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May 15, 1908

The following articles are from the Lancaster (Dallas Co, TX) Herald edition of May 15, 1908, page 6, column 3:

Town Storm Swept.
Dozen Killed and Many More Reported Injured.

Oklahoma City,Ok., May 12-- At least a dozen killed outright, as many more ftally injured and three score more or less seriously injured, is the result of a succession of tornadoes that swept Woodward and adjoining counties Sunday night.
The cyclone covered an area of twenty-five miles, leaving death and destruction in its wake.
Wires are down and communication cut off, and it is impossible to learn the full extent of the casualties.
Seven towns are reported to have been wiped off the map, and at Grand, Arnett and Estelle, where the storm spent its fury, the death list is heaviest.
The villages destroyed are about twenty-five miles from the nearest railroad.
The towns of Vici, Mutual, Cooley and Richmond are reported as having been devastated.  
At Little Robe, fifty five miles southwest of Woodward, Mrs. J.E. HALE was killed.
In the vicinity of Arnet, O.E. NULL and daughter were caught in the storm while driving. They escaped injury, but their team was killed.  
The little town of Cestos, Dewey County, also is reported wiped off the map. No details from there as yet have been obtained.
The known casualties are:
At Arnett--Mr. HALE, killed
At Vici--Dr. HAUSER, fatallly injured.
At Mutual--Arthur SIBERT, his wife and several others seriously injured.
At Little Robe--Mrs. J.E. HALE.
Grand, the county seat of Ellis County, is said to have been wholly wrecked. The towns of Estelle, Richmond and Cooley are also reported to have been devastated.

Shooting Bee in Oklahoma.
Shawnee Ok.,: Three men rode into Hanna in a buggy and began shooting and when Deputy Sheriff ABANS called on them to surrender, he was fired on.
In the shooting which followed George STRONG was killed, Henry WHITE shot in the arm and in the melee a buggy overturned and Will STEVENS had both legs broken in the wreck.

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