Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association - Charter and By-Laws




Charter and By-Laws of Association




CALDWELL, KAS., MARCH 6 7 & 8, 1883

Caldwell, Kas., March 8, 1883

To the President, Officers and Members of the

Cherokee Strip Stockmans Association.

   We, your committee, heretofore duly appointed for the purpose of preparing and reporting or your consideration a constitution and by-laws for this Association, or a charter for incorporation of this Association, under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Kansas, and by-laws in conformity thereto, do and now most respectfully beg leave to report as follow, to-wit:
   That having your interests always in mind, we induced A. Drumm, E. M. Hewins, C. H. Eldred, S. Tuttle, E. W. Payne, M. H. Bennett, A. J. Day, Ben. S. Miller and James W. Hamilton on the 7th day of March, A. D. 1883, to prepare , sign and acknowledge a charter of and for a coporation of which the following is a copy:


   We, the undersigned persons, of competent age, do hereby associate ourselves together for the purpose of forming a private corporation under and by virtue of the laws of the Sate of Kansas, the purpose of which is and shall be "the improvement of the breed of domestic animals," by the importation, grazing, breeding, sale, barter and exchange thereof.
   First. - The name of such corporation shall be "The Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association."
   Second. - The purpose for which the corporation is formed is the improvement of the breed of domestic animals by the importation, grazing, breeding, selling, bartering and exchange thereof.
   Third - The principal office and place of business of the corporation shall be at the city of Caldwell, Kansas, but it's place or places of and for holding, breeding, grazing, selling, bartering, and exchangeing the domestic animals, for the improvement of the breed, for which the corporation is as aforesaid organized, shall be wherever the same can be, in the opinion of the directors or such other body of the stocholders or members of the corporation, most advantageously located.
   Fourth. - The term for which the corporation is to exist shall be for forty years.
   Fifth. - The number of the directors of the corporation shall be nine, and the following named stockholders are appointed directors for the first year, viz:
  • E. M. Hewins, whose residence is Cedarvale, Kansas
  • J. W. Hamilton, whose residence is Wellington, Kansas
  • A. J. Day, whose residence is Caldwell, Kansas
  • S. Tuttle, whose residence is Caldwell, Kansas
  • M. H. Bennett, Whose residence is Caldwell, Kansas
  • Andrew Drumm, whos residence is Caldwell, Kansas
  • Ben. S. Miller, whose residence is Caldwell, Kansas
  • E. W. Payne, whose residence is Medicine Lodge, Kansas
  • Chas. H. Eldred, whose residence is Carrolton, Illinois
   Which said charter was on said date duly transmitted, postage paid, the the Honorable Secretary of State, at Topeka, Kansas, and on said date the by-laws for the regulation of the business of said corporation were by tour said committee formulated, and that thereafter, to-wit: On the 8th day of March, 1883, the board of directors of said company corporation met in pursuance of the provisions of said charter and in conformity of law, elected Ben. S. Miller, one of said board of directors, president of said corporation, and at the same time appointed John A. Blair as secretary and M. H. Bennett as treasurer thereof, and duly ratified and accepted the by-laws herein before referred to. Wherefore, we respectfully suggest that our action in and about the matter aforesaid, be approved and accepted as the fulfillment of the duties by you imposed upon us as your committee for the purpose aforesaid, and that we be now discharged from further duty.

J. W. Hamilton

For said Committee


   SECTION 1.  The name and style of the corporation shall be "The Cherokee Strip Livestock Association."

   SECTION 2.  The object of the Association is to provide for and promote the improvement of the breed of domestic animals by all lawfull means, such as proving for the purchase, importation, barter, sale and exchange thereof, at such place or places, within or without the territorial limits of this state, as shall or seem to be, most conductive to the advancementof the interests of the Association; In pursuance of the purpose and object of which the same has been and is as aforesaid organized inclusive of the right by which and on behalf of said Association to puschase any and all of whatsoever domestic animals it, the said association, may see fit or desire to purchase, or in any lawful manner acquire, together with the right to purchase or lease any or all parcels or tracts of land, wheresoever situated, as may be necessary for holding , keeping, grazing, breeding, handling, selling, bartering or i any lawful manner, whatsoever, exchanging any or all kinds of domestic animals so, as aforesaid, purchases, imported, handled, bred, grazed, obtained by barter or exchange, by or on behalf of said Association.

   SECTION 3.  All persons, corporations or companies who now occupy undisputed range in the Cherokee Strip, and who agree to pay the assessments which may be hereinafter levied upon them by persons empowered by the Association to make levies for any and all purposes, may be eligible to membership on this Association upon the payment of membership fees as hereinafter provided.

   SECTION 4.  All corporations or companies becoming members of this association, shall do so in the name of the corporation, stock association or company by which they are known, and in all elections or business which is to be or may be decided by votes of members of this Association, such member or representative of any and all other corporations, stock associations or companies being members of the Association shall be entitled to one vote, and no more.

   SECTION 5.   Any party holding an undisputed and prescribed range , whether corporation or pool, shall be entitled to one membership; that is to say, if one person holds a certain prescribed range alone, he shall be entitled to one mebership and the same rule as to corporations and companies, if, for convenience, two or more individuals, holding each a prescribed range in common, each of such ranges shall be entitled to one membership, and each membership to one vote. Any person possessing the qualifications hereinbefore mentioned and desiring to become a member of this Association, shall first pay to the Treasurer the sum of ten dollars ($10,00) and take said Treasurers receipt therefore, and upon presentation of said receipt to the Secretary of this Association, and subscribing to the by-laws, shall be entitled to a certifcate of membership, which said certificate shall thereupon be issued in the name of the Association; provided that persons owning ranges or holding cattle contiguous to the range occupied by members of this Association in the Indian Territory, may be elected honorary members of this Association upon the recommendation of the board of directors.

   SECTION 6.  All transfers of ranges bypurchase or otherwise shall be recorded by the Secretary of the Association in a book to be by him kept for that purpose.

   SECTION 7.  All members of this Association are required, within thirty days from their admission to membership, to furnish to the Secretary a plain and accurate description of the "marks and brands" of all domestic animals owned or held by such member; which said description of said marks and brands shall plainly and fully recorded by said Secretary in a book to be by him kept for that purpose


   A board of arbitration shall be appointed to consist of three members of the Association, such board to be appointed by the directors and to hold their office during the pleasure of said board of directors, who shall have power to settle all questions in dispute between members of this association, and from the decision of such board of arbitration either party in interest may appeal to the board of directors by giving , upon rendition of said decision, immediate notice of his intention to appeal, and by entering into the undertaking a bond to the opposite party in such sum as said board of arbitration shall deem sufficient for payment of all costs and expenses necessarily incurred by reason of such appeal. In the event of the decision of said arbitrators being affirmed by the board of directors, whereupon the chairman of said board of arbitrators shall immediately notify the board of directors of the pendency of such appeal and state the time and place when and where said board of directors shall meet not less than ten nor more that sixty days from the time of taking such appeal, and the time and place of sitting of said board of directors to hear said matter shall be at such point as said board of arbtitrators may direct; provided, always, that in no event, except by consent of parties, shall the place of sitting of said board of directors for such purpose be other than the city of Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas, or at some well-known and convenient ranch upon the grazing lands of the Association; and the chairman of the board of arbitrators, upon the giving and acceptance of the appeal bond herinbefore provided for, immediately notify the parties in interest of the time, when, and the place where the board of directors shalled be called to meet to hear and determine said appeal; and the decision of the board of directors shall be final.

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