Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

Paper of Jan. 12, 1899 Mr Simon Turk of Norman, was here on Monday.
The other day the people of Araphoe received their mail nicely soaked and
soft, the mail wagon upset in Deer Creek.
Jan. 12 1899 Mr. John T. Throckmorton married Miss Cordelia Stewart.
Jan. 19, 1899 Mr Bert K. Ketch married MIss Nora M. Wildinson
Born Jan. 14, 1899 Mr. & Mrs Arthur Tanner, a boy
Born Jan.18, 1899 Mr & Mrs James Hammond, a boy
The 7 yearl old son of Walter Suitior got ahold of a shotgun, and it
accidently discharged , killing his 2 year old sister.
Died Jan. 17, 1899 Harry Shaw, Troop H. First U. S. Cavalry.
This neighborhood has again been visited by the Angel of Death. One more
home has cause to mourn over the dear departed. Last Wednesday at half past
twelve the soul of John Noah Sr. took its departure for the better land.
He was laid to rest at Bird Creek Cemetery, in the presence of his family
and many friends.
Jan. 1899 Mr. A. E. Bracken has added a undertaking Department to his store
and has some fine caskets.
Born Jan. 1899 Mr. & Mrs Frank Prouty, a girl
January 1899 Mr. Charlie Prebble married Miss Minnie Cardener
Feb. 1899 Mr. Jack Harris married.
The little daughter of R. H. Millers met with a very painful accident, which
may result in death-she swallowed a steele hat pin.
Two men were recently bitten by a dog suposed to be mad. They both went to
Dallas for a mad stone, on one it did not adhere, on the other it stuck
closer than a brother for ten hours. Both were bitten by the same don near
Mr Baldwin, the gentleman who is distributing groceries to the farmers,
with headquarters near Kenneth McLeod's saloon, was knocked down a few
nights ago by some unknown person while he was going through the alley near
the register of deeds, office. Mr. Balcwin did not get to see his
assailant, as he was hit from behind with a brick. The robber got about
five or six dollars in change. Mr Baldwin was not seriously hurt.
The reports of the murder of Mrs. Covey by her husband has been very meager.
It seems that in a quarrel Mrs Covey his her husband with a wrench and he
stepped aside, got a gun and shot her. Nighbors of the Covey family say
that they have never lived happily together, and we undersdant that
arrangements had been made to commence suit for divorce.
Al Jennings hsa been sentenced to life imprisonment in the penitentiary for
holding up the Rock Island train at siding No. 1, 1897. The rials of Frank
Jennnings and the two O'Mally brother for the same offense will be held in
thier orded, a xeverance having been granted to them.
Feb. 1899 Mr. George Gilroy married Miss Maude Wells
Feb. 12, Mr Chas Fouty married Miss Anna Wright.
Martin and Laird, who were arrested and charged with the Indian burnnig,
have been released on $8, 000 bond
Feb. 23, 1899 Diptheria has again made its apperence in some Oklahoma
Another blizzard, temp. was 12 below, and snow fell all day.
If the Jennings boys, who are now on trial are convicted, rewards
aggragating $8.000 will be divided among 20 officers.
One school house near Okarche,has been broken into four times by tramps this
winter, must be a comfortable building.

March 2, 1899 Items from the Kingfisher Free Press
Born March 9, 1899 Mr & Mrs J. S. Tatman, a girl
Died March 24 1899 Augustus Morarvetz
There was a outbreak of measles, and the young and old got pnemonia as a
results and died in an area east of town.
Died March 27, 1899 Ruth Snedagar 2 yr. old
Died March 1899 Mrs Lousia Simmons Mt. Zion Cemetery
Died Feb. 22, 1899 Jessie Aukenmann
Died Feb. 1899 Browning, son of George Jr.
Died Feb. 26, 1899 William Lowry
March 1899 Mr Charles A Madden Grimes Cemetery
March 2, 1899 Rena Wells Noracony
There is a locality in Kingfisher Co. known as the Frog Pond School.
The reports of the murder of Mrs Covey by her hustand has been very meager.
It seems that in a quarrel Mrs Covey his her husband with a wrench and he
stepped aside, agot a gun and shot her. Neighbors of the Covey family say
that they have never lived happily together, and we understand that
arrangements had been made to commence a suit for divorce.
John Covey, the farmer, who it is charged murdered his wife in Blaine County
has been arrested and put in Jail in Kingfisher Co.
Sam Martin has erected a new barn.
March 2, 1899 Dr. McCormack married Miss Ida Barnum

Died Feb. 1899 Sallie Carpenter Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Wm. Collahan
The body of Fredrich Landwark killed in the battle of San Jaun Hill July 1,
will be shipped here from Cuba and burried in the Kingfisher Cemetery
Feb. 1899 Mr Ed. Burton married Miss Florence Callahon
Died Feb. 1899 Mr Wm Callahan
Feb. 2, 1899 Paper reports a very heavy snow.
Mar. 16, 1899
Mr. William Henderson 21, married Miss Jennie Pelvar 18
Mr. Wm. Heskins 34, married Miss Mary Fox. 33
Mr. Ed. Burson 25, married Miss Florence Callahan 21.
Mar. 23, 1899 Mr. Homer E. Dunlap married Miss Stella Blanchard
People in Oklahoma are taking a tablespoon of cidar vinigar three times a
day to prevent Small Pox.
Mert P. Richey was shot and instantly killed by Annie E Bowerey March 18,
Born Mar. 19, 1899 Mr & Mrs C. L Wagner a girl
Died Mar. 18, 1899 Wm McKinley
Died Mar. 18, 1899 Mrs Nellie Gilbert , she was the daughter of Wm.
Died Mar. 10, 1899 Leo Lendel Andurson
Died Mar. 1899 Mrs. Ann Sexton Omega
Died. Mar. 11, 1899 Dee C. Rudd Bird Creek
Died Mar. 22, Maud Honas Bird Creek
Died Mar 22, Bessie Fry
Mar. 30, The little daughter of J. R. French was killed by upsetting a pot
of boilling coffee on her head.
Died. Mar. 29, 1899 Child of James Wallis
Died Mar. 29, Slyvia Anderson Bird Creek
Died March 23, 1899 Alphens J. Dearling

Items from the paper of Apr. 6, 1899
April 6, 1899
Died Apr. 1899 McKinley baby
Died March 22, 1899 Miss Maude Henous Bird Creek cemetery
Died Apr. 6, Mrs Mary J. Wadsworth Kingfisher cemetery
Died Apr. 11, 1899 Mrs Sarah E. {DuVail} Gibson
Died Apr. 11, 1899 Jessied Bacon Blanding
The matter of the indian burnners has again sunk to oblivion, The chances
are that it will be dropped in the end.
The other day the tempture went down to 20 degrees. {rember this was
around April the 15 th. }
Apr. 20, 1899 The Orphan Livery Barn burns.
Died April 18,1899, Mrs Lulu Stringer Mt Zion cemetery
Died Apr. 1899 James Christian
Died April 1899 N. J. Wallace Suicide
Apr. 27 1899
The case of Annie Browery charged with the murder of Mert Rickey, will
probally attract principal attendance during court.
Annie Browery, charged with the murder of Mert Richey alleges in her
affadavid for continunance that she is a sufferer of temporanry insanity,
caused by sickness when a child, and at times when she is wrongly accussed
she has spells of temporary insanity. She also uses the Alias of Mrs
Apr. 1899 Mr Harry Rasp married Miss Rose Woo.
Died Apr. Charles Seldon
May 4, 1899 Rev. Robert P. Brown
Died Apr. 29, 1899 Moses Hobson
Died Apr. 17, 1899 Mrs Myra A. Gibson Omega
Rev. Doty will preach the funeral sermon of Mrs M. A. Gibson on Sunday at
11:30. in the grove at N. C. Gibson's Friends and neighbors are respectfly
invited to attened.
I am not sure of the date on this death
Died Feb. 1899 Aca Crosly Haoner Parvin cemetery. ?
For the distance of a mile the Cimarron and the Cottonwood rivers flow in
oppsite directions , with only a half mile between.
Died June 22, Little son of Mr & Mrs Houk Miller
Kingfisher Mill & Elevator sold to Mr E. J. Murphy of Atoria, Ill.
More Later. Mary Lou
Died May 5, 1899 Mrs Mattie A. Duff Kingfisher Cemetery
This is a list of the children of Mr and Mrs Albert Caron that they have
lost in the last few mounths.
Died Feb. 18, 1899 Alla Caron age 8
Died Mar. 18, Rosla Caron age 8
Died Apr. 6, Sadie Caron age 3
May 25, 1899 The dwelling of John Johnson, near Parvin burned, he lost all
his belongings. his wife is an invalid.
Died May 25, 1899 Mrs Dr. Ruhl, Bird Creek cemerery

First let me say that the items are hard to read, now that is my only
excuse. Here is a couple of things I re looked.
I did not find any more info on Rena Wells Norcaong, I am sorry. Also I did
not find mention of Nancy [Woodbury] Staley I think this was in Feb. and
that year in Feb. they had a pretty good snow, and remember that some one
would hafto ridden quite a few miles on horse back to give this info to the
paper. Oh I do see her husband burried same year.
July 6, 1899 paper
President H. T. House a son
Died July 1, 1899 Mr G. S. Collins
Died July 13, 1899 Comrade Scott
Mr. Robert F. Christian married Miss Hattie M. blessing
Died. July 17, 1899 Inf. daughter of Mr& Mrs Wellington Kennedy
Cholera Infantum
Died. July 20, Bert Ramsey
Mr. Emmit A. Pemberton married Miss Catherine Lilly
On or after July 20, the sheriffs are armed with warrents for delingquint
taxes and a lot of hard feelings result.
Died. Aug. 1899 W. E. Hamblin
Born Aug. 27, Mr. & Mrs A. Campbell a boy
The White Caps attempted to whip Tom Jackson, in Harlan Co Ky when Mrs
Jackson interfered, killing the leader.
Logan and Ames used to be Logan and Snow.
The foul punishment inflected by the white family upon their little 4 year
old boy, shows it is not necessary to go to Africa, China ro Arabia to find
the heathens.
Aug. 1899 Mr. John C. Knoop married Miss Emma I Hodson
Died Aug. 1899 President J. T. Houses baby boy died
Robb and Co. elevator burns.
Last week two men were knocked out by sunstroke
Died Aug. 1899 The little son born to Mr & Mrs Nagle Aug. 21, died Wed
Died Aug. President J. T. House's daughter dies
Aug. 1899 Another Shooting, Marshall Hitchcock Shot Down Like a Dog.
Whiskey's third victim this year
Negro John Brown Did the Shooting--Clarence Maines, Brought on the Trouble.
The shooting of Assistant Marshal Hitchodk on a public street last Saturday
afternoon was one of the most devilish outrages that has occurred in this
tow since the murder of Mirt Rickey.
Monday evining at the opera house only nine hats remained perched like last
year birds nests on the heads of their female owners during the performance.
Two or three, one over in the east row and one in the west row, were high,
sprawling and of the 96 or 97 style. The others were fashioned more after
the fashion of flap-jacks, They were all ugly, uninteresting and tiresome to
the poor devils who were so unfortunate as to be located in their rear.
Died Aug. 1899, George Mills sunstroke
Died Aug. 1899 Mrs John Calkins and
Died Aug. 1899 Miss Sarah Clapham
They were wading in the river and got in too deep.
1899 Mr. Frank Pope married Miss Goldia Gill
1899 Mr Frank Gill married Miss Anna Peterson
1899 Mr. Charley Gill married MIss Julia Peterson
Several of our farmers attended R. Kisners sale last Saturday.
A new baby boy has taken up his abode at the M. E. Parsonage recently.
Marshall Hitchcock is improving slowly
Mrs Phillys Snedgar has dumb ague.
Born Sept. 1899 Mr. & Mrs Tom Clark a girl
Born Sept. 1899 Mr. & Mrs R. B. Bolton a girl
Born Sept. 1899 Mr & Mrs Sam VonGundy a boy
A very narrow escape from death was experienced by Fred Vogt Jr. last
Sunday. He and a companion had been hunting and sat down to rest with the
gun lying between them. In some way the gun discharged and the wad went
into Vogts fore arm. He was brought to Dr Wolff who dressed the wound and
does not consider it very dangerous. Twenty-two perforations by No. ? shot
were counted, some of them passing entirely through the arm, and dangerously
near the elbow joint.
Died Sept. 1899 Willie Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln.
George Lunnon, the sixteen year old son of J. M. Lunnon of near Mathewson,
was injured seriously and probaly fatally by the accidental discharge of a
target rifle with which he was playing. The rifle was of 22 caliber, and
while the boy was handling it, in some unaccountable manner whild the gun
was pointed towards him, the peice discharged and the bullet entered the
abdomen and lodging against the vertabrae. The stomach was penetrated and
either the concussion or the ball lodging against the backbone has affected
the spinal column so that from the hip down the boy is paralyzed. Dr.
Sanger is in attendance and ewpresses no hope of the boy's recovery.
Sept. 17, 1899 Frank Smith married Miss Elizabeth McKensey
Fire in Okarche, The entire row between J. E. Bothel's and the Hendrich's
stores were burned
Death Sept. 1899 George Lunnon
The thunder and lighting was uncommonly severe last Saturday. Mr Ratcliff,
a well known resiednt of Mathewson was killed while working setting a wagon
Sept. 1899 Albert Gain married Miss Stella Walker.
Last week the son of Mr. Brinson, living east of Downs lay down to rest in
frount of Grant Robinson's engine. The engeneer started the engine and did
not see the boy and ran over him killing him instantly
Deid Sept. 28, 1899 baby daughter of Mr. & Mrs Oris Ridgley colera
Last Saturday the transport Sheridan set sail from San Francesco to Manilla,
and was followed Sunday by the Transports Glenogle and Charles Nelson.
These vessels were loaded with troops, principally from Kansas and Missouri.
eli Admire was on the Nelson and our other Kingfisher boys, John Bradly and
young _____ Smith and other swere on the Sherdian. It is a long way to the
Philippines, but all hope that the boys will enjoy the trip, and not get
hurt after they reach their destination.
Dover's cotton gin burnned to the ground.
Cass Wright was oiling his fathers engene the other day when the engeneer
started the engene and caught his fingers and badly mangled them. They had
to amputate to the center of his right hand.
Oct. 5 1899
The ExUnion and the ExConfedrae soldiers will burry the bloody shirt at Gery
Oct. 12 - 14
Oct. 1, 1899 Dr. Edgar E. Hort married Miss Kittie Wells
Mrs Decher was bitten by a tarantula. She was terriably sick for a few
hours but recovered
Sept. 20, 1899 Wilmer R. Allen married Miss Myra L. Spencer
Died Sept. 1899 Mr D. W. Solomon
Sam Pryor, the man who supposed to have led the mob that burned the Indians,
gave himself up.
Levi Gains has sold his farm to Charles Preble
There was considerable commotion on the Rock Island train as it pulled into
Duncan, I. T. last Saturday at noon, caused by the birth of a fine baby boy
to Mr. & Mrs W. S. Holden, passengers enroute from Tenn. to Kingfisher,
The smoker was cleared and the Dr. arrived just in time and the train sped
on its way with the new passenger.
Mr. & Mrs Holden will reside in Kingfisher.
1899 Frank A. Lader married Miss Etta Hope Ingram
Snyder school started Oct. 9, Mr Morgan is the teacher.
Oct. 1899 Joseph B Rawland married Miss Lettie Holmon.
A map is being printed that will show the name of ever farm owner in
Kingfisher Co.
Oct. 18, 1899 George Sawyer married Miss Nellie Burnett
Oct. 1899 Leslie Chase married Miss Sadie Sibley
Nov. 1899
New Citizens
Fred Tennig Keit, native of Germany
Comrad W. Miller " Russia
Francis Dulana " Austria
James Brazil " Great Brittain
Fred Youke " Prussia
Paul Friedemann " Russia
They became Citizens during this term of Court.
Paper of Nov 2, 1899
Died Oct. 26, 1899 Mrs Susie Cole
Died Oct. 26, 1899 Mrs Martha Conley
Steve Drew and Don Jones of Dover had a fight with pitchforks and a shot
gun, Pitchforks won.
W. M. Saner received word of the death of his brother Homer C. Saner of
Burhett, Ind.
Oct. 1899 Mr Leo VonNess married Miss Girty
Nov 9, 1899
Dr. Edward F. Higdon married Miss Jessie Maize
Nov 16, 1899
Died Nov. 16, 1899 Nellie McClure Alpha Okeene
Oct 31, 1899 J. W. Bonnett married Miss Rose M. Bay
Card recieved for the wedding , Nov 28, 1899 of Cassuis M. Cade to Miss
Lizzie Hurtz
Died Mrs J. W. Dancy
Quail hunters killed a valuable horse for a farmer.
Death. The little Holden baby, is dead. remember it was born on the train
comeing to Kingfisher.
Death Nov. 10, 1899 Mrs Wilkson
Nov 23 1899 The Kansas fat girl, ten years old, and weighted 318 lbs, died
Mrs John Stone was called East, last week, by the death of her father.
Nov 30, 1899 George Altizer 16 yr. Grimes Cem
Nov. 30, 1899 Mr Mert Ketch married Miss Mamie Warren
Died Nov. 1899 Mrs Addie LLoyd Bort.
George Foster had a fine colt shot by Quail hunters who were trespassing on
his farm. 

Died Nov. 27, 1899 James L. Setford
Died Dec. 14, 1899 Ed Gee Typhoid fefer Kingfisher Cem.
Died Dec. 1899 Miller baby
Died Dec. 1899 George W Anderson Altoona Kansas.
Died Dec. 1899 Mrs Byers Bird Creek Cem
Cards announcing the wedding of Mr Dorsey Kreitzer to Miss Flo. Grimes.
Christmas day.
Dec. 10, 1899 Mr. William Frans married Miss Laura Barachman.
Dec. 1899 Fred Smith married Miss Edith Porter
Born Dec. 28, 1899 Mr. & Mrs Arthur Black a girl
Dec. 25, 1899 John Vincent married MIss Mattie W. Gilbert
Anna Bowers the woman charge with killing Mort Richey recieved four years in
the penitentiary
Died Dec. 1899 Mrs S. Holnam


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