October 4, 1883. Meeting of Board of Directors.


The Caldwell Journal, October 4, 1883.
Meeting of Board of Directors.
    Pursuant to notice the Board of Directors of the C. S. L. S. Association met on Thursday of last week to receive the reports of the surveyors selected to run the lines of the pastures in each division, and to fix the amount to be assessed against such holder, and make a levy to raise the first semi-annual payment to the Cherokee Nation.
    The report of S. T. Wood, surveyor of the eastern division, the survey being incomplete, showed 1,909,000 acres. Mr. Wood is still at work, but it will require a couple of weeks to finish the job; so as to obtain the exact number of acres in the division.
    The middle division surveyed by Tell W. Walton, showed an area of 1,764,446.49 acres. The report also shows that there are 23 ranges in the division, running from 8,500 to 299,526 acres. All but three ranges are entirely enclosed with barbed wire fencing, and the three are fenced on each side.
    Mr. C. H. Burgess had the east half of the western division, running west to the V__ range. West of that was under charge of Fred Erkhart, who has not completed his survey. The district surveyed by Mr. Burgess comprises 1,108,390 acres.
    This makes a total of 4,781,865.49 acres surveyed and platted on the Strip. When the surveys are completed on the extreme eastern and western ends of the Strip, it is altogether likely the total acreage will exceed 6,000,000 acres.
    From these reports, the Board levied an assessment of two cents an acre upon each occupant, in order to meet the first semi-annual payment to the Cherokee Nation, and to meet other expenses, and on Friday morning the Treasurer, M. H. Bennett, began the collection of the amounts due from each occupant. We did not learn the total sum paid in, but by Friday night there were sufficient funds in the Treasurer's hands to meet all obligations due the Cherokees, and on Saturday morning he started for Tahlequah to make the first payment in accordance with the terms of the lease.
    Since Thursday afternoon the Board has had under consideration cases appealed from the Board of Arbitration. In the case of Broadwell vs. The Eagle Chief Pool, the Board rendered a decision making Broadwell's west line begin on the southwest corner and run north seven miles, leaving his west fence in a different shape from what he had it built.
    In the case of Chase against Ewing, the Board affirmed the decision of the Board of Arbitration, giving Chase his range.
    Wednesday morning the Board of Directors adopted the following resolution. Resolved, That the Caldwell JOURNAL, be and is hereby adopted as the official organ of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association.
    Yesterday afternoon the case of the St. Joe Cattle Company vs. E. M. Ford was referred to the parties in contest, and settled by the Wyeth Cattle Co., purchasing all the interest of the St. Joe Company.
    In the case of Peter Stewart vs. E. M. Ford, the decision of the Board of Arbitrators was affirmed, giving Stewart nearly all he asked.
    The Board meets this morning at 9 o'clock, and will continue in session from day to day until all disputes regarding range are settled.
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