1881 Stockmen Meeting Call

Newspaper Clippings

Cheyenne Transporter., February 25, 1881
Darlington, Indian Terr. 1879-1886
Marion Blair, inspector for the Cherokee Strip cattle men, at this and the Washita Agency, called on us Monday. He has news from parties on the Cherokee Strip that gives assurance that the loss from the recent storm was not nearly so heavy as was expected. Only a few old and some very young cattle have died, and owners are confident that most of their stock will get through in fair order.

A call for a meeting of the stock men of the Cherokee Strip, signed by a large number of the most prominent owners, is made for Caldwell, Kansas on the 16th of March 1881. The object is to take into consideration the spring round-ups and stock matters in general pertaining to cattle owners in the Territory. It is earnestly requested that every camp and stock owner will be represented, that arrangements satisfactory to all may be made.