Anderson, E. R.


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The Daily Oklahoman
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
October 19, 1905
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Tornadoes Cause Death and Damage
Several Persons Killed and Injured in The Territory

Tulsa, I. T., Oct. 18 - In a tornado which passed thrugh (sic) this country one mile west of Mannford, I.T., last night two children of E. R. Anderson were killed and Mrs. Anderson and Miss Maude  Root were seriously injured. Several other persons were reported hurt. The path of the storm was a quarter of a mile wide and several miles in length.

The injured:
A. Haggan and wife, serious
Ed Root, serious
Two children of Ed Root, serious
J. R. Edwards and wife, perhaps fatally.

Searching parties are out in the path of the storm today and every relief possible is being given.

Mannford is a town of 150 persons.