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Johnston Co.:  Wapanucka

Wapanucka Press

January 1902

Arch K MCGILL, Editor
Os. M STEVENS, Manage

Mrs. W T MERCER is visiting her mother at Kellogg, Texas.

Best Line of Tobaccos in the city at HOWELL & Son.

H B PELCHARD is in nursing a small case of smallpox.

Messers STEVENS and HICKMAN, editors of the Coalgate Courier were looking at our little city Monday.

Ladies Jewelry neatly repaired by SMITH our expert jeweler, at WHITE's grocery store.

Jno. M HODGES has been suffering with ear ache for the last few days, but is now better.

M A COBB is very sick this week.

Tom ATTAWAY left Sunday for Jesse where he goes to work in the store of W J BOND of that place.

E L BRANSTETER makes a specialty of a full hair cut. Go to BRANSTETER'S
Tonsorial Parlor when in need of a hair cut that's right, or a shave that's clean and smooth.

Dr J P MCRAE and the editor of the Press were royally entertained by Chas SHARP, manager of CARRILLE, CORRIGAN and DONNE co. at their shop Sunday evening.

I W FRAME of Davis, will open a fine drug store in one of the SKEEN stone buildings when they are finished.

If you want a house moved quickly and promptly, see L H WILSON.

Prof. C A SKEIN has several business lots on and near main street and parties wishing to purchase desirable property might do well to see him.

Mrs J C ATTAWAY has been on the sick list during the past few days.

W J BOND made a business trip to Atoka, Friday.

HODGES always handles Big One Flour. The best biscuit and light bread made from Big One Flour than any whiteman, indian or negro ever stuck a tooth in.

Postmaster SAUNDERS of Viola, was in to see us Friday.

Mrs J D PHILLIPS is on the sick list this week.

Fire was discovered Saturday morning in the City Tonsorial Parlor. It was burning the floor where it had caught from the stove. No damages was done more than a two foot hole burned in the floor.

H R CHEEK, boot shoe and general repair shop.

J S MORTON, Contractor and Builder. Estimate on buildings a specialty. If you are going to build a house, I want to figure with you.

CARPENTER'S Drays are always reading to do your hauling and drayage work at reasonable prices. Three wagons on the streets of Wapanucka ready for your services. See CARPENTER for hauling.

Give your wells, Cysterns, and fireplaces attention before the hard  winter sets in. You can now get it done in proper shape at the right figures by E F KINDER.

Dr Laura DAVIS, Dentist, Atoka, Ind. Ter. All kinds of dental work done. Office in the MURROW building, Main Street.

LINEBAUGH Bros. Attorneys and Counselors at law, Office in West room of the court building. Atoka, Ind Ter. Will practice in all the courts. Notary Public in office.

J P MCRAE Physician and Surgeon, Wapanucka, Ind Ter. Special attention given to diseases of children. Office is HODGE's drug store.

W J BOND, Notary public, Wapanucka, I T.

J E DUNE is spending a vacation at Galveston.

W L LEE has moved to the old Dave WHITE place.

Before buying your lumber and building material you should figure with FARRIS & MCCLATCHY.

The remains of Mr F J BAILY, who died on Thursday, was interred a the semetary [sic] last friday morning amid a concourse of weeping relatives and sorrowing friends.

J G ATTAWAY is on the sick list this week.

Col. W L RICHARDS informs us that he will, in the near future, move to Wapanucka and make it his future home.

G G PERKINS, of Ego, was transacting business in the city this week.

Jno M HODGES for everything in Dry goods, wet goods, or any other kind of goods.

V A GRIFFITH and wife have returned from a pleasant Holiday trip to their old home in Iowa.

Sam SHIPLEY has returned from a trip to Dallas where he spent the holidays with his uncle.

The baby of Mr and Mrs. H R CHEEK is sick this week.

Mr M A COBB has developed a warm case of smallpox, not withstanding the fact that he was once successfully vacinated.

Medicine of all kinds for your whiskers at HODGE's Co. and see him if you are sick If you are not sick, go see him anyhow.
[Transcribers note: Can you tell I was entertained by Mr. Hodge's ads? heheh]

Mr. DRAUN, Boggy's enterprising merchant, in company with S BEMER, of the same place, was looking over Wapanucka Monday.

If you want nuts, go to HODGE's store. He has nuts from Nutsville.

Mrs BRANSETTER is visiting her mother at Ada this week.

There was a home Christmas Tree given at the home of A. SHIPLEY Xmas eve night in honor of his children. Those present were: H C STONE and family, J A MONTGOMERY and Family, Noah MESSER and family and Miss Roxi SHIPLEY and little brother. After the tree was beautiful trimmed, the children recieved presents to the amount of $25.00. A prize was given to the lady who baked the finest cake. Miss MUSEY and Luv STONE got the prize which was five dollars. All present had a most enjoyable time.

Dr STAMPS was here from Darthie yesterday.

Mrs Rube FRENZY was up from Ego Tuesday.

Dr HOLLOWAY of Mill Creek was prospecting in town Monday, he was well pleased and will probably locate here.

For Sale--A pair of late improved computing scales. Dayton, Ohio make. Apply to E J BALL.

Prof JACKSON is down from Stonewall looking after the improvements he is making on his farm out north of the city, and to superintend the erection of his residence now under construction in the city. We are pleased to see such men as Prof. JACKSON invest in Wapanucka, for it shows how broad-minded men have confidence in a town with the resources around, as has Wapanucka.

A man was shot and wounded at the railroad tracks near ROBBINSON's store Monday. A difficulty arose between a man and two boys upon which the father of the two boys taken a protectorate hand in the matter, and attempted to insult the man with whom the boys were quarrelling. The other man pulled his gun and taken a shot at the old man, the ball taking effect in the right side, passing through the lung and lodging in the back. The parties are all white men working on the railroad grade. The man who did the shooting has been lodged in jail at Ardmore.

Jan 16, 1902

In this issue of the Press, we take pleasure in introducing to our many readers and patrons, STEVENS & HICKMAN of the Coalgate Courier, who purchased an interest in the Press about the first of the month, and this week assume control of their interest in The Press, in the person of Os M. STEVENS, of the above named firm. Os STEVENS is a man of considerable newspaper experience, is a hustler and a first class printer. No change will be made in the policy of the press other than a more vigorous campaign for a greater Wapanucka and better development of the surrounding country.
Thanking all for past favors and good words, and fulling expecting a merit of continuence of the same, I am, yours very truly, Arch K MCGILL.

Mr Claud COX and family have moved to Wapanucka to live. We are sorry to loose them, but Wapanucka can congratulate herself upon the acquisition.
----Mill Creek Times

If you want a house moved quickly and promptly see L H WILSON.

J H MCCLENDON has moved to his new residence next to HODGE's store and Dr PATTERSON has taken up his abode in the POWERS house formerly occupied by Mr MCCLENDON.

Contractor PATTEN has finished work on a neat residence for G M POWERS on the street above TAYLOR's mill.

Mr Baldy JONES has moved in the old LOOMIS residence, having purchased same some time ago, and the doctor has moved to his new residence in the new  part of the city.

Deputy CRISWELL went up to Olney, the new town on the Boggy, last Thursday and cleaned a gambling "jint". He had a bondfire out of the paraphenalia.

W L WHITE has opened a restaurant and short order in his grocery store. First-class meals served, stop in and try him.

We understand the railroad company is putting in two miles of side track and switches at Olney, and is making preparations to give the place a big boost.

Robert P HERRALL was down from Byrne Saturday evening. Mr HERRALL has just recovered from a seige of Smallpox which enables the pressman to exchange sympathies.

J D MESSER has moved his bakery and restaurant to his new building on the street south of Choctaw Avenue.

E W BRANSETTER, our enterprising barber, has put another chair in his city tonsorial parlour and with the aid of another barber, he will be able to better serve his customers.

During the last week Wapanucka has been entertained by two or three fake shaws, and our people dug up in an overwhelming majority to see the "sights" All of which reminds one of what old P T BARNUM said about the american people.

Just recieved a car of Rock Island Wagons and farming implements. Factory prices to cash buyers. Freights added. E J BALL.

No less than one hundred men and teams employed in hauling lumber and building material from Atoka station to Wapanucka.

Messers BALL and HOGUE have just completed a fine piece of work on the COBB building. They have put a front on this building which is right up to new work, and doesnt fail to catch the eye of all those who see it.

J D PHILLIPS has purchased himself a new violin and together with Will WHITE's organ, that part of town is well supplied with music. When Will gets tired of grinding out music on his organ, Jeff gives 'em something on his fiddle.

The railroad company has its construction trains running within five miles of the city. The natives have already begun to dodge behind  trees in order not to get run over by the iron horse.

Give you wells, cisterns and fire places attention before the hard winter sets in. You can now get it done in proper shape and the right figures by E F KINDER.

W J BOND, Notary Public, Wapanucka, IT.

J P MCRAE, Physician and Surgeon, Wapanucka, IT, special attention given to diseases of children.

LOOMIS & SKEEN, Physician and Surgeons, Wapanucka IT, calls made day or night.

To my former patrons: I have opened a new Blacksmith shop next to Ravia Lumber Co's yards and am again prepared to serve my friends and former patrons in their blacksmith and woodwork. New tools and good work. W F HARGROVE

Mr John BALL and family have moved from Atoka to Wapanucka to live. Mr BALL is an old resident of Wapanucka and we are glad to again have him as one of our residents.

H B PRICHARD who has been sick with smallpox is getting well. His wife and daughter are very sick with the disease.

A shooting occurred at Olney Sunday in which a negro was killed. We are unable to obtain details of the killing.

The guessing contest at C A SKEEN's store for the doll, closed yesterday and R A HARRISON was the lucky boy who carried off the doll. The doll being a girl, Mr HARRISON is now in the field for a baby boy to complete the pair.

Deputy CRISWELL discovered a gang of coons shootin' craps Sunday evening near the Deleware bridge and arrested the whole gang, consisting of twenty-five.

Get your blacksmith and woodwork done by H L NIXON who has opened a new shop on the street east of Choctaw Avenue. Wm REYNOLDS, EX U S Clerk at Atoka was in the city Tuesday.

Look out for the big shipment of shoes and clothing at RILEY Bros.

One thousand and sixteen bales of cotton have been ginned at Wapanucka this season and the gin is still running.

Mr BURNE of Iowa, who assisted in organizing the Farmer's National Bank at this place last summer is in the city looking after business.

F M JACKSON, of Utica, is in the city looking after business interests.

Atty RUCKER of Coalgate accompanied Os STEVENS to Wapanucka Tuesday. Mr

RUCKER was very much pleased with our town. Mr RICHARDS accompanied him back to Coalgate.

The old Nonpariel printing press which has been used in publishing the press since its establishment, will be moved this week to Ponotoc where she will print the Ponotoc Educator, by Prof. T J MINNES. The old lady has done her part in assisting to boom Wapanucka but she is slow to keep up with the city's growth, and must give room for a larger and faster press which will be here in a few days.
Our new job press has already arrived and you can get job work done neatly and quickly executed in all the latest styles as cheap as any place in the territory. We have the facilities and are thoroughly competent. Can print anything you want.
Call and let us figure with you or send us word and we will drop around.


Mr T S HALE offers his blacksmith shop and tools for sale. We would be very glad for a good blacksmith to come around, for this is a good location.

We are having good weather and the farmers are going to work with vim.

Mr LONG is still talking gin and mill for this place.

We noticed our friend WILKERSON on our streets today. He now lives at Goodland.

Your scribe attended church last Sunday and heard Bro. HOOK preach a good sermon.

L F and B B PROVINE, of Mill Creek, were visiting relatives here last Sunday.

Mr RICKEY, mail carrier from Hunton to this place, reports small pox at Hunton.

Your scribe was down on the farm of MILES & Bro today, they have a fine farm and are up-to-date farmers.

Jan 23, 1902

On account of work, we have decided not to attend the coronation of King Edward VII.

Wednesday the senate confirmed the appointment of B H COLBERT to be Marshal of the Southern district. Now the Armore appeal can take off its hat and shout.

The first of Februrary John S HAMMER and his "cheap" gang of deputies will have to "go away back and sit down" and give room for honest men.

They argue that the white man made the Indian Territory what it is and that if it was not for them, the red men would starve to death. The argument doesnt seem to be well founded as the indians were getting along reasonably  well before the white man came along.

I have now in my possession several cow hides and brands, and who have lost any cattle are requested to call and identify these hides.--B O CRISWELL,  U S Deputy Marshal

Okie HODGES, of Atoka was here Saturday.

J S CALLLAHAN attended court at Atoka Monday.

W J BOND made a business trip to Atoka Monday.

J B REAM and wife have moved from Earl to Wapanucka.

C A SKEEN made a business trip to Jesse the first of the week.

Mr HARDEN, of Ada, has bought the Choctaw Restaurant of H R CHEEK.

A W MCALESTER is building another stone building adjoining his store.

Mr T A RINER has just finishes his new residence in the GOLORTH edition.

Col C M CROWELL, a prominent attorney of Madill, has located in Wapanucka.

Mrs A W TAYLOR and daughter, Mrs. L RICHARDS are both suffering from smallpox.

Dr BRANNON, a dentist of Davis has located in our city for the practice of his proffession.

Mr SMITH, the jeweler who had his shop at WHITE'S restaurant, has moved to Tishomingo to live.

Messrs BALL and HOGUE have the contract for the woodwork in the BALL and LOOMIS stone buildings.

M A COBB left yesterday for Connersville where he goes to organize a lodge of the Fraternal Union of America.

Mr W J FOSTER, one of the prosperous farmers of the Viola neighborhood, was transacting business in the city Friday.

The seven magnificent stone buildings on Main Street, will be completed and ready for occupancy in a course of two weeks.

The young people of the city had quite an enjoyable entertainment at the home of Mr and Mrs R L REAM last friday night.

The BAIRD block, on Choctaw Avenue, is nearing completion, and when finished will be one of the most substantial stone blocks in the city.

Mr BURNE who has been spending several weeks in the city, the guest of Mr and Mrs R E WADE, has returned to his home in Northern City, Iowa.

Prof. C C FOSTER was down from Byrne Saturday. He has just returned from a trip to Tennessee, where he spent Christmas with mother and relatives.

Mr T J CHAMBERLAIN, of Durant, has bought an interest in the WORKMAN barber shop. Messrs WORKMAN nad CHAMBERLAIN are preparing to put in a bathtub and other modern conveniences.

We recieved a communication this week from our friend William ALBERT, of Stringtown, but our space being limited we were unable to publish same. Mr ALBERT says he is doing fairly well.

Officers from Ft Smith arrested H R CHEEK, a businessman of our city last friday upon charge of violating the liquor laws of the state of Arkansas and carried him to Ft Smith for trial.

Mr E J HARRIS and Miss Mary CRABTREE of Darble, were married in that city last Tuesday, Rev S J CLARK of the Methodist church performing the ceremony.

The Spring term of the United States court for the central district begins at Atoka the second Monday in Februrary, and continues one month. For the reason of this occasion some of the Wapanuckians will probably have business out of the city for a while.

Mr W H BALL has opened his new store, at the corner of cross streets at his residence. He has a nice stock of dry goods, and having a good  location we believe he will share in the trade of the city and country.

Deputy CRISWELL arrested Levi RALF, Dock BEUCHAMP, Chas MCMILLEN and Chas WARD last Monday morning on a charge of cattle stealing and carried them to Atoka for a hearing before the commissioner. RALF and MCMILLEN are out on bond, and the other three members of the gang are in jail at Atoka upon failure to make bond. All the parties are connected with RALF'S butcher shop in this city.

Louis BRUNE, blacksmith and woodworker, shop next to HODGE's store. All kinds of work guaranteed. Horse shoeing a specialty.

Watches filled with Waltham or Elgin movements. Geo PARSONS at the Little Gem Drug Store.

J D MESSER has moved his bakery and restaurant to his new building on the street south of Choctaw Avenue.

RILEY bros have a swell livery wagon on the streets of the city now days.

We understand that Messrs MORTON and WOLVERTON will have their bottling factory ready for operation in a few days.

The six month old baby of Mrs and Mr MURPHEY is dangerously ill.

Mr BANE made a business trip to Ravia this week.

To My patrons and friends:
I have made arrangements to have a competent man to run my corn mill each Saturday, and I assure my friends and patrons they will be treated right when they bring their corn to my mill. Thanking one and all for past  patronage, I am, yours truly, A A TAYLOR.

This is to notify all persons that my brand is A H mark and crop in each  ear on my cattle. I will pay a reward of $2.50 for information leading to the recovery of any and all my cattle with the above brand mark which have been stolen from my range.--G G PERKINS, Ego, IT

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