Testimony taken by the Committee on Indian Affairs - 1885
Testimony taken by the Committee on Indian Affairs

H. L. NEWMAN (recalled)

Washington, D. C., January 6, 1885.
Question. Mr. Newman, we understand that you desire to make a further statement?—Answer. Yes, sir; a word, Mr. Chairman. I desire to say that I also made leases in Texas from the Texas Pacific RailĀ­road Company at the same price we paid for this land in the Territory. We could have gotten all we wanted at 1 cents in Texas.
Q. What led you, then, to take hold of the Indian Territory land?—
A. On account of there being large bodies of it, its good location, and it is a fair grazing country; and we found that it had a different kind of grass than what we supposed; while that land we leased in Texas is in the mountains, but of excellent quality.
Q. How much land did you have there1—A. Probably 50,000 or 60,000 acres; but we could have leased a good deal more at that time, because it was before the State law was changed.
Q. What is the change?—A. The law advanced the price of land. They have made it now from 8 to 20 cents an acre.
Q. The land you leased was railroad land?—A. Yes, sir. Since that time they have advanced the price, but are renting very little of it. Eight cents for arid or dry land, or 20 cents where the land is immediately on the water. I only spoke of the price we did pay, and that we could have gotten all we wanted.

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