Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

The fire of December the 27, 1900, in Dover destroyed nine stores and
residents. The loss was $20,000. and only $8.000 covered by insurance.
That little boy at Nathan Whitechurches is a fine, thrifty fellow.
Jan. 10, 1901
Birt Kling, a brakeman, lost a arm while cupling cars at Cashion.
Born Jan. 1901 Mr. & Mrs Geo H. Laing, a son
Died Jan. 1901 Etta May Holden.
Died Jan. 1901 Rosie McIntosh
Jan. 1901 Mr Charles McLaughlin married Miss Emma Burns.
Jan. 1901 Mr Arther Paul married Miss Mabel Geist.
Jan. 17, 1901 Free Press.
Okarche has a cheese factory, claimed to be the first in the territory.
Jan. 24, 1901
Died Jan. 1901 Mrs James McCullough, Okeene
The burning of the records with the Kingfisher court house is causing
trouble in the settlement of estates in probate court.
Jan. 1901 Mr T. J. Dougherty married Miss Laura Denbo.
Jan 30, 1901
Mr Levi J. Miller married Miss Margaret E. Cockran
Died H. R. Lilibridge of Dover. Dover Cemetery
Died Mrs Will Hewey nee Allie Parodis
Died Mrs C. A. McBrian
Died Katherine Kerr
Died Geo. Laings baby
files missing
The Walcher Case
The result of the second trial in the Walcher case would eem to justify the
opinion that a verdict cannot be secured in this case fefore a Kingfisher
county jury. Why this is so is difficult to understand, but tha tit is so
is a cold and naked fact. In this case, there is not, and has not been any
controversy over the main facts. John F. Stone had agreed to meet Walcher
on his farm on a certain day for the purpose of closing up business matters
between them.
Stone suspected no trouble whatever. He and Walcher had arrived at an
apparently amicable adjustment and agreement. If Walcher was not satisfied,
Stone had no intimation of it. Stone drove out to Walcher's place accorking
to their agreement, unarmed and unatteded with officer or guard. Going upon
the place, he got out of his buggy, inquired for Walcher and wa informed
that he was down about the barn. He walked down in that direction, and was
suddenly shot dow dead. The shot came from ambush, and the preliminaries
for the shooting had been carefully and coolly made. After Stone fell dead
in his tracks, his assassin came out from his hiding place and deliberately
robbed his dead body of money, watch and other articles, and made his
escape, in to Mexico.
The man who committed this crime was James Walcher. When he was found he
had Mr. Stones watch and other items on his person.
Conductor Harry Foote, was giving orders in the switch yard at Hennessey on
last Tuesday, and fell under his own train. and was instantly killed.
Feb. 14, 1901
Born Mr. & Mrs Jas. Jarvis a girl
Feb. 21, 1901
Feb. 14, Mr Chester Smith married Miss Linnet Preston
Feb. 17, Amos W. Duggan married Miss Lotie White
Feb. 28, 1901
Three car loads of cedar logs left Oklahoma on their way to a pencil factory
in Germany.
Died Feb. 28, 1901 Vertrice Myrel Pope
Miss Hickman is teaching at Snyder.
Born Mar. 2, 1901 Mr. & Mrs H. B. Fouble, a girl
Real estate is hi in our vicinity-----on windy days.
Mar. 21, 1900
Okmulgee has no jail and it is no uncommon site to see prisoners chaned to
posts on street corners.
Mar. 20, 1901 Mr. Josiah W. McClure married MIss Sophia Witte.
Died Mar. 28, 1901 Jesse Bishop Bird Creek C.
Died Mar. 1901 Frankie Ambrose
Paper of April 4, 1901
A lot of perecussion dynamite caps got among the trash and were put in a
stove. When they exploded the stove flew about in small peices, one of them
entered the head of the little daughter of Mr. Carson, injuring her
seriously if not fatally.
There is a protracted meeting at Reeding, Rev. Dunkleberger is the minister
in charge
Apr. 11, 1901
Frank Marlow is still in bad condition, he had the fever last fall
Mr. Gander married Miss Lydia Long
Died R. B. Foster Okarche.
Died Apr. 5, 1900 Betty Dowling
Born Mr. & Mrs E. S. Hockett, a son.
Died Apr. 4, 1901 Mrs. Minnie Murlin
Apr. 2, 1901 Mr. Charles McFarland married Miss Stella E Greer
Died Apr. 17, 1901 Mr. Andrew J. Phillips
Kingfisher County has secured a site for the new courthouse.
Apr. 25, 1901
Born A fine pr. of twin girls arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs L. D. Werner
Died Apr. 9, 1901 Mrs Victor Dolpher
Died Apr. 13, 1901 Mrs Luella Jane Livingston
Born Mr. & Mrs H. H Watkens, a boy
Mr Charles H. Halladay married Miss Bertha M. Neff
May 2, 1901
Died Gladys Hockaday
A contract has been awarded on the building of the new Court house, on a
$30,000. bid.
Banner news the river rose to its banks Sat. eve.
Born Mr. & Mrs Leslie Foster, a boy
Jim Walcher, the slayer of Colonel Stone, was permitted to give bail last
week in the sum of $3, 000. Walcher has now been behind the bars about one
year, awaiting the decision of the court on the charge of murder. Sheriff
Kelley, in speaking of his prisoner, says he was never satisifed with
anything in the jail. He grumbled at his food, his bed and the sanitary
conditions of the house. Mr. Kelley feels much relieved since Walcher has
gone and hopes he will be able to find another boarding house atfter his
next trial.

May 1901
The wheat at Twilight is not yet affected by the green louse.
May 9, 1901
Died Mr Samuel Vance Kingfisher Cemetery
May 1901 Mr. W. A. Shroeder married Miss Lulu Allen
Died May 1901 inf Zimmerman, son of M. & M.
Fire destroyed Hay and Bays. slaughter house.
May 16, 1901
May 15, 1901 Mr Charles H. Holloday married Miss Bertha Neff
May 29, 1901 Mr Ed Mathewson married Miss Allie Humphrey.
June 1901
Roy Cashion has been found at last, and will be shipped home. It is
expected it will be about 40 days before he arrives.
A Good Example
It is not generally known that the Kingfisher cemetery has been gradually
inproved until it has became a credit to this town and vicinty, but it is
true, neverless. Much of this credit belongs to the mayor and council who
have been and are taking special interest in the improvement of the grounds
and the roads leading there This week Messrs J. C. Roberts, J. W.
Billings, J. V. Admire, A. A Ewing, Wm. Grimes and C. T. Prouty bought a
groulp of six lots which will be improved and beautified for future use.
Other citizens who expect to make this their permanent home should follow
this example. All must die, and be burried, and , while such preparations
as noted are not the most agreeable in every respect, it must be done sooner
or later, and why wait until the end? The price of lots is $15.00 and all
the moneys received from this source go into the cemetery fund and can be
used for no other purpose. One of the improvements that is contemplated
is the planting a row of trees on each side of the road leading out to the
John Leigen crushes his brother's head with an ax
Six miles south of Cashion this morning, Three brothers lived with their
mother on a 160 acre farm. About daylight John entered the room where his
two brothers were asleep and with a ax he struck Will {his brother} a
death-dealing blow. The other brother seized John and helt him until help
Mrs Charles Lange robbed.
Week ending June 13, 1901 Marriages
June 8, Alfred Nall. 29 to Jennie Ostrander. 29
June 10, John Ogden 19 to Lottie May Martin 18
June 11, Chas W. Sherwood 23 to Ida Bird 33
June 12, Henry Andrew Dykstra 28, to Ivey Stubblefield 26
June 12, Milt Gilbert 23 to Litta Wilson 20
About seven weeks ago five of J. H. Wells' children were bitten by a pup at
their home near Alpha. A mad stone was applied, but as the stone failed to
adhere to the wounds, nothing more was thought of the matter till the latter
part of last week when Mamie, the ten year old girl, began to complain of
her eyes. She continue to be around till about two hours before her death,
when she was seized with convulsions, and died. She evidently knew she was
going to die, she clipped locks from her hair and tied them up neatly with
ribbons from her head, remarking as she did so she would never need her hat
June 6, 1901 Okeene was shut off from mail for several days by high water.
Mr Homer C. House married Miss Lillian M. Chase
June 13, 1901
Gasoline street lamps have proved satisfactory at Hennessey.
Died June 9, 1901 Mr. C. F. Hawkins
Mr Milt Gilbert married Miss Letta Wilson
Died Aug. 29, 1901 Gladys Hockaday
Born June 20, There is a young man at the Dr. A. Share home, he expects to
Cards announcing the marriage of W. H. McCutchen to Miss Nell Turk are
Licensed to Marry
June 29, Henry L. Major, 24 to Sylvia Walker 19.
June 29, A. Kroener 33 to Anna Hock 22
July 1, S. R. Kennett 28 to Bettie Bailey 18
July 1, John E. Webber 27 to Mary Haffner 21
July 1 J. H. Payne 21 to Eva Ridgeley 21
July 2, J. W. Sims 30 to Julia A Lawson 25
July 2, D. F. Rouce 32 to Mattie J Winnock 21
July 3, Edward Toomey 24 to Nona James 23
On Saturday some twenty-five or thirty well diggers and others engaged in
the beautiful sport of "Knock down and drag out", at Cashion. One fellow's
eyes were nearly dug out and he may loose his sight. Another"s fingers were
nearly chewed off. Black eyes and sore noses were strictly in style after
the fight. some of the fighters were arrested, and other will be if caught.
Three deaths have recently occurred among our Arapahoe Indians and among the
Cheyennes. Last week Man Head's youngest chld died, Saturday Rose
Cleveland, Sunday Levi Morton, and Tuesday Dennis Whirlwind died. Two
young men arapahoes John Hedges and Wesley Cut-Finger have died .
June 16, 1901 Mr M. M. Pennington to Miss Lela Graves
June 1901 Mr. John A. Clem to Miss Irene Wonk
Died June 13, Washie Ruth Marsh dau of J. A. & Dosia
June 13, 1901 marriages
June 13 Mr Conrad Henrich 46 to Maggie Unholz 36
June 14, Moses Pennington 28, to Lela Graves 26
June 15, Jas F. Bailey 21 to Mamie Waggoner 16
June 15 Jas McCutchen 24, to Nell Turk 24
June 18, Oscar Snyder 22 to Stella Brittian 24.
June 26 K. B. Taft to Maude Z Elliott
June 16 Roy E. Walker to Miss Cora Bainer
July 4 1901
Died Baby of H. E. Hopkins
Died June 22, 1901 Edith Bradley
 June 1901
Dr. John G. Fessinger married Mrs Ametia N. Parker
July 18, 1901
Mr & Mrs Humpherys was called to El Reno Friday by the sudden death of her
Born July 19, 1901 Mr. & Mrs W. J. Bennett, a girl
James Walcher who killed Col Stone, is a mental werk. He is in the asylum
at Norman, not expected to live long.
Aug. 1, 1901
Died Tillie Motheral Cashion Cemetery
The Cimarron river is said to never have been dry.
Born July 29, 1901 Mr. & Mrs C. D. Calhoon, a son.
Record of persons licsensed to marry week ending July
31, 1901
July 24, David McLendon, 48 to Rachel Richards 27
July 25, Alpha O. Martin 28 to Sara J. Thompson 20.
July 29, John Franks 29 to Lilly Jones 24.
July 31 Paul Kadavy 41 to Julia Sajner 26
Last week a young man near Sherdin was bitten by a large copper head snake
and after applying all the home remedies was compelled to call the dr., who
applied the sure and reliable cure, viz: A peice of chloralhydrate the
size of a grain of corn to each to the wound of each fang mark and gave ten
grains disolved in half a glasss of water internally, which relieved him
very soon.
Licensed to Marry week ending Aug. 14, 1901
W. T. Sexton 33 to Blanch Lewellyon 21
S. W. Dunkie 24 to Minnie Hewitt 22
Wm. J. Moore 22 to Lena M. Leishing 21
Roy Kell Hays 22 to Daisy Green 23
L. H. Hickman 40 to Mary Freeman 23
H. C. Williams 28 to Mary Barker 26
Aug. 8, 1901 Free Press
Geo W Peck knocked in the head and robbed, then dragged to Hay and Bays
salughter pens and dumped into the hog pen.
The Great land drawing
Sam T. Watson drew No 23, he started last Thursday for Lawton to make his
homestead entry, the next day one of his children died
Aug. 13, 1901 Mr. W. T. Sexton and Miss Blanche Llewellyn were married
Died July 18, 1901 Mrs John {Armelda Jane } Smith
Aug. 22, 1901
Ponies bring from $3.00 to $5.00 at Okarche.
Aug. 1901 Mr J. L. Freeman Married Miss Mary G. Vinson
Nagle postmaster arrested by postoffice inspector on a very grave charge.
John H Morrison postmaster of Nagle arrested for sending lewd, obscene, and
lascivious matter through the mail .
Pearls are being found in the North Canadian River.
A baby boy was left at the house of A. H. Fisher, Latera Handsome baby
carriage. It is evident who ever left the baby could buy good furnishings.
Aug. 14, 1901
Fourteen of the homesteaders who drew claims in the Lawton District between
1 and 100 failed to take their calims.
Mrs Lee, wife of S. N. was severly injured in a runaway accident. She died
a short time later.
Aug. 29, Delmar H. Baldwin married Mrs Anna H. Brandon
Roy Hayes married Miss Daisy Green
Bert Groves leaves a wife and four children and runs off with Miss Dora Blessing.

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Sept. 5 1901
Gov. Seay sold his residence and grounds to Mr G. H. Logan.
Mr Frank Wilkenson married Miss Maud Slack
The last day for the Claim Drewers will be Oct. 6,
The Smiths of Oklahoma who are reported to number about 2,000, will hold a
reunion in Guthrie Oct 12
Lighting hit the house of J. A. Marsh 3 1/2 miles to the S. E. of
Kingfisher, Wensday eve. The family was stunned, but not hurt much.
Sept. 4, 1901 Mr W. F. Bort married Miss Abbie Balley
Died Aug. 23 & 25. Anna Mae & Mary Frances Warren. They were born Apr.
14, 1901 Clear Creek.
Sept. 10, 1901 Probate Judge Spencer E. Sanders married Miss Elizabeth B.
Sept. 1901 Albert B. Bay married MIss Augusta Link
Sept. 4, 1901 A. G. McCormick married Miss Grace Calnon
Merssers George Gosline, J. E. Stone, and Ed Moran are all building new
houses on their farms.
Sept. 19, 1901 President McKinley died of his wounds
Sept. 26, 1901 By the death of William McKinley at the hands of assassin
Czolgosz, Theadore Roosevelt became Presedent.
Died. Oct. 3, 1901 Mrs J. H. Hart.
Oct. 1901 Mr Lester Fraser married Miss Elizabeth Lambodin
Licensed to Marry Oct. 1901
Oct. 1, Chas. Collins 27 to Lizzie Shure 23
Oct. 1, S. C. Droke 40 to Saphrony Stanley 35
Oct. 2, J. W. Hillyard 28 to Leah Kline 22
Oct. 2, Alva H. Julien 34 to Hariet Sears 35
Oct. 3, Squire F. Payne 21, to Myrtle I Gabriet 21
Oct. 5, Homer L. Coppage 26 to Dollie Schaffer 21
Oct. 5, Arthur L. Twombly 22 to Vena Abernathy 15
Oct. 5, W. S. Bader 28 to Marie Wadsworth 21
Oct. 9, M. B. Chrisman 66 to Elizabeth E. Smallwood 55
Oct. 19, Chas L. Kelso 21 to Ethel Payne 18
Oct. 19, Henry F. Tro 28 to Temperance D. Flewelling 20.
Oct. 24 James Cmmbley 21 to Luada Day 18 {Col}
Oct. 28 Opa Nickelson 22 to Lodoma Williams 18 {Col}
Died Sept. 29, 1901 Miss Evelyn R. Wood
Mr Louis Perman married Miss True Love
Died Oct. 21, 1901 Alexander McCartney
Oct. 31, 1901 The corner stone of the court house was laid Oct 22 by Grand
Master Day.
Died Oct. 11, 1901 Walter Shaw
Died Nov. 1901 Mrs W. H. Lucky
Nov. 5, 1901 Mr John S. Stewart to Miss Laura A. Cross
Died Nov. 1901 Mrs Phineas Andrus
Died 1901 G. W. Gilbert Small pox
Dec. 5, The pie supper that was to be held at Reading last Friday night was
Postponed on account of diphtheria.
Dec. 12, William H Luckey, the man at Keil, who is said to have shot his
wife, but who says his wife shot him is said to be one of the men who helped
capture Jefferson Davis.
Dec. 19, The walls of the court house are completed to the second story.
Death Dec. 26, 1901 Col. W. H. Mead
A herd of Elks is to put up a lodge at El Reno.
The blizzard was a great hardship on folks who were living in tents and
Dec. 25, Fred Johnson married Minnie Martin {col}


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