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Researching Your German Ancestors handouts below.

German Research.pdf

Researching Your Irish Roots handouts below.

Traditional Irish Naming Patterns.jpgTraditional Irish Naming Patterns.docx

EHS&M's Index to the '89er and Pioneer Files. This index contains Last name, First Name, (some spouses), Homestead Location and Township. Note: If there is a "Yes" in the column "Info on File" then the museum has a vertical file with information about that person. Requests for this information can be made at the EHS&M's Genealogy library.

EHS&M '89er and Pioneer Files index.pdf

Sherrie Furber gave a presentation on What Family Search can do for you.

Tips and Links.pdfTips and Links.docx

Dr. Ruth Oneson gave a presentation on DNA and provided the handout below.

Deciphering DNA Test Results

What if I should die? - useful documents for estate planning

Dr. Ruth Oneson gave a presentation on estate planning and provided the handouts below.

Consumer’s Tool Kit for Health Care Advance Planning

Do you want to be remembered fondly by loved ones?

What will happen to your genealogy files when you die?

Checklist after death

Bibliography for if I were to die

Books of Family Histories located in the Library at the Edmond Historical Museum

David Adkins, Jr. and his seven sons & daughters who came West by Marjorie P Meggs, 1995
Research notebooks for David Adkins, Ezra Adkins, Homer Adkins, Josiah Adkins, and William Adkins.
Genealogical record of Rufus Miner Bailey and Elizabeth McKeage Bailey and related families compiled by Lola N. Bailey March 1979
Memoirs of James A. Baty and Kate A. Baty Camp Hill Pennsylvania 1978
The Biles family: How green is our valley by Bryan W. Biles 1969 715 pgs
The ancestors and descendants of James Blanchard, Jr. , Thomas Shute Blanchard and Shepard Blanchard compiled by William H. Pendleton, Seaport, Maine 1983 Boswells
The Boswells of Shelby County, KY, vol. II by Eula Richardson Hass Karl Jul 1978
The Bowmans: a pioneering family in Virginia, Kentucky, and the Northwest Territory by John W. Wayland 1943
Brawner family history 1830-1995
[Descendants from Edward Harrison Brown]
Edward Harrison Brown's Diary while at Red Rock (Newport) MN 1-1-1846 to 9-12-1846
James Edward Brown's Diary 18 April 1873 to 28 December 1878
Iowa roots: a genealogy of the Brown family by Marcia A. Brown Jones 1979
Burleson family bulletin vol. XVI #4, Spring 1997
Genealogical notes of the Chamberlaine family of Maryland by Samuel Chamberlaine in 1881 published in 1973
Chamberlaine saga by Carolyn Wilson Weidner 1982
William Penn Craig and Emma Hicks Craig: Their ancestors and descendants by Jane Amstutz Harden 1992
Davis data: John and Mary (Mooney) Davis: their ancestors and descendants as we know them by Pauline Callaway Sheriff.
Mary Beth Davis Lightfoot and Alma Davis Bomer 1988
Donaldsons across America published by Mary Whitney [Note: this is a commercial list]
Our Emery ancestors - update of The Genealogical records of descendants of John Emery of Newberry, MA
The Emery family by G. T. Ridlon, Sr.
The Emery family v. 1 #2, v. 2 #1 & 2, v. 4 #1-3 1982-1983, 1985
Simpler times with Irene Marguerite Wessel Enterline 1997 [notes]
Some ancestors of Francis Flournoy, Sr. of Chesterfield County Virginia compiled by Bettye S. Rathbone 1985
Gibson Flournoy and related families by E. Madgelaine Flournoy 1981
Branches from the Flournoy family tree compiled by Wayne Spiller
A compilation of Gaines family data with special emphasis on the lineage of William and Isabella (Pendleton) Gaines by Calvin E. Sutherd
1972 reprint of 1969 publication
Supplement to above publication 1973
The Goddard Book, vol. I and vol. II by John W. Harms and Pearl Goddard Harms Gateway Press vol. I, 1984 vol. 2, 1990
Compiled by Tempe Fenn Crosby and Irene Reid Morris 1998
The Gray family by American Genealogical Research Institute 1972 [commercial list]
Ancestors and descendents of Florus David Meacham Harden (1863 -1934) and Sara Amaria Leigh (1862 - 1947)
Parents of Edward Eugene Harden (1889 - 1963) written by Jane Amstutz Harden 1999
Harpster McKinnis by Cecil McKinnis 1999
Water under the bridge: Heffner - Harris family by Lee Roy J Heffner [after 1983] 2 copies
Chronicles of our family by Ruthalie Wayman Heffner and family [after 1990]
The Holcombes, Nation builders: A family having as great a part as any in the making of all North American civilization: Their biographies,
genealogies, and pedigrees by Mrs. Lewin D (Hannah Elizabeth Weir) McPherson copyrighted USA 1947 by Lewin Dwinell McPherson and
Elizabeth Weir McPherson
Holman Tong and allied families by Lucretia M. Duncan 1990
Howell lines, vol. 1 -4 compiled by Mary Ann VanZandt Bell 1982-1985
Bootprints of the Hutchinson family 1790-1989
History of the Janes Peek family: from Grandma's little trunk by Dr Reba Neighbors Collins Edmond, OK 1975
Add# 3 Janes Peek family history by Dr Reba Neighbors Collins, third addendum 1981
[Jones - Godfrey family album] Some leaves from the Jones - Godfrey family trees by Robert Kennedy Jones 1997
When we look back: the history of the family of Shadrick Jefferson and Rebecca Trist Leatherwood , their ancestors, and their descendents compiled by Mary Leatherwood Ratcliffe 1985
The Leatherwood family: Edward Leatherwood and sons John, Samuel, and Aquilla and their families compiled at the request of Barbara Leatherwood Blackwell by Genealogy, Ltd. Loist, Dorsey 1984
Meadows - Hayes family reunion July 4, 1993 Hayes family farm Fletcher, Oklahoma
Other names included: Birdsong, Brady, Bridges, Crews, Forrest, Hamilton, Hinton, Kolb, Kolker, Menard, Norman, Payette, Peace, Poselle, Robertson, Taylor, Wolf
The Meggs family of North America notebook 1995
Meyer Mirror
v.1 - v.3 (4 issues per volume) Spring 1980-Winter 1982
v.II #3, Winter 1991
O'Dochartaigh or O'Doherty or Dougherty
O'Dochartaigh family research association newsletter #13-14-15 (1985-1986-1987) plus O'Doherty clan gathering 1990
The James Offill family came to Iowa by Ethel I. Harryman published by VanBuren Register, Keosauqua, Iowa, 1983 124 pg
George Anderson Ozan Personal Ancestral File (PAF) notebook 24 July 1997
My family notebook [2001] plus an additional 14 smaller notebooks
The Peckham family by Charles Wesley Peckham, Sr. printed by Thomson-Shore 2009 904 pgs
Descendants of Thomas Pettus of Virginia compiled by Carol A. Hauk
The Virginia Ancestor Series Vol. CLIV Edition 1 1997 Hauk Data Services 71 pgs + 16 pg index
The Petty Papers: a genealogical research quarterly v. 1 -3/4n1-3 1976-1991
The Petty papers: a semi-annual genealogical research publication v. 5-13 1982-1991 plus a separate name index missing pages 1-12
Phillips family news s 4-7, 1993 with updates s 2-6, 10, 23
Pintaro-Steele chronology includes: Van Vorst, Marseles, Hutchins by Tempe Fenn Crosby 1999
Compiled and edited by Ralph and Tempe Fenn Crosby 1996
Some leaves from the Redding-Bittle family trees by Thelma Jo Redding Jones and Robert Kennedy Jones 1998
The descendants of Thomas Robinson of North Carolina by James E Meggs 1999
George Robinson and his kin by Marie R. Justice 1977 80 pgs
The Robinson family by the American Genealogical Research Institute Heritage Press Washington DC 1975
Recollections: my folks and fields by Eddie B Rozelle edited by Lenore Bishop 1960 160 pgs
The legacy of John Richard Shuff compiled by Dianna Hunter Snyder 2001
Some descendants of John and Anne (Elbert) Spry by Mrs. Elise Spry Davis 1977 updated 1984
The descendants of Aaron Starks of Connecticut by Marjorie Patchin Meggs 1998
The descendants of Roderick Starks by Marjorie Patchin Meggs
Notebook of Starks Family Group Sheets
William Strother Society, Inc. : 4th Biennial reunion, 1992 / 5th Biennial conference, 1994/7th Biennial conference, 1998 / 8th Biennial conference, 2000/ 9th Biennial conference, 2002/10th Biennial conference, 2004/ 11th Biennial conference, 2006
Tennis family scrapbook
Descendants of Nancy Ward: beloved woman of the Cherokees compiled by David Keith Hampton based on the work by Dr. Emmet McDonald Starr 1975 110 pgs
A history of William Whipple of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Smithfield Rhode Island: his ancestors and descendants 1652-1712 compiled and written by Dr. Charles Whipple, Jr. 2006 261 pgs
William L. Whisler genealogy and John Q. Adamson genealogy by Thelma Gunn Whisler [1986
A heritage: Anthony Wiggett and descendants by Irene Perkins and Anthony Davidson 1985 140 pg
The Wolf Wolfe Wolff families of Pennsylvania 2 vol. compiled by Raymond Alvin Wolff edited by Freida Mayme Wolfe and John Sidney Shoop 1971 1269 pgs
The time of Wood by Neal Freeman 1996 67 pgs

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