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Goodwater Cemetery

From Oklahoma Genealogical Quarterly Vol. 10, No. 4, December 1965

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



Approximately 3 mi. northeast of Shoals cemetery and church, Choctaw Co., Okla., contributed by Mrs. J.F. Taylor, Grant, Okla., who, with a friend walked this cemetery in May 1966.  Notice all burials are before statehood and two are of *Missionaries who died one month apart in 1848.  (Were these Presbyterian Missionaries and Mr. Downer a replacement for Mr. Belden?  Who knows? – OGS Editor)



·        Mabel, dau. of T.P. and G.M. Wood, born May 31, 1900—died March 26, 1901

·        W.R., son of J.M. & N.A. Cawley, born Sept. 30, 1883—died March 6. 1904

·        W.H. Anderson, born in Cleberan Parish (Iberian?), Louisiana, born March 13, 1870—died Dec. 20, 1903

·        L.A. Torrence, born Dec. 14, 1888—died Oct. 4, 1889

·        A.L. Torrence, born August 27, 1857—died Sept. 27, 1889

·        *In Memory of C.M. Belden, who died Nov. 5, 1848.  “Here sleeps a missionary.”

·        *In Memory of L.C. Downer,, who died Dec. 15th, 1848.  “Here sleeps a missionary.”

·        M.J. Collins, died Dec. 23, 1888

·        Betsey Hays died Oct. 15, 1899

·        Kelly Roberts, born Jan. 23, 1883—died Oct. 4, 1900

·        Mary Roberts, born May 15, 1845—died Jan. 23, 1887

·        George W. Wood, son of W.J. & N.A. Wood, born Aug. 7, 1874—died Sept. 24, 1889

·        Laura A., dau. of W.J. & N.A. Wood, born Sept 1, 1881—died Dec. 6, 1896


There are 3 graves enclosed by a fence.  Two are in poor condition; and one, apparently a child’s, in good condition.  There are several unmarked graves surrounding the area.



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