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Caddo County Historical Sites

  • Rock Mary is located 5 miles south of Hydro in Mound township; named by Captain Marcy's California Expedition in 1849.
    (NW Sec. 30, T 12 N, R 12 W)
  • Pacific Rail Road Survey of 1853; Whipple Expedition Camp 27; north of Cogar.
  • Fort Cobb, U.S. Military Post , established by Major William H. Emory, First Cavalry, October 1, 1859; site is located 1 mile East of the present city of Fort Cobb. (NW1/4 Sec. 12, T 7 N, R 2 W)
  • Old Wichita Agency , first site established in 1859 N. Washita River; site located 4 miles east of Fort Cobb.
    (NW1/4 Sec. 2, T 7 N, R 11 W)
  • Black Beaver, the famous Delaware Indian Scout, lived 1/2 mile NW of Anadarko. His gravesite was located near his home site before being moved to Ft. Sill, Comanche county, Ok.
  • Wichita Agency, second site , established 1870-1878, 2 miles north of Anadarko; Battle of Wichita Agency or 'Anadarko Affair' August, 1874; site is located North of the Washita River.
  • Kiowa Agency , established 1878, located 1 mile north of Anadarko, was later known as the Anadarko Area Indian Office, south side of the Washita River.
  • Wichita Sub-Agency, established in 1895 near Binger.
  • Camp McIntosh , located 5 miles east of Anadarko, Confederate Army Camp, 1861-1865; was located on the site of the Mautame Mission (Presbyterian) which was established in 1888. (SW1/4 Sec. 17, T 7 N, R 9 W)
  • Riverside Indian School , established in 1871, located 2 miles north of Anadarko on U.S. Highway 281.
  • Methodist Mission Church , established in 1887 by Rev. J.J. Methvin, located on the East side of Anadarko, within the city limits. (Also known as the Methvin Mission).
  • St. Patrick's Catholic Mission , established in 1892, located in the SW part of Anadarko.
  • Carither's Presbyterian Mission , also known as the Cache Creek Mission, established in 1890, located 6 miles
    S. W. of Apache.
  • Baptist Mission and Church , also called Rock Branch Baptist Church, established 1890, located 4 miles north
    of Anadarko.
  • Old Keechi Village , established 1859, located on the old maps 10 miles SE of Anadarko in the Keechi Hills.
  • Civil War Battle in 1862 in Tonkawa Township, located 4 miles south of Anadarko. (S1/2 Sec. 36, T 6 N, R 10 W)
  • Masonic Lodge , established in July of 1884 in Anadarko, the first in Oklahoma Territory, now Lodge No. 21.
  • Caddo Indian Cemetery , located 6 miles SE of Binger on what was the Grace Adkins Allottment.


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