Sapulpa Yearbook 1938, Creek County, Oklahoma


Updated: 06 Sep 2009
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Use of annual contributed by Connie Baumann
Scanned and transcribed by Marti Graham


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1938-12.jpg (37388 bytes) E. O. Shaw, Superintendent of Schools

C. L. Oakes, President; A. M. Bray, Vice-President; O. R. Rule, Member

1938-13.jpg (37104 bytes) Carl A. Ransbarger, Principal of High School

C. D. Daniel, Member; Harold F. Dodd, Member; H. K. Glunt, Member

1938-18.jpg (40420 bytes) James Burrel Moore, M. Ed. University of Oklahoma, Vice Principal, History; W. L. Dougherty, B. S. University of Oklahoma; Physical Science; Senior Sponsor; Miss Maxine DeLoe, University of Oklahoma, Secretary; Gordon C. Davis, B. A. Tulsa University, Graphic Arts, Senior Class Director; Z. R. Jernigan, A. B. Tulsa University, Commerce, Senior Sponsor; Mrs. Ruth Casteel, B. S. Oklahoma A. and M. College; Home Economics and Art; Mrs. Mary M. Jones, B. A. University of Oklahoma, Latin, Senior Sponsor.
1938-17.jpg (39283 bytes) Mrs. H. C. Bombarger, B. A. University of Oklahoma, Dean of Girls, English; Kenneth Earl Todd, B. A. Southeastern Teachers College Durant, History and Stage Craft; Miss Lillian Shipp, B. A. University of Oklahoma, English; Miss Wilda Fritts, B. A. University of Oklahoma, Biology; Paul B. Allen, M. Ed. University of Oklahoma, History and Athletics; Ray M. Vincent, M. A. University of Kansas, Social Studies; Mrs. E. C. McMichael, M. S. Oklahoma A. and M. College, Music.
1938-16.jpg (41665 bytes) Mrs. Erma Morris, Oklahoma A. and M. College, Registrar; Mrs. Glenwood Miller, A. B. University of Kentucky, English; Miss Ethel Kelly, B. S. Columbia University, Home Economics; Mrs. Elmer Carter, B. A. University of Texas, Spanish; Stewart Lamb, B. A. Northeastern Teachers College, Band and Orchestra; Mrs. B. E. Bateman, Tulsa University, Typing and Shorthand; Miss Marjorie McGill, M. A. University of Kansas, Mathematics; Miss Elizabeth Reynolds, A. B. Oklahoma College for Women, English, Senior Sponsor.
1938-15.jpg (41087 bytes) Miss Anna C. Rearick, A. B. University of Kansas, English; C. J. Smith, M. A. University of Nebraska, Mathematics; Mrs. Opal Hellewell, B. A. University of Oklahoma, Librarian; E. L. Southard, M. S. Oklahoma A. and M. College, Industrial Arts; H. B. Kniseley, M. A. University of Oklahoma, Dean of Junior College; English and Athletics; Eugene Saviano, M.S. in Ed. Kansas State Teachers College, Spanish, French, Music; Miss Grace Stuart, B. S. Northeastern Teachers College, Commercial; Wallace Corbin, M. S. University of Oklahoma, Science.
1938-14.jpg (28125 bytes) Cafeteria - Mrs. Lee Ford; Mrs. Charles Wright

Building Custodians - H. A. Clark; R. L. Buckley

1938-47.jpg (66115 bytes) CALENDAR FOR 1937-38
1938-19.jpg (38199 bytes) Senior 
Class of '37
1938-51.jpg (40513 bytes) Athletics
1938-61.jpg (82512 bytes) Organizations 1, 2, 3 
1 - Pepoose, Debate Club, Office Assistants, Boys Glee Club, Girls Senior Glee Club, Girls Junior Glee Club, Home Economics, Senior Girl Reserves, Printers Club
2 - Spanish Club, Latina Societas, Fratres Latini, Band, Orchestra, Drum Corps, Future Craftsmen, Junior Girl Reserves, HI-Y
3 - Stage Craft, Student Council, Auditorium Board, Triple Trio, National Honor Society, Boys Quartet, Mothers Club, Art Club
1938-73.jpg (32918 bytes) Activities
1938-88.jpg (45669 bytes) Humor