Magnolia Memorial Gardens, Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma
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Magnolia Memorial Gardens
Bristow, Creek County, Oklahoma
Location: Hwy 66 1 mile North of Bristow, Oklahoma
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Magnolia Memorial Gardens
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Photo submitted by Bobbi Dunn, Nov 2004.

The following information has been gathered from obituaries and submissions by family members. If you have family buried in this cemetery, please send your information to Magnolia Memorial Gardens

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    SURNAME      GIVEN                BIRTH         DEATH        SOURCE   COMMENTS

  APPLEGATE      John Frank       10-23-1916   06-27-1994   obit        h/o Inez
  AUSTIN         O. L. "Red"      02-08-1933   08-27-1994   obit        
  BAKER          Muriel Bernice                09-18-1988   obit        age 74; w/o Virgil
  BARNES         Jonathan Effort  10-19-1857   03-31-1950   Kathy       b Texas; h/o Mary Ella; s/o Joseph B. and 
                                                                          Nancy Youngblood Barnes
  BARNES         Mary Ella        01-10-1865   08-08-1948   Kathy       b Missouri; w/o J. E. Barnes; d/o Henry and 
                                                                          Malinda Ogel Angel
  BARNES         Jesse L.         08-04-1891   03-13-1971   Kathy       b Texas; h/o Mary E. Morgan Barnes; s/o Jonathan E. 
                                                                          and Mary Ella Barnes
  BARNES         Stella L.        03-11-1896   00-00-0000   Wayne       b Tuscumbia, MO
  BARNES         Mary Edna        11-08-1890   01-03-1984   Kathy       b Missouri w/o Jesse L. Barnes; d/o William T. 
                                                                          and Luella B. Morgan
  BARNES         Jonathan Eugene  01-26-1919   05-05-1961   Kathy       WWII Vet  s/o Jesse L. and Mary Edna Barnes
  BETHEL         Grandvel T.      03-20-1908   12-21-1989   obit        b Creek Co. 
  BIRD           Dovie            01-26-1914   04-07-1994   obit        b Weleetka, OK
  BREWER         Andrew P.        03-04-1906   04-25-1989   obit        b Filson, IL
  BROWN          Belvia P. Bond   08-25-1898   12-26-1995   obit        b Hamilton, IA

  CAIN           O. F. "Slim"     01-07-1912   10-27-1992   obit        b Camp, Arkansas
  CALVIN         Ray H.           07-22-1911   08-10-1971   Kathy       h/o Lila Barnes Calvin
  CARR           Grace Cherry     09-20-1909   09-20-1994   obit        b Fulton Co. AR
  CHEATWOOD      J. C.            02-08-1924   08-09-1997   obit        b Lexington, OK
  CLARK          Carrie A.              1896         1994   Kathy       w/o Edward Clark  d/o William T. and Luella B. Morgan
  CLARK          Edward Wilson    12-17-1894   12-21-1950   Kathy       h/o Carrie A. Clark
  CLARK          Norma Jean       09-22-1936   07-05-1995   obit 
  COCHRAN        Roy D.           03-07-1913   04-27-1991   obit        b Creek County
  COLLINS        Carl Samuel      03-07-1918   11-20-1972   Tina
  COLLINS        John Wilburn     09-21-1888   02-14-1963   Tina 
  COLLINS        Nellie E.        01-05-1895   04-19-1981   Tina        nee White
  CONNER         Margaret Ann     00-00-0000   08-00-1995   obit 
  CURTIS         Goldie Cletis    03-10-1907   10-10-1993   obit        b Wewoka, OK

  DIXON          Ralph Ernest     02-03-1906   01-31-1990   obit        b Webb City, MO
  DOLES          Willa Mae        11-09-1917   12-20-1988   obit        b Sapulpa, OK
  DOTSON         George Thomas    11-01-1914   09-25-1994   obit
  DOTSON         Ruby Lou         10-02-1902   06-02-1987   obit        b Spokane, WA
  EASTBURN       Margaret Louise  12-18-1918   10-13-1994   obit        b Henryetta, OK
  ELTON          Sabrey Lorene    02-18-1912   11-28-1994   obit        b Bruno, AR
  FALCONER       Lillie A. Hutson 10-05-1900   10-16-1994   obit        b Afton, OK
  FARMER         George Elmer     11-29-1926   11-09-1987   obit        b Wagoner, OK
  FARMER         Leonard Lee      12-01-1933   08-17-1992   obit        b Bristow, OK
  FARMER         Mildred          06-09-1929   04-14-1991   obit        b Sapulpa, OK
  FRANKS         Ive Tennesse     03-20-1916   04-20-1992   obit        b Reedís Spring, MO
  GREGORY        Retha A.         09-17-1894   10-16-1989   Kathy       w/o George F. Gregory; d/o William T. and 
                                                                          Luella B. Morgan
  GREGORY        Jackie           12-23-1934   10-08-1983   Kathy       s/o George F. and Retha A. Gregory
  GREGORY        Rhonda	          12-09-1956   12-10-1956   Kathy       d/o Ronnie Gregory

  HEDGE          Egbert           07-26-1880   07-02-1965   BA          obit; b Ft Smith AR
  HENSON         Jackson Gray     12-18-1953   12-24-1993   obit        h/o Karen
  HIATT          Mary E.          09-22-1899   03-15-1994   obit        b Ripley Co. MO
  HILER          Jack L.          08-29-1943   11-09-1987   obit        b Windgap, PA; Veteran
  HILL           Chester H.       06-03-1914   11-03-1995   obit 
  HOOVER         Dora Elizabeth   02-20-1901   01-15-1990   obit        b Warm Springs, AR
  HOWELL         Opal Dane        06-06-1907   07-23-1993   obit 

  JACKSON        Jimmy N. Jr.     07-22-1946   10-24-1993   obit 
  JOHNSTON       Georgia M.       06-15-1893   05-03-1989   obit        b Missouri
  JORDAN         Hannah Louvena   01-12-1890   04-15-1988   obit        b Marble, AR

  KEELING        Bonnie Lou       08-15-1922   12-03-1995   obit
  KOLB           Mary Paxton      10-18-1918   03-24-1994   obit        b Bartlesville, Ok
  LOONEY         Travis Lee       06-24-1939   09-19-1990   obit        b Bristow, OK
  MCINTYRE       Ruby Rebecca     06-18-1903   12-24-1968   Anna        w/o Virgil C. McIntyre
  MCINTYRE       Virgil Cleveland 02-06-1888   03-25-1979   Anna        h/o Ruby Rebecca  (nee Richards)

  OSBURN         Henry Clifton    12-17-1940   12-26-1993   obit        b Depew, OK; h/o Ellen
  OWENS          Dewayne Oral     07-25-1962   09-20-1985   Tina
  OWENS          Juanita Dressler 10-31-1922   07-05-1966   Tina 
  PHILLIPS       Mary Floyd       07-02-1889   02-00-1986   Kim          w/o Wm Henry Phillips; d/o William T. 
                                                                           & Mary Jane (Wallis) Galligher
  PHILLIPS       Hattie           01-12-1898   12-00-1972   obit         b Melbourne, AR 
  PHILLIPS       William H.       08-13-1890   12-18-1949   Kim          h/o Mary (Galligher); s/o James A. &
  POSTON         Cynthia (Mooney) 12-18-1877   05-27-1953   Debby        b Arkansas
  POSTON         Luther V.        03-05-1874   12-08-1953   Debby        b Georgia
                                                                           Minnie Anna (Ferber) Phillips
  RENFRO         Clyde            04-11-1901   08-06-1975   Kenneth
  RENFRO         Florence         02-23-1903   04-06-1973   Kenneth
  ROBINSON       Bobbie Lee       02-09-1927   07-   1987   obit         b Okemah, OK; Veteran
  ROBINSON       Florence C.      04-14-1914   06-30-1990   obit         b Caldwell, TX
  RODRIGUEZ      Glenn Elliot     12-15-1970   10-02-1995   obit         b Sapulpa, OK
  RUSSELL        Jimmy Dan        11-09-1948   12-08-1992   obit         b Bristow, OK; Veteran

  SKAGGS         Silas Uen        01-12-1919   07-26-1992   obit         b Milfay, OK
  SMITH          Joseph Levi      06-17-1913   11-18-1991   obit         b Pittsburg, KS
  SMITH          Lellie Trotter   05-10-1891   08-31-1983   obit         b Dickson Co., TN 
  STEPP          John Robert      06-15-1924   10-09-1987   obit         b Tulsa, OK
  STRICKLAND     Alton B.         02-05-1905   07-13-1991   obit         b Red Oak, OK; h/o Bertha Teagarden

  THOMPSON       David Wayne      08-19-1971   10-03-1988   Kathy        grandson of L.R. and Maxine Williams
  THOMPSON       Nellie A.        11-02-1899   03-20-1992   obit         b Texas
  WALDRIP        Ola              06-02-1906   02-27-1991   Kim          w/o Riley Waldrip; d/o of Wm Henry & Mary
                                                                           (Galligher) Phillips
  WALDRIP        Riley            00-00-1895   06-00-1960   Kim
  WEAVER         John C.          12-15-1872   12-02-1967   Kathy        h/o Hazel Crawford Weaver
  WEAVER         Hazel            08-18-1888   04-15-1967   Kathy        w/o John Weaver
  WILLIAMS       Lawrence R 'Wes' 06-11-1918   05-26-1989   Kathy        h/o Maxine Barnes Williams
  WILLIAMS       Clara Maxine     10-18-1924   10-14-1994   Kathy        w/o L.R. 'Wes' Williams
  WILLIAMS       Charley 'C.T.'   11-01-1900   01-20-1989   obit         b Lebanon, MO
  WILLIAMS       Chester L.       09-26-1913   08-17-1993   Kathy        h/o Pauline Jones Williams
  WILLIAMS       Lawrence (Wes)   06-11-1918   05-20-1989   obit         b Mannford, OK
  WILLIAMS       Pauline          10-15-1920   12-23-1991   Kathy        w/o Chester L. Williams
  WILLICK        Elwin Jack       03-06-1920   12-27-1988   obit         b Toledo, OH
  WILSON         Pauline          12-21-1936   05-13-1976   Kathy        w/o Kenneth Wilson; d/o Ray and Lila Calvin
  WISE           Charles Thomas   08-18-1911   02-11-1995   obit         b Stillwater, OK

  [NOTE: dates in red obtained from National Obituary Archive <> 2001]                                                                      

obit= Sapulpa Herald unless otherwise noted
d/a = daughter of
d/s = double stone
h/o = husband of
i/o = infant of
s/o = son of
w/o = wife of

CS = Concrete Slab
F = Father
H = Husband
M = Mother
M/M = Mr. & Mrs.
S = Sister W = Wife


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