Early OK Photographs

Early OK Photographs

Can you identify these folks?

Our thanks to Barbara Rivas for submitting this collection of photographs.

"I recently found a box in my garage (among hundreds of other boxes)
that contains some old pictures.  They are not of any of my family.
Four of these pictures are from Kingfisher, according to the studio stamp.
Only one has any identification at all, and it's simply the name 'Polly'
written under the photo.  I'd say that these photographs all date from
about the 1920s/1930s.  Maybe older or younger.

"I'd like to match the photographs up with the subjects'
living relatives, if someone wants to claim them.

"There were also some photos from Oklahoma City, and a bunch that have
no identification at all.  I have no idea if these are all from one family,
or if they are just a collection that someone had to sell."

If you can identify any of the persons pictured in the collection,
please let us know by submitting the name and the number
of the photograph to

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Unidentified Photos
submitted by Jim and Marca Lee McInnes Murray

"This is a picture of a family that I found in my mother's pictures. 
I imagine they lived in Oklahoma. 
I thought perhaps someone looking at Oklahoma pictures might know them."


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