Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association Brand Book

    It is perhaps due the Committee and patrons, that some statement be made by the publisher of this book. The unforeseen delays in receiving copy, some of which had to be returned for correction, and the inexperience of workmen in this special kind of bookwork, may have occasioned and left some uncorrected errors, which were unavoidable. Hoping that the book as it is may give general satisfaction, and merit a continuance of your confidence and esteem, I am.
Your Obediant Servant,
W. P. Brush.

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Drumm & Snider Dickey Bros. Carnegie & Fraizer Cooper, John Casteen, O. F. Corzine, William Clifford, W. K. Collins, Charles Cooper, S. Campbell, W. E. Colson, A. M. Boyed, J. Barnes & Leiss Bickford, H. L. Bridge & Draper Bates, F. E. Bidwell, L. C. Beals, D. T. Butts, J. C. Adams, A. Atterbury, A. P. Blair, Battin & Cooper Buzard, B. F. Bennett & Overall Bennett, M. H.
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Hewins, E. M. Horsley, Theodore Holcomb, T. J. Hodgson, H. Hoppess, A. Hunt, F. A. Houghton & Speers Hobbs, A. Harris & Tolle Hill, T. L. Harrold, E. B. & Bros. Harrold, E. B. & Bros. Hammers, James A. & Co. Haver, L. B. Hutton, T. S. Henderson, J. C., & Co. Helm, W. B. Greenlee, J. H. Glenn, J. W. Garrettson & Bergin Gregory, Eldred & Co. Gorton, George W. Garland, Ben Forbes, William Forbes, A. S. C. Ford, E. M. Eatock, Robert Ewell Bros. Dean Bros. Day, A. J. & C. P. Day, A. J. & C. P. Donovan, Dennis Dawson, A. M. Donovan, H. Davis, F. & F. M.
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Raymond, A. I. Rock, L. E. Richards & Sacra Quinlan & Montgomery Quinlan, William C. Prairie Cattle Co. Powell Brothers and Arnold Pickering, L. A. Pryor, T. F. Pryor, J. C. O'Brien, H. Nicholson, John Montgomery & Obern Moore & Nyce Miller, G. W. Mann, S. McClellan, C. M. McDowell, O. H. P. McLain, A. Mendenhall, W. S. Manning, C. H. Musgrove, L Miller, Cephas Miller, Ben S. Lane, M. J. Lynch, Camp Libby & Moody Latham, H. A. Kellog, J. L. Krider, M. K. Kansas City Cattle Co. Johnson, A. H. Johnson & Hosmer Jaquins & Brady Jackson, J. P.
Young, A. R. Wilson, L. Banks Woods, W. W. Wiley, A. A. Warlow, B. W. Wykes, William Wisner, Henry Williamson, Blair, & Co. Wilson A. T. & J. P. Wilson & Zimmerman Wilson & Zimmerman Windsor Bros. Wall, Charles G. Volz, John Trout, M. L. Terwilliger & Dutcher Timberlake & Hall Treadwell, Walter Scott, H. M. Strout & Foss Snow & Cooksey Shattuck, Bros., Parker & Rolands Smith, & Lee Sanborn, F. A. Slaughter, Joseph Smith, George F. Stewart, Peter Stoller & Rees Robison, L. P. Roden, G. B.
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