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This is a letter written by my husband's great-grandmother, Sarah Frances Waggoner Buchanan, on December 27, 1893, to her daughter-in-law, Parthenia Buchanan, the wife of her oldest son, Samuel Douthitt Buchanan, who lived in Callahan County, Texas at the time. Charley, mentioned in the letter, would have been only 7 years old, when he killed the turkey gobbler.
Submitted by S. D. Buchanon [email protected]

December the 27th 1893
Rodgers P.O.
County G Oklahoma

Mrs. Buchanan

Dear Daughter

I received your letter & was more than glad to hear from you all. This leaves us all well as common. I was sorry to hear Gorden was sick. I am in hopes he will be well soon. You don't know how glad I was to receive the boys picture. It looks sweet like him. That foot looks just like him. Kiss him for me. We have got our well dug. They went 65 ft. We have plenty water and good water. Charley kill a turkey gobler Christmas day.
We had turkey Tuesday. It rained last Sunday night. It rained last night.
It is cold and cloudy today. Tell Sam to write when he comes back. Manda move to her dugout today.
I will close by requesting you to write soon. Write all the news. Goodby.

S. F. Buchanan