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Old Oklahoma Cemeteries: Cheadle Cemetery

(Pittsburg County)

From Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 12, Nos. 1 & 2; For March & June 1967

Transcribed to Electronic form by Jo White



(This information was furnished by Mrs. J.W. Strickland, Shawnee, Oklahoma and arranged by Samuel T. Walker.)



CHEADLE CEMETERY, located about mile east of Indianola, is badly grown up in vegetation; nearly all markers are broken. Mrs. Strickland worked this cemetery thoroughly and copied the following:


        Andrew J. McNEELY; b. 1/14/1835d. 11/25/1878

        M.K. NALE, dau of J.S. and Vicy NALE; b. 10/25/1887d. 1/5/1888

        Joseph S. NALE; d. 10/6/1890age 30 years

        Mamie A. Harkins, wife of E.R. CHEADLE; b. 7/14/1868d. 5/26/1889

        Sandstone marker, marked T H

        Mattie Lee, dau of J.E. and M.A. COATS; b. 4/26/1885d. 2/1/1896

        Lydia C., wife of J.L. FINLEY, dau of J.M. and M.A. HOLLIS; d. 1/31/1890age 19 years, 11 mo. and 20 days

        Elias Rector CHEADLE; b. 7/2/1859d. 8/23/1902

        James S. CHEADLE; b. 1/7/1830d. 10/1/1876

        Ben C., husband of Fannie NALE; b. 11/1/18891/12/1912

        J.M. HOLLIS; b. 3/25/1871d. 2/16/1897

        Isma, dau of J.S. and K. FORREST; b. 4/5/1890age 17 mo.

        Sophonia E. CHEADLE, dau of J.S. and S. CHEADLE; b. 6/18/18528/12/1870



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