1890 Territorial Census

1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census
Index to Columbia Township

transcribed by Rhonda Stewart

Note: Names are transcribed as they appeared to me from the original handwritten documents. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

Boyd, John p. 919
Brooks, Charley p. 919
Camp, Jacob M. p. 915
Cooper, Charley p. 915
Dunlap, Calatnoos p. 915
Ecelburger, John p. 915
Finn, William p. 919
Fleming, Harvey p. 919
Forbs, George H. p. 919
Gilson, Benjamin p. 915
Houghty, Ada p. 915
Houghty, Charley p. 915
London, William T. p. 919
Mabery, Warren p. 919
McCan, Fred p. 919
McCan, Henry p. 919
Mikedonald, James p. 915
Miloony, William p. 919
Ondonal, William H. p. 915
Oraker, Eddie p. 915
Pordu, Frank F. p. 919
Redman, Harriet p. 919
Redman, Joe p. 919
Rogers, Cherls p. 919
Roush, John p. 919
Scott, Sam p. 919
Simes, Simon P. p. 915
Thorp, Orlando p. 915
Vantrees, Squire p. 919
Whiple, Osker T. p. 915
Whiple, Osker T. p. 915
Whiple, William p. 915
Wills, Agils__? p. 919


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