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Updated: 06 Sep 2009

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Jack F. Murphy 
17 June 1936 
Sapulpa Herald Creek Co. Oklahoma

Murphy Services To Be Tomorrow 
Rosary Will be Said At the Residence Tonight At 8 O'Clock

The rosary will be said tonight at 8 o'clock at the home of J. F. Murphy, age 70, with funeral rites to be held at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

The rosary is sponsored by the Ladies Alter society of the church.

At the services tomorrow morning, Father James Rooney will officiate. Interment will be made in South Heights Cemetery.

Murphy, prominent Sapulpa oilman suffered fatal injuries early Monday night when he lost control of his car and crashed into a bridge end post west of Sapulpa on highway 66. He was rushed to the hospital but died at 4 o'clock yesterday mornings.

He was reported to have received internal injuries, brain concussion, head wounds, and other bruises.

He is survived by the widow, of the home address at 722 South Main Street; three daughters, one sister and several grandchildren.

The city hall will be closed tomorrow morning during the funeral hour.

The American National bank will not open until 11 o'clock in the morning also.

Murphy was a member of the board of directors of the bank and a former city commissioner. His oil interests extend throughout Oklahoma and the southwest.

He was the first field superintendent for the Skelly Oil Company, 1917, when that large corporation was beginning its expansion and growth.

In Oklahoma, he did drilling and handled production in Glenpool and Cleveland pools, as well as around Sapulpa. In 1932, he became active in production in the Gladewater, Tex. pool, drilling continuously under the partnership of Murphy and McKernan. He also drilled in west Texas and Pampa fields. Offices were maintained here in the Berryhill building.

In the latter years of his life, the Sapulpan and his wife traveled a great deal, twice going abroad to visit Ireland, a country in which he was deeply interested since he was of native Irish parentage. Last summer, he and Mrs. Murphy returned from a trip to Ireland, which was their second visit there.

Investigation was completed today in the accident that claimed the life of the Sapulpan. A report made by Sheriff Lew Wilder and city officers Claude Johnson and Fred Archer revealed that a young man of Sapulpa was a witness to the bridge crash. He was following close behind the Murphy car.

Murphy was driving toward Sapulpa, according to officers, and appeared to slump in the seat of the car and lose control of the automobile just before it swerved into the guard post. The crash occurred at about 6:25 o'clock pm.

He was one of Sapulpa's pioneer citizens, having moved here in 1906. He was born in New York State, September 28, 1865, and came to the state of Oklahoma in 1901. He was of native Irish parentage.

Among the many out of town friends present for the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Roy McKernan, Mr. and Mrs. Tom O'Rourke, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Tom O'Rourke, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Patchett, Jake Robertson, Charles Johnson, Miss B, McClung, and Lee McClung, all of Pampa, Tex.; Mrs. Horace Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, Miss Betty O'Rourke, Mrs. Florence Murphy, Mr., and Mrs. Ben Ballinger, Will Murphy, Mrs., Mike Jantosky, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gates, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Denton, Mr. and Mrs. Graham Loudermilk, Mrs. Lorrene Price, John Shean, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shean and Miss Coyle, all of Tulsa, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cameron of Bristow; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Murphy of Liberal, Kan.; Mrs. Nell Anderson and Miss Dorothy Jeane Anderson of Guthrie; Floyd robertson and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Miller of Longview, Tex.; Mrs. Joe Minor, Mrs. George Legg, Mrs. Opal Bearsley and Mrs. H. D. Brittian, all of Drumright.

Active pallbearers for the rites will be W. G. Skelly, of Tulsa, Ed Ellinghausen, Guy L. Berry, Lester Katz, Tom Stuart and Leslie Wilson, of Oklahoma City.

Honorary pallbearers listed for the rites tomorrow were Clyde Pape, W. K. Shepperd, J. S. Freeman, J. William, Henry C. C???erndon, F. T. Hopp, Clarence Brown, H. M. Stakup and Frank J. Hinderliter, all of Tulsa; L. H. McClung, E. R. Unger, Dr. W. P. Longmire, C. D. Klingensmith, A. Lawrence, W. A. Wise, L. B. Jackson, R. Brooke Thrift, Sam T. Allen, T. G. Kelley, Sam Moyen, Ross Eakin, Hugh MacKay, Claude Masters, Eli Wilkonson, W. V. Pryor, C. B. Rockwood, C. J. Davenport, Herbert P. Johnson and T. C. Kelly.

J. F. Murphy 
18 June 1936 
Sapulpa Herald Creek Co. Oklahoma


Funeral services were held at 9 o'clock this morning in the Sacred Heart Catholic church for J. F. (Jack) Murphy, age 70. Sapulpa oil man, who died at the city hospital early Tuesday morning as the result of a car accident west of here on highway 66.

Interment was made in Southern Heights cemetery.

Father James Rooney, of the Sacred Heart church, officiated at the rites.

Active pallbearers were W. G. Skelly, Ed Ellinghausen, Guy L. Berry, Lester Katz, T. H. Stuart and Leslie Wilson. Many honorary pallbearers were present for the services.

Many friends of the deceased and family were in attendance at the rites. Friends and associates of Murphy, presented many flowers as an expression of condolence.

The survivors are the widow, Mrs. Harriette Murphy, three daughters Mrs. E. B. Daley, Mrs. Henry Nash, both of Pampa, Tex., and Mrs. J. A. Link, of Drumright, one sister, Miss Julia Murphy, of Bradford, Pa., and several grandchildren.

Murphy was well known in Oklahoma and bordering states for his activities in oil production and drilling, an occupation in which he spent most of his life.

Many will remember him for his sympathetic consideration of those in need. He was a large contributor to charitable organizations locally, and a welling aide to worthy causes.