Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

December 25, 1894 Mr. A. E. Gould married Miss Debbie Alyea
December 25, 1895 Mr. George Alyea married Miss Lizzie Lacy
Jan. 5, 1895 Mr. Chas. Clark married Miss Nancy V. Harmon
Born Mr & Mrs Chas Jones a boy, Jan. 2, 1895
Born Mr. & Mrs Frank Howard a boy Jan. 2, 1895
Jan. 17, 1895 Mr. James Hurst married Berdie Henry
Jan. 8, 1895 Mr. Robert Holstead 54 yrs married Mrs Sarah D. Bowman 49 yrs
Jan. 8, 1895 Mr Ira S. Holstead 44 yrs. married Miss Lillie Brurnett 20
Jan. 10, 1895 Mr Robert Weygondt married Miss Deliah Lightner.
Jan. 10, 1895 Mr. C. L. Cooke 22 married Katie M. Dickerson 23
Jan. 10, 1895 Mr. John Martin 24 married Miss Lucy Wilson 19, colored
Born Jan. 14, 1895 Mr & Mrs J. M. Lyle a son
Jan. 23, 1895 Mr. Alfred B.Ames 28 married Miss Ursula Schwendener 24
Jan. 23, 1895 Malven Walker 21 married Lydia May Bell Leighton 19
Born Jan. 20, 1895 Mr & Mrs L. C. Couch a boy
Died Jan. 28, 1895 Ross, Lela 6 yr old dau. of E. Ross
Born Feb. 1895 Mr & Mrs Capps a boy
Born Feb. 1895 Mr. & Mrs Tiff Riley a boy
Born Feb. 1895 Mr. & Mrs John Johnson a girl
Born Feb. 1895 Mr. & Mrs John Smith a boy
Feb. 1895 Benjamin F. Waggoner 25 married Ida Morrow 19
Feb. 1895 Charles A. McDaniels 34 married Annie McCutcheon 21
Feb. 1895 Abner V. Burrows 34 married Mary F. Cline 37
Feb. 1895 Frank C. Stoops 40 married Ella M. McLoud 20
Jan. 30 1895 Alonzo Brower married Miss Gertie Wells
Died Jan. 1895 Mr. Geo. Chubb
Died Jan. 29, 1895 Miss Sarah Glaizer
Born Feb. 14, 1895 Mr & Mrs H. N. Horner a girl
Feb. 11, 1895 Walter C. Warren married Miss Sarah E. Green
Died Feb. 1895 Mrs Jeannette Chapman
Born Feb. 18, 1895 Mr. & Mrs Wilson a baby
Born Feb. 16, 1895 Mr. & Mrs William L English a boy
Born Feb. 16, 1895 Mr & Mrs. Janes Wanger a girl
Born Feb. 1895 Mr. & Mrs Charles Johnson a girl
Died Feb. 19, 1895 Mr James Brown
Died Feb. 22, 1895 Roy Lewellin son of R. A. 8 mo old
Feb. 27, 1895 Mr. J. L. Raney married Miss Florence Tilbury
Born March 14, 1895 Mr. & Mrs A. J. Hamlett a boy
Born March 14, 1895 Mr & Mrs James D. Dent a boy
A colored man by the name of Pedigrew was found dead in his hovel, he was a
ward of the county and they had been furnishing him food and they gave him a
christian burial. He died of exposure.
Died March 7, 1895 Mrs Carrie Ross
March 10, 1895 Mr. E. c. McCord married Miss Gillespie
Died March 9, 1895 Little daughter of Geo. P. & Katherine Geis, 2 yr & 6
mo old.
March 1895 Mr Burris married Mrs Valentine
Died. Mrs Lilly, the family was in the wagon on a trip and Mrs Lilly and
her sons had a shot gun and it was accidently discharged and struch Mrs
Lilly below the knees and the wound was such that it caused the death of Mrs
Died March 1895 Mrs Jason Little 30 yrs colored
April 1895 Deputy Marshal Madsen shot and killed Dick Yeager about 20 miles
west of Hennessey.
Herman Bredel was married this April 1895 no name for his wife tho
Born Apr. 1895 Mr. & Mrs Ben Jordan a girl
Born Apr.1895 Mr & Mrs Frank Johnson a girl
Born Apr. 1895 Mr & Mrs Ben Jones a girl
Apr. 7, 1895 Dr & Mrs E. Nasse a girl
Apr. 1895 Mr. & Mrs C. C. Wells of Wandel a girl
April 1895 births.
Mr & Mrs Marsh a girl
Mr & Mrs Meyers a girl
Mr & Mrs Seagfries a girl
Mr & Mrs Geo Austin a girl
Mr & Mrs Jack Hayworth a boy
Mr & Mrs Blakley a girl
Apr. 10, 1895 Mr & Mrs J. W. Barnes a boy
Apr. 25,1895 Mr. & Mrs Lanigan a girl
Apr. 25, 1895 Mr. & Mrs Shaw a boy
May 1895 Mr. & Mrs McCrady a girl
Died May 1895 Mrs. Charles Dinwiddle
May 2, 1895 Mr. Virgil H. Harbough married Mrs Lizzie M. Wood
The Free Press boy went to Enid Sunday on his wheel in four hours.
May 1895 Mr James Hillard married Miss Conzada Grahm
Born May 14, 1895 Mr. & Mrs Stangls a boy
Sam Crider of Excelsor was borught before probate court and examined and
proven to be insane.
Born May 1895 Mr & Mrs W. T. Rainey a girl
May 1895 Martin Blehm married Mrs Mary Wese
May 1895 Joseph Kearney married Julia Ann Chase
May 1895 J. A. Wilson married Josie Grimes colored
May 1895 Charles Malcolm married Anna Curn Wannamaker
June 1895 Mr. Greene Cook married Miss Myrtle Walton
June 1895 Mr Thomas Frost married Miss Lillie Glichen
Born May 1895 Dr & Mrs J. A. Bright a boy
May 1895 Adolphems Kilgore married Miss Sadie Woods
A lady friend of the editor, started to town with a basket of eggs, the pony
she was rideing became frightened and threw her head first into the basket
of eggs.
May 23, 1895 Mr. B. Cline married Miss Carrie Sloan
May 23, 1895 Mr V. G. Callison married Miss Etta Reel
There are thirteen prisoners in the county jail
May 1893 Mr Frank Runnels21 married Miss Pearl Ball 16
Died May 1894 Comarde Henry Clump
May 1895 Mr Andrew J. Overeen 20 married Blanch Dillner 18
Died Wenfried W. Wheeler May 17, 1895. He was united in marriage to
Annie Horner Nov. 26, 1891
May 1895 marriages.
William Wheeler married Miss Thursday Carter they eloped
Simon Turk married Miss Sadie Wolf
M. Rubenstine married Miss Goodwin
Henry Webber married Miss Mary Ann Hoffman
June 27 1894 William Hasler married Miss Lillie Stefton
Died John Gibson 17 yrs son of Mr and Mrs James June 1895
Born Mr & Mrs W. T. Rainey a daugh
Fritz Kordis one of Snyders prospers farmers was in town last Thursday doing
business with out merchants
June 1895 Miles Allen married.
July 1896 Dick Yeager, the notorious Oklahoma bandit, was captured about
noon Sunday six miles east of Sheriden. A posse of farmers, headed by W. D.
Fossett had been in pursuit of him for several days.
The Christian gang robbed a store near Calvin Monday night.
July 31, 1895 Mr Charles Skarepta married Miss Mary Jorar
Tuesday morning W. H. Fox, B. S. Vanderwork, and Geo. Huff of Sheridan
township were arraigned before Squire Benson on the charge of murder. The
charge was made by the brothers of Wm. Willit and John Willit.
In December Mrs Hall died, she was burried on her sons claim. Her remains
were removed to the Grimes Cemetery.
July 1895 The man killed Tuesday night near Sheriden, and who was suposed
to be Dick Yeager, turned out to be a horse thief by the name of John
Willit's and the one who was wounded is his brother William. they were
members of the Yeager's band
July 11, 1895 Mr. M. M. Mason married Miss Grace Stewart.
July 1895 Mr. James Hayward married Miss Oliver
Born July 1895 Dr. and Mrs Farnsworth a boy
Mrs Charley Richardson and daughter were thrown out of their cart last week
as they were going to Hennessey, and Mrs Richardson was hurt very sereously.
Clyde Mattox has been sentenced to Hang for the fourth time. His mother is
curculating a petiotio to procure a pardon.
Last week we reported Mr William Mason and miss Grace Stewart married this
was a mistake they are not married.
Born July 1895 G. L. Joquins is the proud possessor of a ten lb. free
silver orator, the young gentleman made his apperance last Thursday.
July 25, 1895 John Willet and his brother wounded in a gun fight. The fight
was between these three men. John Willet, william Willet and another man.
and the sheriff deputies H. S. Fox, Ben S. Vanderwork and George Huff.
Mrs Silver of Watonga is 16 and she has just one baby.
Died Aug. 1, 1895 Leander Franklin Hubbard. typhoid remittant fever
Born Aug. 1895 Mr & Mrs Frank Allen a girl
Died Aug. 1895 sm daughter of Mr. & Mrs Thos Gillespie
Died Aug. 1895 Inf child of Mr & Mrs Tom Kiefer
Five horses were drowned last week by persons attempting to cross the raging
Cimarron to attend the Old soldiers reunion at Dover I. T.
A Cheyenne Indian, who is known as Yellow Bonnet, wants a divorce from four
wives all at once and disires the custody of one of his nineteen children.
Aug. 14, 1895 Mr. Horace Speed married Mrs. M. J. McAllister
Aug. 1895 Mr & Mrs J. G. Strong a boy.
Zip Wyatt has been recognizes as the man who killed Mrs Townsend's huaband
March 1894.
It is reported that Zip Wyatt, the outlaw is sinking rapidly.
Died. G. W. Turner of Iowa. killed in a hunting accident Aug. 1895
Robert McReynolds while diggin for bait the other day unearthed a mans
skeleton and $ 15.00 in coin. This happened in Logan County.
Died Rachel Clark Aug. 22, 1853----Aug. 14, 1895 burried Bird Creek
Two notorious female outlaws were arrested Monday night near Pawnee, Jennie
Medkiff is only 16 yrs old and Annie McDoulet is 15 yrs of age. This is the
third time they have been arrested.They sold whiskey to the indians.
Aug. 14, 1895 Mr & Mrs Eli House were found dead in the yard of their farm.
It is suposed they were struck by lightning from the storm of the night
Aug. 1895 Christopher Fouts married Miss Mollie E. Brown
Aug. 29, 1895 Toney Alexander married Miss Minnie Couch
Died Aug. 27, 1895 Mr. Cora H. McClung age only 22, years & 1 mo. Died
after an illness of only a few days. daughter of Mr. & Mrs Horace
Died Aug. 1895 Reb. D. J. Marquis 85 yr old one of the best known
preachers in Oklahoma.
Rev. Joe Jaminson, one of the noted Methodist Preachers in Oklahoma has
been granted a divorce from his wife. She horse whipped him on the street
and did other unwifely things.
Aug. 27, 1895 Robert N. Hopkins married Maggie Scott.
Died Aug. 1895 A colored man
Died Aug. 1895 Child of Mr & Mrs Robt. Moon 1 yr old.
Aug. 1895 Jennie Metcalf and companion Anna McDoult are in Jail again for
stealing a bridle.
Aug. 25, 1895 Mr. Stewart F. Benson married Miss Emma Rogers
Aug. 1895 Mr William Ramebilt married Miss Myrtle Stroup
Phillip Snodgrass shot his horse that was badly cut on a wire fence.
Aug. 28, 1895 Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Hunt a boy
Aug. 1895 Mr. & Mrs J. W. Walton a girl
Died Aug. 1895 8 mo old dau of Mr. & MrsWilliam Thomason one of twins,
the other not expected to live More later
Aug. 1895 Mr. Mitchell James married Miss Susan Jones
Born Aug. 1895 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Belt a boy
Born Aug. 1895 Mr & Mrs Dennis Flynn a boy
Died Aug. 1895 Samuel Watkins, a very old man living in Oklahoma county
was crushed to death by the caveing in of the roof of a dugout.
Charles Bolleau is under arrest for burglarizing the tepee of Mr & Mrs
Touching Ground. Think of it burglarizing a tepee.
Sept. 1895 Benjamine McCleshy a nice looking white, was married to Monie
McBride, a black eyed Seminole
Sept. 12, 1895 H. H. Murphy married Miss Caldwell
Sept. 12, 1895 Dr Frank Lane married Miss Cladwell
daughters of J. W. Caldwell
Born Sept. 1895 Mr. & Mrs Enlow a girl
Born Sept. 1895 Mr & Mrs Don Ryon a boy
Died. Sept. 12, 1895 Mary Ellen Moffett, dau of J. B.
Died Sept. 1895 Wyatt, child 3 yrs.
Born Sept. 1895 Mr. & Mrs Young Lee a baby chinese
Sept. 1895 Alfred Stillhawk a Pawnee Indian has taken coy Virginia Weeks
to wife.
Sept. 1895 Mr. Lu Hayworth married Miss Rosa Phillips
Setp 1895 Mr G. E. Woodruff married Miss Stella Moore
Born. Sept. 1895 Mr. & Mrs don Crest a girl
Born Sept. 1895 Mr & Mrs W. G. Johnson a girl
Oct 3, 1895 A prarie fire eight miles wide swept across Garfield Co. last
Oct 2, 1895 Dr. F. L. Winkler married Miss Olive Bell
Died Jacob Ender fell from a load of cotton the other day and was killed
Oct. 1895
Died A boy named Lahue living in Noble Co. died from the bite of a
On Turkey Creek there is a "hoodooded" farm belonging to Tom Hardsley. Last
week a young wife was killed there by accident, two children were drowned
there, and a man was killed there by Indians.
Died. Oct. 2, 1895 Mrs Angeline Thorne, aged 36 yrs, 7 mo. & 17 days
typhoid fever, wife of Jacob.
Oct 1895 Mr. William Dunlap married Miss Ida Grey
Born Oct. 1895 Mr. & Mrs G. D. Foster, a boy Dr. Long reports wt. at 20
lbs, a heavy responsibility these times.
Died Oct. 17, 1895 J. H. Forcline 26 was shot by Prof. Dixon and died
Born Oct. 1895 Mr. & Mrs James O'Brien a girl
In the neighborhood of Curtis there are nine families and a baby in ever
family but one.
In an Oklahoma jail there is a female prisoner and recently the county
commissioners were asked to O. K. a $11.00 bill for filling her teeth with
Died. Oct. 16, 1895 N. M Saunders burried in Kansas
Died Oct. 11, 1895 Mrs Cynthia Hubbard
Dick Payne member of the Ryan gang was shot and killed by Deputy U. S.
Marshall Kalme.
The notorios outlaw Henry Starr has been sentenced to hang Dec. 19, at Fort
Smith Ark.
Oct 22, 1895 Mr J. Milton married Miss Stella L. Cater
Nov. 7, 1895 A big prarie fire was started in Canadia Co. by a wagon wheel
passing over a match.
Born Nov. 1895 Mr. & Mrs J. C. Hill a boy named John Paul wt 4 & 1/2
John T Edwards living in the notrhern part of Canadian Co. was attacked by a
large boar andwas so terriably torn by the hogs tusks that he cannot live.
Died Nov 1895 Little daughter of J. H. Martin she was burned to death
The father of the Christian Boys has not been indicted yet.
This add appeared in a Oklahoma Paper "Wanted a cook, female, male or
Died. Nov 1895 four members of the Sherrar family, typhoid feaver
Judging from some of the game he bags we should say that Cupid must do most
of his hunting blindfolded.
Viffilants mistook Lee M. Gray a Hennessey Atourney and chassed him ten
miles, for a horse theif.
Died Nov 1895 Mrs J. B. Martin and Jack Mulvane were fatally wounded in a
family row in Kingfisher Co. Friday night. The men fought over possesion of
some land and the wives joined in, knives, revolvers, and hoes were used.
Died Nov 1895 Mrs Hattie Robinson la grippie
Born Mr. & Mrs W. F. Bort a son
Died Nov. 23, 1895 Willie Lorane, son of Peter Cooper. bitten by
Born Nov 1895 Mr. & Mrs Alvin Maxwell a girl
Died Dec. 12, 1895 sm child of J. C. Martin burned to death
Died Dec. 12, 1895 a old man about 60 years of age found dead in a haystack
in Kingfisher Co.
Born Dec. 1895 Mr. & Mrs George McArthur a girl
Dec. 1895 Mr. George Childers married Miss Angie McFadden
Born in Dec. 1895
Mr. & Mrs DeWitt a boy 12 lb.
Mr. & Mrs J. L. Pryor a boy 9 lb.
Mr. & Mrs Bryan a girl 8 lb.
Mr. & Mrs Postal Hanks a girl 8 lb.
Mr. & Mrs Ed Barker A boy 9 lb.
Mr. & Mrs Johnnie Barker a boy
Died Nov. 30, 1895 Mrs Sara Barker buried at the Cemetery at the
Baptist church
Died child of Geo Peacock burned to death 1895
Died Dec. 1895 Mrs Allison
Died Dec. 14, 1895 Maude Wingert
Dec. 26, 1895 Jack Jeffers married Dotis Breghtsley
Died. Dec. 1895 John Godfrey a farmer, single living in Noble Co. shot his
head off last week.
Born Dec. 24, 1895 Mr. & Mrs John Wilde a girl
Dec. 15, 1895 Samuel Long married ______________
Dec. 28, 1895 Charles Glass married Miss Mable Bradley
Dec. 30, 895 Winnie Deen married Miss Minnei Farr
Died Dec. 20, 1895 Mrs Cooper burried Grimes
Dec. 24, 1895 Mr. Frank Brown married Miss Nannie Snyder
Dec. 25, 1895 Mr Edmond Kendrick married Miss Jessie Ross


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