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Harmon County History Book III

Harmon County Museum        Sue Harris, Curator        102 West Broadway        Hollis, OK 73550        580-688-9545


Deadline October 1, 2008!! EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 1, 2008 !!

Things to Remember  300 word article per generation FREE
 Additional words 10 cents each, additional photos $10.
~JUNE 1, 2008~
Announcing Plans For
Planning Route III, a History of Harmon County, Oklahoma

 In conjunction with the celebration of Harmon County's Centennial, the Harmon County Historical Society announces plans for the publishing of "Planning Route III". The Purpose of this book is not to REPEAT, but to COMPLETE the work already included in volumes I and II. Planning the Route III will focus on material NOT contained in the earlier volumes. If you didn't get your story in before or are new to Harmon County, now is your chance to be included. If you were included in volume I or II, please update your family's history.

  Included in Vol. III will be a brief history and picture of all of the following who wish to participate and will be published in the book FREE OF CHARGE. *All households, both old and new families, both previous and present residents.





*All social, civic and fraternal organizations, school groups, celebrations Please lend us your general interest photos: street scenes, rural scenes, early ball teams, church groups

**Your pictures will be returned to you

** We invite all families to take a few minutes now to discuss putting their material on paper and selecting a photograph, either a current one or old one (black-and-white or color), and submit these as follows:

1. In approximately 300 words per household, explain the beginnings and bring the story up to today.

2. Each story should be signed ....Submitted by____________.

3. Type the story or have it typed on plain typing paper, double - spaced, and keep a copy for your own record..

4. Submit a picture with the story. Write a caption for the picture as well as the name and address of the owner so the picture can be returned to you after the book is published. Tape these pieces of information to the back of the picture. Do NOT submit the picture in a frame.

5. If your picture is old and fragile, it is advisable to have a photo-print made by a photographer or you may submit a quality, high-resolution (300 dpi) laser scan that has been trimmed, either a hard copy or a clearly labeled digital file on a CD-rom in tiff format.

 6. The picture and story should be turned in or mailed to the address above no later that OCTOBER 1, 2008 Your story may need to be shortened if repetitious of other stories or if space does not permit, but this is only if absolutely necessary. If you wish to buy more that the free space allowed to have a longer story or to memoralize your parents or others, additional space is available. See the Order Form. We expect the book to contain from 300 - 400 pages or more and include 800 - 1,000 pictures, depending on the number of families, churches, and organizations, etc., that submit their stories and pictures. The more submitted the better the book will be for the same price.

 For those reserving the book before publication, The Early Bird Price is $65.00

After that, the price will be higher. This will be a Limited Edition printing and the book is a handsome and memorable gift.

Gift Certificates are available. This book will be of excellent quality, beautiful, permanent, hardbound.

Sample history books from the company are available to examine. Your may leave your pictures, story and Order Form at the Harmon County Historical Museum, 102 West Broadway in Hollis, Tuesday thru Friday, 11 am to 4 pm or mail them.

Again your picture and story will be included in the book ABLOLUTELY FREE and will be an important part of this special publication for anyone who evr called Harmon County home. Planning the Route III, Harmon County History Book 2009

  • Harmon County Historical Museum
  • 102 West Broadway
  • Hollis, Oklahoma 73550
  • 580-688-9545
  • harcomuseum@pldi.net

Things to REMEMBER, 300 words and one photo FREE  per generation!  Additional words 10 cents each.....additional photos....$10 

Deadline October l, 2008,



From May 3, 2008 .

          Harmon County has recently been added to a new Oklahoma state link at this address www.okcemeteries.net/ which is presently being set up with the Harmon County cemeteries by Tammie Chada. Go to the link, and in the blue square on the left click on "Click Here for Counties." This will take you to Harmon County and you will be able to view the cemeteries online. If you can help take photos of the cemeteries that have not been photographed, send your photos to Tammie Chada at okcemeteries@cox.net by email so she can display them on this cemetery site. Or you can take your photos to the museum where they can be sent to Tammie Chada.

We Need YOUR Help
for a successful county history book
~ March 31, 2008 ~

          By now you know that Harmon County Historical Museum is working on another county history book. "Planning the Route 3" is a 2009 project to celebrate Harmon County's Centennial year. A lot of work will be done in preparation for this next history book.

          We need your help to make this a success for our county history to be recorded again. Many did not place their family in Book 1 published in 1980 or Book 2 published 1987 and need to place their families in Book 3. That also means the ones who did place their families in these books now have 20 to nearly 30 years passed and need to update your family information.

          Don’t forget to gather your information and send it or take it to the Harmon County Museum in Hollis ASAP. This book IS NOT a dedication book to any specific cause or reason other than the "history of Harmon County and its residents." There will be sections of history, which include family history, community history, military veteran history, sports history, etc. The only requirement will be that your family, your veteran or sport person must have been at some time a Harmon County resident.

          For family history, include your family from the time they came to Harmon County to present day, with the names of children, where they lived in the county or other important information about them. For your veteran information, include their rank at discharge, where they served and war duty information. For the sports history, include the teams they served and stats. DO NOT include family information with veteran and sports information. It should be in the family information articles. Use your history Book 1 or 2 as a guide of what to include in your information. If you don’t have a copy of these books, you may look at the copies at the museum, which cannot be loaned out, or contact the museum for help.

          Please include a black and white glossy 4X6 photo for your article. The photo for the veteran or sports section should be in their uniforms. Remember when sending photos to choose clear, close-up picture that will look best for viewing in the book.  

          Type your information when sending by post to save the information having to be re-typed by volunteers. This will save much time. If you have no one who can type the information for you, contact the museum to make arrangements to have your handwritten information typed for you.

          Visit the museum website at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~okhcgs/ and click on the topics in green letters, "Newsletter and Planning Route 3" to keep up with updates. Send this link to your family and friends.

          Please help us by contacting your family and friends who may not receive this information. Tell them to contact anyone they know who has been Harmon County residents that would like to add their families to Book 3. Many people were disappointed they were not put into the first two history books simply because they did not know about it. We need to get the word out and need your help in doing that. This book will take time to publish after we get all the information. There will be a deadline given soon to receive your information. So work on it now and remind your family members to get theirs sent in too. 

The Edith Carter family gave a seed grant to the Museum to begin Book 3
"Planning the Route:  Harmon County History" Book 3

~ February 8, 2008 ~

          Each family of Harmon County needs to write a history of their family, when they came, where they lived, where they worked and the names of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Perhaps you wrote a story of your family for the Centennial display of pictures and stories that the museum still has.  However, you may want to add to that story with more pictures and more information.  Even if you had your family history in Book I or Book II, please write it again as it has been since 1980 and 1987 since those books were published.  Your family group has changed so we want an updated version.

          Families who were not Centennial families are encouraged to write about their family also.  Anyone who has lived or is living in Harmon County needs to be included in the Harmon County History Book 3.

          Many have asked about copies of Book I and Book II.  There will be DVD's made of these books and will be available for purchase.  The older books are no longer available.  There is no date for the DVDs, but the announcement and prices will be made when they are ready.  It is hoped that the book will be ready about the same time as the DVDs so start writing.  Please take your information to the Museum.  If you do not type, someone will type the information for you. 

Honoring Our Veterans

~ February 8, 2008 ~
            Lorraine Hatcher Almsted is working on the “Honoring Our Veterans” section of Book 3.  Book 2 has a large list of many soldiers, but that is not a complete list.  We want Book 3 to show ALL the veterans of the county from the turn of the 20th century to current 2009.  If your member is in Book 2, we want to include them again in Book 3.  We need your information on your Harmon County family members who served in any branch of service or war to current date.  Please include a COPY of a clear close-up black & white glossy photo of your soldier (3X5 or 4X6 only).  The photos will not be returned and become the property of Harmon County Museum.  Any soldier who has been or is currently a Harmon County resident is eligible to be placed in this veterans section.

          Don’t forget to post mail or email your photos as well.  We need your help ASAP to make this book complete with all the family information you contribute to the museum.  Remember, if you missed out and did not place your family in Book 1 or 2, this is your chance to include that line in Book 3.  We ask you NOT to wait until the last minute to send in your information, because the faster the information gets to us, the faster Book 3 gets published.  

         Harmon County historical book “Planning the Route 3” honoring the Harmon County community and families is being planned.  We need your help to make this book complete with our county and family information.  If you did not get your family placed in Book 1 or 2, this is your chance to include that information in Book 3.  It is impossible for the museum committees to get all the current addresses on former Harmon County residents without your help.  Please contact everyone you know, whether they live nearby or far away, so they can place their family information into book III.  Tell those you contact to help you contact others they may know about and get your information to the museum using the contact information below.

          Contact the museum at:
        102 West Broadway, Hollis 73550

E-Mail Sue Harris