1917 - Certified for Service

1917 - Certified for Service

submitted by Barbara Clayton

20, 1917.


From the list of men of the selective draft examined here by the local board and certified to the district board for service, the following have been certified back by the district board as eligible for the service. Some of these men claimed exemptions here which were denied and their cases appealed to the district board. The district board has also denied their claims for exemption and they stand certified for service.

Following is the list:

William K. CAMPBELL, Kingfisher.
Edward KAHRE, Hoberg, Mo.
D. L. CALF (Indian), Kingfisher.
Sidney W. CRANE (Indian), Kingfisher.
Emmet D. DeFOREST, Watonga.
Truman A. GRIFFITH, Reeding.
Harry A. WUNCH, Hennessey.
Dallas C. MURPHY, Hennessey.
Clarence R. JENKINS, Reeding.
Walter C. BAKER, Okeene.
Otto N. MASCHINO, Kiel.
B. F. WOOLSEY, Hennessey.
Herbert H. FILLMORE, Reeding.
Julian WALTERS, Kiel.
W. A. WADSWORTH, Okla. City.
Karl D. CUNNINGHAM, Kingfisher.
Jason R. GENDER, Kingfisher.
Wm. F. VOSS, Okarche.
Ed VARBLE, Dover.
Joseph H. SMITH, Kingfisher.
Charley H. BROOKS, Dover.
Ray E. HOFFMAN, Cashion.
Nat. E. WAGAMAN, Cashion.
A. R. B. BROKEN CUP, Kingfisher.
Fred L. UNVERZAGT, Kingfisher.
Mervel L. STINE, Okarche.
James L. SOWARD, Cashion.
Russell R. McCLINTOCK, Kingfisher.
William GLENN, Okeene.
Charley KING (negro), Kingfisher.
John F. HILLER, Kingfisher.
William H. MORRIS, Ames.
Frank GERBER, Okarche.
Charley E. BOTTS, Ames.
John F. OTTIS, Okarche.
Joe D. THOMAS (negro), Dover.
Don C. MARSH, Kingfisher.
John STORM, Dover.
Gustav A. HILLER, Kingfisher.

Thirty six men will have to go out of this list to fill the quota of 118 men for this county. Eighteen white men and eighteen negroes. As the order now stand the negroes will be sent within a period of five days beginning with the 27th of this month. They will be sent to Chillicothe, Ohio. The white men will be sent to Camp Travis, Tex., but the date of their departure has not as yet been announced, but in all probability it will be at an early date, due notice of which will be given by the local board.


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