1989 Index

1989 Kingfisher Times Index
100th Anniversary Edition

submitted by Herman Weiland

"The Kingfisher paper printed special editions on the 50th, 60th, 75th and 100th Anniversary of the town. These were sent to all subscribers of the paper . . . I expect the Kingfisher Lib has copies and the Museum and maybe even your families if they subscribed in 1989.

"I went through the 1989 Issue which was the largest one and pulled off the names, they are by Newspaper Section Letter. . . Hope this helps someone."


Index to Names in Kingfisher Times April 19, 1989 Edition
and June 21, 1989 Overflow/Late Submissions
Family Interest Articles

NAME       Page/Section

Alexander (Pictures)  2b

Bollenbach   2a
Biles    2a
Brownlee, Wm R.  4a
Brownlee, Dick   4a
Borelli, Frances   4a
Barnard, G. W.   6a
Brownlee, Harry  8a
Baker, Herman   10a
Baker, Elnora   11a
Bengs    14a
Beecher, Edgar   16a
Brownlee, Emory  16a
Big Four School  24a
Bengs, John   4b
Barr, Naomi   12b
Bengs, William   22b
Butterfield,    8c
Bilderback, C. W.  9c
Bates, James   4d
Bennett, Minnie   8d
Boecher, Lee   8d
Barnard, Joseph  18d
Barr, Link   18d
Baker, Charles   19d
Borelli, Gerald   20d
Bugg, William   22d
Borelli, George   6e
Barnum, Laura Brown  12e
Barrackman, C. J.  16e
Barr, Lida   20e
Baker, Josephine  13/14 Overflow

Crunk,    4a
Clason, Frances  6a
Clift, William   10a
Cashion, Roy   14a
Cauf, Charles   14a
Copeland, Jacob  4b
Cunningham, William  17b
Craddock, Homer  1c
Cleaver, Harver  5c
Cleaver, Toby   5c
Cain, Nora (O'Hearn)  10c
Cross, William   14c
Caldwell,   16c
Camden,   19c
Croka,     8d
Calavan, Lou   21d
Clark, John   3e
Chapin, John   12 Overflow
Chisholm Trail Museum  15 Overflow

Duffy, Willard   15a
Dover, Town of  6b
Dulany, Louis   23b
Dawson, D. G.   23b
Dover, Oak Grove Ch.  23c
Devine, Thomas  9d
Duffy, Ray   18d
Duggan, William  18d
Danne, Joseph   12e
Dover Baptist Church  16e
Dover, City of   10/11 Overflow

Eaton, Jess   20a
Endres, George   2b
Eaton, Thomas   8b
Engel, O. B.    20b
Emmerich, Charles  13c
Elder, Lewis & John  5e
Enix, Ralph   6e

Foster, David   23a
Folsom, William  12b
Fiegel, Victor   15b
Fulmer, Maurine  10c
Foster, George   15c
Francis, Don   15c
Fossett, Bill   10d
Frederick, Pete & George 21d
Fuksa,    21e
Fuksa, Vaclav   23e

Goodbrake, Emaline  14a
Grabow,   18a
Grimes,Marion   5b
Gore,    12b
Gracey, Simon   21b
Grimes, Bill   21b
Geis, Melvin   6d
Griggs,    6d
Grimes, Joe   8 Overflow
Gilbert, Flora SHEARER 8 Overflow
Grabow,   8 Overflow

Hill, A. T.   1a
Hill, John & Mary  5a
Hodgson, C. M.  14a
Haughey, A. E.   16a
Hawkins, Sterling  20a
Howe, Joseph   22a
Hess, E. E.   23a
Hudson,   2b
Howe, Joseph   5b
Hobson, Emma L.  14b
Hill, John   16b
Hennessey, First Days of 23b
Hodges, Melvin  23b
Hamaker, David  3c
Hockaday, Edwin  9c
Hebbe,    19c
Hill, Friday   21c
Hubbard, Clarence  9d
Hubbard, Harold  16d
Hladik, Jakub   22d
Hladik,Antone   2e
Hanner, Nathan  6e
Hebbe, Cristoph  10e
Hill, Charles   10e
Halsted, Robert  17e
Hawk, John   19e

Immanuel Baptist Church 10b

Jueschke, August  8a
Johnson, William  10a
Jindra, Frank   7c
Jech, Wesley   11c
Jung, Gottfried   13c
Jech, Joe   22c
Jared, Charles H.  2d
Jech, Robert   19d
Jech, Jerry   11e
Johnson, E. P.   19e

Kuhn, George   4a
Koch, Karl   11a
Kelsey, George   1d
Kiel, Town of   1d
Kuver, Sam   15d
Kusik,  2e
King, George   4e
King, William   8e
Kokojan, Lawrence  21e
Kingfisher Street Names           14 Overflow
       Who named for.

Likes, Jonas   6a
Lindsey, Adrian  16a
Lindsey, James   14b
Leonhardt, Emma Hobson 14b
Lessley, Fred   23b
Lessley, G. W.   11c
Lenhart, J. J.   14c
Larsen, Paul   21c
Lutheran, St. Johns Church 5d
Lukasek, Frank  23d
Lucas, Harold   23d
Liston,    3e
Long, John   7e
Ladwig,   16e
Lillibridge, Hosea  18e
Leonhardt, Henry  24e

Martin, Walker   10a
Mendell, Ernest   16a
Mosher, Velson  21a
Matthews, Charles  22a
Mathieu,   22a
Major, Henry   2b
Morrison, Elber  14b
Mathey, Fritz   16b
Makepeace, Charles  2c
Mt. Olive Baptist Church 12c
Morgan,   15c
McCully,   5d
Moore, Will   14d
Miles, John   17d
McCully, Ruth (Trindle) 19d
Meyer, Frederich  2e
Murphy, T. J.   2e
McGee, Tom   13e
Moore, Charles  17e
Miller,    17e
Meacham, Dexter  20e
Mills, J. W. (1st PostMst) 20e
Mueggenborg, Joe  21e
Meyer, Rudolph  22e
Mauk,  Claude   22e

Omega, Town of  1a
Okarche, Town of  1b
O'Hern, Nora  CAIN  10c
Oak Grove Church  23c
Ogden, Charles   4d
Ortman, G. E.   2e
O'Kelly, Margaret  11 Overflow
O'Haugherty   11 Overflow

Pendleton, J. W.  1a
Post, Behrend   7b
Pierce, Carl   9b
Pierce, DeWitt   22b
Pedigo, Dorothy  8c
Perdue, Francis   7d
Pacula, Joe   11d
Parham, William  11d
Peace United Church  17d
Pemberton, Zeda  24d
Petty, Frank   24d
Preston,    3e
Potter,    10e
Pasal,    10e
Park Church & School  17e
Parker, J. H.   22e
Pacula, Frank   23e
Polsley,                                    24e
Petty, Marion   13/14 Overflow
Park School   13 Overflow

Rhodes, Isaac   6a
Ray, Charles   7b
Reynolds, Augustus  11b
Riley, Jesse   11b
Reherman, Ferdinand  10e
Rudd, Jame   11e
Ronspiez, Albert  14e
Ronspiez  (Pictures)  15e
Ragans,   24e
Ricks, John   7  Overflow
Renshaw, Jack   10  Overflow

Sedlak, Rudolf   4a
Sherod,   6a
Seay, A. J.   18a
Snodgrass, John  23a
Stringer   (Pictures)  13b
Speice, J. M.   13b
Stetler, Edward   18b
Shutler, Bob   22b
Senn, Ray   3c
Stolz, Joseph   16c
Sturgeon, James R.  17c
Schilde, Fred   18c
Starr,    19c
Sturgeon,   19c
Sturgeon, Ada   20c
Stetler, Charles   21c
Shafenberg, Ernie  24c
Svobodia, Hannah  1d
Schwarz, Johann  5d
Smith, John Byers  5d
Sykes, Paul   10d
Simunek,   2e
Schwartze, Oscar  7e
Sedlak, Joe   8e
Steele, Clarence  9e
Spencer, Floyd   13e
Stetler, Eugene   14e
Smith, Everett   15e
Spradlin, Elmer   19e
Shearer,   8  Overflow
Stetler, M. O.   9  Overflow
Snapp, Frank   9  Overflow

Themer, William  21a
Travis, William   12b
Trindle,    13b
Trosper, Merril Trindle  4c
Trosper, Corwin                       5c
Tapp,    16c
Tamm, Leora   17c
Trindle, Charles  20c
Trosper, George  23c
Thompson, Arthur  7d
Thompson, Arthur  15d
Trindle,  William & Charles 13e
Trindle, Eldon   14e
Thomsen, Henry  16e
Turner, Tony   19e
Trindle, John & Preston 20e
Trindle  (Picture)  21e
Tice,    24e
Trindle, William   9  Overflow
Trindle, Josephine Baker 13/14 Overflow

Umberger, Emma  6c
Union Chapel Church  15e

Veatch, Jacob   2b
Van Dusen, L. C.  10c

Williams, Simon  6a
Walker,   2b
Weimer,    13b
Wier, S. F.   20b
Wehrenberg, Charles  1c
Waters, Charles  4d
Willms, Margaret  14d
Wood, Robert   14e
Wandel, Benjamin  16e
Wannameter Baptist Church 20e
Wickmiller, C. P.  7  Overflow

Yowell, Macellus  19b
Yost, Joseph   19b


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