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Indian Graves—Norman Reservoir and Dam Site (Oklahoma)

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 11, No. 2, (For) June 1966

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



(Recorded by Earl B. Smith and a copy furnished to Mr. and Mrs. H.C, Stallings, Okla. City as part of LDS Graves Registration Program.)


With the assistance of Willie Gibson, Shawnee Indian, who served as guide and interpreter, 54 Indian graves were located.  Of this number, 25 have been individually marked and 29 are in blocked areas in which the identity and location of specific graves is not known.  The burial dates range from 1890 to 1957.  Descriptions and locations of the burial plots are as follows:


LOCATION A – N1/2 NW 1/4 SECTION 28 – 9N 1E


This is allotment No. AS-500 – Allottee (sic) Big Jim.  Turn south off Highway 9 about 800’ east of Little Axe store.  Follow trail about 100 yards to house.  Burial plot is about 25 yards east of house and is fenced in by a single strand of barbed wire.  There are 5 graves.  Each is marked with a stake having red flagging around the top.  Each stake, placed at the head of the grave, bears a number with the name of the deceased and year of burial.  The names of the deceased are as follows:


·        Stake #1 – Sallie Bob Gibson – wife of Willie Gibson, died in 1938

·        Stake #2 – Flora Gibson White – sister of Willie Gibson, died in 1933.  Husband buried in E1/2 Section 28, 9N 1E

·        Stake #3 – Marvin Thomas Gibson – son of Willie Gibson, died in 1938

·        Stake #4 – Little boy (unnamed) – son of Offie Grace Gibson, nephew of Willie Gibson, did in 1933

·        Stake #5 – Johnny Mann, Jr. – son of Cleona Mann, grandson of Willie Gibson, died in 1950


LOCATION B – S1/2 NW1/4 & N1/2 SW1/4 SECTION 28 – 9N 1E


This is allotment No. AS-500 – Allottee Big Jim.  This burial plot contains 19 or 20 graves.  The only grave marked is that of Dudley Beaver, brother to Mrs. Little Jim.  He died March 1, 1957, and his grave is under logs in the southwest corner of plot.  The plot is southwest of Little Jim’s house, about Ό mile.  A trail leads down through the pasture to the plot.  Two red flags are in trees bordering the plot, which is 33’ x 120’ x 45’ x 120’.  The four corners are marked with stakes, having red flagging around the top.  There are no mounds or signs of graves.  An old well is near the cemetery.  Some of those buried here are:


1.    Dudley Beaver – died March 1, 1957

2.    Ruth Little Jim Bob – Little Jim’s Sister

3.    Three boys (Little Jim’s nephews)

4.    Eugene Bull Frog – 13 years old, Mrs. Little Jim’s son

5.    Jake Day, 8-9 years, Little Jim’s grandson

6.    Alex Johnson, Little Jim’s grandson

7.    Victor Sloan – 35-40 years, Little Jim’s nephew

8.    Shawnee Betsy Williams (old lady)

9.    Ruth Little Jim Bob – Little Jim’s mother-in-law

10. Twin boys are located on the west side of the cemetery.




This is allotment No. AS-500.  Allottee: Big Jim.  This burial plot is in the N1/2 SW1/4 of Section 28, T9N – R1E.  It is on the east side of the road, in a clump of trees inside the fence line, about 600’ north of the bridge that crosses Little River.  There are 5 graves here.  The deceased are unknown and were buried before 1900.  The burial plot, 14’ x 33’ x 20’ x 33’, is marked with 4 stakes tacked with red flagging.  Also, there is a flag on one of the lower branches of the tree.  There are no mounds or signs of graves.




This is allotment AS-558 – Allottee is Joseph Blanchard.  The burial plot is in the E1/2 NE1/4 of Section 29, T9N, R1E.  It is located in the south side of the quarter section fence line at the crest of the hill.  The 10’ square plot has been marked with flagged stakes.  There are 2 unmarked graves here.  They are:


1.    Joseph Blanchard – died 1901.  He is buried on the south side.

2.    Ellen Hood Blanchard – died in 1915.  She is buried on the north side of her father-in-law.  Her husband was Henry Blanchard.




E1/2 SE1/4 Section 20 – T9N – R1E – Allotment 560 – Allottee – Agnes Blanchard.


Little girl, name unknown, about 3 years old, buried long ago.  Grave has been cultivated over and cannot be located.




E1/2 SE1/4 Section 20 - T9N  - R 1E.  Allotment 560 – Allottee – Agnes  Blanchard.


The grave of Mexican Billy is in a thicket above a small pond.  Its location could not be determined with sufficient accuracy to stake it out.  It is near the maximum water surface.  He was the first husband of Agnes Blanchard, who is living on her allotment.




SE1/4 NW1/4 Section 8 – T9N, R1E – Allotment AS-440 – Allottee, Little Creek


This grave is in the bottomland under a small tree in the SE1/4 NW Ό of Section 8.  The deceased is the infant son of Little Creek and the brother of Jack Little Creek who lives on the allotment.  The child died in 1901.  There is a red flag on the tree and a stake at the head of the grave below the tree.




NE1//4 NW1/4 Section 8 – T9N –R1E – Allotment AS 440 – Allottee, Little Creek.  This grave is up the hill and north approximately 600’ from Location G.  It is near a tall tree.  The tree is flagged and there is a stake below the tree.  The deceased is Elsie Little Creek, daughter of Little Creek and sister of Jack Little Creek who lives on the allotment.  She died in the year 1919.


LOCATION I – S1/2 NW1/4 – N1/2 SW1/4 – Section 7, (N, 1E


Allotment No. 550 – Allottee, Isaac McCoy.  There are 6 graves here all staked with name and number written on the stakes.  The burial plot is down the hill a few feet and east from the house.  The deceased all are relatives of Mrs. Jack Little Creek.  This was her father’s allotment.  The deceased are:


1.    Ja-Ki-Sh-Be-Wa-Si or Mrs. Isaac McCoy who died in 1907.

2.    Gloria McCoy, granddaughter of Isaac McCoy, daughter of Willie McCoy who died in 1920.

3.    Isaac McCoy – died in 1942.

4.    Nellie McCoy Snakeman – died in 1942.

5.    Mary McCoy Little Creek – died in 1946.

6.    Walter Johnson (Infant) – died in 1956 (great grandson of Isaac McCoy).


LOCATION J – S1/2 SW1/4 – Section 7 – 9N – 1E


Allotment No.  AS-401 - Allottee: Mexican Billy.


This burial plot is in a cluster of trees on the north side of the trail leading to John Little Axe's house.  The plot is about 100 yards west of the house.  These are old graves.  Burial was made before 1900.  The number of graves and names of deceased are not known.  Trees have grown up since the graves were formed.  Red flag has been placed in the tree.


LOCATION K – S1/2 NE1/4, SECTION 6 – 9N  - 1E                                  


Allotment No. AS 397?  -- Allottee: Guy Kaseca.


This grave is unmarked except for two flagged stakes and red flag in the tree. It was reached by going to Charles Kaseca’s house over a rough trail and following him for about ½ mile in a northwest direction through the trees.


The deceased is Ada Man Kaseca, wife of George Kaseca and mother of Charles Kaseca who lives on the allotment.  She died in or about the year 1920.


LOCATION L – S1/2 SE1/4 SECTION 6 – 9N –1E


Allotment No. AS-395 – Allottee: Kaseca.


This burial plot contains 7 graves.  It may be reached by turning north off the main road going through a wire gap on the east side of Hog Creek and following a trail for about ½ miles.  It is located on the west slope of the hill at the edge of the trees.  Each grave is staked with red flagging at the top.  The stakes are placed at the head of the graves with name of deceased and approximate date of death written on them.  The deceased are:


1.    Kaseca – died 1892

2.    Francis Kaseca – daughter of Kaseca – died 1890

3.    Frank Kaseca – son of Kaseca – died in 1907

4.    Charles Kaseca – son of Kaseca – died in 1910

5.    Annie Clark Kaseca – died 1901

6.    Edith Kaseca – daughter of Kaseca – died in 1900

7.    George Kaseca – Kaseca’s grandson – died 1930




Allotment AS-395 – Allottee: Kaseca.  This is the grave of Mitine Kaseca, wife of Kaseca, died August 24, 1916.  Her grave is located around the ridge and east of Location L, in a growth of trees, about 700’ from the road on the south.  There is no mound or indication of a grave.  A stake has been placed at the head and red flag in the tree above.




Allotment AS-400.  Allottee: Francis Kaseca.  There are three graves in this burial plot.  The deceased are as follows:


1.    De-Wah-Nee – grandmother who died in 1905 (farthest south)

2.    Mary Mack – daughter of De-Wah-Nee – died about 1918

3.    Infant son of Mary Mack – died about 1908




Allotment AS-374 – Allottee: Longman.  There are two graves in this burial plot.  Follow trail between Sections 17 and 18 to white man’s house (Jess Capshaw).  Go under barbed wire fence and follow trail northwest from house down through the trees about Ό mile.  The individual graves are not shown but four stakes mark the grave plot.  The names and relative positions of the deceased are as follows:


1.    Longman – died in 1900 (on the north side)

2.    Ge-Ka-The (Longman’s son) died in 1898 (on the south side)



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