Charles Wilhite
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Department Of The Interior
Unites States Land Office
May 4,1912

Charles A Wilhite
Hunnewell,OKLA. (Note: The only Hunnewell I found is in Kansas)

Here with is returned your appeal from the action of this office in rejecting your homestead application to enter the SW 1/4th sec. 16 TP. 29N. Range 1 W 1 M -as there is no evidence accompaning (sic) the same- that you served a true copy of the same on The State Of Oklahoma- who claims the same - this is required in appeals of this kind-as you were informed when at this office a few days ago -this can be done by personally serving a true copy of this appeal on the Govenor of the State - or by enclosing a true copy of your appeal in an envelope - postage fully paid thereon and said letter registered addressed to the Govenor of The State Of Oklahoma - Oklahoma City - Okla.

If the same is had by registry letter- attach an affidavit to your original appeal showing the above facts and when same was mailed to him attach thereunto the registery receipt for the registery letter so sent - have same sworn to before some officer having a seal -and return this appeal with thw affadavitattached as here directed to this office- and when you receive the registry return card - mail same to this office.

The check of the receiver of this office No.1838 - being return of the $14.00 so paid by you at the time you applied to enter this tract - and which you returned with your appeal - stating you preferred to leave the same with this office is herewith returned - this check is payable to your order and could not be credited in this office without the same endorsed by you - again - it will not waive any of your rights - by you retaining this money -as the records shows that the same was paid at the time you applied for this tract - and the subsequent return thereof pending a rejection or appeal therefrom (sic) in no way waives any rights you may have under your application - and you should be successful and permitted to enter the tract - you would at such time be given ample notice to pay this amount - therefore your rights are preserved just as much by using the money now as to have the same in this office.

L. Houston

Submitted by Leona Guthrie [email protected]

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