Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

The little daughter of Frank Etheridge was burned to death. Her name was
Maggie and she was but 5 yrs old.
Jan. 1897 Mr. Charles G. King married Miss Helen M. Rose
Jan. 14, 1897 A two year old child from over by Perry died the other day
from drinking a pint of whiskey.
The little daughter of Cloud Chief drowned in the river Christmas day. The
whole country attented the indian funeral.
Born Jan 13, Mr & Mrs E. M. Flichenger, a boy
Jan. 1897 Fire again, 14 business men burned out. Meat Market---Gus
Morawetz, Black's restaurant, McClung's Saloon, Jones feed store,
Christian's fruit stand, Anders restaurant & second store, Mrs Millers
restaurant, Aplegarths restaurant, Schaaf's meat market, Cone & Meyers
barbershop, Rogers & Harris Saloon, W. R. Benson & Judge Amey who had rooms
in the Corneluis Bulding.
Jan 11, On the evening of the 11th Samuel White, the 9 year old son of
William White was bringing in the horses from the pasturs to the stable when
one of them kicked Samuel on the stomach from which he died on the evening
of the 13th. His remains were burried in the Kingfisher Cemetery.
Jan. 1897 A group of Highwaymen robbed a wagon train near Guthrie, the
leader twas George Taylor murder of the Meeks Family.
The burned area on Main streed coveres eight blocks, Most of the owners are
abale to rebuild.
A Garfield trader has a horse that has a brilliant appetite, but cant be
drove, single or double, rid or monkeyed with.
Jan. 28, Gov. A. J. Seay announces that due to ill health he will not be a
canidate for reapointment as Govener.
Jan. 28, 1897 B. K. Vankirk, while chopping wood, cut his foot severly.
Jan. 1897 Mr Jim Sears married Miss Nellie Jett.
Feb. 11, 1897 Mr. Frank Pemberton married Miss emily Preston
Died. Feb. 1897 Mrs Sarah A {Fairchild} McDowell
Kingfisher Cemetery.
Okahoma marriage contract laws prohibits Whites, Negroes and Indians from
intermarrying, and forbids a man from marrying his mother-in-law.
Feb. 1897 There is a girl in Kingfisher who purchased a 5 cent penholder.
Upon being dunned several times she decided to pay up. She is paying one
cent at a time, and insisting upon a written receipt each time.
Died Feb. 8, 2897 the little daughter of Mr & Mrs S. H. Drew of Dover, Ruth
was 11 m. & 16 days old.
Died Feb. 1897 George Dean, age 15. Parents belonged to a sect called
"Come Outers" they did not call a Dr. all they did was pray. The neighbors
are very indignant and demand the parents be indicted for murder.
Feb. 7, 1897 Mr. John Bigheart married MIss Ethel Stakely
Feb. 7, 1897 Mr Ben Harrison married Miss Minnie Harney, the brides are
white girls and the men are full blood Osage Indians.
The head line from Paper "February 52, 1897"
Born Mr. & Mrs J. S. Tatman a girl, Feb. 1897
Died Feb. 1897 Earl Gurn
Died Feb. 21, 1897 Mr Reandeau "Frenchey" buuried Hennessey Catholic.
Died Feb. 20, 1897 Edna Brown Daughter of F. M. Brown burial at
Cemetery near Onida
Died Feb. 1897 David Olmstead Paupers grave in cemetery
March 2, 1897 Mr. Guy Camden married Miss Harriet Parker.
March 1, 1897 Mr. Minor W. Warren married Miss Mary E. Chamberlain.
Died March 1897 Harry Good
Died March 1897 James W. Tippern
Died March 1897 Mrs. A. D. Oseubaugh nee Popplewell
March 1897 Mrs Bill Doolin has married Sam Meeks.
March 1897 Me. J. E. W. Willimas married Miss Mattie Garner
Died March 23, 1897 Louise Burwell
Apr. 21, 1897 Mr. A. B. Snow married Miss Grace Cunningham
Apr. 15, Me. James Riley Leauge married Miss Mary E. Crouford
Died Apr. 18, 1897 The only daughter of Dr McCormick, Ethel 16 yrs. 11
Mo. and 18 days burried in Kansas
Born Apr. 1897 Mr & Mrs James A Wilson a fine pr of girls.
Miss Florence Hickman will close her school at Snyder Sat. Apr. 10th.
Died Apr. 1897 Mrs Mary Ann Arnett of of Kingfishers oldest residents is
dead. She was 67 yrs old
Died Apr. 15, 1897 Mrs Tom Robertson
Died Apr. 9, 1897 Mrs Anna Newer
A resident of Krebs killed a 50 lb. wildcat.
Five bridges at Kingfisher were washed away by the floods. They were valued
at #3000.00.
Mrs Daltons house went down the Cimarron the day of the flood.
Mr. J. E. Tincher received work that Mrs Harvey Norton died from injuries
received from falling off a bicycle.
The Cimarron is getting to big for its banks.
Apr. 24, 1897 was a typical storm day in Okla. At 12 o'clock dark clouds in
the west caused people to take to their storm holes like shy prairie dogs.
During the afternoon several refreshing showers fall. At. 8 o'clock a
treeific rain and wind storm set in, accompauined by violent elecreical
discharges . For five hours an electrical battery did busines in the
heavens. The wind lashed itself into a fury, and oceans of water fell.
The night was an appalling one; between the blinding and incessant lighting
flashes and the parbroiled wind, nervous persons ejnoyed an very unenjoyable
Apr. 1897 Mr. Frank Gardner married Miss Nora Gibson
Lighting killed 5 cows and set fire tothe barn belonging to Frank Bowles,
last night May 13, 1897
George Robinson reports that the south end of the Cimarron bridte has gone
Mr. F. M. Tomlin the old genteleman who died so suddenly, a few weeks ago,
Well his two sons are here investigaton his death.
Born May 7, 1897 Mr & Mrs Kenneth McLeod a girl
Cards announcing the marriage of Mr Ernest A. Taylor to Miss Sadie Ethel
Bennedict are out. the date is May 25.
Born May 15, Mr & Mrs James Pruyne a boy
Died May 13, 1897 J. L. Bates.
Born May 1897 Mr. & Mrs Cotton a boy
Died May 1897 Susan Burden
Born May 1897 Mr. & Mrs Theo Bivins a baby
June 1897 a baby born at Okarche wt. 15 lbs.
The ten year old son of John Shannahan was biten by a rattlesnake last Sat.
and died Sunday, Burried Kingfisher cemetery June 1897
June 10, 1897 Mr. Charles Armor married Miss Mattie Redmon

There are more Smiths to the square mile in Oklahoma than any other country
in the world. They are pretty good people too.
Ardemore now has a complete telephone system with thirty phones in use.
Died; Judge Joseph W. Wheeler was found dead in his apartment
Feb. 17, 1836----June 24, 1897
Mr. James Yoeman 67 married Mrs Susan M. Brown 65 July 8, 1897
Died Mrs Anna Fry Berry McConnell Aug. 21, 1863---July 4, 1897
W. F. Doorly's livery stable burned, lost five horses and the buggies were
considerably dammaged. No insurance.
Mrs Grout watched a tramp fishing for one of her chickens the other day, but
xhe didn't discover him soon enough to scare him away. He had a fishing
pole and baited hook. Old Mr Roosete came along, coulden't resist
temptatinon, swallowed the bait and was hauled of yelling vociferously.
Died the 16 yr. old son of W. A. Kenp was drowned while swiming in Deer
Castor Beans are an improtant crop in Oklahoma.
Mr. Harry Thompson married Miss Alice Billings July 10, 1897
Died. The dead body of James Butler whose home was near Down O. T. has
been found in the Creek Country. He was found under his wagon with a bullet
hole under his left arm. His horses were grazing near by. He had been
missing since June 27, 1897
Dr. Anders of this city attempted suicide in the following manner, he broke
the heads off several red headed matches soaked them in water, then drank
the mixture, would have killed him had he not gotten hoggish and darnk to
much. Dr. Sprague was called and worked all night and finally saved him
from death.
A six year old son of Will Griffith was bitten by a rattlesnake at his home
near Waukomis, and died after four hors of intense suffering.
Twenty five head of cattle died recently from drinking the water in the Salt
Fork river . The water was very strongly impregnated with salt.

Died Ed Patton July 22, 1897
Billie Savage was in the city Monday.
Died. While stacking hay Fred Grey was kicked by a mule and instantly
killed near Omaga.
Lawrence Green, a farmer was bitten on the foot by a copperhead snake it
took seventy ounces of whiskey to concentrate the poision. Mr Green would
like to try the treatment again.
Nathan Anderson blew his brains out with a shot gun, he was depressed over
financial and family matters. He leaves a wife and 8 children.
Two little boys aged 12, and 15 prepared the ground and drilled in 296 arers
of wheat and will harvest 6, 000 bushels of wheat.
Andrew Blackwell of Hamilton Prarie O. T. died a few days since from the
effects of a copper head snake bite. He was thought to be out of danger at
one time, but a few days since he died of lockjaw, and a post mortem
examination shows his entire system to have been under the infuence of the
The hot weather the past week picked up Jake Admire and put him in bed.
Horace Hixon had a narrow escape he was smoking and lit a match by a empty
barrel which had been there for several mounths. The barrel was filled with
alcholic gas and exploded. The explosion was heard for several blocks, he
escaped with only minor injuries.
Born Mr & Mrs George Laing a girl July 1897
Died Mr. Calhoun July 1897
Mr. D. C. Tilbury 25 married Miss Elmeda A Dupey 19 July 30, 1897
Mr George Lee 32 married Oliva Clark 33 Aug. 3, 1897
Mr. John R. Moore 34 married Dora J. Mountz 23,
Aug. 1897
Aug. 12, 1897 Sundays storm. Lighting killed 3 jersey cows of W. F. Bort.
Died David Crouse Harvest hand from Ill. Horse threw him and his
foot caught in the sturip and the horse drug him nearly a quarter of a mile.
Died Harry Tanner 1897
The sun dance among the indian tribes proved a dance to death to many, the
son being to neighborly for them.
A man named John Williams, while loading hay on his wagon, was struck by
lighting and instantly killed, one of the horses was also hit but is
recovering. the wagon and hay was burned..
Aug. 3rd. 1897 was 108 degrees today.
Died Robert Roy Osborne 1874----1897
Sept. 2, 1897 Mr Hobson and his wife have been living in a little house
near the M. E. Church for several weeks. He has been working with the
trreshing outfits, but broke his arm and has been working as best he could,
for four weeks his wife has been seriously ill, cared for by the kind
neighbors. They are penniles, but deserving. A subscription has been taken
up for funeral expenses and food. Mrs Alice Hobson was burried. she was
but 25 yrs old Sept. 1897
Sept. 9, 1897 The first instance of an indian woman comitting suicide was
frunished by the wife of Black Horse, a Cheyenne. The husband burned the
house and burried his wife in state.
Sept. 5, 1897 Mr Vernon W. Whiting married Misss Luella Voohers.
Sept. 15, 1897 Rev. James Noble married Miss Mable Simpson.
Sept. 20, 1897 Mr John Bush married Miss Mary Jorden
In a double wedding the follow ing were wed.
Sept. 15, 1897 Mr. John Law married Miss Maggie Savage
Mr Roy Hammer married Miss Ruth Savage
More than 500 people were at the church where the wedding took place.
Near Okarche the following double wedding took place.
Sept. 15, 1897 Mr. Chas Carson married Miss Myrtle Worley
Mr. Ed. Kell married Miss Mary Herber
Died Sept. 30,1897 Margaret Montgomery was playing in the wheat and sank
down into the wheat and when she was found she was dead.
In another double wedding on Sept. 15, 1897
Mr. Edwin F. Connelly married Miss Alice Watts
Mr. Charles H. Connelly married Miss Eve Watts.
Sept. 21, 1897 Mr Fred B. Childres married Miss Ruth Williams
Sept. 13, 1897 Mr Ed Moran married Miss Ada B. Kendrick
Died Sept. 1897 Nate Miller died at his home last week, A quack Doctor
gave him an over dose of morphing
Al Jennings gang robbed the south bound passenger train Oct. 1897 Al
Jennings is the former county attourney form Canadian County.
Oct. 5, 1897 Mr. R. R. Barnes married Miss Florence Vinson.
Died Oct. 1897 William Hodgenson
Deid Oct. 1897 Mr Fredrich D. Warniche. He took his own life.
Died Oct. 4, 1897 Mrs Garmon age 70, visited her neighbor and upon leaving
became lost and was found entirely nude by a searching party.
Oct. 1897 The young son of John Caruthers was terriably injured by being
run over by a disc harrow and his wound will prove fatal
Mrs Koch attempted to lead a span of mules to water. They ran away and she
could not disengage her hands from the lines. They had dragged her two
miles, when Mrs Frank Bissanx ran out with a kitche knife and cut the lines.
Mrs Koch's clother were all torn off and she is in critical condition.
Died Oct. 28, 1897 Mr. Hreman Horn die from the wounds he recrived when he
was shot by a consealed foe.

Nov. 4, 1908 John Peccors who killed Jake Kline at Kingfisher, Apr. 5,
1890, before the Territory was orginized has been pardoned out of the
federal jail at Levenworth. Kansas. He was the first man convicted of
murder in Okla.
The insane assylum at Norman is a private enterprise, at which the insane of
the territory are kept on contract. July 1, 1897 there were 126 people
there. 99 were received during the year, 22 died, 59 were discharged and
one escaped.
Nov 3, 1897 Mr Claud Taylor married Miss Ive Chambeland.
Born Nov. 1897 Lee Browning
Verdict from the corners jury is that Hicks was killed by Malone and that
the killing was felansious. The quarell was over a claim, both were
Died Nov 3, 1897 Jessie Kinmon Local Cemetery, Union T. W. P.
Died Nov 1897 Watie Fish, a member of the Creek House of Warriors died
last week of congestion and chills.
Nov.3. 1897 Mr. Lewis Pope married Miss Peterson
The Downs public schools have closed on account of Diptheria.
Died Nov. 1897 A. R. Leonard
A man had two cows and a jack rabbit killed by lighting the other night.
They were the only two cows he had but he has numerous jack rabbits.
Died Nov. 12, 1897 Small daughter of W. J. & S J. Dunn. she was thrown
from a horse and had not fully recovered when chills and diptheria set in
They live 8 miles N. W. Kingfisher.
Died Nov. 11, 1897 B. A. Williams. pneumonia burried in Kansas
Died Nov. 1897 Mrs Callie Mounts
Died Nov. 21, 1897 Howard Berry burried in Kansas
Nov. 24, 1897 Mr. Joseph Novits married Miss Etta Crook
Dec. 9, 1897 Mr. J. B. Smith married MIss Elizabeth Moore
The German farmer who lost his wife a year ago, lost his house, grain and
$50.00 in money last week, received a nice sum of money subscribed to by the
people of Kingfisher.
Cards announcing the marriag of Charles Franklin Prouty to Miss Winifred
Edna Parker were issued last Sat. Dec. 16, 1897
Died. John L. McCormick, on March 9, 1880 he had married Miss Ida Camp,
whom he burried two years ago. They had 2 children, Willie and Bessie. He
died Dec. 18, 1897
Blind staggers are killing horses in Garfield County.
Dec. 20, 1897 A Kingfisher county man while digging a well found a human
skeleton at 25 feet below the surface.
Oklahoma County has a band of infantile theives none of whom are ten years
Dec. 25, 1897 John E. Elder married Miss Annie Areckson.
Dec. 25, 1897 Arthur C. Black married Miss Maggie May Baughman
Dec. 25, 1897 Boyd Johnson married Miss Olive Newcomb.


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