Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

Gov. Burnes daughter Miss Bessie was married last Saturday in Okla. City. to
Mr C. R. Havighorst
Died Dec. 28, 1899 Mrs Bette Holman
January 1900 Mr. Stephen B. Kirk married Miss Sarah Simmions.
January 18, 1900. Mr. F. S. Cashion will be going to Cuba, he will be
acompanied by Joe Randolph. They are going to secure the body of Mr
Cashions son Roy.
Sam White shot and killed him self about 9 miles north east of Kingfisher.
He had laid his shot gun of a load of wood and as he pulled it to him the
gun caught on a peice of wood and discharged striking him in the chest.
Judged accidental.
Col. John F. Stone murdered by Jim Walcher.
Mert E. Ritchey was murdered in Kingfisher.
Born Mr. & Mrs C. J. Gallanger a son
Articles of incorporation have been filled for the Lyon Cemetery in
Kingfisher County with the secetary Jenkins
Born Mr& Mrs C. E. Jones a boy
Died Mr Edmond Hawkins January 1900
Died Mr G. G. Barnum January 12m 1900
Feburary 1, 1900 Kingfisher Mill burned.
Dr. G. M. Maxwell was shot to death by Leon McAmos
Died William Smith was digging a well and had gotten down to about 15 ft
when it caved in on him and smothered him.
James Walcher slayer of Col John Stone was a member of the Methodist Church,
and was considered almost a fanatic. It is thought that business reverses
had unbalanced his mind.
Jonh McFall was bitten on the leg by a hog and it became so badly poisioned
that the leg had to be amputated.
Louis Brown a young farmer 13 miles east of here had his home and all its
contents burned January 31, 1900.
Mr Samuel Long married Miss Mattie Shrively Feb. 15, 1900
Dr. A. L. Share married Miss Grace Reardon
James Walcher arrested in Mexico, he was reported to have shot Col. John
Small pox is raging in the eastern part of the County.
Feb. 1900 Mr. & Mrs Tom Lewis another boy.
Mr Lewis had the misfortune to have his house and all effects burrned last
Died Mrs Nancy Jones wife of James burried in Ohio.
The three year old son of Rollin Kinnisn was kicked to death by a mule,
while playing in the yard.
The Walcher Case. No one seems to know any thing about it. Nothing can be
learned about it. Walcher was found in Mexico--there is no doubt about
that. He was apprehended and was in the coustody of the officers. Mr.
Fossett went after him, saw, talked with and recoginized him. He had Col.
Stone's watch on his person. There appears to have been some hitch. No one
seems to know exactly what it is.
Cashion That is the name of the new half-way town between Kingfisher and
Guthrie. It has been so named in honor of Roy Cashion, the rough rider, who
was killed in the battle of "San Juan Hill', Santiago, Cubal He was the
first soldier to meet his death in that battle, and the only Oklahoma
soldier who was killed in that war.
Mr Robert B. Lawrence died Mar. 27, 1900 burried in Ohio.
It is time to send the kine to the herd, and tie up the chickens so the
neighbors garden will not suffer.
Died March 1, 1900 Bartlett, baby
Died Mar. 1900 John Hunter Banner colored
Born Mar. 18, 1900 Mr & Mrs G. D. Foster a boy
Paper of Apr. 5,
Died Apr. 2, 1900 McCartney, "Wheeler"
S. M. Albaugh was thrown from his horse and killed
Died. William R. Dickey a blacksmith dropped dead over his anvil
Died William, Clark
W. F. Elzey Jr. was killed on his ranch. He had a fenced cattle pasture
and a homesteader filled a claim inside the pasture. Elzey was shooting
into the settlers house when he was killed.
Born Mar. 30, 1900 Mr. & Mrs James Lowry a girl
Born Mar. 1900 Mr. & Mrs W. E. Conner a son
Born Mr. 1900 Mr. & Mrs Geo. Israil a daughter
Died Beulah Lile
Died Dawkins, child
April 12 paper
Died Ladwig child
Born Apr. 12, 1900 Mr. & Mrs Walter E. Morris a child
Apr. 19, paper
The Cimarron is too deep to ford at present.
Died Apr. 7, 1900 M. R. Norton Burried Bird Creek.
Died Mrs Robert Lyle.
A very remarkable incident occured here this week. The story is of a young
boy who ran away from home. 15 years had passed and the boy was a man. He
had drifted into Kingfisher with the railroad gang. He sickened and died.
His railroad friends burried him. He died Mar. 27, 1900. This week his
brother, B. Lawton Jr. came for the body. In mysterious ways the workings
of providence, the folks at home learned of his death. Monday the body was
shipped to Lenoxville, Mass. to his old home.
April 26, 1900 paper
Frank Webb is in jail charged with shooting a Marshal.
Died Ira E. Fisher was chaseing a jack rabbit when his horse threw him and
he died a few days later.
The river is still to hi to ford
Apr. 19, 1900 Mr. Phillip Renner married Miss Nettie Smith
Clark Jones lost a cow to sun stroke
Phillip Snedgar lost a colt and one of his best work horses by lighting.
Apr. 19, 1900 Mr. Warren married Mrs Martin
Died Apr. 8, 1900 Kilgore son Parvin Cemetery
May 3 1900 paper
Died S. H. Cormich burried in Kansas
The friends of Mret Rickey, who was murderd in this city, have had erected
to his memory a handsome monument.
Mr Alonzo Louis Share married Miss Grace Belle Rardin.
The storm Tuesday enening accompained by wind, rain and snow was not very
Died May 1, 1900 Comrade Charles J. Lahue
May 10. 1900 M. J. Bay married Miss Julia Kirkpatrick
Died Frank Long from injuries from a fall out of a barn loft.
May 16, 1900 Mr. John L. Spencer married Miss Maude Kirby
Died Stith Mead Warren May 15, 1900 Clear Creek cemetery
We seldom nave occasion to complain in this country of too much rain, but
the fact is accordingly to our worldy way of looking at matters, ther has
been enough in this locality for the present, but then of course this is
none of out business.
Died Mrs Isabell Collings May 1900
Died Feb. 1900 Mrs W. H. Malone Clear Lake cemetery
clear creek I think
Died Feb. 1900 Mrs Hartshom Kingfisher Cemetery
Feb. 18, 1900 Mr. John H Walters married MIss Annie Burlson
Died Feb. 25, 1900 Frank Alyea
Mar. 1, 1900 Henry Dunbar who killed John J. Fisher has been relaeased from
custody as evidence showed self defense.
Mar. 1900 Isac Haley, a rock island foreman whose home was in Caldwell, was
killed by the engine leaving the tracks at a switch. the engineer was also
Died Feb. 18, 1900 Abbie Frisbie
Feb. 17, 1900 Mr Frank L. Ketch married Miss Ada May Brown
Died Feb. 1900 Berry Morten
Died Feb. 23, 1900 Thomas D. Blackburn
March 15 1900 paper
John Blair and Miss Rose Somerset were being married, and the seremony had
just bagan when the bride fell dead.
Born Mr. & Mrs J. A. Allen on last Friday a boy John A. Jr.
Died Mar. 9, 1900 Mr Charles B Moore Kingfisher cemetery
Died Mar. 2, 1900 Mrs George Wilson
Mar. 22, 1900 paper
Born Mr & Mrs Phillip Snedagar a girl
News of the death of Beatrice Taylor came to Kingfisher. Her death was due
to a bicycle injury
Buyers are paying 90 cents a bushel for castor beans.
Died Apr. 19, James Foster fell from a barn loft and broke his neck.
May 10, 1900 Mr Frank L Ratliff married Miss Mattie Brown
Hennessey, Ok
Died May 1900 Mrs Robert F. Christian and infant child, Kingfisher
May 1900 Mr. Frank R. Childers married Miss Minnie A. Hartson
Died May 1900 P. H. McFadden sm pox
Jim Walcher is finally in the Kingfisher Jail
May 31, 1900 Death of Mrs Robt F. Christian and Infant.
Kingfisher Cemetery
June 7, 1900 paper
Mr. Frank R. Childres married Miss Minnie A. Hartson,
Died P. H. McFadden sm pox
Jim Walcher finally in the Kingfisher Jail.
June 14. 1900
Died May 19, 1900 Isabell S. Collins
June 21, 1900
Dr. A. B. Tull married Miss Ethel Thorne
Died Mrs Dan McCarty Lacey
Died Maginiss young son Lacey Cemetery
June 28, 1900 Mrs Hill arrested for the murder of Mr Tomlin. Mrs Hill and
Mr Tomlin had left Stillwater and were travling over land to find a new
They had camped near Kingfisher and after a few days Mrs HIll went to the
house of a farmer near where they had camped and reported that her husband
had died and she did not have the money to take him back home and would they
help her burry him where they were camped.
Which they did.
Some time after this the sons that were here learned of this and had it
investigated and proof was found that she has killed him with strychnia
June 28, 1900
The new Opra house at Kingfisher has a seating capacity of 600.
July 5, 1900
There is said to be a family in I. T. that has 14 children and the oldest is
nine years old.
July 12, 1900
July 4, 1900 Rev. John Sigler married Miss Lulu Marsh [she is Gov Seays
Died July 6, 1900 Stephen Butler
Died July 1, 1900 Mrs G. F. Ingle
July 19, 1900
Mrs John Connell was bitten by a rattlesnake and her life was saved
Louis Raugh, age 18, junped off a water tank of a threshing machine at the
Meyers place near Kingfisher. He fell and he struck one point of a frok
into his head above one eye and he died in 4 hours.
July 26, 1900
Born July 15, 1900 Mr.& Mrs E. E. Hart a baby girl.
Eugene Watrous married Irene Estelle Gray Menzies
Died D. A. Smith Grimes Cemetery
Aug. 2, 1900
Died July 29,1900 Minnie C. Brown
Walter Akin was killed by his sister with a gun she thought was not loaded.
Aug. 9, 1900
Okarche wants to be incorporated
Died Aug. 4, 1900 Mrs Martina Eaton Wandel.
Mr. Leo Fiant married MIss Addie Hall
Mr. Rob Frayer married Miss Lizzie Honeious
Died Aug. 4, 1900 Grandma Eaton Bird Creek Cemetery
An unknown white man was found in a corn field, cause of death unknown.
Aug. 23, A printer at Okeene was bitten on the hand by a new kind of fly
and was laid up in bed.
Born Aug. 17, 1900 Mr. & Mrs Admire a boy whose name will by Richard Foss
Aug. 30, 1900 Mr George Eaton married Miss Margaret
Orr Wandel
The Bank of Kingfisher failed.
Aug. 26, 1900 The court house at Kingfisher burned Sunday morning. The
fire started in an ice cream parlor. All the county records were burned
except those of the treasurer and a part of the clerk's records which were
in the vault. The Kingfisher Ties office was burned and other business
places in the block.
Col. John Anderson whild at a fair in Hennessey dropped some money, and the
town Marshal made a motion to pick it up and Anderson objected and the
marshal hit him with his club which made a gash in John's head. He died 5
hours later.
A U. S. Marshal while hunting horse theives in I. T. had his own team
Sept. 13,1900
The second growth of sugar cane has comenced killing cows early this
Aug. 25, Mr William Pope married Miss Mary Eaton
Most of our farmers are marketing their wheat at Reading or Cashion.
Accident killed Charley Chocrane, Bird Creek cemetery

Kingfisher Free Press of April 5, 1900
A story of Humanity
"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
Comeing into this vicinity recently with the railroad construction outfut,
was a young Irishman who became known as "Wheeler McCarty". Whether
"Wheeler" was a part of his real name or a nick-name to indicate the work he
did is not known. There was nothing about him to attract special attention,
further than he was not strong, and was addicted to the common vices of
ltinerant laborers. He worked industriously. received his pay and spent it
with as litle delay as possibel. No one of his fellow workers knew much
about him. from whence he came or whither his destination. He left no
account of family or friends. He was aimless, harmless, indifferent. a
week ago. he complained of not "feeling well" Acquaintances took him to the
Farmers hotel. His condition seemed not serious- Failure to "get better"
caused Dr. Share to be called in. He examined him and said well he is
dying. and he did die Monday April 2nd.
The "railroad boys learned of his death. they took the body to Guily and
Rogerts undertaking rooms, had it dressed and neatly clothed, and then two
of them got in a buggy and drove out along the line of works and asked for
contributions to meet the funeral expenses. Offers of assiistance were made
by citizens of the town. "No was the reply, he was one of us and we will
take care of it."
Donations were made, what ever one had in the pocket, nickles, dimes and
quarters, half dollars. A lot was bought, the body placed in a neat coffin,
a hearse was employed, and the procession, consisting mostly of fellow
workmen in livery rigs, moved slowly and solemnly to the cemetery A simple
burial service by Rev. J. W. Sherwood and the curtain fell for the last
time on a human life.
There are two little boys at Jake Copelon's now instead of one.
Died Charley Cochrane Bird Creek Cemetery
Died Sept. 18, 1900 Mrs Susan Boughman
Died Albert Michales
Sept. 27, Free Press
Sept. 1900 Mr. & Mrs Will Brown a girl
Mrs Lovina J. Daniels of Alva died recently from blood poison caused by
stepping on a sandbur.
Oct. 1, 1900 Mr. John F. Bort married Miss Francis A Deane
Oct 18 Free Press
Oct 12, 1900 Mr & Mrs Wm. Throckmorton a girl
Nov 1, 1900 Free Press
Struting Turkey a Sac and Fox Indian recently died leaving three wives and
twenty children.
Died Mrs Brock
Died. George Herbert Gurn, found dead beside road.
Nov 15 Free Press
Died Nov 9, 1900 Annie Lusettie Anderson
Nov. 1900 Mr John Stephens married Miss Ester Logan
Rudolph Brueggen, living in the southern portion of the county, was a
pleasant caller at the newspaper headquarters last week. He re ports his
daughter, Miss Ella, who is sojourning at Colerado Springs, is gaining in
Died Floyd Neff Kingfisher cemetery
Born Mr. & Mrs Joe Roland a girl
It was not only white frost last Sunday night, it was Ice
Mrs Hill arrested on charges of murdering Mr. Tomlin, with whom she was
travling , was discharged.
Cold blooded
We print without saying yea or nay.
Enid Eagle new.s
One of the most cold-blooded and brutal murders ever perpetrated in Oklahoma
was that of Col. Stone, in Kingfisher County, about a year ago. The murderer
fled, but was finally located in Mexico. After much trouble and delay he
was borught back, and a few days ago place on trial in Kingfisher. The jury
disagreed, only three of them bing in favor of conviciton. Yea Gods. such
results are not calculated to maintain confiednce in the efficieney of the
law as protecting life and property, and it is not strange that mobs are
frequent. The failures of ignorant, and incompetent juries to do their duty
are the causes of much of the crime with the country is afflicted.
Nov 28, 1900
Jim Walcher aquited of murdering Col. Stone.
Dec. 9, 1900 Free Press
Mr. Emory D. Brownlee married Miss Mary Elizabeth Wilde
Died Dec. 5, Josiah Porter Altona
Dec. 13, 1900 Mr. Charles A Ball married Miss Hattie Crider
Hennessey, OK
Born Dec. 6, 1900 Mr. & Mrs Frank Prouty a boy
Died Dec. 1, 1900 William Campbell Henson Union Hall cemetry
Cashion Bank Safe Blown Open, Burglars secure Over
$3.200 and make their escape.
Dec. 12. 1900
Mrs Mae Thompson of Hair I. T. arrived in our city last Tuesday on the noon
freight with a dying baby, age 4 yrs. Mrs Thompsons parents live in
Dec 27, 1900
Died Mrs Elizabeth Sherwood
Died James Cooder
Fire in Dover Christmas night Post Office block in ruins
Thomas S. and Walter S. Meyers and Anna Britt arrested at the Meryes farm 12
miles north east of Kingfisher by deputy sheriffs, Morrisey and Rogers,
Special agent W. C. West accompanied by Secretary Dougherty
Dec. 25, Mr Wirt K. Winton married Miss Bertha N. Binkley
Dec. 25, 1900 Mr August Lehenbeaur married Miss Mima Hunt.


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