Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association Brand Book

    This book looks like it may be a re-print of an original, or it may be a compilation from many sources. If it's a re-print I don't have any idea what years brand book it might be. From what I can gather they had one for each year with the information due into the association office before roundup. There is one member shown in this volume as not having submitted his brands. There may be several that never submitted a brand to the association. It is not a complete listing of all the brands used in the outlet.
    Each page is a scan of two pages. Names listed in the left column will be in the left hand page and names in the right will be on the right hand page. There's no particular order I could figure out. Names are listed in the order they are in the book
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Cherokee Strip Brands

Fly Leaf

J. C. Pryor &Co.
T. F. Pryor & Co.
Peter Hollenbeck
Campbell Lynch

Gregory, Eldred & Co.

Blair & Cooper
Casteen & McDaniel
Drumm & Snider
Ed. Rannells

J. V. Andrews
Fine Y. Ewing

Z. & S. T. Tuttle
Walworth, Walton & Rhodes
Johnsom & Hosmer

O'Hair, Black & Co.
J. W. Miller
Cobb & Martin

Wiser's Ranch
Creagin Cattle Co.
Chas. H. Moore & Co.

Stone & Wilson
N. J. Thompson
D Donovan

G. W. Miller
Forsythe Bros.
J. D. Payne

Red Rock Cattle Co.
Richmond Land and Cattle Co.
Winfield Cattle Co.

Fairmont Cattle Co.
McClellan Cattle Co.
Colson & McAtee
Chas. M. Crocker

C. A. Thompson
Snow & Son
Hi Kollar

S. H. Foss
Ben Garland
Campbell Cattle Co.

Greever, Houghton & Co.
J. Keller
W. C. Quinlan

Balllenger & Schlupp
M. J. Lane
Clark Bunton

Williamson, Blair & Co.
Hewins & Titus
C. B. Bickford

Broderick & Waters
Q. A. & L. E. Hale
James W. Hamilton

J. K. Zimmerman
W. B. Helm & Bro.
D. F. Garrettson

American Pastoral Cattle Co.
John D. Miles
Ben. S. Miller
Peoria Cattle Co.

T. S. Hutton
Arthur Gorham

Cattle Ranch & Land Co.
Holmes & Caldwell

Michigan Cattle Co.
Brown, Estill & Co.
H. R. Darrough
Ewell & Justis

Southwestern Land & Cattle Co.
Texas Land & Cattle Co. (Limited)

Treadwell & Clark
W. S. Powers
Henry Donovan

P. S. Burress
W. H. Carter
Wallace W. Wicks
Geneseo Cattle Co.

Dickey Cattle Co.
Wiley & Harkness
M. C. Wick

J. M. Day
Windsor Bros.
Wicks, Corbin & Streeter

W. B. Roberts
E. T. Roberts
J. A. McCormick
A. T. Rice
Cozad & Sons

Comanche Pool Horse Brand
Evans, Hunter & Newman
J. B. Doyle

Young Short & Co.
J. H. Hill
J. R. Stroller & Co.

R. W. Phillips
E. B. Kirk & Co.
Henry Wick

W. R. Colcord
W. T. Estus or Estus Bros.
C. M. Scott
Campbell, Carter & Co.

Malaley & Forbes
W. E. Malaley
Megredy & Harlan

Carrelton & Van Buskirk
Wyeth Cattle Co.

Wm. Maher
John Wilson
Wm. Corzine

R. L. Gregory
Wm. Blair
R. C. Estil

Peter Helm
E. J. Ricjardson
J. Keller

Blair & Cooper
Dominion Cattle Co.

M. H. Bennett
Blair & Bennett
T. F. Pryor & Co.
H. L. Bickford
Hanna & Plowman

Blair & Battin
J. C. Pryor & Co.
Wm. H. Wykes
Snider & Drumm

J. W. Chastain
Joseph Suddarth
D. F. Garretson
Mrs. F. Prunm
H. W. Timberlake

W. E. Malaley
W. S. & T. Snow
J. W. Corbin

Ballanger & Achlupp
William Ballis
Walter E. Treadwell
B. Garland

R. Aldridge
Wilson & Zimmerman
R. S. Lundy
R. H, Hahn

P. Carnegie
Sylvester Flitch
B. H. Campell
S. P. Flint

Henry Wisner
R. Lovitt
P. Allebery
F. E. Bates

D. G. Beals
J. A. Hammers & Co.
Baird & Day
W. E. Campbell

Stoller & Rees
W. K. Clifford
M. K. Krider
John A. Hall

J. P. Whitney
Atchison & Lawell
Thomas Hill
A. G. Vinson
Quinlan & Crawford

C. M. McClellen
S. Mann
Messerly & Fisher
Peter Stewart
L. E. Rock

John E. Cuddy
F. A. Sanborn
A. M. Colson
G. B. Mote
Dr. I. Comfort

A. W. Lock
John W. Terry
John Draper
B. S. Miller
W. J. Davis

T. S. Hutton
B. F. McPherson
Dickey Brothers
Buzard & Nicholson
C. Wall

R. M. Johnston
Camp Lynch
William Cozine
James Copeland
B. W. Marlow & Co.

N. S. Cozad
Hatfield & Wood
P. S. Burress
L. Musgrove

J. W. Hamilton & Co.

Montague & Manning
Hank Smith
J. L. B. Ellis
M. W. Brand

P. H. Cooper
J. W. Matthews
A. J. Day
John Volz
P. M. Chase

C. P. Day
A. R. Young
A. L. Raymond
D. P. Robison

H. A. Latham
L. C. Bidwell
Dean Brothers
Greer & Preston

W. W. Woods
Kansas City Cattle Company
Ewell Brothers
Thomas Morris
E. J. Kerchner

D. R. Streeter
Charles Blackstone

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