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Updated: 13 Oct 2009

Oklahoman Archives
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 5, 1931, page 1


Robber Empties Shotgun
        Into Boy's Body; Loot Is Left Behind.


Thug Knocks Woman Down, Stands Over Her and Shoots.

By T. T. JOHNSON (Oklahoman-Times Starr Correspondent)

OILTON Oct. 4.—Death flared from the muzzles of a bandit shotgun and a druggist's automatic here Saturday night during an attempted $2,000 robbery, and when alarmed neighbors reached the shooting scene, the druggist's 9-year-old son was wounded fatally, a bandit was dead, and the druggist's wife was suffering from pistol and buckshot wounds.

Funeral services were held Sunday for Raymond Butler, adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Butler, who was shot to death by a bandit's sawed-off shotgun as he sat in a small coupe by his fathers side. Mrs. Butler was under a physician's care in her home with a pistol shot wound in her back and a buckshot wound in her shoulder. Her condition was not regarded as critical.

Three suspects were being held In the city jail at Drumright Sunday, while arrangements were made for the burial of Elmer Higgins. about 53 years old, the bandit who shot the boy to death just before the boy's father opened fire with a .45 caliber automatic, fatally wounding the attacker.

Bandits Attack Trio

Butler, owner of the Rexall drug store here was returning home from his store with his wife and son when the attack occurred. The Butler garage, located behind the residence, has an east entrance opening directly on an unpaved street The bandits were lurking in the shadows of the building and trees Mrs. Butler left the car and enterer the garage to turn on the light and was rushed by one of the bandits. He threw an arm about her neck and tried to place a hand over her Mouth, but in the struggle missed his calculations and clapped his hand over her eyes instead. She screamed The bandit hurled her to the garage floor, yelling to his companion: "You take him, Elmer! I've got her!".

Jumps on Woman

He jumped upon the prostrate Woman, and when she continued to scream, drew a gun and fired at her as she lay upon the floor. The bullet entered the fleshy part of her back and glanced off a rib.

In the meantime, Higgins, the other bandit, attacked Butler and his son who had remained in the coupe. He thrust a sawed-off shotgun into the car and fired twice, both shots striking the boy. The first charge hit the boy in the abdomen: the other, his face. He died in a Cushing hospital a few minutes later.

Neighbor Opens Fire

Butler, who carries an automatic in his car, succeeded in leveling it al Higgins, and fired twice. The first shot missed, but the second took effect Just below the heart. Higgins fell to the ground fatally wounded the shotgun falling from his grasp. and succeeded in getting about 50 feet
from the garage when Phil Hobbs. neighbor, opened fire on him from across the street. The bandit fell, apparently wounded, but got to his feet and ran toward a waiting car about 100 feet distant, parked near a vacant lot. The purse was abandoned when the bandit fell.

Before neighbors could collect their startled wits, the car had speed away into the night. Officers were told by excited witnesses that a wornan was awaiting the escaping bands in the car. They also were told the bandit fell a second time before reaching the car. Hobbs said be did no see the bandit, fall the second time but declared he believed he was wounded when he first went down.






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