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Genealogical Society

Available Materials

A list of the history materials available at the Delaware County Genealogical Society, contact

Grove Public Library
206 South Elk
Grove, OK 74344

The library collection includes books on most states and Indian Territory, periodicals, military records, family histories and the 128 volume "Official Records of the Civil War"

New materials are added to the collection on a regular basis. Everyone is Welcome!


The Genealogical Collection


Heritage of Hills, A Delaware County History, and Heritage of the Hills, a twice yearly magazine, both published by the Delaware County Historical Society

Cemeteries and Burial Places of Delaware County, 4 volumes

Records of the Worley-Luginbuel Funeral Home, Grove, Oklahoma 1936 1997

Claude Hanna Retraces Memory's Road 1900, 1910, 1920 censuses

1910 Delaware County Census with Index

County plat maps

Delaware County Birth and Death Records

Index to Marriage Book 1, Delaware County

Marriage Records 1911-1931, microfilm

Histories, files on local communities

Local newspapers, see list.

Index to Deaths, Births, and Marriages in the "Grove Sun" (ask at desk)

"T. L. & M. Genealogy". a quarterly from Talbot Library & Museum



The surrounding area includes adjoining counties not only in Oklahoma but also Missouri and Arkansas. The society and library work to obtain as many materials as possible of our neighbors. A complete listing is impossible, and additions are made often. Check for:

County and local histories

Cemetery records

Historical atlases


Newspaper microfilm (see list)

Index to Vital Records, Miami Newspapers



Both the genealogy collection and the library's general collection have a number of books on Oklahoma history. The following are some of the more outstanding items for Oklahoma research:

Indian-Pioneer History, edited by Grant Foreman, 39 rolls of microfilm

"Chronicles of Oklahoma", quarterly of the Oklahoma Historical Society, a near complete run with two finding aids.

Oklahoma: A History of the State and Its People, four volumes, Thoburn and Wright.

Historical Atlas of Oklahoma

Place Names of Oklahoma

1890 Census of Oklahoma Territory

1900, 1910, 1920 Censuses of Oklahoma

County histories

Cemetery records



The collection includes materials on most states, particularly along migration routes to Oklahoma. The "How-To" section is excellent: there are numerous family histories and publications from county to national level.

War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.

International Genealogical Index, 1989, microfiche.

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, on CD-ROM

Books in the library are in the catalog on the computer, microfilm is not.


All existing 1810 and 1820 censuses

1850 Arkansas, LaPorte Co., Ind., Missouri; Tennessee Texas; Virginia, (Free and Slave Schedules)

1860 Kansas; Missouri, (McDonald, Mercer Stone Texas Counties)

1870 Missouri, (McDonald, Mercer, Miller. Mississippi, Stoddard, Stone. Sullivan, Taney)

1880 Arkansas; Illinois: Indiana: Kansas; Kentucky Missouri, McDonald. Mason). Ohio; Pennsylvania; Tennessee

1890 Missouri (Union Veterans and Widows of): Oklahoma Territory

1900 Missouri: Oklahoma (Indian Territory, Oklahoma Territory); ED descriptions for Indiana, Indian Territory, lowa and Missouri

Soundex for Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory

1910 Arkansas; Missouri, (McDonald, Madison, Maries, Phelps) Oklahoma; Delaware County in paper with surname index

1920 Illinois, Stark, Union, Warren; Missouri, (Gentry, Iron, Livingston, McDonald); Oklahoma

1881 British Census with Index, CD-ROM

1870 Index to U.S. Census, various media



Cherokee materials are one of the highlights of the library's collection.

Cherokee Nation Papers, Inventory and Index, Western History Collection, University of Oklahoma Libraries

History of the Cherokee Indians, Emmet Starr

Dawes Roll (Final Roll of the Five Civilized Tribes) with Index in print, microfilm, and CD-ROM; and the Dawes Roll census cards for Cherokees, microfilm

The Guion Miller (or Eastern Cherokee) Roll: 12 rolls of microfilm with general index, also Cherokee by Blood, 9 volumes, and Guion Miller Plus.


7RA-06 Eastern Cherokee Rolls 1848 1852 (1848 Mullay, 1851 Siler, 1852 Chapman, and 1854 Supplemental) 1 roll

7RA-04 1867 Tompkins Roll 1 roll

7RA-07 1880 Census; index and six schedules 4 rolls

7RA-29 1883 Census 1 roll

7RA-58 1886 Census 2 rolls

7RA-08 1890 Census Six schedules, no index 6 rolls

7RA-SS 1893 Census of Intruders 1 roll

7RA-38 1894 Payment Roll and Index (Starr Roll) 5 rolIs

T-985 1895 Old Settler Census Roll

7RA-34 1896 Old Settler Payment Roll roll 2 to T985 above

T-985 Index to 1896 Old Settler Payment roll 2 of T985 above

7RA-19 1896 Census 1 roll (Paper copy with index of Delaware District)

M1650-1 1896 Applications, Five Civilized Tribes, Index

7RA-25 1878-1889 Lists of Claimants and Dockets of Ctizenship Commission 5 rolls

CHN57 1871-1925 Cherokee Citizenship Documents

M1186-l-23 Five Civilized Tribes. Enrollment cards (census cards) 1898-1914 (Cherokee)

M1301 Five Civilized Tribes, Applications for Enrollment (Cherokee) 4 rolls

M685 1908-1910 Eastern Cherokee Records (Guion Miller) 12 rolls; index to applications: index to and Drennan and Chapman rolls

7RA-24 Index to Cherokee Rejected and Doubtful Dawes Enrollment Cards

CHN 32-36 Records of the Delaware District, Cherokee Nation

AMD 26-29 Starr's Manuscript

CHN 2 Misc. Rolls, 1817-1883 Hester Roll Eastern Cherokee



T-275 1832 Census of Creek Indians taken by Parsons & Abbott

7RA-73 1867 Delaware Census, and list of those electing to become Cherokees

7RA-74 1867-1881 List of Delaware, Shawnee and North Carolina Cherokees

7RA-21 1878 Chickasaw Census 1 roll

7RA-21 1879 Chickasaw Census and List of Citizens and Intruders, roll 2

7RA-43 1882 Creek Census 1 roll

7RA-62 1885, Index to Choctaw Census 1 roll

7RA-12 1890 Creek Census (Includes omitted and supplemental rolls) 1 roll

7RA-12 1895 Creek Census (Includes omited and supplemental rolls) roll 2

7RA-26 1896 Delaware and Shawnee Census 1 roll

7RA-02 1896 Choctaw Census and Index 2 rolls

7RA-42 1896-1900 Creek Applicants to the Commission for Citizenship

7RA-53 1901-1909 Index and Dockets of Intruders In the Five Civilized Tribes 5 rolls

7RA-27 1902-1904 Lists of Applicants and Dockets of the Choctaw-Chickasaw Citizenship Court 2 rolls

Choctaw Nation; A compilation records from the Choctaw Nation

7RA- Records of the Miama Agency, venous records of tribes in Ottawa County 5 rolls


The Grove Sun, 7 Oct. 1904 present (some issues missing) (Ask at desk for index)

Delaware County Journal 4 Feb. 1932 present (some issues missing)

The Cherokee Advocate (existing issues)

Afton Newspapers 1894-1978 (some gaps)

Fairland Newspapers 1904-1914

Miscellaneous others, check film

Southwest City Republic 1899-1972



Indian-Pioneer History with index 39 rolls

Marriage Records. Delaware County 1911-1931 3 rolls

Marriage Records, McDonald Co., Mo. 1865-1918 5 rolls

Marriage Records, Benton Co., Ark. 1861-1894 2 rolls

Index to Marriage Records. Indian Territory (28 volumes filed Muskogee) 1890-1907 1 roll

Marriage Records, Indian Territory (filed Vinita) 1902-1907 3 rolls

Index to Deeds, Vol. A C, 1853 1887 McDonald Co., Mo. 1 roll

M848 War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrants 1815-1858 15 rolls

M261 Index to Passenger List Arrivals New York 1820-1846 101 Rolls

T621 Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York July 1, 1 902-Dec. 31, 1943 4 misc. rolls

M327 Index to Passenger Lists Baltimore 1820-1897 171 rolls

WPA Naturalization Index, City of Philadelphia 3 rolls

Virginia State Library & Archives Guide to County Records 1 roll (records are available on interlibrary loan)

Index to Service Records of Union Soldiers from Missouri 49 rolls

M258-79, 80 Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations Raised Directly by the Confederate Government 2 rolls

M861-74 Compiled Records Showing Service of Military Units in Confederate Organizations Raised Directly by the Confederate Government 1 roll

John J. Watts Collection 1874-1912

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