The McAtee Family of Maryland and some of the Descendants of Patrick and Rosamond.

Patrick Mackatee, (Maccatee and other spellings) was a descendant of The Macfee's of Scotland, whose ancestors were forced to flee to Ireland during one of the Scottish Uprisings. Patrick evidently married Rosamond in Ireland and settled in Charles Co., before 1685. Both he and his wife Rosamond died in 1717. Patrick and Rosamond are the 11th Generation.

10th Generation.

The Children of Patrick and Rosamond Mackatee.

  1. Edmund Mackattee had a son Patrick in or before 1717.

  2. James Maccatee ( In Census of 1776 in Charles Co., Md., Henry McAtee is named as his son.)

  3. Patrick Mackette Jr. ( Named Patrick II, ) married 1719 to 1720 to Sarah Green daughter of Robert Green, son of Gov. Thomas Green, Second Gov. of Maryland.

  4. Esther Mackette married ------- Goldshaw.

  5. Mary Mackette m -William Boswell Sr., b.1682 d.1741

  6. Elinor Mackette m. ------- Clements.

  7. Rosamond Mackette m. -------- Clements.

9th Generation.

The Children of Patrick II, and Sarah Green Mackatee

1. William Mackatee , eldest son was born c. 1720 died 1773. He married 1743 to Ann ------ ( believed to be Ann Massey.) They moved from Charles Co., Md. c.1772 and settled in Frederick Co, (Now Montgomery Co.)

2. John Mackatee is believed to have married twice, First to Sarah Massey and second to Elizabeth Speake ? John made his will in Fairfax Co., Va. in 1801, where he died, 1812, his will being proved 5-19-18I2. He served in the Rev. War from Charles Co., Md..

3.James Mackatee born 1733 died c. 1826, married c.1758 to Mary Ellen Mountgomery born 1737

  1. George Mackatee living in Charles Co., Md. in 1776 , He moved to Harford Co., Md. (This line has been well established.)

8th Generation.

The Children of William and Ann Mackatee ( Name changed after Rev.)

1. William McAtee Living in Fairfax Co., Va. in 1785 He lists 7 in Family in the 1785 Census, named in his Uncle John's Will as "Son my Brother William".

2. Thomas McAtee ( believed to be the Thomas who married in Frederick Co., Md. 11-3-1778 to Sarah Maddox)

3. Massie Ann McAtee (Called Ann) b. 1750 , married 1773 to William Owens b. 1750 in Prince William Co, Va. died 1818 in Champaign Co., Ohio.

  1. Elizabeth McAtee born 1752

  2. Nary McAtee born 1754

  3. Samuel McAtee born 1754 a prob. twin of Mary.m. Mary Ann Massey, of Virginia.

  4. Lucy McAtee born 1758

  5. Charles McAtee born 1760 He was a Rev. Soldier as was his brother Samuel and possibly Joseph.)

  6. Joseph McAtee who served in Rev. in 1776 may be a son.


The McAtee Family continued.

8th Generation.

Children of John McAtee (son of Patrick ll and Sarah Green McAtee)

1. William a Capt in the Rev. War in Charles Co., Md. In the 1790 Census He is living in Montgomery Co., Md with wife and two daughters. ( Named in the Census as son of John Sr.) He is believed to be a son by a first wife Sarah Massey.

  1. Thomas McAtee m. 10-17-1795 in Frederick Co., Md to Jane Brady He lives in that part of Frederick that was made into Washington Co. Md.

3. Ann McAtee married in Prince George Co., MD., 4-27-1793 to Thomas Owens These last two are believed to be children of a second wife, Elizabeth Speake?


6th Generation.

The McAtee Family

Children of John and Sarah Tucker Owens continued.

5 Eliza Alice Owens b. 4-I3-I8I3 ( a twin of John.) . She d. 8-9-I878 m. 9-30-1835, to James Linton Carleton b. 9-1I-1811, in Cambria Co., Pa. near Johnstown. He and his wife Eliza are buried near Hardinsville Ill in Crawford Co. They moved to Ill. after the close of the Civil War.

5th Generation.

Children of James Linton Carleton and his wife Eliza Alice Owens Carleton.

I. Elisha Lawler Carleton b. 6-1-1836 in Mechanicsburg Ohio d. I-24-1910. in Fairfield IL. m. 7-18-1867, to Susan Maria Layton, b. 4-30-1843 in Clark Co., O. died 2-26-188I in Fairfield Ill.

  1. James William died in infancy

3. Mary Eliza m. c 1858 to Jacob Groves. ( They had Wm, Charles Maud and Ella)

  1. Celeste died in infancy

  2. Cecelia d. in Infancy

  3. Gwyn Ann died in Infancy

7. John C. Carleton married Mattie --------- , had James, William, John? Grace, Maud and Lyda.

8. Charles Philip married Gertrude Hughes, had Harry, Elizabeth, Eleanor, John and prob. Charles.

4th Generation.

Children of Elisha Lawler and Susan Maria Layton Carleton.

1. Viola May Carleton b. 12-15-I868 d. 3-8-1870 Buried in Mechanicsburg Ohio.

  1. Coralie Carleton b. 9-10-1870 d. March 190I buried at Fairfield

  2. Lyda Alice b. 1-22-1873, died 3-25-1946 b. in Mechanicsburg, 0. or IL?. died in Los Angeles Calif. m. 8-31-I898 to Wm. Chaney , b.in O., died 6-1-1905 in Ind.

  3. Winifred Carleton b. 9-12-1875 in Mechanicsburg Ohio married 10-5-1898 to Charles A. Delzell b. 6-25-1875 , in Olney Ill., married in Fairfield Ill.

  4. Elizabeth Layton Carleton b. 3-6-1878 in Fairfield Ill died in St. Louis, 10-27-1940, m. 4-20-1904 in Fairfield Ill, to William Wickham Ryan ( Son of Hull Wickham Ryan and his wife Emma Sailor Ryan.)

6. Carrie Imo Carleton b. in Fairfield Ill. b. 11-6-1880 died 12-1-1952 married 10-15-1902 to James Louis Reeves b. 4-26879, son of Henry le Trobe Reeves b. I820 at Mt. Holly N.J. d. 4-21-I899. St. Louis Mo. m. 5-4-1874 to Florence Mary Johnson b.4-22-1856 in Mich., d. 8-28-1937, in St. Louis Mo. dau. of James Monroe Johnson and Frances A. Beamer.


3rd Generation.

Children of Charles A. Delzell and his wife Winifred Carleton Delzell.

1. Maurice Carleton Delzell b. I2-26-1899, in Livingston Mont. He married 6-20-1899, in Livingston Mont., m. 6-29-192I to Esther Herbert, b. 3-30-1902 (Dau. of Guy and Agnes (Williams) Herbert)

  1. Ralph Charles Delzell b. 10-27-1901 in Livingston Mont., m 1st. Rubye Ann Sciple, m. 2nd in Cheyenne to Bernice Specht , 2-6-1946 , she is dau. of Mr and Mrs Theodore Specht of Elk River Minn. She was born in Iowa, 11-3-1911.

3. Marion Holly Delzell b. 1-11-1907 in Denver Colo m. 8-15-1929 Mountview Presbyterian Church to William Selwyn McNary b.2-4-1904 son of William 0. McNary and his wife Martha ChaIfant McNary b. 7-5-1873.Children of James and Mary Mountgomery McAtee.( James son of Patrick ll)

  1. Mary b. 1760 .

  2. Joseph McAtee born 1762 married Winfield

3. Elisha McAtee born 1764, married 1786-7 to Henrietta Magruder They moved to Union Co., Ky.

4. Agnes McAtee born 1766

  1. Ignatius McAtee born 1768.

6. Chloe born 1772 married Mr Winfield

7. Louisa born 1774 married Magruder.

7th Generation

Children of William and Massey Ann Owens. m. 1773, (Massey Ann dau of William son of Patrick II,.) They moved to Frederick Co. Md. I796

1. Archibald Owens born 1774 married 9-10-96 to Priscilla Hays. They moved to Ohio.

2. William McAtee Owens marries his cousin , Mary Ann Massey daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Massey McAtee. They move with William Sr. to Champaign Co., Ohio and later c 1820 to Ill., where William, Jr., is one of the First Methodist Ministers in that state.

3. Mary Owens married Dr. John Clark. One son John left no issue. They lived in Mechanicsburg Ohio.

4. Meranda Owens m. in Frederick Co., Md. to John Evans m. 4-1-1800 They lived in Mechanicsburg Ohio,

5. John Owens born 1780 ,in Fauquier Co., Va. where his parents William and Ann bought land in 1774 and sold in 1796, John died in 1818 in Champaign Co., Ohio, married in 1804 to Sarah Tucker born in Loudoun Co., Va. 1785, died in Champaign Co., 0. 1849. m. second 1819 to Samuel Rogers. (William and Ann are believed to have had two other daughters.)

6th Generation.

Children of John and Sarah Tucker Owens.

1. Mary Ann Elizabeth Owens b. 1805 d. 12-3-1876 in Champaign Co.0) married 1st., John Davis, One son John. She m. 2nd John Legge who died 5-20-1892., One dau., Letty Legge, died 10-17-1886, married Samuel Helmick, had dau. Nell.

2. Sarah Owens married Mr. Swisher, Two sons Richard and Henry.

  1. Cecelia in. Dr. Lawler ( at least two sons James and Richard who died in Hospital in the South during the Civil War.)

  2. John Owens b. 4-13-1813 d. 10-31-1889, m. 1834 to Margaret Hazel b.1814 March 28., d. 2-9-1878


The McAtee Family

2nd Generation.

Children of Maurice Carleton Delzell and his wife Esther Herbert Delzell.

I. Ralph Herbert Delzell b. 6-I-1924 in Denver Colo., m. 10-29-1918 to Marjorie Ann Tireman, in Albuqurque New Mexico , Living at Hermosa Beach , 1954.

2. Alan Delzell b. 7-15-1928 in Salt Lake City Utah, m. 8-14-1948, to Isabella Donna Hoops b. 1930, dau., of George and Isabella Hoops, living in Aztex N.M. 1951.

3. Margaret Loraine Delzell b. 6-4-1936 married 4-15-1953 to David E. Carlson. Living in Pasadena Calif., 1951. Son Alan David b. in Pasadena Calif., 2--9-1954.

1st Generation.

Children of Alan and Donna Hoops Delzell..

  1. Sandra Denise Delzell born 2-19-1950

  2. Andrea Loraine Delzell born 10-13-1952.

  3. George Alan Delzell born 3-30-1951.

2nd Generation.

Children of William S. and Marion Holly Delzell McNary.

1. William Delzell McNary b. 11-15-1931 (Will graduate from Colo., University, in Mechanical Engineering in June 1955.) He m. 7-12-1951 in Denver at the Chapel of the Episcopal Church of St John, to Rosalie Clave.

2. Sidney Carleton McNary b. in Denver 5-22-1935. In her third year at the Colo., University at Boulder Colo.

3rd Generation.

Children of William and Lyda A. Carleton Chaney

1. Ruth Chaney born 6-15-1099 in Indianapolis Ind. d. in Los Angles 1940., m. in L.A. to William Sprague, 9-17-1921, William Sprague was b. 12-24-1942 in L.A., son of Wm and Mary Logan Sprague

2. Naomi. Chaney b. 10-9-1901 in Indianapolis Ind in. 8-25-1932 to Nels Kraigh b. 4-2-1903 in Surdrup Denmark . Living in L. A.

2nd Generation.

Child of William and Ruth Chaney Sprague

I. Jean Ann Sprague b. 12-9-1924, m. 11-29--1947 to Bruce W. Gatlin

1st Generation,

Child of Bruce Whitney Gatlin and his wife Jean Ann Sprague Gatlin.

I. William Earl Gatlin b. 9----1951 in Los Angles Calif.

3rd Generation.

Children of William W. and Elizabeth Carleton Ryan.

  1. Pearl M. Ryan b. 1-17-1907 in Fairfield 111., m. J. Verne Lloyd born 8-5-1898 married 8-18-1929 in Fairfield IL.

2. Helen Elizabeth Ryan b.11-6-1909 in Fairfield Ill. m. 1st to Neal Patterson, 10-9-1927, Divorced . Married second 4-10-1954 to Edwin Anthony James in Brentwood Mo.,

3. Alice Carleton Ryan b. 1-12-1920 in Fairfield Ill , m. 4-24-1937 to Del Harpole b. 6-26-I912 in Union City Tenn ,son of Edward E. and Muriel Odell Harpole. Del and Alice were married in St. Louis Mo.

2nd Generation

Child of J. Verne Lloyd and his wife Pearl Ryan Lloyd.

1. Richard V, Lloyd b. October 1931. Served in Air Force 2 years in Germany.


2nd generation

Child of Neal and his wife Helen Elizabeth xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1. Jack Patterson b. 4-18-1929 in Washington Ind .He is married and living in Red Wood City Calif. has two chiJdren.

2nd Generation

Children of Del and Alice Carleton Ryan Harpole.

  1. Muriel Lee Harpole b. I-14-1940 in St Louis Mo.

  2. William Ryan Harpole b. 9-4-1943 in St. Charles Mo.

  3. Robert M. Harpole b. I-31-1948 in St. Charles Mo.

3rd Generation.

Children of James Louis and Carrie Carleton Reeves.

1. Alice May Reeves b. 2-5-1904 in Webster Groves Mo. m. 5-18-1925 to Harley Bruce West b.3-8-1903 in Kemp IL.

2. Dorothy Frances Reeves b. 6-27-1907, in Webster Groves Mo.,m.9-15-1931 to Dr. Raymond, or Robert Raymond Donley b. I2-11-1904 at Wayne Neb. son of John Raymond Donley b.1880 at Seward Neb., m. Louise West b. 1876 Grand Island Neb.

2nd Generation.

Children of Harley Bruce West and his wife Alice May Reeves West.

1. Harley Bruce West Jr., b. 2-4-19.26 in Centralia Ill.

2. Carrie Sue West b.3-3-1929 in Webster Groves Mo., m. 9-2-1950 in St. Michaels Church, Dallas Texas to Pierre Roger Crosson

  1. Judith West b. 2-4-I93I Webster Groves Mo. m. 12-23-1953 Robert Boyce Galliher, m. in Dallas Tex.

4.. Mary Layton West born in Dallas Texas 1946.

2nd Generation.

Child of Robert R. Donley and his wife Dorothy Frances Reeves Donley.

1. James Robert Donley born 5-1-1934 at Blair Neb. (Dr and Mrs Donley and son live 1954, at Monett Mo.

8th Generation.

Children of Samuel McAtee (son of William son of Patrick II.) and his wife Mary Ann Massey McAtee.

I. Chloe McAtee m. 1st to Thomas Nelson of Va. She m.2nd., James Gordon of Virginia.

2. William McAtee b. 1781 d. 1869 m. 8-3-1805 in Montgomery Co., Md., to Lucy Sprig.

3. Mary Ann Massey McAtee m. her cousin William N. Owens son of William and Massey Ann McAtee Owens. They moved to Champaign Co., O. and c.1820 to Ill., where Wm. was one of the early Methodist Ministers.

  1. Sally McAtee m. Alfred Bonsher.

5. James McAtee b. 1788 d. 1875, m; 5-18-1814, to Elizabeth Elder born 1795 d.1865.

7th Generation.

Children of William and Lucy Sprig McAtee.

1. John Sprig McAtee b. 1806 d.1889 m. Loretta Umstad.

2. Mary Ann McAtee, 3. Martha McAtee and 4.James McAtee.

6th Generation.

Children of John Sprig McAtee and his wife Loretta Umstad

I. John lived at Clearfield Pa. 2. Theodore McAtee, 3.Edmund to N.M. 4.Eugune, 5.George, 6.Frances 7.Josephine, The last 5, living near Boyds, Md., in 1905.


6th Generation.

Children of James McAtee and his wife Elizabeth Elder McAtee.

1. Alixis Joseph McAtee b. 3-25-1815 died 3-25-1893. He married three times, First to Caroline Spaulding, sister of Archbishop of Baltimore, M. J. Spaulding. He married second to Myra Riley Windsor and third to Euphemia May.

  1. Samuel McAtee b. d. 1900 m. Ann Kidwell lived in Hunnewell Mo.

  2. Richard b. d.1903 m. first Teresa Abell, They had seven children

  3. Felix McAtee b. d.I893 m first Amanda Jarbo and second Jane Jarbo

  4. Catherine b. d. 1895 m. William Spaulding, they had 7 children

6. Martha b. d. Married William Elder, they lived at St. Marys Ky They had six children, One dau., was a sister of Lorretto, She was sister Eustasia.

7. Wm. McAtee b. d. married Amanda Hagen moved to Owensboro Ky. No record of their children A great grandson Father Moroni of the Owensboro Diocese.

8. James McAtee b. d. m. Julianna Jarbo and lived at Lebanon Ky They had six children.

  1. Lanette b, d. 1854 married Thomas Smith They had two children

  2. John McAtee died young.

11. Ellen b. d.1894 m. William Hamilton, They lived in Marion Co., Ky., and had 13 children.

5th Generation.

Children of Alixis Joseph McAtee and his first wife, Caroline Spaulding

  1. Mary McAtee m. Frank Kidwell and had two daughters.

  2. Clem McAtee m. Jennie Brewington lived in Hannibal Mo . 2 children.

  3. Etta died the summer she graduated from St. Catherines .Academy.

  4. Richard McAtee m Nancy Neiles hey had 6 children.

  5. Kate McAtee m. Henry O'Neal, lived in Lebanon Ky. No issue.

  6. Jane McAtee d.Single, In Patent Office in Washington, for 40 years.

4th Generation.

Children of Frank and Mary McAtee Kidwell.

1. Minnie Kidwell

2. Kate Kidwell lived in Richmond Va.

4th Generation.

Children of Clem and Jennie Brewington McAtee

  1. Lillie McAtee married 1889 to George Whitecotton.

2. Henry McAtee died young.

3rd Generation.

Child of George W. and Lillie McAtee Whitecotton.

1. Jennie married Camden R. McAtee.

2nd Generation.

Children of Camden R. and Jennie Whitecotton McAtee

I. Camden R. McAtee 2. George McAtee 3. Jane McAtee.

5th Generation.

Children of Alexis and his second wife Myra Riley Windsor.

I William Taylor McAtee b. 2-2-1857 ,d. 4-14-1933 m. Agnes Calahan b. 10-29-1859 d. 3-11-1923 Two children.

4th Generation.

Children of William Taylor McAtee and his wife Agnes Calahan McAtee.

  1. Camden Riley McAtee b. 7-11-1884 in. Jennie Whitecotton

Myra McAtee Single living in Columbus Ohio.


5th Generation.

Child of Samuel McAtee and his wife Annie Kidwell McAtee.

I. James A. McAtee b. 12--30-18149, d. m. 12-28-1878 Cecelia Sherer of Monroe Co., Mo. They live in Hunnewell Mo.

4th Generation.

1. Samuel C. McAtee lives in Lamar Colo.

2. Roy a resident of Washington

3. Maud wife of John Woods of Kansas City Mo.

4. Lyda wife of A.L.Vaughn of Hunnewell Mo.

  1. Ruth living with parents

  2. Carl lives Kansas City Mo.

  3. Lottie lives at home

5th Generation.

Children of Samuel and Annie Kidwell McAtee.

1. Frank lives in Portland Ore.

2. Dau., widow of P.J. Thiehoff lives in Hunnewell Mo.

3. Joseph, A prominent citizen of Hannibal Mo.

4. James A. of Hunnewell Mo ( His Children are given above.)

5 . S.S. lives in Calif.

  1. W.N. lives in Kansas City Mo.

  2. Agnes wife of James Willett of Hannibal Mo.

The above line of Samuel and Annie Kidwell McAtee is copied from The History of Shelby Co., Mo. Page 280. Published in 1911 so the places of residence may have changed in some instances.

7th Generation.

Children of Thomas and Jane Brady McAtee. ( Thomas son of John son of Patrick II and his wife Sarah Green McAtee.) Children proved by a will in Washington Md., Liber S. Folio 131.

1. James Brady McAtee

2 Sarah McAtee

3. Chloe McAtee

4. Elizabeth McAtee.

5. William Brady McAtee b. 1800 ( According to the Family Bible.) He married Anna A, Boyd dau., of Walter Boyd and great-grand daughter of John Boyd and Elinor Fitz Redmond, niece of Charles Carroll, progenitor of The Carrolls of Carrollton. William McAtee was married Oct. 2-1827 to Anna A. Boyd ( Recorded in The Clerks Office in Hagarstown Md.)

6th Generation.

Children of William Brady McAtee and his wife Anna A. Boyd McAtee.

  1. Agnes Jane McAtee.

  2. Walter McAtee.

  3. William A. McAtee was a Presbyterian Minister in Chicago Ill.

  4. John L. McAtee, Territorial Justice in charge of the 5th district which was Kingfisher, Grant and Garfield counties, and headquarters in Enid. Served under President Cleveland as Judge of The Supreme Court for the Territory of Oklahoma. He signed the Memorial to President in 1889 as "Chairman" of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association.

7th Generation.

Children of Thomas Owens and his wife Ann McAtee (dau of John McAtee Sr. who died in Fairfax Co., Va 1812.) Living in Prince George Co., Md.

1. Horatio Owens under age in 1801 when his grand-father John McAtee's Will was made.

2. Elizabeth Speake McAtee Owens, The heir of her Grandfathers Estate. Under age in 1801.


8th Generation.

Children of James and Mary Ellen Montgomery McAtee. ( In Census of 1776) Have been given. Only the descendants of one son are known to the compiler of this History.

7th Generation.

The Children of Elisha and Henrietta Magruder McAtee.From Mountgomery Co Md., to Union Co., Ky.

1. John died single in Ky.

2. Stephen T. from Ky to St. Charles Mo in 1837 , He was Justice of the Peace for 17 years, He married Catherine Bowles.

3. Mary married Vernon Brown moved to Madison Co., Mo. In 1823.

  1. Elizabeth married Benedict Walthan , They moved to Ill.

  2. Rose McAtee married Walter Bowles

  3. Teresa McAtee married Leo Bowles

  4. Maria McAtee died in childhood.

6th Generation.

The Children of Stephen and Catherine Bowles McAtee .

I. Walter P. McAtee 2. Mary H. McAtee 3. John P. McAtee born 1835 in Union Co., Ky. died I894 Married Boos 4. James E. McAtee 5. George A. McAtee, 6. Stephen H,,7 Thomas J.; and 8. Philip C. McAtee

5th Generation.

The Children of John P. McAtee and his wife Boos McAtee.

1. Joseph C. McAtee married Fitzgerald.

4th Generation.

The Children of Joseph C. McAtee and his wife Fitzgerald McAtee

1. John McAtee; 2. James McAtee ; 3.Gerald McAtee ; These three sons of Joseph C. McAtee attended the University of Mo., and were members of Sigma Chi Fraternity.

( The data on Stephen and his wife Catherine , his parents Elisha and Henrietta Magruder McAtee; and the name of Elisha's parents are copied from. Bryan and Rose "Pioneer Families of Mo. pub, 1876 and Articles in Shoemakers and Williams " Mo. Mothers of The West."


On The Descendants of Patrick McAtee 11, son of the Immigrant Patrick Mackette I and his wife Rosamond.

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Early Maryland Wills by Jane Baldwin Cotton.

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Family Histories of some of the descendants of Samuel McAtee , Son of William and Ann McAtee son of Patrick Mackattee of Charles Co., Md. and his wife Sarah Green McAtee.

1776-1778 Census Records of Frederick Co., Md. ( later Mountgomery Co.) also Charles Co., Census 1776-1778, Brumbaughs, Md. Records 1790 U.S. Census of Maryland and 1785 Census of Virginia.

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Mountgomery Co., Marriage Records. Also Prince George Co. Marriage Rec The Will of John McAtee Sr., made in I80I and proved 18I2. Fairfax Co., Virginia. Beers and Middletons Histories of Champaign Co., 0.

Deeds of Fauguier Co. Va. Tax Rec'S of Va 1782-6. Bible and Grave -

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The Family and descendants of Walter and Mary M Atee

8th Generation.

Walter McAtee born in Charles Co., Md. 1756, He enlisted in the Rev. War in 1776, moved after the War to Prince George Co., and then to Mountgomery Co., Md and to Kentucky in 1821 Walter McAtee died in 1833 Nelson Co. Ky. wife Mary . Walter McAtee's will , W.B. G. p. I65 made 10-29-1832 proved 5-13-I833.

7th Generation.

Children of Walter McAtee and his wife Mary.

I. John W. McAtee b. c. 1785-8 died before his father Walter. He married c. 1810 to Sarah Ann Beavin born in Md., 1790.

2. Henry McAtee b. --d. married Susan , both living in 1830 in Scott Co., Ky.

  1. Benjamin L. McAtee b. 2-14-1799 in Mountgomery Co., Md. died in 1862 in Nelson Co., Ky. married 1-2-1841 to Margaret Wilson b. in Md, m. in Ky.

  2. Eleanor McAtee m. ( Blanford)

  3. Sally McAtee m. McGill

6th Generation.

Children of John W. and Sarah Ann Beavin McAtee.

1. William I Atee, No information to date ( 1955)

2. Mary Ann Rebecca McAtee born 1813 died Single.

3. Sarah Ann McAtee b. 1815 died Single,

4. Henry Walter McAtee born at Bardstown , 4-17-1817 died 1893 in Kansas City, Mo. burried at Carrollton Ky. He married 9-8-1844 to Mary Ellen Johnson born at Fairfield near Bardstown, 5-26-1827 ( Originally Coxes Settlement) established in 1800. Mary Ellen was the daughter of John Johnson and his wife Eliza Lilly, daughter of Thomas Lilly and his wife Eli zabeth ( Jenkins) Lilly who were married in Maryland.

5th Generation.

Children of Henry Walter and mary Ellen Johnson McAtee.

1. John W. McAtee b. 5-12-1847 m. Agnes Bedwell at Boonville Mo. moved toWeppenburg about 1883, Two daues and One son living in Calif.

2. James F. McAtee b. 1-9-1850 m Isabella Worland near Sabina Mo. moved near Burlington Tex. had 10 or 11 children, Grandson Peter McAtee lives in Albuqurque New Mexico.

3. William J. McAtee b. 9-21-1852, in Shelby Co., Mo.m.at Marshalville Mo., 11-25-1875 to Lou Schreckler.

4.Charles B. McAtee b. 6-27-1855, died in Kansas City Mo., and buried in Marshall Mo., m. Nettie Harrison, had two sons and two daughters, One son Horton McAtee lives in Fulton Mo.

5. Walter H. McAtee b. 6-23-1857 m. Gladys McDonald and second Anna Conway. Moved in 1890 to Ennis Montana where he died . His youngest son Walter McAtee lives in Wheaton Mo.

6. Austin L. McAtee b. 3-23-1860 died 9-9-1871.

7. Edward D. McAtee b. 10-15-1862 in Shelbina Mo., died 5-29-1929 m. in Boseman Mont., to Reed Campbell of Corrollton Mo. She was born 12-23-1866, died 2-21-1902.


5th Generation.

Children of Henry Walter or Walter H. and his wife Mary E Johnson McAtee

8, David McAtee born 1-14-1865 died 1948 m. Amanda Liewollen moved to Hepner Ore., Three daughters and one son, only one Daughter Mrs Kremers of Portland Ore living.

9. Louis J. McAtee born 5-11-1867 had two daughters. I. Dorothy McAtee m. Franklin Trunkey, . has 2 sons and I dau. 2. Frances McAtee m. Charles Monhaghan of Spokane a widow with 6 children, They live in Seattle Washington..

10. Mary Lilly L.McAtee b. I-30.-1874 married J.T. O'Brien. Her Eldest dau., Ellen O'Brien Morgan of Victoria has 2 sons and a dau. Her son , son of Nary Lilly O'Brien, John lives in Taft Calif. has two or three children.

4th Generation.

Children of Edward L.McAtee and his wife Reed (Campbell) McAtee.

1. John Reed McAtee b. 1890 died 8-11- 1952 at Stanberry Mo., buried at Moberly Me.

2. Edward L. McAtee Jr., b. 189)4 at Carrollton No., in. Dorothy Doyle in 1915 lived at Cameron Mont.

  1. Frank Tull McAtee ( Adopted by Mrs Frank Tull when his mother died Mrs Tull was a sister of Mrs. Edward L. McAtee Sr. ) He was legally adopted and given the name of Tull. He was born 2-20-1902, married 10-21-1925 to Sabra Niedmeyer b. 3-15-1903. Res. Columbia, Mo

3rd Generation.

Children of John Reed MCA-Lee and his wife?

  1. John Carter McAtee ,lives in. Terre Haute Ind.

  2. Robert McAtee (Robert R.) of Moberly Mo., has twin sons 10 years old (1954.) and a dau.

  3. Ray McAtee lives in Kansas City, has two children by a divorced wife.

  4. Raymond a twin of Ray lives in Detroit.

3rd Generation.

Children of Edward L. McAtee Jr. and his wife Dorothy (Doyle) McAtee Six Children. Four living at Cameron Mont 1954, His son James McAtee called Jim died in World War 11 on the Rhine Ger.

3rd Generation.

Children of Frank Tull II, and his wife Sabra( Neidermeyer) Tall.

I Sabra Tull born 1927 m. James E. Meyer of Glasgow Mo.

2. Frank Tull III, b. 1929 , A. Medical Student in Washington University , Saint Louis Mo.1954

2nd Generation.

Children of James E. Meyer and his wife Sabra (Tull) Meyer.

1. James Lewis Meyer born 1950.

4th Generation.

Children of William J. McAtee and his wife Lou Schreckler McAtee.

  1. Mary Louise McAtee b. in Salina Co., Mo., 9-16-1874.

2. Lynwood L.McAtee b in Log Cabin at Sanfor Canyon, six miles south of Heppner Oregon, 9-10-1879

  1. Sylvester J.McAtee b. at Heppner Ore, 3-I8-1884.

  2. Louis A. McAtee b. at Heppner Ore. 8-16-1887

5 Anna Roselyn b. at Heppner Ore, 6-3-1890.

6. Kirby Leo McAtee b. at Heppner, Ore. 9-1-1893.


The McAtee Family.

( The following line is probably descended from George McAtee son of Patrick Mackette and his wife Sarah Green, and Patrick II, son of Patrick I.)

8th Generation.

Francis X. McAtee born c. 1763 , He died in Frederick Co., Md. Aug. 1807, married 3-17-1787 to Mary Reeder in Frederick Co., Md.

7th Generation,

Children of Francis X. and his wife Mary Reeder McAtee.

1. George McAtee born c.1787-8 m. c.1807 and moved before 1820 to Nelson Co., Ky. He lists 8 children in the U.S. Census in Nelson Co. Ky, and the same in 1840.

2. William McAtee b. c.1789, married and moved to Nelson Co., Ky. (He may be the William McAtee who married in Frederick Co., Md., In Feb.3-1815 to Matilda Elder.) He lists 7 children in 1830 and the same in 1840.

3. John R. McAtee living in Nelson Co., Ky in 1840 and lists five children.

4. Sarah McAtee b. c,1794

5. Charity McAtee b. c.1798

6. Nellie b. c.1800

7. Francis X. { His name is just Xavarius in Census of 1830 and evidently has married I829-1830 as he lists 1 male and 1 female. In the Census of 1840 he lists Wife ,2 sons and 3 daughters in Nelson Co., Ky.

The Widow Mary McAtee (widow of Francis X.McAtee, is living in Nelson Co., Ky. in 1840 and living With her are evidently a married daughter and her husband and children ..One son over 15, two past 20, and one dau. over 15, and one dau., over 20. (The above sent to me by Mr Frank Tull of Columbia Mo.)

History of South East Mo., Goodspeeds Publishing Co. 1888 Page & 713.

Henry McAtee was born 1801 in Bardstown Ky. married c.1820 to Maria Manning born in Maryland in 1805 and moved to Mo., with her parents, Henry McAtee moved to Mo., in 1819, with his parents who settled on a farm in Perry Co., Mo. Henry died 1859.

The Children of Henry and Maria Manning McAtee.

I. Henry died in infancy. 2.Elizabeth married Isadore Moore Jr. 3. Teresa, m. William Moore, 4. Thomas decd. 5.Clarrisa decd.6. Henry again 7. Marks, 8. Stephen L. (His line is the only one given.) 9.Rufus, 10. Mary m. Thomas Brewer, 11.William D. decd.

8. Stephen L. McAtee born on the old homestead in Perry Co., Mo in 1838 He married in 1863 to Isabella Slaughter of Wittenburg Perry Co., dau., of Robert and Evelina Fenwick Slaughter. Isabella, was born 1845 and died 1873. In 1877 Stephen married second, to Teressa Dunker who was born 1861.

Children of Stephen L. and Isabella McAtee. 1 Joanna M., 2 Bulilia, 3. Robert H .4 Stephen M. married Lilly Ross of Cape Girardeau.

Children of Stephen and Teresa McAtee.

1. Rosa M. 2. William A. 3. Phillip L. 4. Walter A. McAtee.

Children of Stephen M. McAtee (son of Stephen L. and his first wife Isabella) who lived at Jackson

1. Earl M. b. 1900. 2 Kathleen born I904, 3.Aileen b.1908. 4 Juanita born 1902


Benjamin McAtee : (it is not known who his patents were.) Walter & Mary McAtee He was born in Mountgomery Co., Md., 2-14-1799, moved to Bardstown Ky., in 1812 with his parents. He married in Ky., to Margaret Wilson, born 1804 in Md. From the 1850 Census of Nelson Co., Ky. we have the names of Benjamin and Margaret Wilson McAtee's Children.

  1. Benjamin McAtee aged 18, born in Ky.

  2. Mary McAtee aged 16, born-in Ky.

  3. Emile McAtee aged 14, born in Ky.

  4. Tyler McAtee aged 10. born in Ky.

Walter McAtee was pensioned in Nelson Co., Ky in 1837, He was born 1756.

Joseph McAtee was born in Urbana Ohio 1849-1850., He had two brothers , Clem and Samuel. Joseph married Mary Cronin and had issue, only one daughter married. Joseph had several sisters, one named Mary,

The following was sent to me without dates. Benjamin McAtee settled in Beverly Washington Co., Ohio where he married Eliza Mason They had a large family of children ,One son named Joseph married Elizabeth who was a widow living in Freeport Ohio in 1948.

The following is from "Pioneer History of Davis Co., Iowa, Pub. 1924-7.p.5.

" Samuel W. McAtee and his brother whose name is not given, came to the Strip, which was in the Wisconsin Terr., in 1839, and took up adjoining claims. When the Iowa State line was located in 1844, Samuel's claim was in Iowa and his brothers was in Mo. Samuel's house was found to be on the state line. Samuel W. McAtee was born in Ky., in 1814, he died in Davis Co., Ia, in 1877 Samuel married in 1844 to Elizabeth Mudd, a second cousin of Abraham Lincoln Elizabeth had a brother Lincoln Mudd who was 6 feet and 7 inches tall,

Samuel W. and Elizabeth Mudd McAtee had two daughters,

1, Martha McAtee m David Duffield, a widow living in Bloomfield Ia., in 1927.

2, A Daughter, married W.P.Caldwell of Bloomfield living there in 1927.

From the History of Rockingham Co., Va. the Following.

Patrick McAtee married 11-3-1802, to Jane Harrison dau., of John in Rocking-ham Co., Va. Jane McAtee is a Widow before 1847. On Nov 19-1847 Jane McAtee makes her will. "To my daughter Betsy McAtee. Betsy ( Elizabeth ) McAtee Executrix. Witnesses M.H.Harris; William McAtee and Abner Smith. Elizabeth McAtee Bond $800.

Charles Co., Maryland Wills.

Excerpt of Patrick MMaccatee's Will, .( He evidently is the Patrick named as God-son and Grandson in Patrick I, will made in 1717.) Copied from a Photo stat sent to Mrs C. A. Delzell June 1954 from The Hall of Records at Annapolis Md. Will made in Charles Co. Md., 3-23-1750 and probated, 6-12-1756.

He names wife Ann, Sons Thomas; Edmund and Ebednego youngest son, All sons are under age in 1750.

Early Md., Wills by Jane Baldwin Cotton Vol 2. Patrick Mackattes Will. Made 10-5-1716 Probated 3-26-1717. To son Patrick; Edmond and James, Plantation equally. Son Edmund to have Northern most part where his home is, Division to be made by friends, William Chandler and Antho Neale, God-son and Grand-son Patrick Mackatte, personalty. Wife Rosamond Executrix, residuary of estate., and use of dwelling during life excepting son Edmunds part. Teste: Anthony Neale George Walker and Thomas Webster. (Neale)


Vol 2. Charles Co., Md. Wills by Jane Baldwin Cotton.

Will of Rosamond Mackatte made 2-26-1717 . To Granddaughter Frances, Personalty. Residue of Estate to be divided among seven children, Edmund, Patrick, James, Catherine Galahaw, Mary Boswell, Eleanor Clements, and Rosamond Clements. Executor James Mackette.

From The Hall of Records we have the Final Settlement of William Mackattes Estate. (He died early in 1773, in Frederick Co., Md. ( Now Mountgomery Co., Md.) William Mackettes estate was Administered by Simon Reeder (Simon Reeder m. Sarah Green.) The cost of the Administration was 134 pounds and 19 shillings one fifth off to reduce it to currency, which made the cost 107 pounds 19 s. and 5 pence. The amount of the estate is not given.

The second and final account of James McAtee decd,, was Administered by John Magruder in Frederick Co., Md. Distribution according to law, as follows: 'Elisha McAtee, To Ignatius McAtee, To Representatives of Clotilda Warfield, decd., To Louisa Magruder, and to Warfield McAtee. Examined and passed by the Orphans Court of Frederick Co., Md. September 24-I827.

The Will of John McAtee of Fairfax Go., Va.

In the name of God Amen, I John McAtee of the Co., of Fairfax in the State of Va,, do make this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by me. Imprimis as my children have conducted themselves toward me with Impropriety, it is my will and desire that they should not enjoy any past of my estate. Item: I give to my grandson Horatio Owens my black riding mare commonly called Salamunden, with-my saddle and bridle, to be delivered to my said grandson with the increase of the said mare, when he arrives to the age of eighteen years or marriage. Item: I direct my Executors herein after named to sell all the rest of my estate of every kind and to invest the money arising there from in Stock of some Bank, which they may choose which said principal Stock and the interest or dividends thereof I give to my Granddaughter,. Elizabeth Speake McAtee Owens, to be paid to her when she arrives to the age of eighteen years or marries, and if either of my said Grandchildren should. die unmarried before they attain the age of eighteen years , I give to the Survivor of my Grandchild the property intended to be given to such deceased. And if both my grand-children before either of these events occur, I give all my estate to the children of William McAtee, son of my brother William McAtee, to be divided equally among them. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this twenty-fifth day of February in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand eight hundrend and one. First hereby appointing William Payne and Loyd McIntosh

of this my last Will. John McAtee ( Seal.) Signed, Sealed and acknowledged as the last Will & Testament of John McAtee in our presence who have hereunto subscribed our names in his presence and in the presence of each other. N. Fltzhugh, Mordicai C. Fitzhugh, Aug.I.Smith and ],chard Fitzhugh.

At a court held for Fairfax Co., the 19th of May 1812, This last Will and Testament of John McAtee decd., was presented in. Court and proved by the Oaths of Richard Fitzhugh and Mordicai C. Fitzhugh who also deposed that the said Last Will and Testament was published and declared by the Testator as his last Will and Testament in the presence of Nicholas Fitzhugh and Agustus I Smith as well as themselves who attested the same in the presence and at the same time with themselves., and ordered to be recorded, and William Payne and Lloyd McIntosh therein named in open Court having refused to take upon themselves the burden of the Execution, thereof, Whereupon Administration with the will annexed, is granted Thomas Owens who qualified according to Law. Examined, Teste, Wm. Moss Clerk of the Court.


Nelson County Clerks Office, Bardstown Kentucky.

Will Book G. page 165. :Will of Walter McAtee.

I Walter McAtee being old and infirm, but of sound mind and disposing memory and knowing the uncertainty of human affairs, I make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby revoking and rendering null and void every and all former wills made by me in the following manner to-wit:

I give my Soul to Almighty God who gave it to me and my body to the earth from whence it came. I will that all my Just Debts be paid. I give to my wife Mary McAtee the use and benefit of the plantation on which I now live, together with the slaves and stock and farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture during her natural life, except a wagon and all the horses and gear composing said, all of which wagon and team I give to my son Ben L. at my death. I give to my GrandDaughter Rebeckah Mcatee Daughter of John W. McAtee deceased, one negro named Bill aged about 6 years, which she is to receive at the death of my wife Mary McAtee, I also give to my said granddaughter a feather-bed and furniture and three silver teaspoons and a horse, Saddle and Bridle to be worth fifty dollars. I give to my grandson Henry W. McAtee a cream colored Filly aged about l8 months.

I give to my daughter Elender Blanford and Sally McGill a cow and calf each. I give to my son Henry McAtee Two dollars in Cash. All of which aforesaid legacees, and bequests are not to be paid until after the death of my said Wife, Mary McAtee. All the balance and residue of my Estate not Specially devised, I give both real and personal and mixed to my son Benjamin L. McAtee. And at the death of my said wife Mary McAtee I will and devise that the property of every description I have given my wife Mary McAtee the use and benefit of during her natural life shall pass and descend to my son Benjamin L. McAtee. And lastly I appoint Mary McAtee my wife Executrix and Benjamin L.McAtee my son Executor to this my last will and Testament. In Testimony of which I have set my hand and Seal this 29th day of October 1832. Walter Mcatee ( Seal.) :,witnesses-- Jefse McDonnall Charles H. Beaven.

At a County Court begun and held for Nelson County at the Court House in Bardstown on the llth day of March 1833, produced in Court and proved by the Oath of Jefse McDonnall a Subscribing Witness thereof ( thereto) who also swore that Charles Beaven the other Subscribing '.Witness thereto attested the same in his presence and at the request of the Testator whereupon it is ordered that said will be recorded.

At a County Court begun and held for said County on the 13th day of May 1833, On the motion of Benjamin L.McAtee one of the Executors named in the Last and Testament of Walter McAtee decd, Administration with the Will of said decedent's Estate is granted him-with a certificate of probate said Will. He having taken the Oath required by law and Executed and Acknowledged Bond with Daniel Talbott, John C. Aud and William Heavenhill his securities in the penalty of $7000.

Attest. Nathaniel Wickliffe

Clerk Nelson Co., Court.


Walter McAtee, b. 1756 d. 1833. Wife Mary. File S, 31845 of Pension Record on Certificate, 7484 issued April 16, 1833 on Act of April 7, 1832, at $23.33 per annum, from March 4-1831 in Kentucky Agency for Maryland Service at age of 75.

Resided at Charles County, Maryland at date of enlistment. Resided at Nelson County, Kentucky on date of Application. Born in Charles Co., Maryland, 1756. Enlisted in the Flying Camp for four months under Capt. Robert Bowie, Col. Ewing, and Lieutenant Benjamin Brooks, 2nd Lieutenant William Dent Bell, and Ensign WM. Shirkliff in 1776.

In 1777 served under It. Joseph Harrison and C.L.Sam Harrison. After the Revolutionary War he resided in Prince George County, Md., and Montgomery County Maryland. Removed to Nelson County in Kentucky in 1821 with his family.

Will Book 6; page 552. 1849 The Will of Mary Ann Rebecca McAtee.

Gives to mother Anna McAtee during her lifetime a Negro man William, and at her death to my sister Sarah Ann; If he should survive them I bequeath him to my brother William McAtee. I further will and bequeath my interest in the land and all my other property to my cousin Benjamin McAtee. All of which must be sold and money placed out at interest for the education of said Benjamin and when he arrives at age the principal also.

Witnesses her H. W. McCown Signed Mary Ann R. McAtee mark, Ben L. McAtee

Deed Book 16, page 167 date 1823. Nelson Co., Ky,

John ;W. McAtee and: Ann to Henry McAtee, land on Caney Fork of Coxes Creek.

Led Book 18, page 144. made Jan. 4, 1830.

Between Henry McAtee the County of Scott and State of Kentucky and Benjamin L. McAtee, a certain tract of land in Nelson County on the head waters of Coxes Creek, containing 46 acres more or less, Signed Henry McAtee Susan McAtee.

Nelson County Kentucky Marriages.

B.L. McAtee married Margaret Wilson Jan. 2-1841, (Marriage Bond)

Henry Blanford married Eleanor McAtee November 6, 1815 by John David.

Jo. McGill married Sarah McAtee Jan., 29-1824 by F.P.Kerrick

Marion County Kentucky 1850 Census.

William Mc Atee aged 39 born in Maryland in 1811.

Mary McAtee " 36 " " Kentucky " 1814

Anne E McAtee " 16 " " " " 1834

Julia McAtee " 13 " " " " 1837

Alfred E. McAtee " 11 " " " " 1839

Thomas G. McAtee " 9 " " " " 1841

F.A. McAtee " 7 " " " " 1843

Susan McAtee " 4 " " " " 1846.

Census of Washington Co, Ky. for 1810

Henry McAtee Lists 4 sons, I male under 45, I male over 45, I female under 10, 3 females under 16, and 1 female over 45.

From The History of Catholicity in Ky. by Hon. Ben J. J. Webb Pub in Louisville Ky., 1889. A League of 60 Catholic Families was formed in Md. in 1785 mostly from St. Marys Co. who pledged to immigrate to Ky. 25 left Md., in the spring of 1785, among these were some of the McAtee name,Henry McAtee was one of these settling on the Pottinger Creek Settlement.


McAtee Marriages made in Frederick Co., Md. For the following Marriage Licenses from 1778-1865 send to The Office of The Clerk for Frederick Co., Court House Frederick Md.

Catherine McAtee married James Calhoon 12-29-1778.

Francis X. Mcatee " Mary Reeder 3-17-1787.

Ann McAtee " Henry Bucey 8-11-1792.

Elizabeth McAtee " Casper Hardy 4-15-1811.

Helen McAtee " John Bean Bucey 1-6-1800

William McAtee " Matilda Elder 2-3-I815.

Juliet H. McAtee " John C.Elgin 12-7-1825

Chloe McAtee " Elisha Howard 3-I9-1794

Chloe McAtee " Joshua Hardy 6-15-1811.

Thomas McAtee " Jane Brady I0-17-1795.

Maryland Marriages Filed at the Md., Historical Society Baltimore.

Thomas McAtee married Sarah Maddox 11-3-1778

Clement McAtee " Rebecca Thomas 6-11-180I

Mountgomery Co., Md. Marriage Records.

James McAtee married Elizabeth Elder 5-I8-1814 p.32

William McAtee " " Lucy Sprig 8-3-1805 p. 15.

George McAtee. " " Mary Poole..:.. 3-10-1800. p.21

Prince George Co., Marriage, Brumbaughs Md. Records Vol I. page 125.

Ann McAtee (Dau. of John McAtee Sr., ) married Thomas Owens, 4-27-1793

'Maryland Records by Brumbaugh Page 29. "State of his Lordships Manors in Charles County Maryland.

47 (A) Dec. 25-1743. (B) Edmond Maggottee ( Mackatee) (C) 114, D. Thomas Maggotee ( Mackatee) ,(E) 0-11-4

60 (A.) August 30-1765 (B) John and Thomas Maggottee ( Mackatee) (C) I04, (D) Mary Maggottee (E) 6-13-2 (F) 0-13-2 (L) 18 1/2 years.

61 August 30-1765 Ann and Abednego Maggottee (C) 59 1/2, (D) Ann Maggottee, (E) 0-13-2 (F) 0-13-2, (L) 18 1/2 years.

63. (C) 6 (D) Vacancy, Thomas Maggottee.

The Compiler of the McAtee Family , appreciates the Cooperation of the following McAtees, Miss 'Myra McAtee of Columbus Ohio, Mr. Sylvester J. McAtee Attorney at Law of San Francisco Calif , and Mr. Frank Tull of Columbia Mo., who sent me his family history and McAtee Families published in various Historical Publications., also many Census Records,., also, Mrs. John B. Earl of Bayard Virginia.

Winifred Carleton Delzell ( Mrs Charles A. Delzell)

1849 Converse

Cheyenne Wyoming.


McAtee and related Families Index

Abell Terressa, 6.

Aud John C., 14.

Beamer Frances A., 3.

Beavins Charles H., 14.

Sarah Ann, 9.

Bedwell Agnes, 9.

Bell 2nd Lt. Wm. Dent,15

Blanford Eleanor, 9, 14.

Henry, 15.

Mr., 9

Bonsher Alfred, 4.

Bowie Capt., Robert, 15.

Boos Miss, 8.

Boswell Mary, 13.

William I, 13.

Bowles Catherine, 8.

Leo, 8.

Walter, 8.

Boyd Anna A., 7.

John, 7.

Walter, 7.

Brady Jane, 2, 16.

Brewer Thomas, II.

Brewington, Jennie, 6.

Brooks Lt. Benjamin, 15.

Brown Vernon, 6.

Bucey Henry, 16.

John, Bean, 16

Calhoon James, 16.

Calahan Agnes, 4.

Caldwell W.P., 12.

Campbell Reed, 9.

Carleton Carrie Imo, 2.

Charles Phillip, 3.

Coralie, 3.

Eleanor, 3.

Eliza Alice (Owens), 3.

Elisha Lawler, 3.

Elizabeth Layton, 3.

Elizabeth, 3.

Gertrude (Hughes), 3. Grace, 3

Gwyn Ann, 3.

Harry, 3.

James, 3.

James Linton, 3

James William,

John, 3.

John C., 3.

Lyda, 3.

Lyda Alice, 3.

Mary Eliza, 3.

Mattie, 3.

Maud, 3.

Carleton Susan (Layton), 3.

Viola May, 3.

William, 3.

Winifred, 3.

Carlson Alan David, 3.

David E., 3.

Carroll Charles, 7.

Chaney Lyda Alice (Carleton), 4.

Naomi, 14.

Ruth, 4.

William, 3, 4.

Chandler William, 12.

Clave Rosalie, 4.

Clements Eleanor, 13.

Eleanor (Mackette) I.

Mr., I.

Rosamond, 13.

Clark Dr. John, 2.

Conway Anna, 9.

Cotton Jane Baldwin, 8, 13.

Cronin Mary, 12.

Crosson Pierre Roger, 5.

David John, 15.

Davis John, 2.

Delzell Alan, 4.

Andrea Loraine, 4.

Charles A., 3, 16.

Donna (Hoops), 4.

Esther (Herbert) 4.

George Alan, 4.

Margaret Loraine, 4.

Marion Holly, 4.

Maurice Carleton, 3, 4.

Ralph Charles, 3.

Ralph Herbert, 4.

Sandra Denise, 4.

Winifred (Carleton), 3, 16.

Donley Dorothy (Reeves) , 5.

James Robert, 5.

John Raymond, 5.

Robert Raymond, M.D. 5.

Doyle Dorothy, 10.

Duffield David, 12.

Dunker Terressa, II.

Elder Elizabeth, 6, 15.

Matilda, 16.

William, 6.

Elgin John C., 16.

Evans John, 2.

Fenwick Evaline,11.

Fitzgerald -Miss,8

Fitzhugh Mordicai, 13.

Nicholas, 13.

Richard, 13.

Fitz Redmond Elmore, 7.

Galahaw Catherine, 13.

Galliher Robert Boice, 5.

Gatlin Bruce, Whitney, 4.

Jean Ann (Sprague), 4.

William Earl, 4.

Gordon James, 5.

Green Robert, I.

Sarah, I, 11.

Governor Thomas, I.

Groves Charles 3.

Ella, 3.

Jacob, 3.

Maud, 3.

William, 3.

Hagen Amanda, 6.

Hamilton William, 6.

Hardy Casper, 16

Harpole Del, 4, 5.

Edward, 4.

Muriel (Odell),4.

Muriel Lee, 5.

Alice Carleton (Ryan), 5.

Robert M , 5.

William, 5.

Harris M.H., 12.

Harrison Nettie, 9.

Lt., Joseph, 15.

Lt., C.I., 15.

Hays Priscilla, 2.

Havenhill William, 14.

Hazel Margaret , 2.

Helmick Samuel, 2.

Nell, 2.

Herbert Agnes ( Williams), 3.

Esther, 3.

Guy L. , 3.

Hoops Donna, 14.

Hoops Isabella, 4.

George, 4.

Howard Elisha, 16.

Hughes Gertrude, 3.

Hunnewell James, A.,7.

Jarbo Amanda, 6.

Julianna, 6.

Jane, 6

James Edwin Anthony, 4

Johnson Florence Mary, 3.

James Monroe, 3.

John, 9.

Mary Ellen, 9.

Kerrick F.P., 15.

Kidwell Anna, 6.

Frank, 6.

Minnie, 6.

Mary (McAtee) , 6.

Lawler .Dr., 2.

James, 2.

Richard, 2.

Layton Susan Maria, 3.

Lilly Eliz a, 9.

Elizabeth (Jenkins), 9.

Thomas, 9.

Liewollen Amanda, 10.

Lincoln Abraham, 12.

Lloyd J.Verne, 4.

Pearl (Ryan), 4.

Richard Verne, 4.

Logan Mary, 4.

William, 4.

Mackatee Edmund, I, 12, 13.

Elinor I, 13

Esther, I, 13.

James, I, 12, 13.

Mary, I, 13.

John, 1.

Patrick 1st, 1, 12.

Patrick 2nd, 1, 12, 13.

Rosamond ,1, 13., 12.

Rosamond 2nd, 1, 13.

George, I.

William 1, 13.

Maccatee Ann , 12.

Ebednego ,12.

Edmund, 12.

Patrick 3rd, 3, 8, 12.

Thomas, 12.

McAtee Agnes (Calahan), 6.

McAtee Agnes Jane, 7.

Agnes, 7, 8.

Aileen, II.

Alfred E., 15.

Alixis Joseph, 6.

Anna Roselyn, 10.

Ann, 1,2, 7, 12, 16.

Annie E., 15.

Annie ( Kidwell), 7.

Austin, L. , 9.

Benjamin, 9, 12, 14, 15.

Benjamin L. 9, 12.

Camden R. , 6.

Camden Riley, 6.

Carl, 7.

Catherine, 6, 16.

Catherine (Bowles,) 8.

Charles, I.

Charles B., 9.

Charity, 11.

Chloe, 5, 7, 2, 16.

McAtee Clarrisa, 11.

Clem, 6, 12.

Clement, 16.

David, I0.

Dorothy, ( Doyle), I0.

Earl N., II.

Edmund, 5, 12.

Edward L., 9, 11.

Elilee, 12.

Elisha, 2, 8, 13.

Eleanor, 9, I4, 15.

Ellen, 6.

Elizabeth, 1, 8, 7, 16.

Elizabeth (Elder), 6.

Elizabeth ( Betsy), 12.

Elizabeth (Mudd) 12.

Etta, 6.

Euguene, 5.

Eulilia, II.

Felix, 6.

Frances, 5. .

Francis X. 11 16.

Frank, 7.

Frank Tull, 10.

Gerald, 6.

George, 5, 6, II.

George A., 8.

Helen, 16.

Henrietta (Magruder), 8.

McAtee Henry, 6, 9, II, 14, 15.

Henry Walter, 9, 10.

Ignatius, 2, 13.

Isabella ( Slaughter), I1.

Jane, 6, 12.

Jane (Brady), 7.

James, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, I0.

James A., 7.

James (Brady) , 7.

James E., 8.

James F., 9.

Jennie (Brewington), 6.

John, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13.

John L., 7.

John P., 8.

John R. 11.

John Reed, 10.

John 9, 14.

Joanna M., II.

Jennie (Whitecotton), 6.

Joseph, I, 2, 12.

Joseph C.,8.

Josephine, 5, 7.

Juanita, II.

Julia, 15.

Juliet, 16.

Kate, 6.

Kathleen, II.

Kirby Leo, 10.

Lanette, 6.

Lewis J., 10.

Lillie, 6.

Lou ( Schreckler), 10.

Lottie, 7.

Louisa, 2.

Louis A., 10.

Lucy, . I.

Lyda, 7.

Lynwood L., 10.

Mary, I, 2, 8, 9, II, 12, 14, 15 16

Mary Ann, 5.

Mary Ann (Massey) 2, 5.

Mary Ann Rebecca, 9, 15.

Mary H., 8.

Mary E. (Johnson), 10.

Mary Lilly, 10.

Mary Louise, 10.

Mary (Reeder),Il.

Maria, 8.

Mary (Mountgomery), 2.

McAtee Martha, 6, 12.

Marks, 1I.

Massie Ann, I.

Maud, 7.

Myra, 6.

Nellie, II.

Patrick, 1, 2, II.

Patrick 2nd, 2, 7, 12.

Philip C., 8.

Philip L., II. Ray, 10.

Raymond, I0.

Richard, 6.

Robert, 4, II.

Robert R., 10.

Rose M., II.

Roy, 7.

Rebeckah 14 15.

Rufus, II.

Sally, 5, 9, III.

Samuel, I, 2, 5, 6, 12.

Samuel C.,7.

Samuel W., 12.

Sarah, 7, 11, 15.

Sarah Ann, 9, 15.

McAtee Sarah Ann (Beavin), 9.

Sarah (Green), 2, 7, 8.

Stephen L., II.

Stephen H., 8.

S.S. , 7.

Stephen M., II

Stephen T., 8.

Susan, 9, 15.

Sylvester J., 10, 16.

Teresa, 8, II.

Theodore, 5.

Thomas, I, 2, 7, 11, 12, 16.

Thomas G., 15.

Thomas J., 8.

Tyler, 12.

Walter, 7, 9, 14, 15.

Walter A., 11.

Walter H., 9.

Walter P., 8.

Warfield, 13.

William, I, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16

William A., 7, II.

William Brady, 7.

William, Captain, 2.

William D.,11.

William J., 9.

William Taylor, 6.

McAtee Xavarius, II.

Maggottee ( McAtee) Ann, 16.

Ebednego 16.

Edmund, 16. John, 16.

Mary, 16.

Thomas, 16.

Mc Gill Sally, 14.

McIntosh Lloyd, 13.

McNary Martha (Chalfant), 3.

Marion Holly (Delzell), 3, 4. Sidney Carleton, 4.

William Delzell, 4.

William Selwyn, 3, 4.

Maddox Sarah, 16.

Magruder Henrietta, 2.

John, 13.

Louisa, 13.

Mr, 2.

Manning Maria, II.

Mason Eliza, 12.

Massey Mary Ann, 2.

Sarah, 2.

May Euphenia, 6.

Meyer James L., 10.

James Lewis, 10.

Sabra (Tull) 10.

Monhagan Charles, 10.

Moore Isadore, 11.

William, 11.

Morgan Alen (O'Brien), 10.

Moss William, 13.

Mudd Elizabeth, 12.

Lincoln, 12.

Neale Anthony, 12.

Neiles Nancy, 6.

Nelson Thomas, 5.

Niedmeyer Sabra, 10.

O'Brien Mary Lilly, 10.

J.T., 10.

O'Neal Henry, 6.

Owens Archibald, 2.

Cecelia, 2.

Elizabeth (Speake) McAyee, 7.

John, 2, 3.

Mary, 2.

Mary Ann Elizabeth, 2.

Massey Ann, 2.

Meranda, 2.

Horatio, 7.

Sarah, 2.

Sarah (Tucker), 2.

Thomas,2, 3, 7.

William, I, 2.

William McAtee, 2.

Payne William, 12.

Reeder Mary, 16.

Simon, 13.

Reeves Alice May, 5.

Carrie (Carleton), 5., 3.

Dorothy Frances, 5.

Henry LeTrobe, 3.

James Louis, 3, 5.

Ross Lilly, 11.

Ryan Alice Carleton, 4.

Elizabeth (Carleton), 3, 4.

Emma (Sailor), 3.

Pearl M., 4.

Helen Elizabeth, 4.

Hull Wickham, 3.

William Wickham, 3,4.

Schrickler Lou, 9.

Sciple Rubye Ann , 3.

Sherer Cecelia, 7.

Shirkliff William, 15.

Slaughter Evaline,(Fenwick), II.

Isabella, II.

Robert, 11.

Spaulding Caroline, 6.

Bishop N.J., 6.

Speake Elizabeth, 2, 7.

Specht Bernice, 3.

Theodore, 3.

Sprague Jean Ann, 4.

Mary (Logan), 4.

Ruth (Chaney), 4.

William, 4.

Sprig Lucy, 5, 16.

Smith Abner, 12.

Swisher Henry, 2.

Richard, 2.

. Mr., 2.

Talbott Daniel, I.

Thiehoff P.J., 7.

Tireman Marjorie, 4.

Trunkey' Franklin, 10.

Tull Frank, 2nd, 10, 16.

Frank, 3rd, 10.

Mrs, 10.

Sabra, 10.

Umstead Loretta, 5.

Vaughn A.L., 7.

Walker George, 12.

Walthan Benedict, 8.

Webster Thomas, 12.

West Carrie Sue, 5.

Harley Bruce, 5.

Harley Bruce Jr., 5.

Judith, 5.

Mary Layton, S.

Wickliffe Nathaniel, I.

Willet James, 7.

Wilson Margaret, 9, 12, 15.

Winfield Miss 2. ( May be Warfield,)

Warfield Clotilda, 13.

Windsor Myra Riley,

Woods John, 7.

Worland Isabella, 9.