Henry, Edward B.
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Updated: 18 Oct 2009

Oklahoman Archives
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 31 1915

       Reward of $500 Offered for Recovery of Missing Oilton Man's Body

OILTON, Okla. May 30).-(Special)- In the minds of Oilton people there remains no longer any doubt that Edward B. Henry. Oilton merchant an vice President of the commercial club, was murdered and his body, perhaps  thrown either into a lagoon creek or the Cimarron River. A thorough .search of the country between Oilton and Jennings, where fenny was last seen alive, has been made, without the slightest clue being found. It may be found, some day, where the high waters of the Cimarron carried it on down stream, perhaps into the Arkansas.

Giving up the idea entirely that Henry is still alive, a reward of $500 has been offered by his brother-in-law. Robert  Ramsey of Atchison. Kan.,, for the recovery- of Henry's body. The money was deposited in the First State bank of Oil ton, and Elmore McGinley and Charles Griswold, long-time friends of Henry, have charge of the search. Henry was 36 years old, 5 feet 11 inches in height and weighed about 140 pounds. His hair was dark and he was smooth-shaven. When last seen he was wearing a gray, suit, white shirt.

Henry had been in business in 0ilton since the first days. He made frequent trips to Jennings to oversee the transfer of freight. When the roads were good he made the trip in his automobile. When it was muddy, It was his custom to go to Jennings on the evening train and then walk back to 0ilton, eight miles, after dark. He left Jennings last Monday evening on such a trip and has not since been seen or heard of. He would cross the railroad bridges over Lagoon creek and the Cimarron River. Both were high from recent rains and that Henry was slugged by some footpad and thrown into the swirling waters now seems certain.

1917 Jul 27
        County Assessor, Missing 3 Years, With French Army

GUTHRIE, Okla., July 26- (Special.)-E. B. Henry; former county assessor of Logan County, who mysteriously disappeared a little more than three years ago, is with an artillery corps with the French army, facing the troops of the kaiser, according to a brier note from him just received by relatives here. Henry did not say in what sector his command is fighting.

Henry disappeared in March 1914. He was last seen in Oilton, where he had oil interests. The report was that he started to drive from that place to the oil field late one evening. But he never returned. Since his course was along the Cimarron River, which was out of its hanks at the time, it was believed he had been drowned. The river was dragged for miles, but no trace of him was found. The letter from France is -the first word received from him, since that time. ft does not explain his disappearance.

Henry left a wife and three small children, who are still living in Guthrie.

Complied and transcribed by Zoey Fryhover, 2009.

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