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Updated:02 Nov 2012
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SS SAPULPA VICTORY WW II Victory Ship memorial cover with postmark from Sapulpa, Oklahoma dated October 22, 2009.  The merchant cargo ship was built by the California Shipbuilding Co. at Los Angeles, CA. and launched on April 29, 1944. The ship was named for the City of Sapulpa, OK and is part of a group of 218 Victory Ships that were named for American cities and towns. Cover franked with 3 cent Merchant Marine commemorative stamp and a 44 cent American Flag stamp. The cover was prepared on a ungummed, archive quality envelope. Photo by George Barber of Marine Photos and Publications of Spring Valley, CA.

The Liberty and Victory ships fulfilled President Roosevelt's prophetic words, serving the nation well in war and peace. Today, of the thousands of Liberty ships and Victory ships built during World War II, only a handful remains.

SS Sapulpa: According to a story from The Tulsa Democrat, the Sapulpa was the fourth of four ships to be given a name from Oklahoma, based on the city's participation in a World War I Liberty Loan drive. The Tulsa Democrat reported in July 1919 that the Sapulpa was under construction in Oakland, Calif., would be launched in October and sponsored by Mrs. J.W. Hoover. The fate of the ship remains unknown.

SS Sapulpa Victory: Part of a class of ships that represented an upgrade in mass-produced freighters built for World War II, she served through the Korean War, 1950-53.

Four hundred fifty-five feet long and 62 feet at the beam, Sapulpa Victory was one of 534 ships in the Victory class and one of 218 named after a U.S. city. Bigger and faster than the mass-produced "Liberty" ships that carried war material to the Allies, the Sapulpa Victory was designed to travel through the seas at 15 knots.

It survived both conflicts, but its ultimate fate is unknown
. source:

ShipyardHull #Name Type Keel LaidLaunched DeliveredDays on Ways Days in WaterTotal Days Disposition
CalShipV14Sapulpa Victory Type VC2-S-AP3 26-Feb-4429-Apr-44 19-Jun-44 63  51 114Sold private 1963, scrapped 1972





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