
read it to any great extent. I found no obit for Mrs Wells. I feel she was
burried on that farm. as that is what most of them did when on the road a
death occured they just burried them. They probaly had a Dr. for the
Granddaughter is why it even made the paper.
This is May of 1902
Died May 19, 1902 Mrs Rosa E. Brown wife of Dr. R. W.
May 1902 Mr Asher Badger married Miss Dorothy M Preston.
Born May 14, 1902 Mr. And Mrs J. P. Nicholson a daughter.
Five and one half inches of rain was recorded by the Free Press's rain
gauge, but we are inclined to beleive it leaked. Judgnin by the evidence of
Uncle John's and Kingfisher creeks.
Another downpour visited this porton of the territory last night, swelling
the streams beyond their chanels. Uncle John's creek was within six inches
of its hightest mark.
The bridge south of the Ice plant was carried down stream, seriously
damageing the wooden portion of the steel bridge at the Kingfisher Nursery.
The Grimes bridge over the same stream was swept away. The bridge at the
north end of Main street was covered, banisters included, and would have
been swept away except it was tied fast.
The steel bridge leading to the power hous was completly submerged and there
was no sign of a bridge at that point at noon. The Hammermond bridge south
of town is gone and the Tro bridge north of town is gone.
Between Reading and Kingfisher eighty foot of track is washed out.
May 25,1902 Mr. Fred Beal married Miss Grace Duncan
May 25, 1902 William Malone married Miss Mable Goddard
May 21, 1902 John Miller married Miss Lillian Northup
This is the marriages listed at the end of the mounth
June of 1902
Albert Johnson married Manda Martin
Glen McGee married Amelia Shafer
Asher B. Badger married Dorotha M. Breatel
Chester M. Armstrong married Nellie M. Gould
Warren Johnson married Myra Campbell
Nicholas W. Kline married Rose Rothayer
Paul F. Stolanheise married Minnie Tusing.
John Miller married Lillie Northup
Chris Leisterer married Ann Bartholma
Fred M. Beal married Grace E. Duncan
William Malone married Mable Goddard
F. B. Fallings married Loretta Young
William F. Noland married Hattie McGrovern
Will Lodge married Della M. Gould
Edward Lockwood married Carrie Cline
Peter F. Fischer married Christina Peterson
Omar P Smith married Ada Louise Walgamot
Listed in the scholars who passed the common school exams in Kingfisher Co.
June 1902 was Will Kordis.
Died May 30, 1902 Mary A [Young ] Gurn w/o Charles Gurn
Died June 1902 Mrs Fred Warren
Robert R. Davidson married Miss Irene Lane
Died June 1, 1902 Mrs John Clements
Died May 28,1902 Andrew Mires
Died June 3, son of Mr & Mrs Silman
Died June 3, 1902 Mr & Mrs M. Bownam one of their twin babies.
Gorden F. Ingle married Irene Lane /??????
Willie Turner married Florence Huddleston
Died June 1, Mrs Stella Goldsborough dau of Paul Sykes. also died May 30
was her new born baby.
burried in Kingfisher Cemetery
Died sm daughter of Mr. & Mrs E. R. Derby
Charles Campbell, Hennessey, murdered John Casperson.
Died June 1902 Emil Friedman
Died. Joseph Slelf 36, drowned while fishing in Johns Creek.
Died June 10, Chester D. Snyder Hennessey Cemetery
Died June 1902 Mrs A. A. Ewing
Died June 1902 Mrs William Dodson Hennessey
June 13, 1902 Fred N. Taylor married Miss Grace Inman
June 19, 1902 Samuel W. Smith married Miss Eva Decker
June 18, 1902 White Watkins married Miss Ollie Nunemaker.
There was a stabbing at Okarche, Phillip Fox was stabbed.
Died July 1902 Ellery Wildman, the 19 yr old son of Thomas Wildman, was
drowned while bathing in Uncle John's creek at the eastern edge of the city
Friday afternoon.
Licenses for marriage issued July 1902
George W. Davis to ella A Redeker
Wm. Barnes to Hester A. Herks
C.L. Jones to Minnie Phillips
Everett Slectman to Lucy Guy
July 2, 1902 Miles Reece to Emma Strunk
The 4 yr old son of J. E. Hluchen, was bitten by a dog so badly hurt that he
may die.
July 1902 J. A. Springer to Miss Florence Lawson
Wesly Arnett met with a accident that resulted in the loss of one arm.
Died June 30, 1902 Mr Samuel T. Hill
Born June 14, 1902 Mr. & Mrs Alva Julian a boy
Died Mr Ernest J. Brown, suicides because of a disapointment in a love
Died London Hill a colored man dies of hydropobia.
Died July 6, 1902 Mrs Nellie De. Etta Croxton Kingfisher cemetery
Drowned while visiting friends near Excelsor, Elmer Tigue.
Died. The 2 yr old son of Mr. & Mrs N. J. Cheline, This death comes close
on the death of the other two sons.
Marriage Licenses
Miles Reece to Emma Strunk
Andrew Wilson to Mary Pepler
Francis E. Freeman to Elizabeth J. Bennett.
Born Mr. & Mrs A C. Seely a son
Born Mr. & Mrs Harry Amtropus a son
Born Mr. & Mrs O. D. Miller a son
Died 2 yr old son of A. J. Bryants burried at Medford Ok.
While the Cimarron is not fordeable, Frank Dow is running a skiff.
S.P. Lowery is here from Lawton looking after business. He reports Lawton
sitll booming. His intrests there are all realizing handsomely.
Charles F. Brigman to Lizzie Mummery
J. F. Ketch to Sadie F. Brown
James Sheport to Mary L. Jackson
Harry E. Pearcey to Mollie Wilcox.
John Smith to Carrie E. Ketch
John Ketch to Sadie Brown
Henry Bost to Miss Jessie Thatcher.
Edward E. Williams to Delia M. Stafford
Miller B. Nose to Jennie Short Tuth
Jesse Beachampt. to Mary Wengler
Herbert R. Bean to Mary M. Hecock
E. Gilbert Whitechurch to E Anna Stiner
Eilt E. Groennold to Gertrude Kane.
July 21, 1902 William Morrill to Mrs Lucinda Horten
Died Inf dau go Mr. & Mrs Raymond Cox
Died 6 day old child of Mr. and Mrs T. B.Wilson near Sheridan
Born Mr. & Mrs S. B. Humphery a daughter
Died July 11, 1902 Vernell Rea Harding
Died Miss Roxie Buzard suicide.
July 27, 1902 Finis B. Young to Tulle E. VanHorn
Born July 30, 1902 Mr. and Mrs William Mallingly a girl
Born July 10, Mr & Mrs Robert Richetts a daughter
Ben Buhrman, the man who shot and killed Dr. Greenland at Okarche last week
is in Jail at El Reno, still suffering with a badly fractured skull.
Born Mr. & Mrs John Reed twins a boy and a girl
Accidents of the week
Johnnie Crosswhite kicked in the abdomen by a horse.
Will Mummy kicked by a mule.
Fred Clingsich hurt on a hay rake.
Died Pearl Andeson Sheridan
Died James T. McClung
Died Frank Richmond {colored}
John Huff to Miss Mollie Sinbar.
July 23, 1902 Died John C. Manee burried Kansas
Mr. Kordis went to Cashion today.
Aug. 2, 1902 Henry Blehm to MIss Mary Luben
John H. Lattice to Anna M. Rainey
Lenoard O. Wells to Nora Shultz
John A Heckenkenper to Miss Margurette Gallanger.
The killing of E. E. White by aurther Moore at Oklahoma City Saturday night
has a local intrest as both parties formally lived in Hennessey. White who
was a saloon keeper, was out walking whth Moores wife about 11 P. M. when
Moore stepped up and shot him. the wound producing death in a few hours
Moore is in Jail.
John J. Zimmerman to Ella May Payne
Frank Friend to Delia Fullerlove
Albert Hermon to Martha A. wahling
Robert G. burns to Rose Cusisn
George Ashman married Minnie Newton
John Leteer married Anna Rainey
Died Aug. 1902 James Seidle
Born Aug. 5, 1902 Mr. & Mrs Pollard a big baby
Mr Albert H. Seelke married Miss Martha Whaling
Augest 21, 1902 Free Press
Aug. 13, 1902 John J. Zimmerman married Ella May Payne
Mr Tosh who lived near here, moved away Sat. Aug. 9th.
Died Aug. 1902 Mrs Woolwine
H. Kordis was at Cashion Wednesday.
Mrs Wm. Dalton is still carrying her hand in a sling, the results of being
"bittin " by a fish, several weeks ago.
Born Aug. 8, 1902 Mr & Mrs W. B. Stitt a girl
Born Aug. 7, 1902 Mr. & Mrs A. Mitchell, a baby
Augest 28, 1902 Free Press
Born Mr. & Mrs Edward Mathewson a son
Died Aug. 15, 1902 Mary Sprowl Hennessey
Marriage Licenses
Ernest A Lawyer to Rosa Duncan
Buris W. VonHon to Minnie Highly
James T. Harding to Marie E. Schippea
Howard Dosh to Lenna Lemons
Died Lyle Morwill Kingfisher Cemetery
Born Mr & Mrs Frank Luder a son
Born Mr. & Mrs John Ashley a son
September 4, 1902 Free Press
Sept. 3, 1902 James L Roach married Verna Bright
Died Miss Lillie Bartlett was crushed to death between freight cars at
Dover last Thursday.
Marriage licenses
Charles S Brown to Mae C Finnuff
Henry J. Schmidt to Sarah Laubach
Carl J. Pierce to Minnie E Snodgrass
James L. Roach to Verna Bright
Aug. 30, 1902 John J Schmidt to Lizzie Schmidt.
Henry J. Schmidt to Sarah Laubach
Died Sept. 1902 Parker's inf. son
Died Aug. 23, 1902 Edith Rehore Sheridan Cemetery
Mr Robert Chirstian married Ella Crosley
Fire at Dover destroyed the livery stable, run by Robert Turner, a
blacsmith shop and an empty saloon building.
Nine horses, buggies and feed, Turners loss estimated at $1,500.00
September Free Press
Sept. 11, 1902 James Cornell suicide
Charles Barker married Hattie Wilson
Died Mrs Sylvester Burrows
Luther Siglen married Charolota Kemper
Sept. 18, 1902 Fred Kordis and Miss Laura Hume attended the show at
Kingfisher Sat.
Marriage Licensens
Emory Handcock married Ola H. Wells
J. Winteringer married Grace Maddox
Geo. M. Tripp married Lydia E. Wolcott
Wm. J. Jorden married Martha McDowell
F. W. Fonson married Rose Ross
Stanley Waller married Marie Sade
Victor K. Skaddar married Lenora V. White
William Ricker married Bettie Wichersham
Born Mr. & Mrs M. A. Swank a girl
September 25 Free Press
Died Mrs Luther Wallace Omega
Died Charlie Hale killed by lighting
Marriage Licenses
Edward Jone to Carrie Burford
Ora Clyde James married Jennie V Townsend
Chester C Amos married Laura E. Flewelling
Paul L. Sykes married Minnie Rose Lee
Frank Ingles was struck by a frieght train while walking on the tracks near
Okarche and had one foot cut off just above the ankle.
Mrs S.P Lowery Left for Lawton to join her husband and make that city their
Paul Sykes, the negro street preacher, took unto himself a wife on Monday,
but after 24 hours of connubial bliss she deserted him for a handsomer man
named Mose Anderson and Paul is now seeking a divorce without much expense
Stanley Waller married Marie Sade.
Died Mrs Eliza Ballinger {colored}
Died Mr N. E. Eby fell under the train
Born Mr & Mrs John Bracken a girl
October 1902 Free Press
Died Oct. 2, 1902 A Thomason Union Hall Cemetery
Born Oct. 24 Mr & Mrs George Martian a son
Oct. 12, 1902 Mr. & Mrs W H. Knowles a boy
A. H. Squires married Mollie Squires
Oct. 21, 1902 George W. Tripp marriee Lydia E Walcott
James E. Walcher {murderer of Col Stone} gets life.
Oct. 9 1902 Free Press
A fight erupted in the saloon just south of the Lowery' barber shop.
That is all it says
Died Sheman Lockey KIngfisher Cemetery
Died Oct. 1902 Jacob Ehel diptheria
Announcing the comeing marriage of Miss Dorothy Flynn to a distinguished Dr.
of Washington D. C.
George Williams married Janie Avery
Albert E Hodge married Jessie Hentborn
Albert Henborn married Edith Sheves
W. A. Brown married Minnie Zachman
Joe Boss married Delcia March
George Williamson married Janie Avery
W. C. Youell from Va. has located in Cashion for the winter.
Died Oct. 26, 1902 William Hopkins Sheridan
Died Oct. 26, 1902 Mrs O'Donnell Hennessey Cemetery
Jesse Baughman married Marie Drier
Enmund Klien married Erman Wolf
Jay Smith married Blanche Jeffery
John R. Parks married Letia A Anthony
Died Mrs Charles Bates
Died Shade Whilfield colored Lacey
John H Martin married Mollie M. Kennedy
Oct. 11, 1902 John Ross married Lydia Eggon
Died Perry L. Floyd.
Died Oct. 1902 Sadie Freies Luthern church Okarche
Len Marlows house burned and a subacription was taken, they will build a
fine new house.
Oct. 11, 1902 John Ross married Miss Riggans.
Sept. 26, 1902 Charles Glaziers inf. son
Oct. 1902 George H. Cater to Miss Ethel Davis.
Oct. 17, 1902 Henry G. Wright married Miss Blanche Vincent
John Logan, while in Kingfisher Saturday, accidently shot himself in the
Stulz, a 12 yr old boy working for John Friend, was dragged some distance by
a runaway plough team last Thursday seriously and perhaps fatally injureing
Oct 18, 1902 George Haffner to Lizzie Korb.
Died Oct. 22, 1902 John Wortman.
Died Oct. 17, 1902 Belle Glazier Keil
Oct. 17, 1902 J. P. R. F. Ross to Elizabeth Dickie
Married at Kingfisher Oct. 14, 1902 Clarence Moran of Reeding to Miss
Mammie Butler of Cashion,
Marriage Licenses
John R. Parks to Lela A. Anthony
Fred McVicker to Anna E. Dixon
John Ross to Lydia Eggon
John W. Martin to Mollie M. Kenney
Clarence Moran to Mammie Butler
Edmond Kieln to Erma Wolf
George B. Roberts to Attie B. Reed
Nov. 3, 1902 T. B. Kelly to Ida Prouty
November 6, 1902 Free Press
Miss Viola Gibson and a nephew of Chas. Raits were married last Friday.
Neighbors gathered at Len Marlows new house, each with their hammer and put
the shingles on his new house.
Nov.5, 1902 Edward Day to MIss Hattie Perdue.
Oct. 30, 1902 Arthur Dawson of Hennessey to Miss Amy Robinson.
Marriage Licenses.
Fred M. Meyers to Beatrice G. Smith
Lloyd McCandless to Mary Vadder
Robert Lewis to Sarah Jane Sethergrast
George Anthony to amanda Klear {col}
Peter Speler to Augusta Teachman
Married in Kingfisher Mr. William Clark to Miss Viola Gibson both of
A young farmer has taken up his residence at the residence of C. Emericks
Nov 11, 1902 Mr Will H. Martin to Miss Cora Sanders
Born Nov. 13, 1902 Mr. & Mrs P. S. Nagle a son
Claude Mize married Zeola Mott Kingfisher
Born Nov. 6, 1902 Mr. & Mrs Geo. H. Laing a daughter
W. C. Yawell's {Yowells} have mover out on a farm S. W. of Cashion.
Born Mr. & Mrs Koil a daughter
Died 1902 child of Mr. & Mrs Flick
A dance took place at a vacent house 1/2 mile north of Sicelofs Saturday
Died Rex Carpenter son of Co. commissioner
Died J. A. Grahm
November 20. 1902 Free Press
Shooting near Hennessey Eric Casebeer was shot by Clark, both had been
drinking. Casebeer is recovering and filled charges.
Mr Harry L Cronin to Miss Myrtle F. FeLong
Born Nov. 1, 1902 Mr. & Mrs C. M. Rahe a girl
Died Nov. 1902 Edward Moran Cashion Cemetery
Born Nov 1902 Mr. & Mrs W. Kale a son.
Nov 27, 1902 Free Press
Was He Murdered?
emory DeGroat was found unconxcios with a bad cut on the back of his head
and bruises on his face. He died from the wounds. burried in Minn.
Died Nov. 1902 Mrs Lousia Clay Grimes Cemetery
Died Nov. 1902 Mrs J. A. Brown Omega Cemetery
Died Nov. 1902 Sheman Ranney Hennessey cemetery
Nov 26, 1902 Eber A. Laprote married Miss Nora A. Cager Hennessey
Nov. 24, 1902 A. J. McGinty married Miss Ella Boecher
Nov. 1902 Ogden Throckmorton married Miss Levia Liggett.
G. S. Clark , charged with shooting Erick Casebeer is discharged. No proof
he did this.
Marriage Licenses
Karl Wakefield to Laura Johnson Kiel
Eber LaPorte to Nora Coger Hennessey
Ire J. Baker to Tillie Applegate Dover
Norman H. Frans to Jessie L Brewer
Justace C. Alyea to Florence Pursell Kingfisher
Samuel Garner to Flors Wele Dover
Born Nov. 14, Mr. & Mrs E Hains a child
Born Nov 14, Mr. & Mrs John Hasley a boy
Died Nov. 1902 James A. Graham
Died Nov. 1902 6 weeks old baby of Mr & Mrs Elder
Hardin Frans married Jessie Brower
Dec. 4, 1902 Free Press
A new 2 cent stamp will be issued.
M. Scot Ayers married Miss Risel
Born Nov. 23, 1902 Mr.& Mrs Sam L. Long a boy
William Kordis of Edmond Normal is spending his Thanksgiving holiday with
his family and friends.
Died Mrs Maude Massie 23 yrs she leaves a husband and 3 yr old child and
a babe of a few days. They were strangers here and just passing threw.
John Grandberry {colored} implicated with Hite Washington in the Killing of
Emory DeGroat.
Dec.17, 1902 Mr. L. F. Leach married Miss Ella Brownlee
Died Nov. 29, 1902 Miss Edna R. Grissom
Mr. Carl Wakefield married Laura Johnson
Ross R. Way married Miss Bertha Wilson
Died Dec. 9, 1902 William N. Barr
Marriage Licenses
Arthur N. Altizer to Elgina Benson
Hal Walton to Mary Cooper {col}
Clark Cooper to Berdie Walton {col}
Charles F. Finuf to Miss Eva G Brown
Dec. 18, Free Press
G. T. Moore married Miss Maude Rogers
Died Dec. 8 1902 Clarence Becman
Dec. 11, Arthur Altizer married Kligia Benson
Died Dec. 15, 1902 Mrs Joseph McClure
Born Mr & Mrs M. L. Webb a 12 lb daughter
{some times I wondered what they weighted these babies on especially the 20
lb. one at Okarche }
Dec 25, 1902
Marriage Licenses
S. G. Payne to Kate W. Horne Hennessey
Edward A Wagoner to Clara B. Hentler
Melville Raymond to Delliah Cox
Fred H. Gruber to Alta May Jeffries
Stephen Carvon to Viola Pearl Carter
Frank Fritzgerald to Delia Washington
William Hiler to Ada Sparks.


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