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Early Day Jefferson County Schools
submitted by Dick Samples - transcribed by Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky

When Oklahoma became a state in 1907, schools had formed in Addington, Atlee, Bugscuffle, Cornish, Fleetwood, Oscar, Ryan, and Terral.

In 1894 Cumberland Presbyterian College was founded in Ryan. The Southwestern Academy of the American Congregational Church was founded in Hastings in 1903.  Neither is in existence today.

Overall, about 65 schools districts have existed in Jefferson County.  Some of the districts were a result of consolidating the original one-room schools.

Addington schools were originally known as "subscription schools."  In 1892, the first school was erected on Branch Creek.  Miss Emma Elkins was the teacher for the first term. (closed 1961)

Belcher Hill School was organized in 1910 four miles south of Hastings.  Ida Young was the teacher when it first opened in the fall of 1910. (closed 1930)

Among the first students were Marie, David, John, George, and Mable BELCHER; Lena and Betty BROCK; Guy, Maudie, Ruty and Pat FITZGERRALD; Eddie and Luther GILLISPIE; Lela and Crocket HALL; Dwight, Damron, Roy, Raymond, Lee and Nita JONES; Lola and Viola MILLARD; Jim and Jessie PLASTER; Bessie, Willie, and Ulmet SILKWOOD.

Courtney School (Love County) was located in Courtney until the Courtney schools consolidated with Belleville, Petersburg, and Rubottom and other communities in that area. (Petersburg closed 1947)

Little is known about Fleetwood School which was located in Fleetwood.  The building no longer exists  It was often used for political meetings, pie suppers, and church. (closed 1927)

In Grady’s early days, Fair View School, organized in 1888, and Gann School (closed 1928) existed. Later Grady School was organized.  It consisted of eight grades and four rooms with a gymnasium.  Eventually the enrollment was so small that eight grades were taught in one room, and the school consolidated with larger schools. (high school closed 1928)

Hastings School was in existence 1968.  It was consolidated with other districts.

The Irving area was home to Banner, Lookout and Valley View rural schools (all closed 1922).  Later Irving became the first consolidated school in Jefferson County.  J. M. Dyer was the first superintendent, and the first school board was composed of Bruce Anderson, J. K. Heath and Charley Oakes.  Not long after a new school building was built, Irving was required by Oklahoma to consolidate with a larger school. (closed 1957)

Madden Grove School was named for a man with the last name of  Madden. In 1912 a room was added on to the one room school in order to accommodate the 100+ students who were attending the school.  I have no data on when the school ceased operating. (closed 1947)

Oscar School was located east of Oscar, across from the cemetery.  In 1929 a new building was built for 1st through 8th grades.  In 1954 the Oscar School consolidated with the Ryan Schools. (closed 1956)

Prior to statehood, the first school in what is now Jefferson County was at the Baldwin store and post office.  This was about one mile from Ryan at Rock Crossing on Beaver Creek.  Parents paid tuition for their children to attend this school.  School was in session three months a year.

The first school in Ryan was a "subscription school."  It was held at the Presbyterian Church.

Terral Schools opened 2 September 1907, just prior to statehood.  The principal was J. O. Scott.

Waurika Schools have been in existence since at least statehood.  At one time there were two elementary schools, Irving on the west side of town and Hillcrest on the east side.  Hillcrest was located in what had been Waurika High School and a new high school was built at the corner of East D and Elm.  In the latter half of the 20th century, new schools were built on the northeast edge of Waurika.  Irving School, 107 W. Anderson, is now the City Hall.  Hillcrest, NE corner of Park and Pine, was torn down and the bricks were used to build a private home.

Closing dates of other Jefferson County schools:

Atlee 1952   Melrose 1930
Asphaltum 1941   Mt. Home East 1958
Beam 1947   Mt. Home West 1946
Bellview 1929   Mud Creek 1947
Bethel 1926   N. Center Point 1930
Big Valley 1927   Oak Hill 1947
Blue Grove 1927   Opie 1950
Brown’s Chapel 1947   Plainview 1929
Bummet 1935   Prairie Chapel 1930
Center Point 1939   Richland 1929
Chapel Hill 1941   Riverview 1926
Claudcroft 1927   Roche 1927
Claypool 1959   Rocky Knob 1942
Deer Grove 1947   Spears Chapel 1929
E. B. Ranch 1947   Spring Hill 1925
Ferguson 1930   Sugden 1953
Goodwin 1929   Sunnyside 1929
Holly Hill 1941   Texas 1947
Independence 1930   Union Hill 1953
Linwood 1933   Union Valley 1956
Lone Star 1925   Woodrow 1947
Lookout 1922   Wray Chapel 1929
Major 1947      

Thanks to Dick Samples for acquiring the information above for us to use.  [and thanks to Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky for formatting this for use on the Jefferson Co. website!]


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