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Oklahoma Roots Are Deep:

The Sturdivant Family

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 15 No. 3, September 1970

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Compiled by LaVerna Pendleton, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.



Adeline Sturdivant Pendleton


Adeline Sturdivant was born 3 April 1875 in Bowling Green, Warren Co., Kentucky.  She was the daughter of William A. Sturdivant and Elizabeth Ann Cox.  The family moved to Windsor, Henry County, Missouri before October 1879 and later to Texas.  Adeline married 24 November 1895 in Whitewright, Grayson Co., Texas, James Alvin Vanhoy Pendleton (b. 12 Sept. 1870, Polk Co., Mo.; d. 5 Aug. 1946, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).  Mr. Pendleton was a Baptist minister.  The family remained in Whitewright about 15 years.  Then they lived for a while in Eldorado, Oklahoma, and Guymon, Oklahoma.  They finally settled in Frederick, Oklahoma, where Mr. Pendleton, with his wife’s help went into the dairy business.  Adeline died following surgery in an Oklahoma City hospital, 29 July 1939. She is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City.

          Children: (born Whitewright, Grayson Co., Texas)

1.    Virgil Alvin Pendleton, b. 22 June 1897; d. 17 May 1965

2.    Don William Pendleton, b. 12 December 1903

3.    Joe Reynolds Pendleton, b. 15 Sept. 1906

4.    Nadine Pendleton, b. 14 Aug. 1909



William A. Sturdivant, the father of Adeline was born 11 October 1845, Edmondson Co., Kentucky.  He was the son of Jesse A. Sturdivant and Adeline Shackelford.  At the age of 18 he enlisted in the Union Army serving first as a private in Company H, 52nd Kentucky Infantry and second as a sergeant in Company G, 17th Kentucky Cavalry.  He married 17 December 1867 in Edmondson Co., Kentucky, Elizabeth (Eliza) Ann Cox (dau. of Charles Cox and Martha Ann (Wilburn) Oliver), b. 26 May 1851, Warren Co., Kentucky.  About 1879 William moved his family to Windsor, Henry Co., Missouri.  In 1885 they moved to Whitewright, Grayson Co., Texas.  William’s wife, Eliza (Cox) Sturdivant, died 2 October 1906.  A few years later he married Abbie (Cheathon) Wright, widow of Al Wright.  William A. Sturdivant died 25 April 1929 in Whitewright, Texas.  He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.


1.    James Monroe Sturdivant, b 19 Mar. 1872, Bowling Green, Ky.; m. Nov. 1897, Grayson Co., Texas, Montrie Simpson

2.    Nannie E. Sturdivant, b. 13 Jan. 1874, Bowling Green, Ky.; d. 7 Mar. 1909, Grayson Co., Texas (unwed)

3.    Charles H. Sturdivant, b. 27 Nov. 1879, Windsor, Henry Co., Mo.; m. Boone E. Tuck; d. in Colorado Springs, Colo.



Jesse A. Sturdivant, father of William A., was born 1815 in Edmondson Co., Kentucky.  He was the son of Silas Sturdivant and Nancy Isbell.  He married in Edmondson Co., Kentucky, 6 June 1838, Adeline Shackelford (dau of William Shackelford and Betsy Moore).  He died in Edmondson Co., Kentucky, in 1865.  (Will dated 20 Feb. 1865; proved 10 April 1865, Edmondson Co., Will Book 1, p. 104.)

          Children:  (all born in Edmondson Co., Ky.)

1.    Mary E. Sturdivant, b. 23 Sept. 1839; m. George Burch Woosley

2.    John H. Sturdivant, b. 2 Oct 1841; m. 1 Mar. 1866 Ollie H. McGhee

3.    William A. Sturdivant, b. 11 Oct. 1845

4.    Nancy Sturdivant, b. 1847; d. young, unwed

5.    James Sturdivant, b. 1849; d, young, unwed

6.    Silas Dan Sturdivant, b. 23 Oct. 1851; m. Belle White; d. 23 Sept. 1920



Silas Sturdivant, the father of Jesse A. Sturdivant, was born in Halifax Co., North Carolina, in 1774.  He was the son of Jesse Sturdivant and his wife, Lucy.  He married in Warren Co., Kentucky, 27 January 1914, Nancy Isbell, the daughter of James Isbell who fought in the Battle of King’s Mountain.  Silas died in 1853 in Edmondson Co., Kentucky.  (Will dated 7 June 1849; proved 5 Dec. 1853, Edmondson Co., Kentucky, Will Book 1, p. 64.)

·        Children: (born in Warren Co., Ky. before 1825; Edmondson Co., after 1825; all married in Edmondson Co., Kentucky.)

1.    Jesse A. Sturdivant, b. 1815

2.    John J. Sturdivant, b. 1817

3.    Sarah Sturdivant, b. 1823; m. 20 April 1854 Hiram Boyed

4.    Silas Daniel Sturdivant, b. 1825; m. 17 Dec. 1851, Eliza Boyd

5.    Joseph James Sturdivant, b. 1827; m. 15 Jan. 1855, Mary Jane Lewis

6.    Mary A. Sturdivant, b. 1830; m. 19 Nov. 1853 William Lewis

7.    Nancy Sturdivant, b. 1832

8.    Edmond Sturdivant, b. 1834; m. 20 May 1858, Katherine Tunks



Jesse Sturdivant, the father of Silas, was born 24 February 1745 in Albemarle Parish, Surry Co., Virginia.  He was the son of John Anderson Sturdivant and his wife Rachel.  He married about 1771 Lucy _____.  He aided the Revolutionary Cause for which he was “allowed three hundred sixteen shillings specie” by the Board of Auditors, State of North Carolina, 7 Jan. 1782.  He died in Halifax Co., North Carolina, in 1801 or 1802.  (Will dated 22 Oct. 1801; proved Feb. 1802).

          Children:  (some proven; some probable)

1.    John Sturdivant (named in father’s will)

2.    Silas Sturdivant, b. 1774 (named in father’s will)

3.    Benjamin Sturdivant, b. 1775 (probable)

·        m. 5 Feb. 1805 Rebecca Kimball, dau of Benjamin Kimball; they moved to Davidson Co., Tenn. before 1820

4.    Edmund Sturdivant, b. 1775-1780 (probable)

·        m. ca. 1810 Elizabeth Wallace, dau of John Wallace; living in Madison Co., Tenn., 1840

5.    William A. Sturdivant, b. 1788 (probable);

·        m. (1) 13 Sept. 1820, Patsy Kimball; (2) 14 April 1835, Martha (Kimball) Arrington, both dau of Benjamin Kimball, still living in Halifax Co., North Carolina 1850

6.    Joseph A. Sturdivant, b. 1780-1790 (proven);

·        m. (1) ca. 1814 _____; (2) ca. 1830 Mary Saunders, dau of Joseph and Martha (Maclin) Saunders; living in Montgomery Co., Tenn. 1850

7.    Stephen Sturdivant, b. 1784-1785 (probable);

·        living in Halifax Co., N. Car. 1820

8.    Thomas Sturdivant, b. 1795 (probable)

·        m. (1) ca. 1822 _____; (2) ca. 1844 Catherine _____; living in Madison Co., Tenn. 1840

9.    John Anderson Sturdivant, (probable)

·        m. 17 Nov. 1821, Warren Co., N. Car., Theney Riggans; d. Henry Co., Tenn. 1873


10 to 16  Six daughters (U.S. Census 1780 & 1790, Halifax Co., North Carolina



John Anderson Sturdivant, the father of Jesse Sturdivant, was born about 1695-1705, in Prince George Co., Virginia.  He was probably the son of Daniel Sturdivant, whose wife may have been an Anderson.  John Anderson Sturdivant married Rachel _____ about 1736.  He died before 10 Dec. 1777, when his will was proved and recorded in Sussex Co., Virginia. (Will Book C, p. 281)

          Children:  (All born in Surry Co., Virginia)

1.     Abner Sturdivant, b. 18 June 1737;

·        m. 1765 Rachel _____

2.     Sarah Sturdivant, b. 16 May 1741

·        d. between 14 March and 26 June 1797 (unwed)

3.     John Sturdivant, b. 8 April 1743

·        m. 1768/9 Martha _____

4.     Jesse Sturdivant, b. 24 Feb. 1744/5

·        m. ca. 1771 Lucy _____

5.     Anderson Sturdivant, b. 11 March 1746/47

·        m. ca. 1772 Jemima _____



Daniel Sturdivant, the probable father of John Anderson, was born about 1660/61 in Charles City Co., Virginia.  He was the son of John and Sarah (Hallum) Sturdivant.  There is considerable feeling among Sturdivant researchers that he married about 1685-90 _____ Anderson.  He died sometime after 1728.

          Children:  (probable – none proven)

1.     James Sturdivant, b. ca 1690-95

·        m. ca. 1723 Mary (Green?)

2.     John Anderson Sturdivant, b. ca. 1695-1705;

·        m. ca. 1736 Rachel _____

3.     Biggens Sturdivant, b. ca. 1700-05;

·        m. ca. 1731 Sarah _____

4.     Daniel Sturdivant, b. 1705-10;

·        m. ca. 1734 Sarah _____

There were likely some daughters whose names have not been preserved.



John Sturdivant, father of Daniel Sturdivant, was born about 1630, probably in London, England.  He was in Virginia by 23 Feb. 1652 when he and Christopher Robinson received a grant of 600 acres in Henrico Co.  He married after 3 February 1658/59 and before 14 Sept. 1660 Sarah (Hallum) Woodward, widow of Samuel Woodward and daughter of Robert Hallum.  In 1676, John Sturdivant was one of the leaders in Bacon’s Rebellion.  In spite of being excepted from the King’s amnesty extended to those who participated in the rebellion, he seems to have escaped punishment.  Just two years later he was involved in a civil court action.  February 12, 1679/80 he and his wife, Sarah, deeded land to her son by her first marriage.  Both John and Sarah (Hallum) Sturdivant died before January 190, when Daniel Sturdivant was appointed administrator of the estate of his mother, Sarah Sturdivant “on behalf of himself and his brothers.”

          Children:  (Order uncertain.  Except for son, Daniel, unproved, but probable.  All probably born before 1673.  There may have very well been daughters, but no evidence of them has yet been found.)

1.    Daniel Sturdivant, b. ca. 1660/61.  (Was witness to will of Henry Briggs, Surry Co., Virginia, 26 Sept. 1681.)

2.    Mathew Sturdivant

·        m. before 1716 Sarah _____; d. Surry Co., Virginia

3.    Chichester Sturdivant, 1727 had a land survey in Virginia; gave land to his sons in 1728; d. 1730

4.    Llewellyn Sturdivant, living in Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Virginia 24 June 1729



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