WILLIAM H. LARIMER, son of Gen. William Larimer, formerly of Pittsburg, Pa., but late of Kansas and Colorado, was born in Pittsburg, Pa., December 9, 1840. In 1855 his parents moved to Nebraska and located in Sarpy County. In 1858 they came to Kansas, settling at Leavenworth, and the same year, in company with his father, went to Pike's Peak, Col., and engaged in freighting and was at the time the youngest boy in the Territory. He was on the site of Denver City before a single building had been erected in the place. He was the first clerk of the Overland Express Company at that place and helped to build the first cabin in the town. Larimer Street, Denver, and Larimer County, Col., were named in honor of Gen. Larimer. Mr. L. returned to Kansas in 1863 and lived in Leavenworth until 1867, when he went to Montana Territory, but, after a year in the mines, returned to Kansas, and in March, 1871, settled at Independence and engaged in the hotel business in partnership with Mr. Allen, keeping the Caldwell House. He afterwards sold his interest in the hotel to Mr. Bryant. Meanwhile Mr. L. was engaged in stock trade with Mr. H. H. Crane, firm of Crane & Larimer. They have extensive stock ranches in the Indian Territory and Kansas. They have about 4,000 cattle on the range and are constantly increasing their business. They are members of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association. Mr. L. was married February 22, 1870, at St. Joseph, Mo., to Miss Mattie Montgomery. They have two children, Annie F. and William H.