Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

Dec. 10, 1897 Jack McKone died in a jail in St. Joseph, Mo. He had shot
William Albin, and he was a early day resident of Kingfisher.
Dec. 1897 Word was recived by Mrs James Lowry of the death of her father,
Hon. J. R> McGrew.
Dec. 31, 1897 Mr Edward Blair died at his home near Kingifisher.
Jan. 13, 1898 James Booth, living near Okarche, while breeching his gun the
other day blew off his big toe.
The postmaster at Kingifsher has recieved a blizzard flag from the
government and will hoist it when notified to do so.
Jan. 20, 1898 Frank Kafka, the insane Bohemian in the Hennessey jail
comited suicide last week.
The people who burned the Indians are said to be the most religious people
in the territory.
Willie Brenner, a boy living near Hennessey, while playing with some other
boys was shot in the eye by an arrow. The sight being completly destroyed.
Died. Jan. 23, 1898 Marion Tatman 11 mo. old and 5 days daughter of
J. S. Tatman's
Outlaws steer clear of Woods County no outlaw has ever been taken alive out
Feb. 1898 Mr Brand married Miss Lida Carter
The broom factory, across from Longendyke's burned Friday morning about 3 A.
M. One trunk was all that was saved from the house. Brown and Dearbach
were the owners.
The man who killed Rhine quarreled with his wife, whom he had just married,
and vowed to kill four men and leave the country. After killing Rhine he
skipped out. The other three men are thanking their lucky stars.
Frank Elrod came up from the indian treeitory to attend the funeral of his
sisters husband. One night last week he went to the barn and took a
stallion out of the stable and left for parts unknown. This leaves the poor
woman without a team. This seems to be a gennine case of brotherly
love-----for horses. Theree quiet, but resolute men are on his
trail----results later.
Oklahoma had 2 lynchings in the past year, Texas had 25.
There is going to be trouble when the arrests in the indian burning case
takes place.
Died Feb. 1898 Ed. Jones
Born Feb. 10, 1898 Mr. & Mrs Jimmie McDonnell, a boy
Hazel Barr, the granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs Noah Gore, with whom she lives
was bitten by a dog and Hydrophobia was feared, a mad stone was applied to
the wound.
Born Feb. 1898 Mr. & Mrs Marshall Gillian twin boys
Henry Leonhardt thinks the new lady boarder he has taken in is quite the
best on School House Ave. Wt 8 lbs.
The widow Floyds house burned last week. Do not know how it hapened Feb.
24, 1898
The home of Mr Wilson, a Garfield Co. farmer's house was wrecked by
lighting last week but the inmates were not injured.
A man named McGure moved to Okalhoma last week. He was acompained by a wife
and fourteen children.
Burt Barr's little girl was bitten by a mad dog last Sunday. The mad stone
was applied but it failed to adher.
Died Feb. 16, 1898 Dr. John Long Banner .
A man and wife and 4 prs of twins were at the Union Depot in Kansas City
enroute to Oklahoma.
Feb. 23, 1898 Mr. Julion married Mrs Allen
Died Feb. 19, 1898 Ulysses S. Morgan
Feb. 1898 Mr Arthur Tanner married Miss Allie Calnon
Born Mr & Mrs Jess Tetrich a girl
March 17, Robert Bryon, 18 mo. old child of Mr & Mrs J. E. Harmon , met with
a fearful death. The parents were burning brush and fallen timber,
Unnoticed the little fellow crawled around to a burning log and fell into
the fire.
An Oklahoma baby was born on the 22nd of Feb. and escaped being named George
Washington, it was a girl.
The wind has blown almost constantly since March 1.
Died Mar. 10, Inf. of Mr & Mrs Hodge. burried at Beuliah
Died Mar. 18, 1898 Mrs John F. Hodge. she leaves a husband and seven
Near Hennessey one night last week, 13 head of cattle was killed by
lighting, people will just never learn that 13 is loaded.
Died 1898 Mrs Robert Porter
Born Mr & Mrs H. Stephens, a son.
Born Apr.14, 1898 Mr. & Mrs Will Baker, a girl. Okarche
Apr. 11, 1898 Dick West member of the Jennings gang was shot and killed.
Apr. 1898 Mr. Arthur E. Bracken married Miss Nellie Lee
Strong winds Sunday night moved Leslie Fosters barn off the foundation.
Ned Sisson has been Deputy Marshal now 6 mounths, and hasent been killed
once by a outlaw.
April 1898 Mr. John W. Cleaver married Miss Alline Bucher.
Apr. 21, 1898 Mr. Chas. S. Ketch married Miss Ida Spencer
Born Apr. 1898 Mr. & Mrs Ernest Taylor, a boy
Died Fred C. Meyers, living near Okarche, was fatally injured last week by
falling from a load of fodder on to a pitchfork.
Pa-shepa-sho chief of the Sacs died and was burried with all his ornaments.
His horse was slain at his grave. The night after the funeral some one dug
him up and took all the trinkets off his body.
Elder Savage and wife visited in this vicinity last week
Died May 3, 1898 Mrs Mary C. Nesbitt. burried in St Joseph, Mo.
Volenteer Companies are being orginizxed in nearly ever county in the
Born May 16, 1898 Mr. & Mrs A. T. Hanes, a boy
Mr Clarence Holbrook married Miss May Satterlee
May 1898 Mr. & Mrs H. E. Spencer a boy
The family of Newt Shamley, living near Hennessey, were recently poisioned
by milk. It is thought that the cows ate poision ivy.
Telford Johnson had a cow which gave birth to 3 perfectly formed calves.
Mr. Dick Miller married Miss Mame Fossett
June 1898 Mr. Ernest Bennett married Miss Kate Hammer
12 year old son of Al Caudry was bitten by a rattlesnake and died 3 hours
June 9, 1898 Charles Thompson of Kingfisher County has been bitten by a
mad dog. He is in Chicago seeking releif.
The first thing the Rough Riders learned was how to fire a pistol from their
horses without killin either the horse or them selves.
The Rough Riders will be the first into Cuba. They leave from New Orleans.
June 1898 Mr Nim Neely married a young lady from Arkansas.
June 1898 Mr. Wm. C. Rudd married Miss Louise Spencer
Died June 1898 Mr. Herbert E. Adams
June 8, 1898 Mr. Wm. A. Inlow married Miss Rosa Dunham
May 5, 1898 Mr. Alfred W. Wright married Miss Kathleen Spencer.
An Oklahoma man lost 180 hogs to the high water last week. May 1898
June 2, 1898 Mr Ernest Burnett married Miss Kate Hammer
June 2, 1898 Mr. Link Wouzer married Miss Wilson
June 1898 Mr. Will Tanner married Miss Mommie Mum
Pigs are no longer allowed to run on the streets of Chandler.
Willie Cross met with a serious accident last week. Some boys had some
powder left over from the 4th. and put it in a can and put a match by it.
It did not go off and Willie went over to look in the can to see why. It
went off and Willies face is burned almost beyond recognition. He crawled
on hand and knees over the dam to the Ice plant and found Sam McCormick and
asked him to wash his face, begging him not to tell his father or mother,
they would be so frightened. We all hope that he will have nothing but a
memory of this and that he will recover.
Died. June 13, 1898 Fred Franks
June 30, 1898 Mr. John Homier married Miss Daisy Klukner
June 1898 Mr. William Hugher married Miss Allie Paradis
Capt. Capron who led the fight in Santiago and was killed, recuted the Rough
Riders in Oklahoma. He died bravely.
Fred Beal who was wounded at Santiago enlisted in Kingfisher. He is only 19
yrs old and a brave lad.
Ten little indian girls and their teacher are residing in Oklahoma City.
They will stay a mounth, they want to see how the pale faces do things.
July 7, 1898 Subscribe now Free Press $ 1. 00
Died July 1, Charles D. Nickdl ? Kiel Cemetery
Died July 21, 1898 Mrs Christina F. Bonnett
A few years ago Mr Fox Tail, a Cmanche Indian, married Miss Bulltail, an
Aparahoe girl, FoxTail promised his wifes father the usual number of
dogs, cattle, ponies and tobacco. Up to the present time Fox Tail has
failed to keep his promise with the father in law. Last week the father in
law went to the home of his son in law and took away his wife and four
children. Fox Tail is bringing suit to get them back.
July 28, 1898 Dr. Fry's Mad Stone, Little Whit Doe is located at the
Peoples Bank, Kingfisher
July 1898 Mr Charles Lowery married Miss Alice Schnell
July 30, 1898 Mr. Marvin Miller married MIss Olive Williams
July 1898 Mr Vincent Brecrnan married Miss Allie Bracken
Some files missing and some repeating.
Mr Frank Prouty married Miss Winifred Parker
Died. Aug. 26, 1898 Mr. Roy Osborne
Aug. 5, 1898 Roy Cashion killed in battle of El Caney.
Died Aug. 14, 1898 Charles H. Anderson Kingfisher Cemetery
Died Aug. 10, 1898 Mrs Margaret Lilly
Dora Cox, accused horsethief eacaped from the Kingfisher jail.
Ira Hamilton, residing in Logan county, has lost five horses to death. It is
estimated that over 100 horses in that areea has died in the past mounth.
Died Aug. 30, 1898 Mr C. F Sears Excellsior T. W. P.
Died Aug. 24, 1898 Mrs Lucinda E. Spurry
An Okahoma baby ate fly paper and nearly died. This is a warning to other
Roy Knapp was shot and killed while resisitng arrest near Hominy, he was a
whiskey peddler.
A Mrs Gooder died in Lincoln county, after indulging to freely of
More missing files
Died Sept. 1898 Mr. James A. Colburn.
Sept. 1898 The Rough Riders are comeing home as fast as they can travel. A
number are left behind in Hospitals too Ill to Travel, several were killed,
and others died from their wounds.
Sept. 14, Mr Thomas J. Farrah married Miss Elva Allen.
Sept. 1898 Mr. Charles B. Johnson married Miss Mina Admire
Sept. 28, 1898 Mr. John F. Stites, married Miss Amy Zimmerman
There will be a hanging bee in the square at Dover on next Saturday at 12
m.. sharp if Mr. Baughman fails to explain that calliope whistle he has
recently attached to his mill engine. Our people dont know whether it is
"Gabriel blowing his trumpet" or a circus coming to town.
Sept. 1898 Mr Robert Allen married Miss Ethel Duff
Oct. 1898 Rolla Warrior, a Ponca Indian boy has escaped from his parents,
they wanted to send him to school.
Oct. 2, 1898 Mr John DePriest married Miss Mariam M. Hubbard.
Died Oct. 20, 1898 James Nordvie Potters field.
A migratory flock of chicken hawks said to number fully 3, 000 has been
seen near Red Rock.
On Last Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Wm. White, a widow, living three miles
north of Sheridan, in a fit of insanity, told her little six year old boy
she was going to kill him. The boy grabbed his little four year old sister
and tried to escape, but the frenizied mother overtook them near a pond and
caught the little girl and with a large butcher knife severed the head from
the body and tore out her entrals and threw the remains in the pond.
Mrs White, who killed her little four year old daughter last week, was
adjudged insane before the probate court and on Sunday her husband and a
neighbor took her to the territorial asylum at Norman. She told the two
children she intended to kill them both. The boy thought to escape and lead
his little sister away, intending to reach a nieghbors. The mother over
took them at the spring and killed the little girl and the boy ran away.
A man living in Oklahoma killed a rattlesnake seven and one half feet long,
last week with a beer bottle.
Died Oct. 4, 1898 Joseph P. Russell
Oct. 1898 Mr. L. A. Walton married Mrs M. L. Hawkins
Nov 1898 Fire again. Started in the Benedict Hotel, W. U. Cochrane
imlplements, next the Cunningham building, The Blackford Building. Mrs
Benedict lost almost ever thing, Mrs Hawkins also lost all. This is the
3rd. serious fire in the last few years.
Horse theives are numerous around Kingfisher.
The Outlaws are gradually but surely being killed off in Oklahoma and Indian
Nov 10. 1898 Mr Harry H. Doke married Miss Marion J. Pierce
Died. Oct. 30, 1898 Miss Nonnie Finley Excelsior.
The other night during the fire a spectator said " How funny it is; It was
almost impossibel to get men help move the furniture out of the Bracken
store, but five times as many were at work carrying the whiskey and beer
out of Sam Lowery"s as were needed."
Nov. 17, 1898 diptheria is prevalent in Logan County.
The smallest man in the United States has been discouvered, he lives in
Kingfisher. He wants 15 cents for the damage done to his gate on Holloween.
The Misses Mable and Gay Goddard spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Gunsaullus.
Died Nov. 15, 1898 Mrs Namie Ambrose
Died Nov. 6, Mrs Flora Armstrong.
Died Nov. 20, 1898 Alice L. Osborn
Nov. 1898 Dr. Milton F. Leith married Miss Emma Rufe
Died Nov. 1898 John W. Cleaver
Nov. 1898 Mr. Lunon F. Parker married Miss Ludie Hall
Born Nov. 1898 Mr. & Mrs E. Gibson a girl
Died Nov. 20, 1898 John H. Snodgrass
Died. Nov. 25, 1898 Frank Ambrose
Nov. 1898 Mr John Meyers married Miss Dot Berry
Another fire Miss Minnie Dotry caught fire and J. J. Raymaker meat Market,
Miss Dotry,Millinery
Frank Broling, and F. R. McKinley confectionary
Died. Nov. 30, 1898 Miss Alice Aborn Omega
Born Dec. 4, 1898 Mr & Mrs F. P. Runnels a boy
Prarie Wolves are killing young cattle in broad daylight in Garfield
Dec. 1898 Mr. Albert H. Evans married Miss Amy A Ruclisill
Died Dec. 1898 Robert Lacy
Died Dec. 17, 1898 Mrs Lizzie Couch
Dec. 21, 1898 Mr H. L Jenes married Miss Ada Frans
Dec. 1898 Mr George B. Hubbell married Miss Myrtle M. Bliss.
The North Canadian is feeling very low, and confined to her bed.
Dec. 1,1898 Oklahoma was bisited by quite a blizzard last week for this
early in the year.


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