Kingfisher Free Press
Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Kingfisher Free Press

transcribed by Mary Lou Morgan

these were left over and did not make the paper until 1893.
Items of interest to Mary Lou Morgan from the Kingfisher free press of 1893


Died in Kingfisher, Jessie, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Massey. Dec. 29, 1892
Died, Harry, 5 year old son of Mr & Mrs Frank Marsh, Dec. 29, 1892
Died George Farris, Jan. 1893 pneumonia
Married Jan. 12, Mr James McKee to Miss Lisa Cole
Died Donald Johnson Jan. 1893 in Kingfisher, he was an old soilder.
Married Jan. 4, 1893 Mr James H. Whitlock 38, to Miss Lilly Kessinger 22
Born Jan 18, 1893 to Mr & Mrs H. D. Barhett a son
The following marriage were in Jan. 1893
Mr. W. M. Harmon 23 to Miss Etta Stone 17
Mr. Joseph Cremak 35 to Miss Maria Cakajam 24
Mr. Nathan H. Walker 27 to Miss Mamie Grey 16
Mr William Malone 27 to Miss Abba A Frisby 23
Mr. Clinton F. Moldred 23, to MIss Colia Milton 23 colored
Mr. Fred Payffer 28, to Miss Annie Flemming 18
Mr. William H. Patterson 28, to Miss Jullia Moore 26 colored
Mr. George Smith 26, to Miss Mary Borown 18 colored
Hon. J. P. Cummlus 56 to M. B. Benedict 46
Born Jan 14, 1893 to Mr & Mrs Lew Hurley a son
Born Jan 1893 to Mr & Mrs Frank Higby a baby girl
Born Feb. 1893 to Mr. & Mrs George Newer a baby girl
Feburary marriages of 1893
Feb. 1 Mr. L. N. Butts 31 to Miss Lula M. Gilspie 20
Mr. N. J. Gore 59 to Naomi Barr 51
Mr George W. spatt 30, to Miss Jennie Wells 18
Mr. Joshua Mattoks {hard to read 39, to Mss Jaunita Swain 30
Mr. William Stillwell 33 to Miss Maggie Seal 18
Mr H. Lewis Good 21 to Miss Susie Stevensons 18
Born Feb. 1893 to Mr & Mrs W. G. Johnson a girl usual weight
Married March 19 1893 Mr. Amos A. Ewing 31 to Miss eugenia Thorne 29
Married March 1893 Mr. William Thompson 50 to Miss Lillie Farris 29
Died the 15 year old son of Mr & Mrs Wills March 1893
Died March 1893 Mrs Mary E. Fletcher died at her home of dropsy
Married March 1893 Mr. W. N. Rogers 53 to Mrs Hanna B. Thomas 52
Born March 2, 1893 to Dr. & Mrs Parker a girl 6 th girl.
March marriages 1893
Mr. Henry C. Hall 20 to Miss Doris B. Wagoner 17
Mr Albert I Hubbard 19, to Miss Alice Kendrich 17
Mr. W. J. W McLaren 24, to Miss Iona Wall 19,
Mr. D. F. Schetler 28 to Mrs Susan Reed 32
Mr Chet Howe to Miss Katie Woodruff
Born March 5, 1893 to Mr. & Mrs J. C. Wilkenson a girl
Married March 1893 Mr. John J. Quick 59 to Zion McVicar 47
Married March 1893 Mr. Francis Cochran 21, to Miss Pearl Bown 17
Married March 1893 Mr. John R. Nanninga 28 to Miss Annie C. Mack 17
March 23, 1893 the land was purchased for Kingfisher cemetery
Born March 14, 1893 to the Patterson's a baby girl
Died March 18, 1893 5 year old daughter of Mr & Mrs J. c. Caldwell
Married March 1893 Mr. G. c. Bradford 24 to Miss Lilly Baxter 17
Mr Walter M. Goodwin 24 married Miss Mattie Wilkins 18 March 1893
Mr. B_______C_________24 married Miss Adella L. Nicholas 18, March 18, 1893
Mr. W. A. Carter __ married Miss Minnie Mills ___ March 11, 1893
Died Mr. Isham Coodie took strichnine by mistake. April 27, , 1893
Mr. Whirlow married Miss Mattie M. Stewards Apr. 30, 1893
Born April 29, 1893 to Mr & Mrs H. E. Hopkins a 10 lb. girl.
Married May 11, 1893 Mr. Allen C. Fraizer 49 to Mrs M. Welkinson 39.
Married May 1893 Mr. Harry H. Hartley to Mrs. Georgia A Kimmel
Married May 1893 Dr. J. Q. Woddell to Miss Etta Commings.
Married May 19, 1893 Uncle Ruben Marshall 52 to Mrs Mary Hale 38.
Died. Eve the 2 1/ 2 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs W. H. Bode measles
Married May 1893 Mr. Henry Husenmeyer to Miss Minnie Kersting.
Some papers missing.
Married June 15, 1893 Mr. Hershell Spencer to Miss Sadie Childers.
Married June 6, 1893 Mr. George T. Lutz to Miss Annie Hulse.
Born June 13, 1893 to Mr. & Mrs Ed Harding a son
Born June 22, 1893 to Mr. & Mrs W. H. Sharp a son
Died June 1893 Mr. John Bond. Mr Bond was going home and his team ran in
to a fence and threw Mr. Bond under the horses feet. He had been drinking
and he died the next day.
Died the small son of Mr. & Mrs quigley June 1893
Married June 14, 1893 Mr Joseph M. Stuttville to Miss Pearl M. Dickeison
Died. June 1893 William R. Callison had been hunting with friends and was
shot accidentaly on the way home and died instantly.
Married June 1893 Mr. Henry Steel to Miss Emma Hodson
Died Little Charles E Reynolds, 7 year old son of Mr & Mrs Reynolds was
bitten by a rattlesnake when they went to the storm cellar and died several
days later.
Married June 29,1893 Mr. Fred Kudlack to Miss Mary Germainc.
Died June 10, 1893 Thomas F. Whitker, father of Mr. H. E. VanTrees and
Mrs. F. N. Salyer died at his home in Kingfisher.
Paper very hard to read.
Married June 1893 Mr. F. Bokenkriger to Miss Annie Duwall of Omega
Marriages of June 1893
Mr. W. I. Coch_____39 to H. Pierce 21
Mr. L. Pierce __ to Miss F. E. Monroe 21
Mr. Thomas F. _______ to Miss Maggie C________
Mr. John D. Gellispe 21, to Miss Sarah A. C___________
Mr. Barnette Spence to Miss Sallie A Childers
Mr. G______Rifel to Miss Jennie E__________
Married June 1893 Mr. W. F. Dooley to ____________ _________
Died June 1893 the baby of Mr. & Mrs T. M. Farley.
Died July 4, 1893 Mathais Markes he was burried in the old Catholic
Cemetery Hennessey Ok.
Born Juny 1893 to Mr. & Mrs Marshall a son.
Married July 1893 Mr. William A. Brown to MIs Eva Ethel
Married July 7, 1893 Mr. Robert E. Moor to Miss Maggie Hatten
Died July 1893 Mrs Millie Smith Bort burried Kingfisher cemetery
The duel between Mr. Hill and Mr. Dullard Smith has been posponed until the
next 4th of July.
Died July 20, 1893 Robert Coldwell Palmer consumption
Married July 21, 1893 Mr. Charles M. Sharpe to Miss Rose Blankenship
Born July 21, 1893 to Mr. And Mrs Charles Wells a boy
Born. July 13, to Mr & Mrs T. J. Eaton a set of twins.
Died July 28, 1893 at the home of her parents Mr. & Mrs J. E. Stone, Mrs
Alice Hubbard, wife of Albert burried in the Downs Cemetery.
Died A. C. Hettler, burried in Neb.
Born July 1893 to Mr & Mrs Ross Gould a girl
Married Aug. 1893 Mr. Claud D. Mauk to Miss Ella Watson
Born Aug. 1893 to Mr. & Mrs Hendricks a son
Died Aug. 1893 Terel Park, was killed when he fell back into a well he
was cleaning.
Died Aug. 1893 The 12 year old son of Mr Shemmash was killed while going
home with a load of lumber, the team became frightned and ran away throwing
the boy out of the wagon and he was run over by the wagon and killed
Born Aug. 3, 1893 to Mr & Mrs T. S. McMahon a boy
Died Aug. 1893 Elmer E. Burnett 27, years old brain fever Sheridan
Died Aug. 22, 1893 Mrs Minnie Husenmeyer 22 yrs old fever burried in
cemetery south of Kingfisher may have been Union Hall
Married Aug. 14, 1893 Mr. James M. Chapman to Miss Jenneta L. Murlin
Aug. 1893 marrieages
Mr. John Johnson 34 to Miss Myrtle Anderson 18
Mr Jasper S. Jones 34 to Caroling N. Beeler 31
Mr. Nicholas Kendricks to Lola Lelbenliat 29
Mr Joseph Kokojan to Mary Fuc________20
Mr. James Chapman 26, to Miss Jennette L Murlin 16
Mr John L. Chrsesman 24 to Miss Ester M. Barriager 15
Mr E. J. Joseph 23 to Miss Anna Taggart 22
Mr. Phlander Williams 24, to Miss Retta E. Lacy 16
CEMETERY NOTICE; All parties having friends burried in streets or alleys of
the cemeteries must move the same before Jan. 1, 1894. If burried on a lot
must pay lot price and get deed or they will be removed to potters field
after the said date.
Married Aug. 23, 1893 Mr Joseph Wensler to Miss Effie May Webb
{a question please, does any one know who Miss Webbs parents were?}
Married Sept. 9, 1893 Mr. Robert A Lyle to Miss Minnie Marley
Died Sept 6, 1893 Mrs Annie McKay Heart disease dau of James and Mary
Died Sept. 5, 1893 the infant of Mr. & Mrs. John Ruchamn of near Snyder
Married Sept. 21, 1893 Mr. James Lewis Admire to Miss Jessie Ethelyn Foss
Married Sept. 29, 1893 Mr. W. J. Clarke to Miss Maggie Fitzpatrick
Died Sept. 21, 1892 Joseph Wesley young son of B. L. & Mary D_______
Died Oct. 1893 Etta Krimer 10 year old daughter of Mr Krimer diptheria
Married Sept 24, 1893 Mr. Morgan L. Brown to Miss Doris E. Barrackman
September marriages for 1893
Mr. August Yurhlhe 26, to Louisa Moblear
Mr. Edward Jorden 21 to Mary Buttler 21 colored
Mr. Wm. W. Anderson 36 to Cora B. Crall 26
Mr Sterart Farthing 39 to Mary Harding 27
Mr. J. A. Clark 42 to Willa McNeal 23 colored
Mr. L. C. W_______ to Billie Norris
Died Oct. 19, 1893 Nora Gilbert Foose wife of Seymore typhmalarial
fever wife of 50 days
Died Nov 2, 1893 David A. Dugger accidently shot and killed his self.
burried at Bird Creek
Birth Nov 23, 1893 Judge Ewings a baby boy
Birth Nov. 12, 1893 Mr & Mrs Clint Sanders a girl
Died Nov 1893 R. T. Lee {Or Dick Lee}
Married in November 1893
Mr William M. Blake to Miss Grace Allen
Mr. John Carow to Miss Bertha Benson
Mr. H. B. Steely to Miss Blanche Macey Nov 21 st.
Mr. George Dorablezer to Miss Lena Young
Mr. Wm. R. Burchett to Miss Ella J. Cooper
Died Nov. 19, 1893 Howard Pelton
Died Nov. 1893 Daniel Preston
Died Dec. 10, 1893 Mrs Martha Gay Hopkins Sheridan cemetery
Married Dec. 19, 1893 Mr. W. P. campbell to Miss E. M. Bassford
Died Dec. 16, 1893 John L. Wilson son of George Wilsons
December 1893 Fritz Kordis is a hard working industrious German who never
quits work until the stars arise. He has a dandy place and is thinking of
leasing another sedtion. {Yea Grandfather}
Died Dec. 18, 1893 Jerry Marhell Banner cemetery grippe
Married Dec. 20, 1893 Mr. Riley Jones to Miss Eva Barnett
Married Dec. 25, 1893 Mr. Emmitt Childres to Miss Nellie Cross


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